Let Us Blow You Away – Top 5 Leaf Blower Guide Reviews

best leaf blower review

During the autumn and winter months, there is an abundance of leaves to be found all around us. Of course, the changing colours are quite beautiful, but the leaves can certainly cause clutter in our gardens, as well as become a trip hazard in wet or frosty conditions.

However, with a leaf blower in your gardening arsenal, you are sure to have a clear and leaf-free garden in no time. With this, however, the question of which to buy is raised. That’s why we are here to lend you a hand. In order to help you find the best leaf blower, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant leaf blower reviews in one place, so you can find one that is perfect for you.

Electric Leaf Blower Review - Bosch

Bosch is a leading brand, and one that you know you can rely on to produce excellent quality and reliability. If you are searching for an electric leaf blower, then there really is no better place to look – and no better model. Have a read below and see if this is the one for you.

The Good
This leaf blower comes in the traditional Bosch green, which is ideal for matching with your existing tools or for starting a new collection.

It’s a lightweight model that is very easy to handle, and also very compact, making it excellent for storing away when it is no longer in use. Not to mention the included shoulder strap to help prevent pain and fatigue while you work.

It features a powerful 2500w motor, ensuring that every leaf is removed from your properly quickly and efficiently. It also comes with a variable speed setting so that even wet leaves can be picked up easily and removed from sight.

It also has a vacuum mode and an incorporated shredder, perfect for those who want to use their leaves in compost or mulch. 

The Not So Good
Some customers found that it can clog easily and be a little tricky to get clean afterwards.

Our View
This leaf blower doesn’t just come from a reputable and trustworthy brand, it also comes at an excellent price that will fit into just about any budget without issue.

While there have been a couple of people who have found it tricky to clean and easily clogged, these are few and far between when compared to the number of pleased reviews from customers. With some excellent additional features, blowing your lawn has never been easier.



Q: Does this work on artificial grass?

A: Yes this works very well on artificial grass. 

Backpack Leaf Blower Review – Kenley

Sometimes the strain of holding a leaf blower can get too much, and even the lightweight ones can take their toll when used for extended periods of time. Backpack leaf blowers tend to be more comfortable and don’t cause strain to your body. Have a look and see if this one from Kenley works for you.

The Good
This leaf blower comes in a fun shade of green, and is surprisingly compact -so it will fit nicely into your shed when you need to store it away. Plus, it has been made to European standards, making it a safe piece of equipment to use in your garden.

The backpack frame is adjustable as well as padded, so you can make sure it fits you well and is comfortable enough. You won’t feel the strain with this.

It is fuelled by petrol, and can blow at some serious speeds (450km/h) to effectively remove leaves from your garden or other areas. It’s completely cordless for ease of use and efficiency, as well as simple to use and handle. It also has careful vibration management to keep things steady for you, and the noise it produces remains within safe levels.

The Not So Good
A few customers feel that it could have a little more power – especially for larger gardens with more leaves.

Our View
This leaf blower is very affordable as well as practical, making it a good choice for those who do not want to spend a great deal. It sits comfortably on the back, which is why it is a great option for people who fatigue easily or would like to balance the weight.

While some have said it lacks a little power, many find that this is the ideal model for a small or medium garden. It may struggle a little with large ones, but it does make a great piece of kit.

Cordless Leaf Blower Review – Makita

Makita is another popular and well-known brand when it comes to gardening tools and equipment. If you are searching for a cordless model that still offers power and reliability, then this could be just the place for you. Have a read below and see if it appeals to your needs.

The Good
This leaf blower comes in a classic Makita blue, which is ideal for those who want to match their other pieces, or who are starting a new collection with the brand.

It’s nice and compact as well, which makes it ideal for storing away in the shed when you are not using it. The ergonomic handle has been designed with comfort in mind, meaning that it is padded and has a soft grip. 

To keep the operation comfortable, there are measures in place to prevent vibration and static when it is in use. There are also three speed settings for you to choose from, so you can get the most out of your machine. It doubles up as a vacuum as well, with an excellent collection bag attached so that you can prepare the leaves for mulch or compost.

The Not So Good
Some customers found that it was quite a bit smaller than they expected it to be.

Our View
This budget leaf blower comes at an exceptional price that anyone can afford, making it the ideal model for those who are just getting started. While it is a little smaller than you might think, size is not everything, and this machine certainly proves that.

With both blowing and suction functions, it can do everything you need and more around your garden. Not to mention that does all of this while being entirely cordless and running off batteries.

Gas Leaf Blower Review – Parker

Once again, we provide you with another good brand in the way of Parker. With reliability and trustworthiness on their side, it might be worth stopping to have a look at this gas leaf blower. Take some time to read the details below and see if this is the one you have been waiting for.

The Good
This leaf blower it a good size, so you can store it away without much hassle when it is not being used. Additionally, it is very lightweight and easy to handle, which will make clearing your garden of leaves and debris a much easier task.

Due to its lightweight build, it is also comfortable to hold, helping to prevent fatigue and soreness while you work.

It features a strong and reliable two-stroke gas engine, which can be filled easily and quickly when needed. Plus, it comes with instructions on the fuel ratio. While it is a leaf blower, it also has a vacuum component built into it, so you can suck up the leaves quickly. There is even a shredder that will turn the leaves into mulch so that they are ready for you to use for composting and other tasks.

The Not So Good
The primer is in a slightly awkward location, which can make starting it up a little fiddly in the beginning.

Our View
This reasonably priced leaf blower comes from a good brand and is a generally sturdy piece of gardening equipment to have. While the primer can be a little trick at the start of things, once you get used to it, the whole thing runs wonderfully.

With both the classic blower and the handy vacuum built into it (not to mention the shredder), it makes an excellent tool that does everything you need it to and a whole lot more.

Petrol Leaf Blower Review – Ryobi

Ryobi is a superb brand, and one that you know you can count on to provide you with some of the best gear on the market. If you have been searching for a petrol leaf blower, you may not need to look any further than these reviews.

The Good
This petrol leaf blower has a powerful 26cc petrol engine, as well as high blower speeds, so you know you are getting something very powerful when you take the time to invest in this model.

On top of being used to blow, it also has vacuum capabilities, sucking up the leaves and mulching them ready for use in compost or for different garden tasks/disposal.

It is surprisingly compact, making it easy to store, but also rather lightweight for easy handling and the prevention of fatigue. The comfortable handle has been moulded to fit you nicely, allowing for further ease of use. It even benefits from onboard storage for tools and accessories that you might end up picking up for this model, keeping them close to you and together.

The Not So Good
The instructions are not always the clearest and easiest to follow, so starting it up can take a while the first time.

Our View
This leaf blower comes from a trusted and reliable brand, as well as at a reasonable price that is fair for the machine. While the instructions are not necessarily the best, they are worth it once you get through them, and the machine will be much easier to start.

With the ability to vacuum leave sup and mulch them in addition to blowing them out of the way, it is a model that is certainly worth investing in, and one that will not let you down.

Further Models of Leaf Blower

Here are some further models of leaf blower, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements


Black and Decker is a pretty big brand for tools that are used both inside and outside of the home. As a result, you can’t really go wrong with a leaf blower manufactured by them.

It is a corded model that runs on electricity, and it has a powerful 2500w motor that is sure to blow every pesky leaf away from your garden. It can also be used as a leaf vacuum, with a shredder built into it so that the leaves can be compacted and used as mulch later on.

The conversion system is really easy to use, and the model itself is pretty good to handle. At a low and reasonable price, it is one worth considering.

WORX WG517E Air Turbine Leaf Blower

This leaf blower is, like the above model, corded and runs on electricity. It has a 2300w motor that is powerful and sure to effectively remove all leaves from the vicinity with no issues.

The turbine fan technology increases the power and efficiency of the model, while also giving you the ability to change the speed at will, so you have more control.

The dynamic airflow has been designed for the best possible performance so that it won’t let you down when you are clearing your garden.

Due to its lightweight and ergonomic design, it is also really easy to operate with one hand and has been designed to tackle even the toughest conditions.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best leaf blower, and the leaf blower reviews have given you a hand when it comes to making a decision. Regardless of the power source you are looking for, we have a leaf blower here that is sure to suit your preferences, and we guarantee that one of them will fit your budget perfectly.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of brands, some of which are quite well-known, and others which are less so. Whatever the need, something here will work for you, and we hope that you manage to find the perfect one for the autumn and winter leaves that drop.

What did you think of our leaf blower guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.