Best Welly Insoles – Wellington Boot Liners to Keep Feet Warm

In Great Britain, rain is often the forecast, and with the rain comes the mud and muck.

No one wants to walk around in those conditions in a pair of regular shoes or trainers, and this is why the Wellington Boot is one of our favourite shoes.

Sturdy and strong, they keep us upright even in the slimiest conditions. However, walking around for so long in a pair of wellies can really hurt your feet, and that’s why welly insoles can be such lifesavers.

Soft and moulded, they might just keep you going that little bit longer. If you are looking for something to keep your feet warm, however, then a welly liner (or sock as they are sometimes known) might be what you are looking for instead.

Best Welly Insoles (UK Models)

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

1. Sorbothane Double Strike Insoles

Our Pick For Top Quality Shock Absorbing Insole


  • Brand : Sorborthane
  • Most Suited For : Running amd Walking
  • Price: Under £20
  • Sizes: UK 3 – 11 

Sorbothane is one of the leading brands when it comes to insoles both for sports and leisure.

They pride themselves on the comfort and quality of their product, as well as an affordable price per pair.

With prices of around £12.62, you won’t want to miss these funky and comfy insoles. Take a look at the reviews.

The Good

They have an antibacterial covering to keep them fresh and help prevent your feet from sweating during warmer weather.

They also replace existing insoles for a better and more comfortable fit as well as extra cushioning and shock absorption.

Plus, they are 30% lighter than any other Sorbothane brand insole. They fit nicely into any shoe or boot, so you know that you will be able to walk or work comfortably.

It’s incredibly durable and even mimics the feel of human flesh for a more flexible and comfortable fit.

I think they’re comfortable, and support every part of your foot enabling walking to be so easy. These, for the price, are strong and thick cushioning much better than buying new shoes regularly.

The Not So Good

They are not suitable if you do not plan on removing the existing insole first as they are very thick and so will create a tight fit in the boot.

A few people have reported that the insole did cause some blistering. There have also been some (but not many) reports of the insole not providing shock absorption.

Our View

These insoles come from one of the most popular and trusted brands in the business, and they do aim to provide an insole that is comfortable and fits well.

While there have been a few negative reactions to this insole, the majority have been incredibly positive, praising its smooth fit and excellent flexibility when on the move.

This supportive insole is worth the money if you are planning a long hike or have a lot of manual labour to get through.

Best for: farm work, walking, manual labour, and general use.

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

2. Wellbeing Pro11 Pressure Point Gel

Our Pick For Slim Fit Massaging Gel Insoles


  • Brand : Pros11
  • Most Suited For : Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Price: Under £5
  • Sizes: UK 8-11

These insoles come in a cool blue and will fit perfectly in the bottom of your wellies.

After all, when you spend all your time walking around with the dogs, at work, or during festivals, then your feet are going to get sore and tired after a while.

With this insole, you can keep going in comfort and style. With prices at around £3.99, it’s a bargain as well.

The Good

This insole has a raised heel cup that is incredibly soft and has to massage properties, so your feet can benefit from a nice massage as you go about your day.

It has a slim fit, making it ideal for replacing previous insoles and it is designed with pressure points and contours that promote easy and flexible movement.

They are high impact for those who do a lot of heavy walking or work in their wellies, and they are shock absorbent as well. They also have a breathable antibacterial covering so your feet don’t sweat.

The Not So Good

Some people have found these insoles to be a little heavy compared to others, which can be uncomfortable.

There have also been a few cases of them bunching while walking. Some have also found them to be a little narrow but this is uncommon.

Our View

These insoles from Wellbeing provide a comfortable and massaging fit to keep your feet feeling good all day.

Even after a few days of constant hard work or walking, you are sure to feel just as good as on day one. They have some excellent features, including the contouring and antibacterial layer, that make these cheap insoles for wellies well worth the price.

Best for: walking, farm work, general use

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

3. Sorbothane Full Strike Sports Insoles

Our Pick For Shock Dissipating Insoles


  • Brand : Sorborthane
  • Most Suited For : High Impact Sports
  • Price: Under £20
  • Sizes: UK 3 – 12

Another model from one of the most popular and trusted brands for insoles, the Sorbothane Full Strike offer maximum protection at a cheap price.

If you are looking for something that is comfortable, stylish, and hardly noticeable when you are walking around, then this may just be the insole for you.

The Good

These insoles are incredibly cushy despite being so thin. This thinness is also a huge advantage in terms of sliding them into the boot as they do not elevate the foot or create a heavy, clunky feel overall.

They support the entire foot, absorbing any shock that they may encounter, this is far better than the double strike models that only cover the heel and ball.

They are incredibly comfortable, so you can go all day without suffering from sore feet or cramping, and they won’t cause any blisters to form either. They are ideal for wellies, so you can keep working and walking without trouble in these excellent fitting insoles.

The Not So Good

If your wellies have holes, then these are not advised as wet weather will cause them to bunch and twist I the boot as you walk. A few people have also noted that their feet were sore even when wearing them.

Our View

These insoles are cheap and an excellent buy if you are looking for something that works and won’t cost you the earth.

They are excellent and provide shock absorption and their thinness means that you will hardly notice them as you go about your daily business or work. Cheap, trusted, and durable, it is worth giving these a try.

Best For: cheapest price, festivals, farm work, general use

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4. Hunter Unisex Boot Socks 

Our Pick For Fleecy and Warm


  • Brand : Hunter
  • Most Suited For : Comfort and Warmth
  • Price: Under £25
  • Sizes: S, M , L

Hunter is probably one of the most well-known and classic brands of Wellington boot on the market.

With their wellies worn by thousands across the world, it is only natural that they would create a fantastic line of liners to go with them.

The Hunter welly liner is comfortable, warm, and reasonable in terms of cost with prices at around £20. Take a look at the reviews for these welly liners.

The Good

These fleecy liners for men and women are incredibly comfortable and offer a superb amount of warmth during the cold winter seasons.

They also have a snug fit for maximum comfort and to prevent loose gaps between your foot and the sock, trapping in any warmth.

The fold-over cuffs prevent the sock from slipping when it is being worn, and it fits perfectly into any Hunter welly for men or ladies. Thermal and very affordable, it is a great choice for workers, walkers, and festival-goers alike.

The Not So Good

Some people have found them to be a little uncomfortable and cause blisters when they walk. Others have noticed that the seams can stick out and rub against the ankles when you are out and about. Due to this, a few people recommend socks underneath these ones.

Our View

The Hunter thermal welly liners are excellent for wearing with any Hunter boot you own. Made for men and women, they fit really well and are sure to provide you with a great deal of warmth on all of your winter outdoor adventures.

While it is recommended that you wear a pair of socks under these, at least you know your toes are unlikely to end up feeling like little blocks of ice.

Best for: general use, dog walking, farm work

Read here: Hunter Boots Sizing Guide

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5. Trespass Snugz Unisex Adult’s Welly Boot Socks

Our Pick For Most Affordable Comfort


  • Brand : Trespass
  • Most Suited For : Preventing Rubbing and Blisters
  • Price: Under £15
  • Sizes: S, M , L

Trespass are known for providing good wellies at an affordable price, and their welly liners are no different.

Priced at around £7, these liners are cheap and cheerful but still keep your feet nice and toasty. Take a look at the reviews for these great welly socks.

The Good

These welly liners for men are great at keeping your feet warm and provide a fit that is both snug and comfortable.

They are incredibly thermal, so will keep feet toasty in cold weather and wet conditions.

They fold over the boot nicely, providing a tight fit that ensures the sock does not slip as it is worn. An excellent boot liner for any occasion.

The Not So Good

They can be a little too tight at times so it is advised you look at the sizing carefully.

Our View

The Trespass welly liners are ideal for those who are looking for a cheap product that will still keep their feet nice and toasty.

They have a comfortable and snug fit, meaning that the sock is unlikely to slip once you fold it over the top of the boot. For a cheap liner that is suitable for a number of occasions and weather, this is the one you should try.

Best for: festivals, walking, farm work, general use

Previously Featured Models – 

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

6.  Anucci Fleece Wellie Sock Liners

Our Pick Pink for the Ladies


  • Brand : Anucci
  • Most Suited For : Warmth for the ladies
  • Price: Under £10
  • Sizes: 3-5 or 6-8

If you are looking for a liner with a more feminine touch, then this one might just be the one for you. In a bold shade of pink, these liners provide style and comfort in one neat package.

Priced at around £3, they are the cheapest liners you are likely to find that also have a good level of quality and warmth.

The Good

These thermal welly liners for women are great for keeping feet nice and toasty on cold days.

They are made from polyester material and fit nicely inside pretty much every make and model of Wellington boot.

They are thick enough to keep feet warm but not so thick that you need to buy your wellies a size larger than you actually need. Feminine, cheap, and stylish, they do what they say on the box and are incredibly durable.

The Not So Good

The seam can be felt through the sock which can cause irritation at times. They can be a little large as well, so it is important to check sizes carefully.

Our View

These welly liners are great for keeping feet warm while also looking stylish and feminine. They offer great protection from the wind and cold, and they fit really nicely inside any welly.

Ideal for those who are out hiking/walking, attending festivals, or even doing manual labour, this is not a purchase you are soon to regret.

Best for: festivals, walking, manual labour, and general use

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

6. Joules Welly Socks 

Our Pick For the Equestrian

Known for their superb equestrian clothing and boots, Joules produce fantastic quality products at a relatively low price.

When you are wearing your Joules wellies in the winter, you might find your feet getting a little chilly – especially in snowy conditions.

Priced at around £12.99, the Joules welly socks are there to keep feet toasty and warm.

The Good

These fleecy Joules welly liners are incredibly soft and warm for harsh winter weather, and are sure to keep your toes from freezing.

They are completely machine washable, and come with a little drawstring bag for safe storage when not in use.

They fit perfectly in any pair of Joules wellies for ladies, so that you don’t need to worry about matching the liner up with the boot model. They have a snug yet comfy fit, ensuring that they don’t slip down or leave loose space between your foot and the sock/boot.

The Not So Good

They can be a little large if you don’t order carefully. Make sure you read the sizing chart closely before purchasing to avoid getting assize that is far too large for your feet.

Our View

Joules are a reliable and trusted brand that have been producing wellies for an incredibly long time. Their welly socks, or liners, are great for providing outstanding warmth and comfort, even on the coldest of winter days.

You will never have to worry about icy feet when walking the dogs or looking after the horses again with these fleecy welly liners. A definite must for those who suffer in the cold. It is best partnered with the wellington boots for snow and ice use.

Best for: equestrian riders and general use.

Regatta Men's Holcombe Iep Low Rise Hiking Boot

7. Foot Active

Our Pick For High Impact and Orthotic

Foot Active are a brand that provide insoles recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists for their comfortable and reinforced fit.

With prices at around £24.99, they might seem a little pricier than most others, but they are some of the best quality insoles you are likely to find on the market.

They may be made for those taking part in sports, but they are sure to keep you going during a hard day of work. Take a look at the reviews for these insoles for wellies.

The Good

These orthotic insoles are designed to help prevent injuries such as Achilles heel, shin splints, and knee pain.

While these are common sport injuries, they can also be caused by excessive work in farming or other manual labour jobs.

It has an antibacterial covering as well as a cushioned PU gel base for added comfort and flexibility. It has shock absorption to take pressure off the legs and back when on hard terrain, and it suitable for every type of footwear.

I think they’re comfortable, and support every part of your foot enabling walking to be so easy. The soles are very flexible, which makes swapping them from shoes to shoe effortlessly. I needed to trim them slightly to make them the right size for my boots.

The Not So Good

There have been a few issues with quality and some have noted their feet start to ache after a few days (although this is uncommon) due to the large arch support. A few have also noted no difference in their overall comfort while walking or working.

Our View

These physiotherapist and podiatrist approved insoles are worn by athletes and workers across the world to provide them with a little extra comfort during long and tiring workdays.

They do provide excellent comfort and a professionals for the best injury prevention. However, with the price of the item, it is worth taking the lower reviews into consideration.

Best for: farm work and manual labour

What to Look For

When you go to buy the best pair of insoles for your Wellington boots, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

The most important thing is to make sure they are going to be the right size for your feet and boot, it is such a common error to make so you need to be sure before you buy.

You might also want antibacterial gel insoles, keeping your feet clean and free from bacteria as you walk.

There is also the option for shock absorption as well, so it isn’t just the case of picking one up without taking a look at the extra features. Here are some of the best welly insoles you can buy.

From the simple and comfortable, to those made for the active welly wearer, you are sure to find an insole or welly sock here that is perfect for you.

To Conclude

When it comes to buying insoles there are several things to consider – from the thickness, to the fit, and even the antibacterial properties it may contain. It can be hard to make a choice, but it all depends on what you need to get through the day.

If you are doing a lot of manual labour, such as farm work for example, then a sports fit might be best to help prevent you from sustaining injuries to your legs and knees while working.

If not, then something a little simpler (and possibly cheaper) might be the more sensible way to go. Either way, there are a great range of insoles here and you are sure to find one that is right for you.

If it is welly liners (or socks) that you are looking for, then only one thing really matters in your search – how warm they keep your feet.

You need to know that they are going to keep them toasty during cold weather, but also that they will be comfy enough for long walks or days at work.

It’s always a plus if you can’t feel the seam as well. Unfortunately, it is often the case with the really cheap ones that you can, but it is all down to personal experience. Warmth, comfort, and a good fit are all aspects that can make a welly sock great.

Have any thoughts on the insoles or liners we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!