Unboxing The Selkbag 5G Original Lite Review (Seaport Blue)

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I never used to be one for camping as I wasn’t a fan of being cold and the thought of having insects crawl on me while I sleep.

I’ve camped before, and sleeping bags just aren’t as warm as I want them to be – not to mention the fact that you have to get out of them. I’m a wiggly sleeper, and the traditional sleeping bag is just not made for someone who moves a lot.

I wasn’t sure I would find something that would actually suit my needs as a fussy camper, or someone who likes to be warm while they sleep, until I came across the Selkbag from Planet Camping.

Instead of being shaped like a traditional sleeping bag, it is essentially a suit, with separate arm and legs to allow you to walk around as well as sleep any way you like.

I was both intrigued and impressed as I read through the listing, so I picked one up and waited excitedly for it to arrive.

I’m going to tell you now that I was really happy with this sleeping bag suit, and there are very few things that I would want to change about it.

If you want to know more about this revolutionary outdoor (and indoor) sleepwear, I strongly suggest you buckle up and prepare for a review that will leave you ready to try it out for yourself. Seriously, it’s that good. 

Review Summary


Product Name:

Selkbag 5G Original Lite

Product Name:

Product Colour:

Sleeping Bag Suit

Seaport Blue




Comfortable, lightweight, and water resistant are just three of the things you want from any sleeping bag.

This nifty suit allows for fluid movement, effortless walking around, and has a whole load of handy features that will leave you wondering where it’s been all your life. It’s like a warm hug from the friend you never knew you had.


  • Easy to get on
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • Easy to walk around in
  • Very spacious
  • Incredibly warm
  • Water resistant
  • Can remove boots/gloves easily
  • Hood is adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with a bag 


  • Could be a little more breathable
  • Could be easier to pack away afterwards

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash or Machine Wash at 30 degrees centigrade (max)
  • Tumble Dry using a cool cycle (max 30C)
  • Do not iron
  • When washing do not mix with dark colours
  • Do not use bleach


Body Height:

  • Medium: 156-169cm (4ft 5in-5ft 5in)
  • Large: 170-184cm (5ft 6in-5ft 11in)
  • X-Large: 185-202cm (5ft 11in-6ft 4in)

Girth Measurements:

  • Medium: 115cm (45in)
  • Large: 127cm (50in)
  • X-Large: 135 (53in)

Temperature Ratings:

  • Comfort: 12C
  • Extreme: 8C
  • Limit: 1C
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Pack Size: 13L

Presenting the Selkbag 5G Original Lite

Unboxing_the_Selkbag_5G_Original_Lite 02

What can I say about the Selkbag 5G Original Lite other than it’s a great model that I was really impressed by, and it’s a brand that many know and trust when it comes to quality camping goods.

This sleep suit is ideal for those who want something that is both warm and comfortable to sleep in when spring or summer camping.

If you are as fussy about your sleeping conditions as me, or just want more flexibility to walk and sleep as you want, this is probably the one you need.

However, if you are a winter camper who spends nights in freezing conditions, this is not the model for you, although there are other Selkbag sleeping suits that have been designed for winter use.

Features and Benefits

  • The Packaging
    The sleeping bag suit arrived in a standard postage bag with a little bubble wrap and standard packing materials around the product. It was packed well, and the additional materials were not excessive (which is something I appreciate if only for the reduced environmental impact).

    It was easy to open, and I had the product itself in my hands in no time. The sleep suit came pre-packed in its travel bag with all of the tags attached to it, so everything looked brand new and fresh from the manufacturer. I would like to note that the next-day delivery is free for this product, which is always an excellent bonus.

  • The Design
    I love the overall design of this sleeping bag suit, it is the thing that drew me to it after all. It is designed to fit you like a onesie, so there are separate arms and legs for you to slide into. I picked the Seaport Blue one, which actually has a slightly darker colour than the images.

    This isn’t something that I minded, however, as I am quite fond of darker blues. So, for the overall design, I give top marks.

Unboxing_the_Selkbag_5G_Original_Lite 03

Getting into the specifics, the access to get into the sleep suit is really easy. There are two zips on the front that go right down to the belt line, allowing you more than enough space to step in and out comfortably. There is no squeezing in or wobbling, which I was very appreciative of.

They zip up very easily as well, and you can either go right to the top or leave it a little open – whichever one works best for you. I like the feeling of being wrapped up, so I kept the zips right at the top. I was a little sceptical of walking in this at first, but it is actually really easy to do.

There is no tumbling around or having to walk like you are wearing space boots. You can actually move around very normally.

My house is often pretty chilly, and I received this during a cold week in the UK. I spent the entire day wearing this and walking around with no issues. It almost becomes a part of you.

The gloves are one of my favourite parts of the design. When you go to sleep, you can place the sleeve over your hands for a wonderfully warm night.

However, you have stuff to do during the day, and for those situations, there is a little slot for your hand to pop out, and you can Velcro the glove back so that it does not get in the way.

This is ideal for getting up to make a cup of coffee, or just for getting things done in general (as was my case). 

The feet are really good, and they have extra padding to keep things nice and comfortable for you while you walk around. Aside from being easy to walk in, they can also be fully removed to allow for shoes to be worn and for you to go outside.

It can be work outdoors or indoors after all, and makes for the perfect way to stay warm if you are faced with a rather chilly day. The removable feet are a really great perk in this sense.

The adjustable hood is easy to do as well, with two drawstrings that allow you to choose how tight it is around your face. This is good for keeping the wind and cold out, as well as trapping in heat so that your whole body stays nice and toasty.

It has been designed to be water resistant as well, which I tested by spilling water all over it while it was being worn.

I felt nothing come through and it was easy to wipe off, something that I was not expecting as water resistant often means that it can’t withstand much in my experience.

Instead, I was left really impressed, and I would not feel nervous wearing this in light rain if I needed to. After all, good water resistance is an absolute must if you are camping outdoors. 

  • Comfort and Fit

    It is made from polyester pongee, the latter material being one that dates back to ancient China. It is a soft silk material that has been incorporated into this sleeping bag suit to make it more comfortable and to give it a softer feel. This is definitely something that I experienced. It does not feel plastic, instead offering a smooth and soft interior that I really enjoyed wearing.

    The only issue I have with this model is that I felt as though it could have been a little more breathable when I was sleeping. I did wake up once or twice with slightly sweaty legs, but otherwise, it was really comfortable to sleep in and wear.

    The interior is very spacious as well. I am considered a normal-sized person, and I found that the waistline had a lot left to give, so those who are larger should also be able to find comfort in this suit. It has been made with extra room so that most people can slide into them with ease – which is nice for those of us who aren’t super skinny. 

The overall fit was really good. I did order a slightly smaller size. I am 5ft 6in, and the suit said it was suitable up to 5ft 5in.

I was expecting to really feel the difference, but I didn’t. There was a little tightness in the feet when laying down, but other than that it was as though I had found the perfect fit.

The arms, legs, and waist were all comfortable, and I think they really nailed the sizing with this model.

Unboxing_the_Selkbag_5G_Original_Lite 04
  • Weight and Portability
    If you have used these sleeping bag suits before, you might notice that the Selkbag 5G Original Lite is actually 10% lighter than previous models. They removed a lot of the bulk, which not only makes it easier to walk in, but also more comfortable to wear and carry.

    As for the portability, it is nice and compact when it is all packed up in the travel bag and ready to go. I did find it took a little longer than I would have liked to get it back in, but there are also plenty of sleeping bags that have taken much more time to try and pack away. I’d give the ease of packing a solid 4/5. 

  • Temperature Range
    This is an interesting one. The website states that it can go between temperatures of 1-12C, but I actually found this very comfortable in colder conditions. My house was -1C inside, and this still kept me unbelievably warm all night, which I was both impressed and surprised by. I wouldn’t recommend taking this on winter camping trips, but I also wouldn’t feel too concerned if you ended up with the temperature dropping a little past the extreme rating for this sleeping bag.

To Conclude

Hopefully, our Selkbag 5G Original Lite unboxing has helped you to decide whether or not this is going to be the right one for you. It is an incredibly well designed and handy piece of gear to have – both for camping trips and use inside your home.

It something that will hopefully leave you as impressed with it as I was, which isn’t easy because I am a really picky camper. The ease of transportation that comes with it is also really beneficial if you like to hike and camp.
There are only two negative points I would make, and even then, they aren’t detrimental. I did feel that it could be a little more breathable as there were two nights that I woke up with slightly sweaty legs, but then the other nights I was perfectly fine.

There was some hassle getting it back in the bag as well, but again, I have had worse from regular sleeping bags in the past. Taking all of this into account, along with the numerous positives, I would be happy to award a solid 4.5/5 stars to this brilliant sleeping bag suit.

What did you think of our Selkbag 5G Original Lite unboxing review? Do you agree with our thoughts, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.