How To Stop Wellies Smelling? (Scent and Sanitize)

How do you keep your wellies from smelling?

It’s a question that plagues hikers and dog walkers everywhere. But fear not, because we’re here to help with your smelly welly problem.

So, seriously how do you stop wellies smelling? do you need to be cleaning them after every walk ? is it something you are doing to cause the STINK?

In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to scent and sanitize your wellies so they stay fresh-smelling all year long.

What Causes Wellies To Smell?

What really causes your wellies to smell? well, it’s the same thing that causes your boots to smell: sweat and moisture.

Sweat is a major cause of smelly footwear (including wellies) and the wetter your boots, the worse they will smell.

Even if you wash your wellies regularly, they WILL still smell, and the reason for this is that water doesn’t kill bacteria; it just moves it around.

muddy wellies smelly

So, how do you kill the germs that are making your wellies smell?

Sanitizing Your Wellies to Stop Smell.

So, you need to sanitize your wellies, but what does that actually mean?

Well, it basically means giving them a good clean with some anti-bacterial products, this will kill the bacteria that is causing the smell.

Take a look at our top pick of the perfect product for the job Envii Kit Fresh. Not only does it sanitize your wellies with anti-bacterial ingredients but it helps eliminate the smell of sweat.

Kit Fresh leaves a long-lasting mint fresh fragrance on your boots after it has eliminated and broken down the molecules that cause unpleasant odours.

Envii Kit Fresh

Steps To Help Keep Your Wellies Smelling Fresh

Step 1: Washing Your Wellies

Wellies are made up of two main components; the outer layer, which is waterproof and protects you from the rain, and the insole, which is the padded bit that makes them so comfy.

Together, they’re a smelly combination when dirt and sweat get stuck inside. The good news is that you only need a few simple things to keep your wellies fresh and funky: 

– Warm water  

– A bottle of shampoo (or dish soap, which you can use as a cheaper alternative)

– Clean cloths or sponges

– A bucket

– A boot brush

Step 2: Cleaning Your Wellies

Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add your choice of soap.

Put your wellies into the solution – sometimes tough stains will need a bit of extra help so put your wellies on and give them a good scrub with the brush!

When you’re happy that they’re clean, rinse your boots with cold water and leave them on the side to dry for 24 hours.

For stubborn stains, rub in a little bit of baking soda (or your alternative) and then give them a quick scrub before rinsing again.

TOP TIP – Leave them in a sunny spot to help kill any bacteria or fungus that may be causing the smell.

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Step 3: Keeping Them Fresh

Keep them wellies smelling fresh.

Once they’re washed, you might find that your boots start to smell even more after a couple of days (don’t panic, this can happen). To avoid this, you can spray a little bit of Febreze into them whilst they are drying to add some freshness back in!

As an added bonus use a shoe deodorizer spray or powder to keep them smelling fresh for longer periods of time.

I can recommend this Foot and shoe powder it’s a little pot of miracles. It keeps my boots smelling amazing. I simply use a small scoop of powder inside and outside before I put my boots away for the day, VIOLA!

Foot and shoe powder

Step 4: Washing Your Insoles  

Last but not least your insoles can get just as smelly as your boots – simply take them out and give them a wash in the sink.

Your insoles can even be chucked in the washing machine if they need a deep clean.

By following these steps, you can keep your wellies as fresh as the day you bought them!

You can check out our guide to the best welly insoles here, in case you want to replace them.


Hopefully, this guide has helped to share with you the most effective ways of keeping your wellies from smelling.

Just follow our steps regularly to keep those wellies as fresh as can be!

Be sure to keep in mind our list of scent and sanitizing ideas for when they start to get smelly again.

Now that you have all these tricks up your sleeve, it’s time to put them into practice!

If you have any suggestions or secret weapons in getting rid of smells then let us know so we can share them with everyone else too.