What Wellies Do The Royals Wear? (Royals Trends and Styles)

What type of wellies do royals wear and why?

This is a question I’m sure has been on many people’s minds, as royals are always seen sporting stylish wellies.

But which brand of wellies are worn most by the royals? what style, colour and design of wellies do they wear most, and why?

There are different styles of wellies that can be worn for different occasions. It is important to understand the royals’ choice in wellies so you can choose which type of royal wellie best suits your needs.

Furthermore, do you want to find out which wellies Kate Middleton wears? or even which ones Princess Diana wore? we have all the answers for you.

What Royal’s Wears Wellies?

Almost all of the royals wear wellies at some point. Whether it’s Kate Middleton or even Queen Elizabeth, they have almost always worn wellies during their engagements!

From attending events to country walks, portraiture sessions and everything in between – wellington boots are a staple.

Queen Elizabeth –

The Queen’s favourite footwear is mid-heel black wellington boots. Hunter wellies are a given, owing to the fact that the Queen has given two Royal Warrants to the company, which acknowledges it as a royal supplier.

However, the Queen’s boots in television and photographs always appear to be unbranded, not resembling any of the Hunter footwear models. We don’t know what brand of wellies the Queen wears.

While we know the Queen doesn’t wear Hunter boots, one might assume that she wears a one-of-a-kind pair made especially for her (keep in mind that Royal Warrant).

Princess Diana –

You will be surprised that Princess Dianas go to welly was the classical tall Hunter welly, which is now known as the #wellywed. Princes William and Harry even wore them on their wedding day!

Princess Diana was often seen wearing her favourite Hunter wellies while travelling in the countryside.

If your looking to find wellies for your up and coming wedding then be sure to check out our guide on the best wellies for weddings.

Hunter Original Tall Mens Wellingtons

Prince Charles –

Prince Charles is often seen wearing Hunter Argyll boots in the same style as his son, Prince William. He has been a fan of the brand for many years and often wears their boots while walking in the countryside with his dogs.

Hunter Argyll

Prince William –

It’s known that Prince Willam loved Le Chameau boots, but since his wedding, the prince has started wearing Hunter boots, following the royal trend.

Wellington boots have been a staple in the princely fashion repertoire since the wedding. He even wore them during his trek to the South Pole with Walking With The Wounded!


Prince Harry –

Le Chameau Vierzon or Vierzonord are the preferred wellington boots of Prince Harry. The same boots that his sister-in-law and brother wear. The boots are made from thicker rubber and have been used by the royal family for trekking, fishing and even hunting!

Prince Harry has many pairs of welly boots, which he uses during his different sporting activities:

Le Chameau Vierzonord

– Hunter Wellington Boots

– Trespass Berwyn Wellies

Le Chameau Vierzon

Kate Middleton –  

What wellies does Kate Middleton wear? Well, she is a big fan of Hunter.

Kate Middleton is another royal who has been known to wear wellies quite a lot – whether it is with a cape or just as a casual outfit.

Look out for her preference of the hunter original, which she rocks with pride! However, at formal events, you will often see Kate Middleton wearing Hunter Wellington Wedge boots.

When Kate was pregnant with Prince Louis she wore a pair of hunter welly boots. The traditional hunter wellie is her favourite, but she has also worn deer stalker wellies.

Although she has been spotted wearing her favourite Le Chameau Vierzonord wellies whilst on official royal duty and in her private life.

Meghan Markle –

Meghan Markle was spotted wearing Hunter Wellies with her beige trench coat and jeans. Even though she is American, she has been known to wear wellies all the time.

Royal Warrants –

The royals have a long history of “warranting” their favourite suppliers, and this has continued with Hunter wellies! The royal family holds a warrant for shoes from many leading shoemakers, including Church’s, Daks, Jeff Banks and Crockett & Jones, who make Prince William’s dress shoes.

The Royal family now has over 100 Warrants with companies such as Hunter wellies, Smythe (shirts), Barbour (jackets), Cadogan Hotel (furniture) and many more!

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What Other Brand of Wellies Do The Royals Wear?

The royals are known for their high-end fashion sense, and this extends to their choice of footwear. While they often wear heels or dress boots for formal events, they also have a number of different wellies brands that they prefer.

Some of the most popular brands worn by the royals include Hunter, Dubarry, and Le Chameau. All of these brands are known for their quality and durability, and the royals know that they can count on them to keep their feet warm and dry in any weather.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of dress wellies to wear to a formal event or some sturdy country wellies to take on your next outdoor adventure, we’ve got you covered.


The royals have spoken, Hunter and Le Chameau are the wellies of choice. If you’re looking to keep your feet as royal as can be, these are the brands for you.

But don’t worry if they’re a little out of your price range – there are plenty of other great brands on the market that will keep your feet dry and stylish all winter long.

So what welly brand will you choose from the royals?