What are The Best Shoes for Nurses ? UK Nurse Shoe Reviews


Nurses, they spend their lives dedicated to saving ours. They work long hours, and for the majority of it, they are on their feet. When these amazing men and woman are running to save someone life, the last thing they want to think about is a blistered foot or broken shoe.

So, we have gathered the best of the best to give you the definitive guide to the best shoes for nurses along with the relevant nurse shoe reviews. Take a look and see if the pair for you are here.

How to Choose a Pair of Nurse Shoes

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of shoes. The main thing is comfort. The last thing any nurse needs is a blister.

Looking at the material on the inside of the shoes is incredibly important. You want something that will glide over any skin that it comes into contact with, as well as being malleable and easy to break in.

The next thing to think about is safety. If medical waste or dangerous equipment is dropped on the floor, the last thing you want is to worry about your feet being injured. Considering the design of your shoe may be as simple as considering whether your feet are covered of exposed.

The last thing to really think about is the durability. If you are spending a lot of money on a pair of shoes, you want them to last, particularly when you wear them almost every day. Thick soled shoes made from a hardwearing material will be a must.

You should also remember to read the feedback for products before you go and buy them. The price tag does not always reflect the quality of the item, and this should be remembered when you are looking at shoes. Read through the reviews so that you have a general idea of what the product has been like for others.

Things to Look for

When going through training, nurses learn quickly that there is a lot of footwork on the job. Just like a professional dancer, a builder, or a runner, finding the pair of shoes that make you able to work to your best ability, whilst remaining safe and comfortable is a must.

There are many designs and materials to choose from, and when you rely on your shoes to keep you moving, it’s important to find the best for you.

When it comes to style, it is always going to be personal, but whether you want to stand out or blend in, the most important thing is to be comfortable and practical. As a nurse, you may have to walk through some pretty unmentionable things, and you may have to wade through them quickly.

Safety will always come first; you want to be able to complete your jobs well without worrying about what may push through the sole of your shoe.

It’s important to be flexible. Finding a pair of shoes that are almost customizable is something that can help any nurse.

Comfort insoles and the ability to tighten and loosen your shoes can be important to people who spend so much time on their feet. Being able to slip them on and off quickly is a must; a quick comfort break can be made even better when you can slip your shoes off.

Talking to other nurses is almost essential when looking for the perfect pair of shoes. Having someone who understands what your shoe needs to be able to do is a must, so it’s always worth looking through the reviews and seeing if you can find any fellow nurses to help you out.

Are You Team Clog or Team Sneaker?

Traditional nursing shoes take the form of clogs. These shoes are easy to slip on and off, durable and have been in the profession for many years. Clogs are generally made from either leather or fabric materials with rubber or synthetic souls.

This makes them easy to clean and protective of your feet. However, many nurses have claimed that clogs can rub the sides of their feet, as well as not being suitable for people with low arches or flat feet.

Many nurses are now switching to either sneakers or tennis shoes. These shoes are much more affordable.

This type of shoe is better designed for the activity and movement of a nurse, as well as being more customisable, with the ability to insert insoles that can support arches or simply provide comfort. However, these shoes are most commonly made of canvas, this can make them difficult to clean, and they may stain easily.

The type of shoe you buy is completely individual, and there are good and bad points on each side. So, with everything taken into consideration here are a few shoes that should be taken into consideration.

Best Shoes for Nurses - Comparison Table

Best Nursing Shoes for Women - Clarks

Clarks are a classic shoe brand, and they have been making top quality shoes for hundreds of years. Beautifully designed, and made for a working environment, these shoes are ideal for any female nurse that needs a comfortable pair of shoes.

The Good

These shoes are a must for comfort. The material is flexible and durable, which makes them easy to break in and excellent to keep clean.

They are customisable, which means you are able to add insoles to them, eliminating any issues for people who needed extra arch support.

They also come in a variety of width sizes, meaning that you are able to find a pair that will fit you perfectly.

The support they provide has also been stated to help with back support, which is another important factor that can help a nurse on the front line of duty.

The shoes also come in three colours, which means you can even find a way to express yourself with this simple and comfortable shoe. The souls of these shoes are durable as well as providing some spring for the hard hospital floors.

The Not So Good

Have a slightly clunky appearance and can be a little narrow.

Our View

The price of the shoe is also incredibly reasonable, making them an even more popular choice. Even if you were to wear through them quickly, it wouldn’t be a big sting. With excellent features and great support for your feet and back, it’s worth taking a look at these excellent clogs.



Q: What width fitting are these shoes?

A:  Hi, it's standard fit. 

Best Nursing Shoes for Women - Oxypas

These shoes are specifically designed for nursing. They are incredibly durable, as well as being flexible and easy to wear in. Take a look below and see if they are a match for you and your workplace.

The Good

The soles are designed for hard work and have good grip, providing peace of mind in slippery situations.

These shoes have amazing shock absorption, not only providing support for your hard-working feet, but also helping with sore backs and postural support.

The inner lining allows good airflow, keeping your feet cool whilst you work. They are incredibly easy to clean, as well as protecting your feet from anything hazardous. These shoes are designed for nurses, meaning that the jobs nurses have to do have already been thought about.

The Not So Good

There have been no issues with this product so far.

Our View

For what they are the price is incredibly reasonable, and they come in a dazzling array of colours. With excellent grip and a comfortable fit, you will find your feet hurt a lot less after those long hours when you are wearing a pair of these.

Best Nursing Shoes for Women - Dek

These shoes fall into the sports shoe category, but are still a good option for a hard-working nurse. Take a look at the reviews and see if these are the right ones for you.

The Good

They are flexible and easy to slip on, as well as being generous when it comes to sizing. They are made from a breathable textile material, which is fantastic for keeping your feet cool when they begin to get hot from a long day of work.

The sole provides good grip, as well as having the support hard working feet need.

The other great thing about these shoes is the extensive choice of colours, meaning that even in the heat of the scrub room you can still show a little bit of personality. These shoes are also incredibly lightweight, meaning that it won’t feel as though you are wearing cement blocks on your feet when running to your next patient.

The Not So Good

They can come up a bit small, so go for a size higher when you order your shoes.

Our View

These shoes are incredibly affordable, meaning that you can easily purchase more than one pair, or simply replace them when you eventually wear through them.

Comfortable, and with an extensive colour selection, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that you don’t like about these shoes.



Q: Are these comfy? Looking for something to wear at work on my feet for 5/6 hours

A: Yes really comfy, lightweight I walk in them for 4-5 hours and they serve me well.

But what about our Male Nurses?

Best Nursing Shoes for Men – Oxypas

Another nursing shoe from Oxypas, this time designed for the male nurses out there. Take a look and see if these are the right type of shoe for you.

The Good

These shoes are lightweight and durable and come in a good range of sizes. Similar to the woman’s design, they have a breathable inner sole that keeps your feet well aired.

They are easy to clean, which is a must, and they come in a variety of colours. They are supportive, not only of the foot, but they provide support for the back too.

The slightly raised heel provides excellent postural support. However, this feature may not be perfect for everyone. They are reasonably priced so won’t break the bank.

The soles are incredibly durable, as well as being non-slip. These shoes are similar to the clog style of shoes, so are easy to slip on and off, providing a shoe perfectly designed for any busy male nurse.

The Not So Good

There have been no complaints about this product so far.

Our View

These reasonably priced nurse’s shoes provide a comfortable fit, as well as additional support for your back and feet. This is especially good for working long hours and being on your feet for prolonged periods of time. With a pair of shoes like these, you will feel more comfortable, and also find yourself a lot less sore after your shift.

Best Nursing Shoes for Men – Cloggis

Whilst these shoes can fall under the curtain of unisex, they are still a fantastic option for any male nurse.

The Good

This type of shoe is designed for working environments, particularly messy ones. These shoes are incredibly easy to clean, making them perfect for the nursing world.

They are easy to slip on and comfortable, and the material gives them a good amount of spring, making them supportive too.

They are incredibly lightweight, which makes them perfect for long days. Whilst the back of the shoe is more open, the front is closed, which still provides adequate protection in an environment that could potentially be dangerous.

The Not So Good

They can come up a little large and wide, so bear this in mind when you go to order them.

Our View

They are a good solid shoe, and incredibly well priced. Whilst they are not the prettiest things they will do the job and not break the bank. Definitely a good choice for those that are on a budget but need something comfortable and safe for the workplace.

To Conclude

Finding the right pair of shoes for everyone’s feet would be an impossible task. However, in my opinion, buying a pair of Oxypas shoes will see you through a busy day saving lives, and they are the best shoes for nurses on the market.

These shoes have been designed for the job at hand. They will provide support and comfort as well as being lightweight and allowing cool air to flow to your feet. Whilst other shoes may simply do the job, these shoes are the ones that will see you through a busy day saving lives.

What did you think of our nursing shoes selection? Are there any that you would have liked to see on the list? We love hearing from you, so leave us a message in the comments below.