What Hiking Boots Does Bear Grylls Wear? (You NEED Them)

He’s the master of the outdoors, teaching us how to survive in the wild with some truly intense tactics. While we all want to become the next Bear Grylls, you can’t go trekking through the wilderness without the right gear – and it starts with a good pair of hiking boots. 

Bear Grylls tends to wear Merrells and Lowa hiking boots, depending on the series that you are watching. In his 2019 series Escape From Hell, he was seen wearing the stylish and impressively durable Lowa Z8N GTX boots. 

In this guide, we feature both the Lowa’s and the Merrells, helping you to decide which of these legendary boots is going to be the best fit for you. 

What Shoes Does Bear Grylls Choose? 

So, we’re going to take a little look at the two most popular hiking boots that Bear Grylls likes to model in his shows. Both of these are durable, comfortable, and made for some serious outdoors work – hence the man himself uses them regularly. 

I tried to reach out to Bear Grylls for a quote about why he picked these boots, but as of the time of writing, I am still waiting for a response. If you see this, check your inbox!

Merrell Chameleon II Stretch

  • Reinforced toes for the protection you never knew you needed 
  • Flexible to move with your feet 
  • Thick soles to protect you from debris 
  • Comfortable fit that keeps you going for miles 
  • Breathable to prevent sweaty toes 

What we love about these hiking shoes is that they are easy to just slip on when you need them but they aren’t so loose that you will lose them when you’re hiking. The laces are also nice and tidy, tucking away at the top so that you don’t trip on the trail. 

The thick Vibram soles are designed to absorb shock when you make a hard impact, protecting your ankles and back. At the same time, they are also great protection against sharp debris and offer superb grip on uneven terrain and in slippery or wet conditions. 

Made to be flexible, they move with your feet so that you don’t end up with sores and blisters. The reinforced toe offers protection if anything falls on your feet, and they remain surprisingly breathable for all of your outdoor adventures. 

Lowa Z-8N GTX Black Boots

  • Secure the ankles to offer better support and protection 
  • Thick rubber soles that protect you from debris 
  • GORE-TEX leather to keep your feet dry in the rain or rivers 
  • Breathable so that you aren’t left sweating 
  • Exceptionally comfortable for use on any hiking trail 

The thing we loved the most about these hiking boots is how much support they offer. They secure nicely around the ankles to help avoid rolling if you fall, and they offer superb arch support so that your feet and ankles are cared for throughout the journey. 

Made from GORE-TEX leather, they are fully waterproof and can easily withstand wading through a river without getting your feet wet. At the same time, they are incredibly breathable so that you aren’t left walking in a pool of your own sweat after a long day of hiking. 

They are exceptionally durable and comfortable, while also remaining fairly lightweight which is a feature we like to see in big boots like these. Made for varied terrain, the thick soles protect you from sharp debris while also keeping you steady in any conditions. 

Take a good look at our guide on the best walking boots you can choose for your hike, the shoes you choose can make all the difference in the comfort of your hike. 

Final Thoughts 

Have you decided which pair you want to try out for your next trek? Both are excellent, with the Merrells offering excellent comfort and flexibility while the Lowa’s provide unparalleled support while you’re on the trail. No matter which you pick, they’re sure to serve you well. 

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