Tired of Bringing Bulky Tent? Try Hammock Camping!

Tired of the same old camping routine? Thinking of taking your camping adventures to the next level? It sounds like it’s time to give hammock camping a go!

Sleeping in a hammock instead of a good old-fashioned tent takes camping to a whole new level. It’s exciting, easy to do (once you know how!) and is an adventure in itself. Not to mention the many other benefits you’ll enjoy compared with regular camping. For one, most people find hammock camping more comfortable than sleeping on the cold, hard ground. So long as you insulate your backside with a good sleeping pad, you’ll most likely love it too. Plus, you can camp in places you’d never have dreamed of with a tent. You’ll start seeing potential hammock anchors all over the place — not just between two trees. And once you get into the swing of it, you’ll wonder why you ever slept in a tent in the first place!

Here are a few more reasons why hammock camping totally rocks:

Infographic: The Benefits of Hammock Camping