Hunter Boots Sizing Guide (Do They Come Up Small?)

Hunter wellies are one of the most popular in the United Kingdom and are worn by thousands of its residents.

A trusted and popular brand, the company has released a wide range of fantastical wellies that range from ankle to tall, and from classic olive green to a stunning array of vibrant colours.

We all are wondering the same thing, do hunter boots come up small?

Hunter wellies are actually true to size, and absolutely do not come up small. If anything it is known that Hunter wellies may come up slightly bigger.

They are known for being practical, stylish, and offering a great fit to those who wear them. However, what is their sizing like? Most wellies have different ‘rules’ when it comes to determining which size you should pick.

It’s important to know if there is anything you should remember when it comes to purchasing a pair of Hunter boots.

Here’s a quick and easy Hunter wellie sizing guide.

About the Company

Hunter was founded in 1856 and is known as a progressive British heritage brand. It is well known for its iconic Original boot model, and the brand holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, as well as His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

Hunter has a history of innovation and it is continuing to forge the designs that protect its wearers from the elements and the most awful weather conditions.

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Adult Sizing

If you are a half size shoe, then it is advised that you go half a size down to find a Hunter welly with an ideal fit.

Or, if you are looking for a welly boot that will leave you with some room for a pair of thick socks, then it might be best to go up instead so that you have a little extra room to fit them.

Generally, Hunter boots fit quite well and comfortably and you are able to buy a boot that is the same size as your normal shoe size.

Of course, the same rules as above apply when it comes to wanting to wear a thick pair of socks – buy a size up to give yourself more room.

Men should note that it is often better to go up a size anyway as the boot can be a little tight around the feet.

Of course, sizing contains more than just your foot size, it can depend on your calves as well. This also depends on the model of boot you are looking to buy.

There are a wide range of Hunter wellies, and they all have different calf sizes. The Original’s, for example, are certainly not suitable for a wide calf as they are quite a refined slim boot.

The Huntress model are tall Hunter wellies that provide a straight cut with an excellent fit for those with wide calves.

The slightly lower leg length means added comfort and a smoother fit, with a calf width averaging around 40cm (depending on foot size of course).

These are the neoprene-lined Hunter wellies to go with if you are looking for a wide fit Hunter Wellington boots.

Of course, you can also select the Original Hunter boots with an adjustable back if you are looking for a wide fit with a classic style.

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Take a look at the glowing review from one of Hunters customers. Mrs G has tried and tested these hunters and states she feels the Originals are more suited for the slimmer calves.

Kid’s Sizing

The great thing about kids Hunter wellies is that they are cheap in comparison to the adult sizes, and they can even fit adult feet.

Of course, they do look like a cross between short and tall wellies on adults.

Much like the adult wellies, the kid’s Hunter wellies fit true to size as well, meaning that you don’t have to worry about going up or down a size to figure out what will fit them best. Read our how should wellies fit guide to learn more.

Of course, a size up is often recommended if you want them to wear thick socks with them at any time, especially as going sockless can cause them to get a little stuck on the feet. Comfortable and practical, it is rare to find a make of welly that fits so well.

The infant Hunter boots are the same, although they can be a little tight around their feet so it has been suggested that getting a size up gives their tiny feet room to breathe, especially during the hot summer months.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a tight-fitting welly, especially for an infant. Read our guide to the best wellies for kids here 

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To Conclude

It is quite safe to say that Hunter wellies do not come up small. They are very much accurate in their sizing and generally comfortable too. Of course, wide calves can lead to different sizes, but Hunter wellies have a range of models that can accommodate any size.

Whether an adult or child, the sizing is true to your foot. This is something that is increasingly hard to find when purchasing a pair of Wellington boots, and so it is refreshing to find a brand that is able to provide such accuracy.

The only situations where a size up is recommended is when you are wearing thicker socks or if you are buying infant Hunter wellies, to give their feet some room to breathe.

Be sure to refer to this nifty Hunter foot size chart with any queries you might have about your foot size. Hunter wellies are accurate, stylish, and a generally good fit. Read our Hunter wellies review here.