Paint Your Own Wellies: How to Design Wellingtons with Your Own Unique Look

Welly boots are an absolute necessity in Britain, especially since the weather forecast is predominately wet and rainy. It’s important to keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months and in poor weather conditions. 

However, a pair of wellies that are fun and make you feel good is just as important. The opportunity to design your own wellies can be great fun for both adults and kids.

In this article, we look at how to paint and design your own wellies – both for the kids and the adults.

From the purpose-made welly painting kits to using stylish brands to create your own, there is a method here that is sure to suit you.

What to Look for

While the wellies will be decorated, you will want to wear them and have them last a while as well. You will want a boot that gives a comfortable fit, whilst still retaining excellent durability and reliability.

Keeping your feet warm is a bonus, but not every boot offers this. Sometimes a thick pair of socks can be just the right thing to stay toasty in the winter months and wet conditions.

The sole should still have an excellent grip to keep you steady, and they should be flexible so that they move with your feet. Importantly, they should be easy to decorate and fun to wear.

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Kits for Kids

Children love to be creative, and there is nothing better than letting them get involved with arts and crafts. Girls and boys need wellies for rainy days, and what better way to get them interested in going outside than letting them design their own footwear?

Little Pals are some of the best funky wellies for girls and boys that they can design themselves. They come with a number of suggested designs, from rocket ships to flowers and gardens.

The kits come with the paints for these rubber boots so that your child has all the creative freedom they could want when it comes to creating the ultimate boots. They can design anything they want, whether it’s dinosaurs or wellies with funny pictures and words.

The wellies are very reasonably priced at around £10-£15, and each pack comes with six coloured paint pens so that they can unleash their creativity.

The paint pens are waterproof too, so you don’t need to worry about the designs coming off in the rain and wet weather – just make sure you give the wellies time to dry before using them outside.

The boots are comfortable and easy to slip on and off, and are standard size. They are great for little feet and sure to leave them feeling happy and bouncy throughout wet and muddy walks as they can show off the wellies they got to make themselves.

Little Pals have put a lot of effort into creating funny wellies, and funky wellies for kids so that they can have footwear they feel happy and comfortable in, as well as something they can be proud of making.

Painting Wellies for Adults

Decorated and fun wellies are certainly not just for the children, adults can have just as much fun and enjoyment from decorated and funky wellies that they have done themselves. Of course, there are no kits for painting wellies for adults, so you need to buy the boots and the paint separately.

There have been some truly amazing designs over the years, from the realistic to the fantastical. However, you don’t need to be artistic to get enjoyment out of this activity, or even to create something amazing that you feel good in.

Buying a good pair of wellies that you know will last is really important when it comes to painting your own wellies, so make sure you purchase a pair that will last.

If you are looking for something that is incredibly durable and sturdy, the Le Chameau might be good to consider, especially since they accommodate those with wide calves (the Chasseur model).

Their prices may start at around £200, but they are guaranteed to last you for years. Hunter and Barbour are also excellent brands and are slightly lower in price with the latter also having a wide calf fit in some models, such as the Bede.

Even so, cheaper brands like Dunlop are just as good for painting on and they can still be quite durable. After all, as long as they are made from rubber it’s not particularly important with regards to the brand. Just make sure they are comfortable and reliable wellies that have a good grip and fit comfortably.

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Why Paint Them?

Everyone needs to feel good and a painted pair of wellies can really make you stand out from the crowd. They will have you looking amazing on dog walks, or even doing gardening and general work at the yard.

A popular reason to paint your own wellies is to attend festivals as well, as you can adopt a stylish look that is different for each event by painting numerous wellies. If you feel that the patterns brands like Joules offer are too plain, simple, or overused, then having the option to paint your own is fantastic and offers more freedom when it comes to designing your own personal style.

Some people even suggest furring them, where you decorate the boots with paints and synthetic furs to add a more interesting aspect to them and a fun appearance. This technique is popular at festivals and outdoor concerts as they certainly turn heads.

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Which Paint to Use?

Does a highly debated question ask which is the paint for rubber? Many people have tried different forms of painting and each has come with different results, with some backing one method and condemning another, and others doing the opposite.

The best thing to do is to try a few out on some cheap wellies and see which one you feel works best. Some people suggest that you sand the boots down before painting them to create a smoother surface for painting that is less likely to result in chipped paint.

Some people use acrylic paint on their rubber wellies. It’s easy to find and very simple to use and apply to the surface.

Take a look at our top choice of acrylic paint for painting your wellies. This Arteza set of acrylic colours are perfect for painting your wellies, this is the best choice for a wellies painting kit.

Arteza acrylic paint set

It creates a lovely overall appearance and the finished product looks good and ensures a funky welly boot for you to wear. Some people have found it cracks and splits easily, others feel it is the best method and the paint has lasted a long time.

A few suggest spraying hairspray over them when you are done to help the paint stick and stay in place. Acrylics are definitely the most popular form of decoration for wellies and are highly applauded by many for the bright and bold designs that result from them.

Rubber spray paint is also an excellent solution as it sticks well to the material and is less likely to crack and fall off after general use or in wet weather.

However, the finished paint job may not be as bold or clear as when using acrylic paint. It really depends on the kind of design that you are looking for when designing your wellies.

There are a few people who use permanent markers to decorate their wellies and have found that using the waterproof ones leads to a superb overall design and no cracking/chipping over periods of use.

However, it can fade relatively quickly and while this is remedied by simple recolouring, it depends on how often you want to go through with it.

The overall design is not always as bold either. Using permanent markers is an excellent way to go for those who are looking for something inexpensive and likely to last a little while.

For some inspiration head over to Pinterest or this site here, or why not create something totally unique yourself.

To Conclude

Designing your own wellies can be incredible fun, for both children and adults who want to wear something a little different. For kids it is easy as you can purchase fun creative packs that come with wellies and waterproof paint pens for fun designs and an excellent result.

For adults, the wellies and the paints must be purchased separately and this can be a tricky task. Of course, the adult method can apply to children too, it’s all down to personal preference.

Once you have found the wellies you want to paint, make sure you test your paints on some cheap pairs first to ensure you are using the right paint for you, and the method that works best. It is important to consider all of your options, and also remember to consider sanding the boot first for a smoother paint area.

If you want to look stylish and unique wherever you wear your wellies (with the dog, at the yard, or even at festivals) then designing and painting your own wellies is definitely the way to go.

You can experience a unique look that makes you feel good while showing off your amazing artistic talent. You don’t need to be naturally creative to make something amazing with paint and wellies.