Top 6 Posh Wellies – Reviews of the Poshest Welly Boots

The Wellington Boot is a staple part of British culture. We are the land of rain and mud, after all. 

Whether you are walking the dog, working on the farm, or raving at the latest festival with your friends, they are there for us. Throughout every weather situation, they keep us warm and dry. 


It is because of this weather, unpredictable as it is, that we need a strong and reliable pair of wellies. Cheap or expensive, there is something for you in the selection below.

As a little note, if we want to look a little snazzy, then it is always worth going for a slightly posher, pricier welly.

What to Look For

On your journey to find the ultimate pair of wellies, these are the key features you should be keeping your eyes open for:

- Comfortable

- Sturdy 

- Reliable and hard-wearing 

A Wellington boot that fits well and keeps feet warm is a definite plus. When looking for the best posh wellies, you should be viewing those that have a sleek design and sophisticated feel to them.

Boots without pizazz are not worth it. Here is a guide to the best posh wellies you can buy for men and women.

From the extravagant to those that are a little subtler and sleek, there is a boot here that suits your needs perfectly.

Top 6 Posh Welies - Comparison Table 

 Hunters Original Tall Mens Wellingtons

Trusted and Affordable

Hunter Original Tall Mens Wellingtons

The most popular and commonly worn brand of Wellington Boot in Britain is the Hunter.

They're comfy and stylish, with a hint of expense that makes them very desirable. The Balmoral range gives you the ultimate combination of sturdy and reliable.

Why not take a quick look and see if these boots are suited to you?

The Good

These sleek and stylish wellies were made to be durable, and you can feel that from the moment you slip them on.

The rubber that is used to make the boots is thicker than what is found on the Originals line, and it has bee vulcanised.

This means that the rubber is stronger and more resistant to wear and tear. If anything, all of these additions to the build of the boot just add to its posh appearance. 

They have a lovely and soft textile lining within the boot. This has been included to keep your feet warm, which is especially handy during long winter walks or days out walking in the cold. 

The sole is made from gum rubber, and this is something that should be looked for in boots. It works by increasing the grip of the boot, while also providing a fantastic tread. With these, slipping over becomes a thing of the past. 

You'll be pleased to know that they leave plenty of room for a thick pair of socks if you need them. So, if you are working in frigid temperatures there is no need to worry about icy toes.

The Not So Good

There are some customers who found that the fit around the ankle and toes was quite tight. Others have also felt that they were less waterproof than expected.

Features - 
  • Brand: Hunters
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: 42cm - 48cm
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2.2 inches
Our View

These nifty wellies comes at a good price, and they are sure to last you many years of walking the dog and trekking through tough terrain.

Thanks to the carefully crafted, and thick, vulcanised rubber, they remain a snug fit that is both comfortable and stylish. 

The soft lining inside the boot will also ensure your feet remain a regular temperature throughout the year. If you are looking for a cheap posh welly, this is one of the best you are going to get.

Best for dog walking, farm work, festivals, and general use.


Q: What is the calf measurements for these hunters wellies?

A: The calf dimensions are as follows
UK 539-43cm
UK 639-43cm
UK 740-44cm
UK 840-44cm
UK 941-45cm
UK 1042-46cm
UK 1143-47cm
UK 1243-47cm
UK 1344-48cm

 Barbour Mens Bede Winter

 For Posh Men with Wide Calves

Mens Barbour Bede Winter

Barbour is a brand we all know very well, especially for their snazzy wax jackets which have served many Brits well over the years.

Now you can really match, with a pair of wellies from Barbour. The Bede is a Wellington boot for men, and made to be something that combines sophistication and comfort. 

Just looking at the reviews for them, you can see that there’s a lot going for these posh wellies for men.

The Good

For men with wide calves, this is the ultimate solution. There is an adjustable strap on the side, which ensures the boot will fit the calf exactly as you want it. Perfect for quick adjustments that leave the boot nice and snug.

As a nice addition, they are also made from vulcanised rubber. This means that they are much more durable than regular boots. There is also a lovely cotton lining that will keep feet warm, comfortable, and ready to face the day.  

The sole is thick and non-slip to help you stay upright on particularly wet days, with an excellent tread. 

It has a thick sole that has been designed to be non-slip; helping you stay upright on those really soggy days. 

Due to the kick spur system incorporated in these funky posh wellies, they are super easy to slide off. No more cursing at the door when trying to get your boots off without touching them. 

Looking stylish has never been easier, and with an incredibly low price it’s hard to argue.

The Not So Good

Some customers have found that these wellies don't last quite as long as they expected in terms of waterproofing. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Barbour
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2 cm 
Our View

These welly books are a superb choice for a range of situations, but especially if you have wide calves. The waterproofing has lapsed in a few models, but as long as you take good care of them they should last ages. Practical, comfortable, and with an easy fit, they're every guy's best friend. 

Intended for use when walking or going to festivals, these boots are the perfect companion, as well as being one of the cheapest posh wellies available.

Best for: Men with wide calves, walking, festivals, and general use.

 Dubarry Galway Gortex Waterproof Knee High Boots

Style and Comfort in Leather

Dubarry Galway Boots

Dubarry is an encapsulation of Ireland, and combines beautiful leather into a gorgeous boot that offers incredible levels of comfort.

The main ingredient in this boot is the DryFast-DrySoft leather that makes it so unique. It means that it is both waterproof and quick to dry; braving any weather thrown at it. 

Yes, they are a little more expensive than most, but they are also high-quality and sure to last a while. Check them out, see what you think. 

The Good

These posh leather wellies are suitable for both men and women, making them quite versatile. The boot itself is durable and lasts some time, as well as coming in a range of calf sizes.

The knee-high ties are a welcome addition as they provide extra adjustment when you need it. Perfect when combined with the PU rubber compound sole, for excellent grip and tread. 

These snuggly boots are the ideal choice for general use, as well as extensive walking and work. 

There is a nifty finger pull on the back of the boot, and this can be used to ensure they slip on and off with ease. When they are on the foot, the fit is both comfortable and moulded. 

Their stylish design is also a massive plus, as it means they are suited to a number of situations; everything from casual to more sophisticated. 

The Not So Good

Dubarry boots do require a good deal of maintenance to keep them at their best for the longest period of time. This can be a little expensive, but also well worth the time and money. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Dubarry
  • Material : Leather
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 3.5 cm 
Our View

This boot is, in a few words, stylish, practical, and exceptionally hardy. They offer great value for money, and while they do need their fair share of maintenance, they are also sure to last you a lifetime. Waterproof and comfortable, long walks and days at work will never be the same. 

With easy access and the ideal posh wide calf wellies, there are models for both men and women. Price means nothing when you know you are making a worthwhile investment. 

Best for: wide calf, dog walking, farm work, general use.

 Le Chameau Chasseur 

Wide Calf Fit with Comfort and Style

Le Chameau Chasseur

A Wellington boot for men that comes from a high-end brand, Le Chameau is growing in popularity. For this French boot, comfort is key, and that's exactly what they deliver. 

A supple leather lining on the inside of the boot is there to provide you with comfortable padding for even the longest walks. They are a little pricey, but well worth the added expense. 

These welly boots have been made to last, and this is more than proven in the reviews for these posh men's and ladies wellies. 

The Good

Comfort is key with these boots, and you feel it from the moment they slide on. Honestly, it's like soft hands are cradling your feet. Reliable and sturdy, they are perfectly suited to walking long distances, as well as days out working. 

They offer an impressive ten calf sizes, so if you have wide calves there is no need to sacrifice quality for comfort. The gusset on the side also provides further adjustment if needed. 

These posh neoprene lining wellies are able to provide you with warmth on cold days without making your feet sweat in the summer.

The shank reinforcement is a nice touch, providing better arch support for your feet and back. The air grip soles are also excellent for shock absorption with the addition of a strong grip. 

You can feel the confidence in the quality of these boots because they come with lifetime repair assistance in addition to the two-year guarantee. 

When reviewing this product, straight away, I love these boots, they are so warm and comfy. The Le Chameau boots are neoprene lined, and that has just made all the difference. When testing them, my feet were quickly warm; I am happy to stand around for hours in freezing temperatures or spend hours in the snow without worry.

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The Not So Good

They are on the higher end of the price spectrum, and so not in everyone’s price range.

Features - 
  • Brand : Le Chameau
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: up tp 41cm
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 1.5 cm 
Our View

These boots might be a little expensive, but they are so worth the cost. Practical, and with the knowledge that they will last longer, they are here to make your life easier. With the addition of several calf sizes to choose from as well, the customisation aspect makes them even more desirable. 

A pair of boots that you know will last you many years as opposed to a couple of months makes everything worth it. 

Best for: Festivals, walking, and general use


Q: It has neo in title but it doesn't specifically state neoprene lined. Is it?

A: Its got neoprene lining inside the boot and very comftable and your getting your moneys worth as they keep feet warm in winter and feet cool in summer at festivals.

 Aigle Faconnay Lady, Women's Boots

Short and Warm for Work

Aigle Faconnay

Made in France, these boots ooze elegance at a reasonable price. The Faconnay boot is one for every discerning gentleman. Ideal for long days on the farm, or walks with the dog, they support you in all situations. 

Despite their work design, they have a stylish look that makes you feel good while you wear them. After all, we deserve to be at our best even on the hardest working days. 

The Good

Waterproof rubber, a comfortable feel, and light on the foot. Created specially for the farming man, they are short to allow for full range of movement while working. At the same time, they work to protect your feet from impeding cold in winter weather. 

Durable and made to last, they are the ideal footwear for their intended purpose. They aren't just useful for days on the farm either, and you can easily use them for festivals and walking the dog. 

Part of their ease comes in the form of their flexibility, as they slip on and off the foot in the same manner as shoes. The textile lining within offers a little extra comfort, as well as some warmth for icy toes. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have felt that the height of the boot means it rubs against the calf a little. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Aigle
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2 cm 
Our View

Whether you are looking for a work boot or something that can be used for general activities, this is the boot for you. It's comfortable, stylish, and comes at a reasonable price; what more could you want? It's a durable Wellington boot that is sure to last you for quite some time. 

Yes, it was initially designed for farming, and it is exceptionally useful when you are out in the fields, but these boots are so much more than that. In many ways, they become a part of your feet, and their perfect fit will allow you to work throughout the day without the slightest hint of discomfort. 

These are posh men's wellies, made for those who want to look and feel amazing. 

Best for: Farm work, festivals, walking, and general use.

Previously Featured Models - 

 Joules U_kellywelygl, Women's Rain Boots

For the Equestrian Rider

Joules U_kellywelygl, Women's Rain Boots

Joules made a name for themselves in equestrian circles, providing horse lovers everywhere with gear and accessories. 

Their welly boot line, in particular, has proved quite popular over the past few years, and they are considered one of the best. 

Style and comfort become one in this dazzlingly pink ankle boot for ladies. They are exceptional in their own right, and if you don't believe me, you can check out the reviews below. 

The Good

These ladies’ posh wellies have a smooth design have a gorgeous design that combine a bright and sassy pink with a touch of class. The smooth rubber exterior also makes them very easy to clean. 

You will find a handy pull tab that can be use to slide them on and off without hassle. Overall, they are just a very easy pair of boots that don't require much. 

The boot itself is made from one piece of rubber, which is different from many other brands that use several. In addition to this, it is also completely waterproof. There is a textile lining within the boot, and its purpose is for a little more comfort, as well as keeping your feet warmer in the winter. 

The secure build provided by these boots adds to the durability and overall reliability that Joules promises. Their faith in their product is further supported 12-month warranty that comes with them; protecting you against splits and damage without questions. 

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The Not So Good

These wellies can rub against the ankles a little and cause some discomfort. However, this is an uncommon occurrence.

Features - 
  • Brand : Joules
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2 cm 
Our View

The Joules Kelly Welly is a great boot for wearing on dog walks, festivals, or general use. These funky posh wellies for ladies are comfortable and stylish, with a good fit that allows those with wide calves to wear them.

If you are looking for a sleek wide calf posh welly that can be worn generally, walking the dogs, or even doing some light work at the yard, then these are the boots for you, not to mention the cheap price.

Best for: cheapest price, farm work, general use, wide calves.

To Conclude

If you are looking for a posh pair of wellies, then there are a number you can choose from. If you need something on the slightly lower end of the price scale, then brands like Joules and Hunter offer excellent quality boots at very affordable prices.

The same goes for Aigle and Barbour, who also have excellent quality footwear without the hefty price tag. Generally, these boots are also very durable and sure to last you a long time.

However, if you want something a little more luxurious and expensive then it might be worth giving brands such as Le Chameau and Dubarry a try.

While they are certainly on the higher price scale, the boots will last you decades and provide an unrivalled comfort unlike any other piece of footwear.

Not only this but they have a posh look that is sure to scream sophistication wherever you go. Suitable for walking, work, and casual occasions, they really are the perfect boot.

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!