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Fake Hunter Boots and How to Spot Them [With Ease]

Hunter is one of the most popular brands of Wellington Boot, and so it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of fake models out there. It can seem harmless, but the truth is that fakes are often inferior in terms of quality, durability, and design. But how can you avoid them? There are a few ways you can spot fake Hunter boots. Take the time to check the logo label, there will be mistakes, examining the weight, seams, and texture, and shop with trusted brands. Read more


How To Keep My Feet Warm In Wellies (Let Us Share Our Secrets)

A cold winter’s morning. You’d rather be home on your eighth cup


Do Wellington Boots Stretch with Wear? A Few Good Tips

When you first put on a pair of wellies, they can often


How To Dry Your Wellies And Super Quick (Wet Wellies Yuk)

There are plenty of reasons why your wellies might be soaked. You


How To Stop Feet Sweating in Wellies (Sweaty Feet = Cold Feet)

Is there a way to stop your feet sweating in your wellies?

best green wellies uk reviews

7 Stylish Green Wellies you Will Want to be Seen in!

Joules Wellibob These short wellies really put the style back into the


Best Gardening Wellies: Discover the Top 10 for Men and Women

Gardening season is upon us, and the one thing everyone needs in

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