Do Wellington Boots Stretch with Wear? (Should You Size Down)

When you first put on a pair of wellies, they can often feel quite snug around your legs and feet. It’s natural, part of the way they fit, but it also leads you to wonder if they will always be this way. Is it possible to stretch them like breaking in a new pair of shoes, or do wellies remain tight?

If you’re wondering if wellies stretch with wear, they do but not necessarily to the extent you might like. The best way to stretch them yourself is by applying heat through steam as this will soften the rubber and allow it to stretch without damaging the integrity of the boot.

Of course, this is just a quick example. If you want to learn more about how to stretch your boots, all you need to do is read our handy little guide.

Stretching Wellington Boots Yourself

shower steam image

An advocate of the DIY path myself, let’s go through how to stretch your wellies at home. All you need to do is enjoy a steamy shower. Yes, you heard right, it’s as simple as that. A few quick notes before we get started on the stretching.

When you choose your welly boot, make sure it is as close to your foot size as possible. Stretching is there to make things more comfortable, you can’t use it to go up a size. If you stretch the boot too much, you will end up permanently damaging it and it becomes useless.

So, if you just want a little extra room to get comfy stretching is the solution for you. Now, all you need to do is take the boots to the bathroom with you, close the door, and switch the shower on. If you don’t like hot showers, you can wait in the steam, but if you do might as well kill two birds with one stone.

The important thing here is that you don’t want to get the boots wet. You just want the heat from the steam to soften the rubber and make it more malleable. Once you have softened them, you can get a boot stretcher (an insert that you slip inside the boot) and use it to help set the rubber.

This insert ensures that as the rubber returns to its natural state, it will settle in a way that’s wider and more comfortable for your feet. It’s probably going to take a few days to get them where you want, so try them on after every steaming session to see how they feel.

One key thing to remember here is that boots are broken in just like shoes. Therefore, they are going to stretch over time. Make sure you take this into account and break your wellies in first so that you don’t end up over-stretching your boots. Nothing worse than loose wellies on your feet.

Can You Stretch Hunter Welly Boots?

Absolutely, you can stretch Hunter welly boots. The rubber is just as easy to soften, and our steam method will work nicely to get them loose enough to widen. However, you can also try the freezing method if a steam bath isn’t an option for you.

Ziploc freezer bag image

All you need to do is take several Ziploc bags, fill them with water, and place them inside your boots. Next, place your wellies in the freezer until the bags are full of solid ice (approx. 24 hours). Once this is done, you can remove the boots, leave them to thaw, and they’re stretched.

Can You Stretch Aigle Welly Boots?

socks and Hairdryer

You can definitely stretch Aigle welly boots, and all of the methods we have previously mentioned will do the job just fine. But guess what? I have another little stretching trick up my sleeve that you might want to try if you fancy something different.

The dry heat method involves you putting on as many pairs of thick socks as will fit in your wellies. Once you have squeezed them on, grab the hairdryer and blast that hot air over the tight area of your boots. Bend your calves in and out to help flex the rubber as you heat.

Once you’re done, walk around in the boots immediately after while still wearing your tight socks. Next, remove the socks and see how the boots fit and feel. If they aren’t quite as stretched as you had hoped, repeat the process a few times and you’ll see the difference.

How to Stretch Wellies at the Calf

Wellies at the Calf

There’s nothing worse than boots that rub against your calf. It’s irritating, painful, and has even been known to cause sores. In cases like this, the best option is to stretch them out so that you can benefit from a more comfortable fit.

The steam, freezing, and dry heat methods all work wonderfully on calves, but there is a little something extra that you need for the best results. A calf stretcher is a lot like a regular boot stretcher except for the fact that it focuses solely on widening the calves for you.

You can slip them into the boots when they are not in use, and the stretcher will work the rubber until it is the size you need. However, the most important thing to remember with this tool is that it can take a little while to see the results. Patience wins when stretching the calves of your wellies.


How do you stretch the instep of a boot?
To stretch the instep of your boot, you can actually use a boot instep stretcher. This is the easiest way to get the job done, and the least time consuming. However, you can also do it by hand by spraying water into the boot and using your hand to stretch the instep over time.

How much does it cost to stretch boots?
The cost of stretching boots depends on the cobbler you see as well as the area you want to be stretched. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between £10 and £50 for standard stretching, and for calves, the price usually starts at the £40 mark.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to stretch your boots safely, you can enjoy a more comfortable fit and a roomy welly that lets you move freely when you’re out and about. Just remember – too much heat is never a good thing and rubber will warp if exposed to it for too long.

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