What are Paddock Boots & Their Uses? (Do You Need Them)

Paddock boots are a type of boot that is typically made from leather and suede.

But what are their uses you ask?

These boots were ORIGINALLY designed for riding horses and can be worn for both riding and everyday activities.

You should also know that paddock boots are typically a short mid-calf length with elastic sides, zips or straps to give you a comfortable, snug fit.

Read our guide to learn more about the history and uses of paddock boots!

What Are Paddock Boots?

Paddock boots are typically made from either suede or leather. Suede is a softer, more pliable type of leather that is often used in dress shoes and clothing.

Leather is a much tougher material that is often used in work boots and other types of durable footwear.

Both materials have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right type of material for your needs.

What Are Paddock Boots Uses?

Paddock boots are short boots worn by horse lovers, perfect for wearing for long periods of time around the yard (similar to yard boots). They are built with equestrians in mind and are meant to be both comfortable and safe.

While tall boots usually reach below a rider’s knee, a paddock boot barely reaches above the ankle. Paddock boots are commonly worn with jodhpurs, but can also be worn with jeans or other types of pants.

Paddock boots are designed to be comfortable and allow the rider to have a good grip on the stirrups while riding.

You’ll need a shoe with a heel to keep your foot from slipping all the way through the stirrup. And believe me, getting your foot trapped in the stirrup is one of the most terrifying things that can happen!

The most common type of winter boot is the laced model, which comes in three varieties: pull-on, zippered, and zip. The zipper boot is the simplest to put on and take off.

Zips and straps are a fantastic choice for youngsters who have difficulties tying their laces at the farm.

Competitors who are not professional usually do not wear paddock boots, although this is becoming more popular as half-chaps create the illusion of a field boot.

However, many youngsters prefer to compete in jodhpurs rather than breeches as they are seen as more comfortable.

Dressage riders will usually wear paddock boots with half-chaps to create a polished look that is still safe for riding. Eventing riders will also sometimes wear paddock boots in the dressage phase to create a unified look with their horse.

Where Did Paddock Boots Come From?

Paddock boots were originally designed for riding horses. Horseback riding is a popular pastime and sport, dating back centuries.

The first recorded instance of horseback riding was in Central Asia, around 2,000 BCE. Horseback riding quickly spread to other parts of the world, including Europe and the Americas.

Today, horseback riding is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Paddock boots were designed to provide both style and function for riders. Perfect for comfort when wearing waterproof boots around your stables for hours at a time.

Paddock boots typically come in black or brown but can be found in other colours as well.

Do You Need Half Chaps?

If you ride in an English paddock boot, you’ll need half-chaps. Half-chaps offer the horse rider a few advantages. They protect the horse’s lower leg from chaffing, which is quite painful.

Half chaps provide warmth in cold weather and they can also be used to create a unified look with your horse. If you’re shopping for half-chaps, make sure to get the right size.

They should fit snugly around your calf without being too tight. You’ll also want to make sure that they are the right length. The bottom of the half-chap should reach the bottom of your paddock boot.

Do Children Wear Half Chaps?

Children do not wear half chaps while displaying in jodhpurs. Instead, they use a garter strap, which is a bit of leather that wraps around the leg just below the knee and is rather thin.

The garter strap has a small loop that goes over the top of the boot to keep it in place. Garter straps are not as common as they once were but can still be found at some tack shops.

Benefits of Wearing Paddock Boots

There are many benefits of wearing paddock boots riding instead of tall boots. These include:

  • Paddock boots are more comfortable to walk in, which is suited for long days at the farm, doing your jobs around the yard.
  • They offer more ankle support if you do decide to jump on and have a quick ride.
  • As paddock boots are a short style with usually a zip or a strap they are easier to get on and off.
  • These boots are typically cooler in warm weather than longer style riding boots.
  • Paddock boots can be worn with jeans or jodhpurs.

“Paddock boots are more comfortable to walk in. They offer more ankle support. They are easier to get on and off. They are cooler in warm weather.”

According to equestrian experts, these are just a few of the benefits of wearing paddock boots instead of tall boots while riding.

How to Choose the Right Paddock Boots

When choosing paddock boots, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include:

The type of material –

  • Suede
  • Leather

The colour –

  • Black
  • Brown

The style –

  • Plain
  • Embellished

The fit –

  • Snug
  • Loose

Once you’ve decided on the perfect pair of paddock boots, enjoy the comfort and protection they can provide while riding or working around the stable.

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How to Care For Your Paddock Boots

Paddock boots are an investment, and proper care will help them last for years. These tips will help you keep your paddock boots looking their best:

  • Clean your boots after every ride. Use a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Condition your boots regularly. This will help to keep the leather soft and supple.
  • Store your boots in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme heat or humidity, which can damage the leather.
  • Avoid getting your boots wet. If they do get wet, stuff them with newspaper and allow them to air dry slowly.
  • Never put your boots in the washing machine or dryer.

With proper care, your paddock boots will last for many years. Enjoy the comfort and protection they provide on every ride.


So, now you know what paddock boots are and their many uses. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of riding boots or just some stylish shoes to wear every day, these versatile boots are a great option.

With so many different colours and styles available, you can find the perfect pair of paddock boots to suit your needs.