The Best Way to Clean Suede Desert Boots: How to Guide

The Best Way to Clean Suede Desert Boots

When our desert boots become riddled with dirt and stains, it can be pretty heartbreaking. They are not always easy footwear to clean, and much of the time we end up throwing them out, thinking that there is nothing else we can do for them. However, it is possible to revive even the saddest and most stained pair of boots, all without using chemicals or water. I put this guide together so that other desert boot owners never have to unnecessarily chuck a pair of boots out again. So check it out and try it for yourself.

What You Will Need

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Suede cleaning block

The Step by Step for Cleaning Your Suede Desert Boots

Cleaning Suede Desert Boots

Step One: Brush Off the Dirt

Take a soft bristled brush and gently knock the excess dirt off the boots. Don’t use too much power as you can end up scuffing the material, be gentle and take your time with the process. Using too much force can also result in your grinding the dirt back into the shoe. Before you start this process, you should also make sure your desert boots are dry – see step four for more information on how to do this.

Step Two: Use the Cleaning Block

Now, take the suede cleaning block and use it to remove the really tough dirt and stains. This block has the appearance of an eraser, and as you rub it across the dirt stain, it will simply fall off the boot. They are very well priced, and you can usually find them as part of a suede cleaning kit. Again, make sure you are gentle when using this tool – suede boots need a lot of care and delicacy.

Step Three: If You Don’t Have Any Tools…

If you find yourself without a brush or a cleaning block, don’t worry too much – there is something you can do to get the bulk of the dirt off. Take both of your boots and very gently rub them together. The dirt from each boot will start to fall off, and it works like a charm. So you can benefit from a clean pair of boots wherever you are. It’s a great tip for trips away.

Step Four: Drying Them Off

It is important to ensure that your suede boots are dried thoroughly before you clean them and also before you decide to wear them. If you have just brought them in from the rain, dab them gently with a dry cloth to wipe away excess mud and dirt. When this is done, stuff them with newspaper and leave them to dry naturally. Never place your suede shoes in a boot dryer as this will have disastrous results.

Step Five: Alternative Measures

Sometimes, this isn’t going to be enough to remove the really bad stains. Things like oil and hot sauce are known to cause some serious discolouration that may seem permanent. However, there are some alternatives to the above steps that might help with this difficult occasions. Take a look below.

Cleaning Suede Desert Boots

Alternative Methods

#1 Bicarb

You can sprinkle bicarb on the affected areas before any other cleaning methods take place. Leave it like this for several days and then use the hoover to remove the remaining powder.

#2 Sunlight

Leaving your boots on a windowsill that benefits from direct sunlight can help to remove the stains on your boots. This is because of the UV rays that are emitted by the sun. Make sure you move your boots around regularly though to avoid discolouration and streaking.

#3 Commercial Shampoo

You can purchase specialised shampoo for suede that will clean your boots up nicely. This should be used as a last resort after you have tried all of the natural methods.

Preventative Measures

The best way to try and prevent damage is by using a silicon spray guard when you first buy the boots. This will help to improve the water resistance, so it won’t be as risky if you get caught in a shower, and it will also be easier to remove stains from the material.

To Conclude

Hopefully, you have found this guide to cleaning your suede desert boots useful. They can be tricky shoes to manage, especially when it comes to the unpredictable UK weather. However, they make comfortable shoes that can last us through years of hard wearing. This guide shows you the best way to clean your desert boots without causing them damage, as well as some alternatives if you need an extra boost.

What did you think of our boot cleaning advice? Are there any tips that you would have suggested or would like us to add? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you!