15 Celebrities Wearing Wellies (Find Out Who)

Many people enjoy following the latest trends and fashions that celebrities set.

There is a certain enjoyment that can be gained from assessing their style and gaining inspiration for our own looks from them.

Whether attending festivals or informal social events, even celebrities end up wearing wellies – especially when they are visiting the United Kingdom. So here are 15 celebrities who have been seen wearing some of the best wellington boots around, along with the brand and model they are sporting.


From the funky and affordable, to those that are a little more expensive, there’s a celebrity style that you can model yourself on with ease.

Pixie Geldof

1. Pixie Geldof

The socialite and model have been seen sporting a pair of black Hunter Originals at several festivals this year.

They are sturdy and reliable, as well as excellent at keeping feet warm, dry, and protected from the mud. Perfect for all occasions.

2. Sharleen Spiteri

The singer has been seen in a pair of Le Chameau Vierzonord wellies.

On the higher end of the price spectrum, and with a comfortable fit, these wellies are great for keeping feet comfortable while standing up all day and the reinforced boot keeps the back and legs supported.

They are also ideal for those with wide calves.

3. Erin O’Connor

The model wears wellies in a stylish and sleek manner, showing off her legs and in a boot with a moulded fit.

She is seen wearing Hunter Balmoral boots in a dark navy colour, which are more durable than the Originals and provide a more comfortable and warm fit. They are even adjustable for a wide calf fit.

4. Kate Moss

She sports a pair of chic black Hunter Originals that are ideal for protecting her from the mud and poor weather conditions – especially during festivals.

kate moss

pixie lott wearing wellies

5. Pixie Lott

The singer Pixie lott can also be found in a pair of Hunter Originals, this time in a shade of vibrant red.

A popular model among celebrities, Hunter are at an affordable price while offering excellent quality.

6. Sophie Ellis Baxter

The singer has been seen to perform on stage at festivals while wearing a pair of wellies.

Sophie Ellis Baxter sports Hunter Originals in a funk and cool shade of pink for an added touch of femininity. The strap on the side is also adjustable for slightly wider calves.

Sophie Ellis Baxter

Drew Barrymore

7. Drew Barrymore

The actress has been seen wearing a pair of sleek leather boots to festivals from Chatham.

They have a stylish look that is perfect for getting around in bad weather as well as attending casual social occasions.

8. Liv Tyler

The beautiful actress has been spotted in a pair of Aigle Parcour wellies, which offer a moulded fit that really compliments the legs.

Durable, reliable, and exceedingly comfortable, Tyler really does these boots justice. It’s worth trying out a pair of these.

 Liv Tyler

9. Jamie Cullum

The singer has been sporting a pair of classic green Hunter Balmoral wellies, which are highly durable and comfortable to wear.

They are great for protecting feet from the rain and mud, which is exactly why Cullum is wearing them here. It’s ideal for festival weather.

10. Michelle Keegan

The actress has been captured wearing Ilse Jacobsen wellies, which have a funky knee-high lace up design.

They are glamorous, sexy, and filled with style. In a swarm of Hunter wellies, these are sure to make you stand out during the festival season and make you feel good at the same time.

Michelle Keegan

Natalie Portman

11. Natalie Portman

The stunning actress has been sporting a pair of ankle wellies from Tretorn, that offer a basic style but a great deal of practicality.

Comfortable and easy to slip on, they keep your feet happy during long days out and festivals.

12. Laura Whitmore

She was spotted wearing a pair of Miss Juliette wellies in a deep shade of red.

Made by Aigle, these wellies are strong and durable while providing a stylish look and pleasing design that is sure to leave you feeling and looking your best – even on the muddiest walks.

Laura Whitmore

hilary duff

13. Hilary Duff

The actress has been seen wearing a pair of Hunter Originals in yellow while walking casually through the streets in wet weather.

With warm and dry feet, there’s no reason for her to feel low in these boots. Especially in such a fun and vibrant colour.

14. Keira Knightly

Like most celebrities, the actress has been seen wearing Hunter Original wellies in black. Sleek and stylish, they provide a wonderful fit and a cool design.

Alexa Chung

15. Alexa Chung

Wearing a pair of Superga wellies in black, she can be seen owning these fantastic boots.

With a spacious fit on the calf and the foot, these boots are great for rainy days and those with wider calves than most.