Le Chameau Wellies Sizing Review – Guide to Getting the Correct Size

Le Chameau is a brand that is only growing in popularity. It offers sophistication and elegance while providing a clean and comfortable for your leg. Of course, as with many wellies, we must also consider the sizing of boots and how well they fit our feet.

Some brands can come up too big, and others too small, so it is important to know what you should expect when you go to buy a pair. This Le Chameau sizing guide should be able to offer excellent guidance.

About Le Chameau

Le Chameau is made to measure boots, and that is part of what they stand for. Founded in 1927 by Monsieur Chamot, who was a French agricultural engineer. He worked in a shoe shop, and most days he would hear farmers complaining about how uncomfortable their boots were. So he decided to create a new boot that was made from rubber.

He gave the boots to the people around him, and they were incredibly well-received. Everyone loved them and found the boots to be exceedingly comfortable as well as practical for work. They were hardwearing and incredibly flexible.

In 1939, he began to manufacture his wellies on a wider scale in Normandy. In 1949, he opened up another production site in Morocco where his business continued to prosper and his boots were met with praise. The combined talent of Moroccan and French workers resulted in the creation of a stronger, better boot. It was then that Chamot became Le Chameau.

Tips from Le Chameau

Le Chameau offers a few helpful and exciting tips when it comes to making sure you are getting the correct size for both your calf and leg.

  • Measure your calf to make sure the boot you have chosen is right for you.
  • Allow for thicker socks or room to tuck trousers in
  • If you are a half size, order the size up
  • For a generous fit, order a size above what you are
  • The choice of liner has no impact on the fit

Adult Sizing

The sizing of Le Chameau wellies for ladies and men depends greatly on your personal preferences.

If you would like a little bit of room for thick socks or trousers then you need to order the size about what you are, as the Le Chameau boots are quite a close and comfortable fit when you order your size.

This is great if you are looking for a welly perfect fit as you know that your foot size is the correct one to order.

Do note that if you are a half size it is strongly advised that you order the size up for a good, comfortable fit.

If you are looking for wide fit wellies, then Le Chameau has a great range of them that they can offer you. Le Chameau Chasseur is the most classic model for a wide calf Wellington boot, and it comes in ten different calf size.

Be sure to measure your calf carefully before you purchase your wellies so that you can select the correct size and model.

The Le Chameau boots Country Vibram, on the other hand, is not suitable for a wide fit and instead provide a sleek and moulded fit – ideal for those who are looking for something with excellent support and a close fit. These elegant boots should be sized according to the Le Chameau sizing guide (as mentioned above). 

Le Chameau are not cheap wellies, but they last a long time and are incredibly comfortable. They come in a range of styles, from the classic rubber to the Le Chameau leather boots that have become increasingly popular.

Take a look at this customer review, confirming how these are the perfect fit for slim calves.

Kid’s Sizing

Le Chameau for children is sweet and sturdy boots, although they are not as well-known as their adult counterparts.

The sizing for children is similar to the adult boots. If your purchase a boot that is the same size as their feet, then it will provide a spacious fit that allows for thick socks and trousers to be tucked in.

If your child requires a snugger fit, then the same rules apply again – purchase a boot that is the same size as their feet. This will provide a more moulded fit to the welly, while still ensuring they are comfortable and offer the same excellent support as their adult counterparts.

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To Conclude

Le Chameau provides excellent quality and durable boots to people all over the world. When it comes to sizing the wellies provide an excellent and accurate fit if you are looking for a snug and fitted piece of footwear. Even if you are looking for something more spacious, you only need to order a size up from what you are.

Le Chameau has superbly accurate sizes. It is important to always remember to measure your calves first though so that you have an accurate measurement for your boots. Why not check out the Le Chameau model featured in our Best Neoprene Welly Guide here.