What Boots Do The SAS Wear? (Trust What Military Wear)

If you’re looking for a good pair of boots, sticking with military gear seems like the best option. After all, you know that they’ve been designed for some serious situations which means they are more likely to be durable, comfortable, and able to withstand a lot. 

The SAS wear Alt-berg’s, and actually, Alt-Berg make boots for the entire UK military, police force, and even civilians. They are some of the best around, and with a pair of these bad boys on your feet you know you’re in excellent hands (or boots?). 

Want to learn more about Alt-Berg and check out our top recommended boot? Scroll on down and see what we have to offer. 

What Boots Do the SAS Wear? 

Alt-Berg began with Mike Sheehan, a former employee of the Old Richmond Boot Factory that was forced to close in 1989. It was the last English shoe factory of its kind to close, and the industry that he had worked in his entire life was gone. 

That’s when he started Alt-Berg, a small show factory that opened up in 1989. Sheehan began designing new boots, ones that could be used for hiking as well as military and police work. The first five years were tough, but they kept going and continued to manufacture quality boots. 

It wasn’t long before they opened up a factory in Italy in addition to their Richmond factory, and they became the primary boot suppliers for the UK military and police force. Even now at 74 years old, Sheehan is still working in the factory every day with his small yet dedicated team. 

Why Choose Alt-Berg Boots?

But why is Alt-Berg the top choice? What makes them so special compared to the hundreds of other boot manufacturers out there? 

One of the key differences is the fact that Alt-Berg boots actually do offer ankle support. We’ve talked about the myth of ankle support in hiking boots in previous articles, but it’s a reality with these ones. They have a solid support system that protects your entire foot and ankle. 

They have a much better fit as well, coming in both full and half sizes so that you get the perfect fit for your feet –  an essential for special forces as well as any civilians that want to wear them. There are also five different width fittings, which is pretty impressive. 

There are Vibram soles on every boot, which means you get to benefit from a cushioned sole that absorbs any and all impact while also protecting your feet from any sharp debris that you might come across. It’s some of the best stuff around for boot soles. 

As a handy little extra, Alt-Berg has also started a new Aqua range. They take their classic boots and add a waterproof twist to keep feet fully protected in all weather while remaining breathable and comfortable

Sneeker Aqua Boot

  • The model used by the SAS and special forces 
  • Waterproof design to keep your feet protected 
  • Lightweight and comfortable for quieter movement 
  • Thick sole to offer you protection on all terrains 
  • Five different widths to fit your foot perfectly 

What we love about these boots is how well they fit. There’s nothing quite like them, no need to worry about ordering a size up or down, and the five different widths cater to you perfectly. You can even visit the factory in Richmond for a custom fitting (fancy, right?). 

The Aqua boots are different from the standard Alt-Bergs because they offer additional waterproofing to keep your feet protected in wet conditions. At the same time, they remain highly breathable, preventing you from walking around in pools of your own sweat. 

If you’re looking for support, these boots have it all. The high ankle is rigid yet moves comfortably with your foot, offering excellent ankle support. The inner sole also provides good arch support to keep you moving no matter the situation. 

Despite their large size, they are very lightweight – providing quiet movement which is exactly what members of the SAS need when they’re in the field. The soft leather is also easy to care for, and Alt-Berg has a fantastic series of guides on how you can do just that. 

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Final Thoughts 

Now that you know more about these SAS boots, think you want to pick up a pair of your own? They are stylish, durable, and certainly one of the most comfortable pairs of boots you’re going to find. I know I don’t regret buying a pair. 

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