Fake Hunter Boots and How to Spot Them [With Ease]

Hunter is one of the most popular brands of Wellington Boots, and so it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of fake models out there. It can seem harmless, but the truth is that fakes are often inferior in terms of quality, durability, and design. But how can you avoid them?

There are a few ways you can spot fake Hunter boots. Take the time to check the logo label, there will be mistakes, examining the weight, seams, and texture, and shop with trusted brands. Be aware of the colours and styles too, counterfeit boots tend to have a much wider range of wellies available.

But this is just a glimpse into the world of counterfeit Hunter boots. For more details on how to accurately spot the fakes and make sure you end up with the real deal, keep on reading.

Check Logo Label

This is key, and one of the most common places where counterfeit Hunter boots go wrong. The logo should be located on the front of each boot, and the label should be white with a red outline and bold black lettering. It should be clear and easy to read, with no blur or smudging.

The silver buckle straps on the side of the hunter boots will also contain an etching of the Hunter logo. This is a detail that is frequently missed by fakes because it is so minor and unnoticeable unless you’re actively looking for it.

Weight and Texture

Due to the fact they are made from vulcanised rubber, Hunter wellies have a pretty heavy feel when you’re holding them. They weigh in at around 2kg, and the fakes will weigh a lot less because they are made from inferior rubber and don’t hold the same level of durability.

Running your hands along the boots, you will find that a genuine pair is very smooth to the touch. High-grade rubber is naturally smooth, but the cheaper stuff has a rough and grainy texture that you will absolutely be able to feel when inspecting them.

Colours and Styles

Hunter boots come in ten colours, known as the classics, although there have been some limited editions over the years. Furthermore, there is a whole range of styles – many of which change on a seasonal basis. This doesn’t make it impossible to tell which are fakes though.

First, check the Hunter website for a full list of available colours and styles. When you are looking at the hunter boots in question the colour should be smooth and without any breaks. Fakes also have a hard time matching the shade. They get close, but never quite hit the mark.

Online Shops to Trust

It’s good to support small businesses, but make sure they are an established and trusted site. You can usually check with Hunter to find out if they are a licensed retailer as well. Places like Amazon are always a good place to start, as well as the official Hunter site and Nordstrom.

Seams and Finish

Hunter wellies have fully sealed seams, and one primary seam along the back of the boot. You can see the rubber is moulded well, and fakes will often have a messy finish to the seam that is often wonky or improperly sealed.

Remember the finish should be smooth and not rough, and Hunter boots have a water repellent coating to keep them dry when you are out walking or working. The finish of a pair of fakes may also be uneven, even lumpy when you touch them or run your hands along them.

Avoid eBay

eBay can be very touch and go. Maybe you will end up with the real deal, or maybe you will find yourself with a pair of fake Hunter boots. Generally speaking, it is better to avoid eBay than risk lining the pockets of counterfeit manufacturers.

Additionally, eBay is full of scalpers for limited release items – including special edition Hunter boots. They drive hunter prices way up to make a large profit and make it harder for those who genuinely want the boots to get them.

There are ways to shop smart on eBay. Things like thoroughly checking the listing to see how detailed the description is, making sure they use real photos and not stock ones, and also knowing what you’re looking for. Even this way, you’re still at risk of getting scammed.

Avoid Chinese Marketplaces like Wish

Insoles and Outsoles

This is another one of those sneaky details you should keep an eye out for. Original Hunter boots are high-quality and made from vulcanised rubber. When you look at the base of the boot, you will find the treads are incredibly deep and there is a zig-zag pattern on the sole.

The insoles are also unique, with a special orthopaedic design that has been made to cushion and support your feet. It makes the boots a lot more comfortable while also providing your ankles and even your back with the support they need.

White Powder is Actually Good

Not the white powder you think before you get any ideas. If you pick up a pair of Hunter boots, you may notice some residual white powder on the boots. This might seem alarming at first, but it is actually a sign of high-quality natural rubber.

These particles can start to rise on the surface of the genuine hunter boots, but with a good buff and shine it’s really easy to get rid of the powder and restore that lovely natural finish.


Are real Hunter boots made in China?
They absolutely are. While Hunter HQ remains firmly in Edinburgh, the wellington boots themselves are manufactured in China.

This is because the production costs are cheaper than in the UK. While the boots are predominantly made in Asia, a supplier factory remains operational in the UK.

My Hunter boots are cracked, are they fake?
Nope, any pair of Original Hunter boots can become cracked. Usually, this happens as a result of extended wear and tear. A well-loved boot is weaker in terms of its structure and is more likely to crack. However, if they crack very quickly after purchase, you may want to call customer service.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to spot a pair of fake boots (Hunter), your time shopping online (or in the real world) will be backed with new knowledge and experience. We know how disappointing it can be to discover your new authentic Hunter boots are counterfeit, and that’s why we put this guide together.

Looking to buy an authentic pair of Hunter wellington boots? We have a selection of buying guides that allow you to buy a whole range of Hunter boots from reputable retailers. It’s time to shop in comfort and without the worry of counterfeit boots.