Berghaus Expeditor Ridge 2.0 Waterproof Walking Boots, Breathable, Durable, Extra Cushion, Mens

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Last updated on 24 June 2022 04:44

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  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable AQ membrane
  • Ortholite Anatomical Footbed for comfort
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Lightweight molded EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Opti-stud superior grip soles for all terrains
  • Robust leather upper

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Package Dimensions

31.6 x 28.8 x 12 cm, 1.02 Kilograms

Date First Available

1 Jun. 2018



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  • NOT A FAKE REVIEW!! I am a taxi driver in the North of Scotland and I wanted a pair of boots to wear during the winter. These are perfect, really warm, comfortable and easy to drive in. I did the questionnaire online to find the best fit and the sizing is perfect. I’ve only used them in wet weather so far, no snow or ice. However, I’ve no reason to believe they won’t be fine. A big plus is that they are part leather so can be POLISHED! I know not many people polish shoes these days, but I’m old school and like a pair of clean polished shoes or boots to wear. Overall I’m VERY happy. I’m even considering buying another pair in case the style is discontinued!

  • I do lots of walking and hiking. I live in Scotland near the coast. I an an outdoors girl with dogs that need a lot of exercise. So from stepping it out on rugged terrain, walking on the beach or walking on fire roads…. I need a boot that is supportive and going to last. Generally speaking hiking boots last me 6 months whether I’ve paid £80.00 or £160.00. I’m not walking around puddles or taking the easy route. THAT’s what a hiking boot is for in my opinion. This pair of Berghaus I’ve only just started putting through their paces if you like. The heel on my left side was tight at first and took some bedding in. Now they are comfortable and supportive (important because of back injury) I can walk for miles in them. They are not the lightest pair of boots I’ve had, they seem to be fairly waterproof. I don’t remember coming home with wet feet. Would I buy them again…? Yes. I’ve worn Berghaus for about 10 years now. Again, in my opinion, I think they hold up really well. When I’ve not had the money to spend I’ve paid £40.. for varying other makes and of course you get what you pay for. (they don’t last!) This is a really decent boot.

  • Update: I had given these a 5 star review. They were really comfy. However, after a year and a half one of the boots has split and is letting water in. Luckily for me they have a 2 year warranty, so I just have to figure that out now. But as you can see from the condition of the other 2 pictures, they haven’t had that much use!! I’m disappointed that one split. I hope its a one-off rather than a sign of quality. But I am pleased to learn of the 2 year warranty, so I have dropped my review rating from 5 to 3 stars. It would have been 2 stars for that split if they weren’t so comfy and had that warranty!

    Original review below:

    I bought a few pairs of walking boots on the Amazon Prime Wardrobe – try then buy: so free delivery and free returns. I tried them all in the house, but these were the ones I decided to keep as instantly, they felt right on. A nice amount of cushion like a nice pair of trainers.

    This weekend just gone was their first outing. A 9 mile walk following the River Erme trail. A mix of mud, tarmac, long wet grass and some rocky bits underfoot. At the end of the day, my feet were absolutely fine. My legs were sore, my knees were sore (I’m out of condition, this was the first walk of more than a couple of miles in more than a year), but my feet were great! No blisters, no rubbing, no sore spots and I was just wearing normal household socks too and my feets were also bone dry.

    So I’m very pleased with them. They are the best walking boots I’ve ever had.

  • Cheep rubbish. Didn’t last 12 weeks. NO longer waterproof. Very disappointed. Suspect the “leather” upper is the type that you spray on and not the stuff that comes from cows. As soon as the “leather” upper cracked, in came the water. Surprisingly the ‘product’ was out with the return period – £100 boots only lasting that length of time, I would have thought would be covered by a statutory guarantee, but no not on Amazon. Very neat fit, suggest buying a half size bigger too

  • The purchase was Amazon standard – quick, well packed and good communication.

    The first pair of boots was initially OK. Fitted well, didn’t need breaking in and was comfortable to wear/walk in. After about 4 months it seemed like the right boot was not waterproof. Somewhere in the toe there was a leak. I used them daily and about 2 weeks in, after walking in wet (OK very wet) grass I could wring out my sock – but only the right one.

    Contacted Amazon and a replacement (offered a refund too) was quickly on the way. So far (2 months) they are standing up well.

    I have had Berghaus boots before and were generally pleased with them. On the “pro” side, these seem a little higher than previous ones and give better (good) ankle support. They are comfortable and – so far – seem hard wearing, with no sign of wear on the soles. As opposed to the last pair, they seem waterproof (again, so far).

    On the “cons” side, only minor things. The laces are flat woven material rather than the round cord ones that I am used to. That makes them harder to un-knot, particularly when wet. The loops that the laces run through are also material, not metal, and I suspect that they will fray over time. Lastly, I would prefer to have the top 3 lace loops as quick release rather than just the 2 that there are.

    Can’t fault Amazon for the way they dealt with my issue. hopefully the boots will be as successful.

    Now 3 months with the new boots and they leak as well. The left one this time (shame I didn’t keep the first pair – I would have had a waterproof set). The last 3 days walks have all ended with the left sock soaked and water dripping from the boot, and only wet grass – no real water as such. Shame as it has spoilt the regard I have for the brand.

    I will be complaining to Berghaus directy and getting in touch with Amazon (again).

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