Discover The Best Wellington Boots – Welly Boot Review Guide

Discover the Best Wellies – Wellington Boot Review Guide 2016

If there is one piece of footwear every person needs, it is a pair of Wellington boots. They are hardy and reliable, keeping us going through a range of situations.

From dog walking to working outside, they protect feet and keep them dry in wet conditions – which is particularly important when you live in the UK.

What to Look For

When it comes to picking the best Wellington boot, you will want to make sure that they are comfortable, warm, and (most importantly) waterproof.

There are so many brands and models out there, that it can make it difficult to select one. This guide aims to give you an excellent starting point as it takes you through the different categories of Wellington boot we have to offer, making it a little bit easier.

Whether you are looking for something cheap or expensive, for general use or work, we have something here that is perfect for you.

The Best Wellies - Wellington Boot Reviews

Hunter Original Tall Mens Wellingtons

Men’s Wellies

Finding stylish and practical wellies for men can be a challenging task – especially when you are looking for something in the lower end of the price spectrum.

This guide brings together a wide range of makes and models to offer a diverse selection of prices.

From the more expensive brands such as Hunter and Dubarry, to the cheaper ones like Dunlop, there is something here for every man and for every occasion. Not only this, but the boots look good as well.

So whether you are dog walking or festival going, you can walk around in something that fits well and looks great.

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Chatham Tamar Women's Water Shoes

Women’s Wellington Boots

Women’s wellies often suffer in terms of price and also the fit. Many are quite expensive and do not fit the leg comfortably, or offer a great deal of support.

It’s fantastic that there is such a wide range of styles and patterns, but a good for it vital for extensive use.

This guide gathers some of the top women’s wellies on the market to take a look at some that offer excellent protection and comfort, and well as those that have fun designs for those who want to stand out a little.

It features brands such as Le Chameau and Dubarry, but also those that are still excellent quality but in the more affordable price range, such as Joules. Finally, you can feel great walking in wellies.

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Kozi Kidz Fleece Lined Wellies

Kid’s Wellies

Children definitely need wellies, and in this guide you will find some of the better welly boots for kids.

Covered in fun patterns and designs, they are sure to make each outing in them that little bit more fun. There is a large range of colours and designs to choose from, so every child will find something that they like.

Plus, with some boots (such as Boggs), they even have handles on the top of each side to make it easier to get them on.

They’ll be showing off their skills at getting wellies on and off again every time you need to go out. Plus, the wellies are waterproof and generally comfortable for those longer outings.

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Kozi Kidz Fleece Lined Wellies

Work Boots for Men

When you are out working, you need a boot that is going to be comfortable and protect your feet. This guide takes you through some of the best work boots for men.

When you’re working on construction sites, or even on the farm, you need something that keeps your feet protected from sharp debris on the ground, and steel toe caps mean that you re less at risk of harm from falling debris.

This guide has boots from all of the top manufacturers, from Timberland and Caterpillar, all the way to Dr Marten’s. Plus, they come in a range of prices, so you don’t necessarily need to fork out a lot of money for a good pair of boots.

No matter what you are looking for, this guide can offer you all the protection your feet need.

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Muck Boots Muckmaster Neoprene

Wellies for Hunting and Shooting

For those that enjoy going out and shooting during the relevant seasons, this guide provides you with the perfect selection of footwear.

The top wellies for hunting and shooting are ones that can keep your feet warm during the cold weather, but also comfortable for prolonged use.

After all, you can easily spend the whole day on your feet when you are out shooting and the last thing you want is to have uncomfortable and aching feet.

A variety of brands and models are on offer for both men and women in this guide, with everything from Le Chameau to Hunter boots reviewed. You are sure to find the ideal (and best quality) wellies for your next outing with this nifty guide.

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Dubarry Tipperary

Wide Calf Wellington boots

For those with wide calves, the search for the best Wellington boot can be a difficult one.

After all, most wellies are created for those with average sized calves, and so fitting into them presents a challenge. However, there is a whole range of wellies for men and women with wide calves available, and this guide lists some of the best ones available at a number of different prices.

From the cheap and practical brands such as Whitehaven and Joules, to those that are more expensive like Le Chameau and Dubarry, there is something here for everyone, and for every sized calf. So no matter what you need, you can walk around comfortably in a pair of stylish wellies.

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Joules U_wellyprint, Women's Rain Boots

Festival Welly

Festivals are some of the most exciting events held each year, and this guide takes you through some of the best ones on the market.

From the colourful and stylish, to those that are a little plainer but very practical, there is something for everyone.

You are sure to find the pick of welly boot for your next adventure, especially with fantastic brands like Joules who offer a selection of spectacular designs.

There are also colourful Hunter boots on offer to bring a little dazzle to your festival experience. If this selection doesn’t have everything you are looking for, there are also guides for the best funky wellies as well as spotty and pink ones – so you have no excuse not to look fantastic.

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Evercreatures Ladies Bridal Wedding Wellies

Wedding Wellies

It may seem like a slightly bizarre thing to do, but wearing wellies for your wedding can be very practical.

This guide takes you through some of the top bridal wellies you can find, all of which look very elegant and unique. Many women who have farming themed weddings will opt for wellies for the reception (and sometimes for the ceremony) to keep their feet dry and safe from the mud and muck.

In addition to this, there are those that even use them as table decorations which can be quite quirky and fun to do. Regardless of what you are looking for there are some spectacular boots on offer and all within a reasonable price range for your special day.

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Evercreatures Ladies Bridal Wedding Wellies

Wellies for Walking the Dog

Walking the dog is one of the top reasons the people of Britain need a pair of wellies.

As a result, this guide takes you through some of our welly picks you can buy for your long walks with your canine companion.

You need something that fits well and keeps your feet comfortable. However, they should also be warm and protect them during wet and unfavourable weather.

During the winter, you will want a good grip and tread as well. With brands ranging from Le Chameau to classic Dunlop wellies, there is something for everyone and at a reasonable price.

Plus, if your dog is suffering from a recent injury or has severe allergies, we also have a handy guide for the best wellies for dogs as well, which keeps their feet protected and dry to prevent infections or allergic reactions.

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karrimor men’s gardening wellies

Gardening Wellingtons

Gardening is a year-round activity, and for those who are dedicated to the craft the need for a good and sturdy pair of wellies is a definite must.

This guide takes you through some of our favourite picks available, all of which offer great protection from wet weather as well as a superb level of grip for slippery days. Plus, they are comfortable, which is essential for long days weeding and planting.

We also have a guide for the best gardening shoes and clogs, displaying some of the best available if you are looking for something a little lighter than a welly boot.

Top brands include everything from Hunter and Dunlop to Le Chameau and Town and Country. So if you are looking for something easy to slip on and walk around the garden in, this guide might just be for you.

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Stormwells – Fleecy and Warm

Fishing Wellies

When it comes to fishing there is a good chance that your feet are going to end up quite soggy without the proper footwear. With this excellent guide, we take you through the best welly boots for fishing.

They will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable on long trips, which is especially handy if you have plans to go night fishing on the lake. Especially by adding in a welly insole to add extra warmth.. From top fishing brands like Michigan, to classier ones like Dubarry, there is a fishing boot for every occasion, and every fisherman.

If you are the type who enjoys sea fishing, however, there is also an incredibly handy guide to it as well. When you are out on the open waters, the need for a thermal and protective boot becomes more necessary, especially if it begins to rain.

Many of the boots listed are not only waterproof, but also have closable tops to prevent rain or sea water from getting inside your wellies. From Stormwells to Muck Boots, there are fantastic wellies here to help you make the most of your sea fishing trip.

Stormwells – Fleecy and Warm

Neoprene Wellies

Neoprene is there to keep our feet extra warm and well as incredibly comfortable.

Due to this, they make the ideal wellies for wearing during the winter months when you are feeling a bit chilly on your dog walks and other excursions. The perfect neoprene welly boot is lightweight and toasty, but also waterproof.

This guide takes you through the best ones, all of which are at varied yet affordable prices.

There are even models for kids who like to go out with you when the weather starts to get a little chillier, so you don’t have to worry about them getting cold feet. With brands such as Aigle and Le Chameau to choose from, you are certain to find something to keep your feet warm during the cold weather.

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Cotswold Bushy Ladies Welly

Ankle Wellies

Not everyone wants full length wellies, after all they can be quite uncomfortable at times – especially for those who have wider calves.

This guide lists some of the ankle wellies available that only go up to the ankle. Warm, practical, and stylish, they also offer excellent comfort levels that are sure to have you going all day.

A good pair of ankle wellies can offer fantastic protection, and the brands in this guide range from cheap and cheerful ones such as Dunlop, to ones that are a little more expensive like Aigle and Le Chameau. You are sure to find something fabulous here.

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Cotswold Bushy Ladies Welly

Wellies for Farming

Life on the farm requires a good and durable pair of Wellington boots. They should be able to survive extensive, and sometimes harsh, uses as well as providing comfort and warmth to the person wearing them.

This guide offers a wide range of wellies, from those that are comfortable and warm from brands like Hunter, to boots that offer a great deal more protection for your feet like JCB.

So if you have long working days on the farm you know that your feet will be well protected by one of these fantastic boots. Your feet need to stay comfy and active all day, so it’s worth buying a decent, good quality pair.

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Cotswold Bushy Ladies Welly

Winter Yard Boots

When you’re working with horses it is a full time job that goes seven days a week and 365 days of the year. They need attention, exercise, and care – which all good horse owners provide.

As a result, it would be well worth investing in a good quality pair of wellies so that you can go about your daily tasks with ease.

After all, they take a beating with the amount of work that you undertake each day.

This guide gives you the heads up on the key yard boots on the market, as well as some of the top Equestrian brands, such as Ariat and Joules.

With this, you are sure to find the winning winter yard boot for you, and one that offers excellent comfort. Plus, you might find one that is ideal both for work and riding.

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Womens Hunter Original Adjustable Wellington Boots

Wellies for Narrow Calves

Finding a pair of wellies for narrow calves can be just as tricky as discovering those that fit wide calves.

After all, those with very narrow calves are often left with far too much room at the top of the boot, even after tucking their jeans in. This guide shows you some of the best models available to those with wide calves.

They are not only a good fit, but they are also comfortable and offer excellent protection from the elements.

With a fantastic and affordable price range, as well as top brands such as Dubarry and Dunlop available, you are sure to find something that is perfectly suited to you and your needs – whether you are walking the dog or using them for work.

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Dubarry Kilternan

Wellies for Snow and Ice

When it comes to the winter months you need something that is going to not only protect your feet from wet conditions, but also from snow and ice.

Something that is thermal but also provides an excellent grip and tread is ideal for keeping you upright in slippery weather conditions.

A neoprene lining is fantastic for providing that extra level of warmth and preventing your feet from going numb in the cold.

In this guide we take you through some of the best welly boots for adults and children for snow and ice. With comfortable fits and excellent protection, this selection is sure to provide you with the perfect solution to your cold feet problems.

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The Brands

Dubarry Kilternan

Hunter Wellies

One of the most popular brands in the United Kingdom, they were founded in 1856 and became one of the main footwear manufacturers for soldiers in World War One and World War Two.

This became one of the main factors of their success, and ever since their rebranding in 2006 they have remained firmly towards the top in terms of popularity.

Generally, these wellies offer a close yet comfortable fit for your leg, and are ideal for those who need them for walking the dog.

However, the Balmoral range was made with thicker rubber, which is ideal for farmers and other workers. Hunter is trusted and popular brand that has a great range of boots on offer to you.

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Womens Barbour Setter Waterproof

Barbour Wellies

Founded in 1894 by J. Barbour, their wax jackets were manufactured in a factory in Shields, United Kingdom. Even now, in 2016, their jackets are still made by hand in Shields, and well over 100,000 will leave the factory doors each year.

It’s hard to find a company that still manufactures their wares in England, and this is what makes Barbour so fantastic.

Their line of Wellington boots for men and woman are varied in that they are suitable for just about every leg type. Barbour is comfortable and warm, they are sure to provide you with a fantstic walking or working experience and at a very reasonable price.

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Joules T Wellyprint, Women's Wellington Boots

Joules Wellies

Established in 1989, they have been the developers of some fantastic equestrian gear, leading to their huge popularity among those who own and work with horses.

Their clothing is known for its exceptional quality, and their Wellington boots provide just the same.

Made form one piece of rubber as opposed to several, they are much stronger and more durable as a result.

Comfortable, and in a range of exciting patterns and designs, they are also surprisingly affordable and can fit into anyone’s budget. A beautiful brand that, as Joules say, is Bursting with Britishness.

Aigle Womens chanteboot

Le Chameau

Created in 1927, Le Chameau is a French brand that focuses on the durability of the boot.

They are seen as the most expensive brand on the market, but the lack of complaints regarding the quality and fit are a testament to how worth the price these boots are.

They are the only rubber boot to be handcrafted by a single master bootmaker, and as a result every pair is unique.

They have collections to suit every person in need of a welly boot – from those who need them for light walking, to those who require a pair of sturdy boots for working on the farm or at the yard.

With indescribable comfort and warmth through the winter, these wellies also come in ten calf sizes – so your legs are never too big or small to get into a pair of these.

Aigle Womens chanteboot

Aigle Wellies

Established in 1853, their boots were founded in France and continue to be made there. They seek excellence and have always provided it.

They sport a typical French look, capturing elegance while combining it with great practicality. All of their boots and clothing are made with durability in mind, and they are guaranteed to last you for years to come.

Made to be comfortable, and with models that think about those with wide calves, they have something for everyone.

Plus, both the men’s and women’s lines range from the highly affordable to those that are a little more expensive, so every price range is met. You’ll be going on for hours with a pair of these wellies.

Dubarry Galway Boots


In 1937, and in the heart of Ireland’s Galway, Dubarry was founded. The manufacture of their fine leather shoes and boots was inspired by the deep history the area has with the sea – especially with Galway sitting on the west coast of Ireland.

They started with their deck shoes, and then evolved to created their signature boot – the Dubarry Galway.

It was with these that they became internationally popular. Their boots are made to fit your foot and leg perfectly, with enough room to tuck your trousers in.

Despite being leather they are incredibly waterproof, and will keep your feet perfectly toasty during the cold winter months. Their price range maybe slightly off putting for some, but they are worth every penny and will last you for decades to come.

dunlop wide calf wellies


Dunlop is a brand that seeks to provide highly affordable (but excellent quality) footwear to the working man or woman.

They have always stated that they have a deep understanding and respect for them, as they are the people who construct our homes and provide with the roads and bridges we need for everyday life.

Cheap and cheerful, their wellies are also advocates for sustainability and keen recyclers for old welly boots.

With fantastically low prices, great comfort, and surprisingly good durability, they are the boots you want if you are on a budget or just don’t want to spend a fortune on a new pair of wellies.

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To Conclude

There are so many fantastic welly boot options for you to choose from for men, women, children, and even your dog.

Your wellies should always fit you well and provide you with an excellent level of comfort so that your feet don’t get sore and achy after a long day of work or walking. Plus, they should always be waterproof so that you are protected from the elements.

Whether you need a pair of wellies for walking the dog, gardening, or extensive work on your farm, there is something in this ultimate guide that is perfect for you. When you take a look at our guides, there are wellies to suit every need and every budget.

Whether you need something cheap and cheerful but good quality, or are looking to splash out a little extra cash, you are sure to find something that suits you and your requirements.

What did you think of our ultimate welly boot guide? Do any of them catch your eye, and are there others that you would like to see? Leave a message in the comments, we would love to hear from you.