Joules Wellies Sizing Guide (Do They Come Up Small?)

Joules are a popular brand that can offer you a sense of style with their fabulously designed wellies for men and women. In a range of models and sizes, these boots are simply fantastic while offering a great deal of comfort and security.

They are made from one piece of rubber, unlike most welly other brands, which adds to their durability and strength, both as a brand and a boot.

Their 12-month guarantee shows that Joules have a great deal of confidence in their brand and are able to vouch for their quality. Of course, the question of sizing is one that comes up often with wellies.

Here is a quick and easy Joules wellies sizing guide for you to look at when you go to purchase a pair of these great wellies. This guide also includes real customer reviews on what the sizing is like from first-hand experience, for honest opinions.

About Joules

Joules is a popular equestrian brand in Britain and was founded by Tom Joules, who started selling his brand clothing 25 years ago.

The company has around 99 retail stores across the UK, with a fantastic following of happy and loyal customers.

They originally sold branded clothing at equestrian and country shows until Joules saw a gap in the market for colourful country clothing. It was then that he had 100 pairs of pink wellies manufactured – they sold out instantly.

By 1999, he was inspired to start his own outdoor clothing line and it was here that we really see the beginning of the Joules we know today.

Adult Sizing

The general consensus is that Joule’s measurements are fairly accurate when matched with the shoe size.

Most people feel that the boot they buy fits them very well, and leaves a little room for a pair of socks – meaning a comfortable fit.

However, there are some who felt the need to buy a size down, saying that they felt as though the boot came up a little big on them, creating a feeling that was far too spacious.

Of course, sizing can vary according to calf size as well, meaning that for many brands you may end up having to buy a size up just to accommodate them.

The classic printed Joules welly is not particularly ideal for those with wide calves as they are intended to be slim calf wellies, and so the sizing would indeed come up small on these.

However, the Wellibob from Joules is the perfect ankle welly that is fully accommodating of those who have wider calves, allowing them to remain comfortable while still sporting the classic and fabulous Joules look.

There’s no need to have to give up a sleek and stylish pair of wellies for a good calf fit with Joules.

These boots can be quite generously sized, so if you prefer a snug fit then it certainly may be worth going down a size in order to reach the levels of comfort that you enjoy.

Of course, if you like to be able to wear a nice, thick pair of socks with your wellies then there is no need to alter the sizes, as they are certainly accommodating to those who like toasty feet in the winter. Take a look at this Joule’s size chart for accurate sizing images.

Joules Welly Socks

Welly socks are one of the greatest things you can have when you need to keep your feet warm, and Joules have some of the most perfect pairs available.

Of course, there is the question of sizing, and it is different for adults and children.

Joules Wellies Sock Sizes

Small3-47-88-100-6 months
Medium5-69-1011-136-12 months
Large7-811-121-312-18 months
Extra Large4-6

Kid’s Sizing

While the adult wellies from Joules come up at a relatively accurate sizing (depending on your preferred snugness), the kid’s ones are a little different.

It has been noted that the Kid’s Joules wellies do actually come up a little small.

This can cause them to be tight and a little uncomfortable, as it is actually required that you purchase a size up in order to match your child’s foot size.

It is interesting that the adult boots fit quite accurately, and yet the children’s wellies are a bit small.

It is important to remember this when you go to buy them to avoid unnecessary returns and to ensure that your child’s feet are comfortable from the beginning. 

The size up also allows for a little space around the calf as well for their added comfort. Read our guide to the best kids wellies here.

Take a look at this glowing review about Joules women wellies on the sizing and opinion on this welly.

customer review on joules wellies

To Conclude

For adults, the Joules wellies do not come up small. If you like a spacious fit that allows room for thick socks, then purchasing a pair of wellies your size is definitely the route to take.

However, if you are the kind of person who prefers a welly that fits snugly, then it is highly recommended that you purchase a size down. So, they can actually come up a little big instead of small.

When it comes to kids’ wellies, however, Joules do in fact come up small. To prevent discomfort, it is advised that you purchase a pair of wellies that is larger than your child’s actual foot size.

This also means that kids with wide legs can have a pair of comfortable wellies, as the boot will not chafe or rub against the calf and leg areas.

Joules is a comfortable choice, but it is important to be aware of the sizing differences when it comes to purchasing a pair either for yourself or someone else.