Women's Zip Wellies

Everybody has had the experience of being outside and getting their feet wet but have you actually tried to remove wet wellies, from wet soggy feet? It’s hard work. That’s why Zip Wellies were created!

These rubber wellies are designed with zippers that make it easy to slip your feet in and out, perfect for dog walkers, gardeners, fishermen or anyone who loves being outside but hates getting their feet wet, not to mention great if you have a wider calf.

These zip wellies are a fun and innovative product, combining the distinctive characteristics of classic models with a robust zip for easy access that beats tugging and pulling at your pull-on boots in futility.

The zippers are approved by the industry, which suggests you may feel confident that they will endure whatever your outdoor adventures throw at them. Explore our selection of Women’s zip wellies, including models from brands such as Hunter, Aigle, Le Chameau, Jules, Ugg wellies and many more.