Best Wellies for Hunting and Shooting- Top 10 Reviewed Here

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The welly boot is one of the most used forms of footwear in Britain, and shooting is no exception to this. With rain being the most common weather in the country, the Wellington boot is there to keep feet warm and dry so that you can carry on with the shoot.

Your wellies are there to support you and keeping you going, even through the hardest and wettest days.

In this ultimate guide that follows, we will show you the best wellies around to dress right for hunting and shooting.

What to Look For

When looking for a reliable pair of wellies, you will want to search for something that is long-lasting, durable, and unlikely to tear or leak. A boot that will fit your leg nicely, or mould to it, is an excellent bonus as it will add to your comfort.

A good welly should help to keep your feet warm during icy winters, and preferably work for you all year round without overheating your feet. In this article, we look at the best men’s and ladies shooting wellies you can buy.

Whether you are on the hunt for something cheap and cheerful, or maybe a booth that is more high end and long-lasting, there is sure to be a welly here that suits you.

Best Wellies Hunting Shooting - Comparison Table 

Muck Boots – Wellies for the Masters

Muck Boots are known for their durability and sturdy design. They are a popular make among farmers and hunters because they last and they go through anything.

There are a variety of models of Muck Boot, but one of the best has to be the Muck Master.

Priced at around £70, these neoprene hunting wellies are durable, reliable, and incredibly comfortable. With a sleek appearance, they allow you to look smart while engaging in shooting or hunting and add a sense of sophistication to your overall appearance.

Available for men and women, these boots are certainly ones to consider.

The Good

Made from neoprene, these wellies are incredibly warm and offer a great deal of comfort, meaning your feet won’t suffer after a long day of hunting.

The inner material is mesh, which allows your feet to breathe during hot weather so that they don’t overheat. They are easy to slip on and have a wider calf.

The gum sole has fantastic grip and tread, making them good to use on all terrains – even rocky ones.

They are waterproof as well, so on top of keeping your feet incredibly warm, they are also able to stay dry in bad weather.

Durable and long-lasting, the Muck Masters are sure to keep your going for many hunts and shoots.

Firstly, the quality - these are superbly well-built boots. Although they are not steel toe-capped, you would not know it because of how sturdy they look. Very rugged, and the design of the tread is a revelation for avoiding clogged-up soles in the mud. Despite the rough, fierce looks, I think they are a very comfortable boot to wear.

The Not So Good

There have been a few cases where the lining inside split after a month or so, and there have also been a few questions as to whether or not they are waterproof. However, these are not common concerns.

Our View

The Muck Boot Muck Master is the ideal boot for hunting and shooting, and the fact that is comes in sizes for men and women is a great bonus.

With a fantastic grip on the soles and an equally good tread, you are sure to be able to conquer any terrain in these durable and long-lasting wellies.

They are well insulated to keep your feet warm during the winter, but they will also allow your feet to breathe during the summer.

The Muck Masters are certainly great value for money and made from to quality materials.

Best for: shooting and hunting.



Q: Are these comfortable to wear all year. Worried they would be too hot in the warmer months?

A: They are comfortable to wear all year. 

Hunters – A Trusted Brand

Hunter is probably one of the best-known makers of welly boot in the United Kingdom, and they have become a household name.

There are a variety of welly models, all of which serve a different purpose, and they also come in a range of funky colours.

The Balmoral is a tall boot that is priced at around £80. Made to be durable and longer-lasting than the Original model, the Balmoral practices style and comfort, while retaining its practicality in the field.

An ideal boot for shooting, these wellies are considered one of the top quality boots. While it can be a little higher on the price spectrum, many would agree that these boots are worth it.

The Good

Made from vulcanised rubber, these neoprene-lined hunting wellies are warm and incredibly comfortable.

The removable inside makes this boot perfect for use in both summer and winter without allowing the feet to become overheated. They are pull on boots for a quick and easy fit.

The sole is made from gum rubber for extra grip and a good tread. The heel contains shock absorbing pads and has a contoured insole with a reinforced step to give your feet and back some extra support.

These boots are excellent to take with you on the shoot and are sure to keep you comfortable all day.

The Not So Good

However, there have been a few occasions where the boot has torn and split after a few months’ use, this allowing water in and leaks to form.

It can also be a little tight around the feet and ankles, making them hard to get on and off.

Our View

The Balmoral Hunters are a good quality boot overall that is sure to keep your feet well protected. They are warm and waterproof, and the removable lining makes them perfect for use all year round.

Ideal for shooting and hunting, these wellies for men and ladies are sure to provide you with everything you need from a good quality boot.

There may be questions about their quality, but they are still a highly regarded brand, which says a lot for them.

Best for: shooting and hunting.

Jack Pyke – Easy to Slip on and Solid Build

The Shires wellies from Jack Pyke are priced at around £35, an excellent and reasonable price for a pair of wellies.

These cheap shooting wellies are comfortable and sure to keep your feet warm during the day’s activities.

The Good

These rubber boots provide a comfortable fit that moulds quite nicely with the leg.

There is a textile lining for added comfort and also warmth for the winter months. A slightly wider foot allows for thick socks to be worn as well, however.

There is a gusset strap to help adjust the calf size so that it fits the leg well and comfortably. 

The sole is very thick and has an excellent grip, which gives it an equally good tread.

I was pleased with the wide fit as this allows good room for jeans and trousers to be tucked inside and they are accurately sized to match your actual foot size.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occurrences where the boot has torn or split after a few months of use, which then causes leaks.

They can also be quite wide around the foot area, which can cause them to slide on the foot. They can also feel quite heavy on the foot.

Our View

These wellies are good of you are looking for something in the mid-range price but not necessarily something you want to last for years.

They have a good grip and will keep you standing in slippery condition. These wellies are comfortable and warm, and sure to serve you well during your time on shoots and hunts, but there have been several occasions where they have torn easily so it might be an idea to prepare yourself to replace them by the end of the year mark.

Best for: shooting and hunting.



Q: Are these real rubber and not PVC?

A: They are rubber and pretty well made. My only gripe would be that they are quite heavy and if you're tramping with the dogs across fields, as we do; it feels as though I've had a real work-out.

Dunlop – Cheap, Durable and Comfortable

When it comes to cheap wellies, Dunlop is the brand that most people look to.

They have always kept their low prices without skimping on the quality of their products.

Many people who end up purchasing a pair of Dunlop wellies find that they will last them for years to come.

The Dunlop calf boot is the perfect cheap shooting welly. Priced at around £7, this boot is hard wearing and durable, while also providing you with great comfort when you are out shooting.

Perfect for men and women, this boot is definitely the cheapest and the best buy for shooting and hunting wellies that you are likely to find.

The Good

These calf height wellies are comfortable and durable, but they won’t cost you a fortune to buy.

They are easy to slip on and off, and do not require any buckles or zips to adjust them or keep them secure. Generally, they are long-lasting and very reliable boots to wear on a daily basis.

They are waterproof and so good at helping to protect you from the elements when you are out on a shoot or a hunt. They will also work for your all year round as they don’t cause you to sweat in the summer time.

The Dunlop calf being wellies are also great for those with wide calves, so you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze your leg in.

The Not So Good

However, the soles are not completely non-slip and so they are not necessarily ideal for muddy conditions.

There have also been a few instances where they have worn and split after a few months of use and so you may end up replacing them.

Our View

These cheap shooting wellies are comfortable, durable, and incredibly practical. While they may not have the best soles for grip, if you are looking for something at a very low price then you will not find my better than this great offer.

These Dunlop boots will keep your feet dry and protected during all weather, and that is the main point of a welly boot on a shoot.

Best For: shooting.

Joules – For the Funky Hunter

Joules are a brand that is well-known throughout the United Kingdom.

They specialise in equestrian products, and so it only seems natural that they would have a range of wellies to go with it. These ladies shooting wellies are funky and practical all in one.

With prices around £30, they are excellently priced, especially for a large brand like Joules.

With a fun spotty design, these boots are sure to have you looking good on the shoot and you’ll stand out from those who are wearing classic green wellies. 

Comfortable and durable, the Joules Welly is one that was made to stand out. Take a look at the reviews for these shooting and hunting wellies.

The Good

These rubber wellies offer you excellent comfort while keeping your toes nice and toasty on cold days.

They have a hardwearing sole that is good for extensive use and has excellent grip. As a result, these boots have great tread and will help to stop you slipping and sliding in muddy and poor conditions.

This boot is made from a single piece of rubber, increasing its durability, and all wellies from Joules come with a one year guarantee – which shows they have a lot of faith in their products.

The buckle on the side is only decorative, however, so do keep this in mind if you choose to buy. With an easy slip-on design, these boots are perfect for a day shooting or going hunting.

The Not So Good

There have been a few instances where the boot has fit very tightly around the calf and dug into the leg as a result. These boots are not suitable for wider calves and definitely suit a slender leg. They can also be a little tight around the ankles and feet.

Our View

These ladies hunting wellies are great value for money and made from top quality materials. They are durable, reliable, and will keep your feet protected from the damp and poor weather.

The one year guarantee really fills you with confidence when going to buy their boots as you know that they have faith in their product.

These boots are ideal for shooting and hunting. Not only are they practical and comfortable, but they look great as well.

Best for: shooting and hunting.

Dubarry – Comfort and Style for Every Occasion

Dubarry is a brand that is quickly taking the nation by storm with their wonderfully good quality boots.

Their style is frequently copied by competitors, but the quality has not been matched. Made in Ireland, these wellies are made for comfort and style.

If you have ever been to a horse show and seen the Dubarry stand, you will know that these people are all about sophistication (there is champagne and very fancy chairs).

With every boot made from waterproof leather, you don’t want to miss out on these.

With prices at around £299, the Dubarry Galway boots are certainly on the higher end of the spectrum.

With models for both men and women, this is definitely one of the best boots to buy for shooting and hunting, and they can be used for so much more than that.

The Good

These boots were made to fit comfortable and are made from the finest leather. Thanks to the DryFast-DrySoft leather these boots are made from, they are also waterproof and fantastic at keeping your feet warm.

The boot is durable and hardwearing, making it very unlikely to tear and leak. The PU rubber sole means that you have excellent grip and tread so you can stay standing in poor conditions.

With the Galway boot, you don’t need to worry about buying a size up or down, as these have surprisingly accurate sizings.

The leather ties at the knee mean that you can easily adjust how tight the boot is so that it is secured to your liking and for your comfort.

They fit wide calves, and their smart appearance means that they can be worn for a number of occasions, not just the shoot.

The Not So Good

The leather for these boots does require regular upkeep to prevent the leather from cracking and losing its attractive appearance.

However, Dubarry so supply a great range of kits to help you take care of it, and they are at affordable prices. The ankle support has also been noted to be slightly weak.

Our View

These shooting and hunting wellies for men and women may be slightly more expensive than most, but they are worth it for the fact that they last a long time and offer incredible comfort.

They are practical, reliable, and can be worn to a number of events meaning that you will get maximum use out of these fantastic boots. They are definitely the best value for money and brilliant leather hunting wellies.

Best for: shooting and hunting.

Dunlop – Affordable and Practical

Dunlop is a brand that is known for its low prices and surprisingly good quality.

Perfect for a number of tasks, their welly boots have been providing us with affordable comfort and practicality for decades.

The blue waterproof Dunlop welly is an example of how you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to find a boot that provides you with excellent comfort and protection from the elements.

Priced at around £9.99, these boots are one of the cheapest options available. The reviews for these shooting and hunting boots show just what great quality they are.

The Good

These wellies are a traditional length and fully waterproof, protecting you from the elements and any bad weather that might come your way.

The sole is thick and durable for a good grip and excellent tread, so you won’t have to worry too much about falling in the mud at all.

These Dunlop boots won’t leave your feet sweating in the summer, and they have enough room for a thick pair of socks in the winter.

They have a slip on and off feature to make it easy for you to get them on and off your feet. These boots are sure to last you a while.

The Not So Good

These wellies are made for people with slim ankles as it can be quite tight in the ankle area. They are also best suited to those with slightly narrower feet as the foot area is also a little tight.

Our View

Dunlop always provides excellent and long-lasting wellies that are reliable and very durable. These are no exception.

While they may only be suitable for those with smaller ankles, they are generally comfortable and provide excellent protection against the elements, making them great cheap hunting wellies for men and women.

Best for: hunting and shooting.

Le Chameau – A Moulded Fit for Comfort

Le Chameau is a popular brand that supplies men and women with fantastic quality wellies.

They provide a comfortable fit while also accommodating those with wider calves – many of these wellies have ten additional calf size adjustments.

The Vierzonord model is a neoprene-lined welly that is ideal for many occasions including shooting and hunting.

The lining is there for added warmth and comfort. With prices around £164.95, they are certainly on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, the quality and durability of these wellies are certainly worth it.

The Good

These wellies offer a supportive fit for the ankle and the instep so that your feet and back are fully supported.

They have a waterproof gusset and neoprene lining, which will keep your feet warm and dry in wet weather.

The strap on the side allows for you to adjust the tightness, leaving plenty of room for wider calves.

These practical boots also have a cross sole that is bi-density for abrasion resistance. They have excellent tread and goo grip on the sole so that you won’t end up falling over in muddy or slippery conditions.

They come with a two-year guarantee, which really shows their confidence in the brand.

The Not So Good

There are no real disadvantages to this boot aside from the higher than average price.

Our View

These boots are stylish, practical, and durable, which is everything that you could want from a Wellington boot.

They are ideal for a number of situations, including hunting and shooting. The moulded fit of the boot allows for extra comfort so that you won’t find yourself walking on sore feet at the end of the day.

With a two year guarantee, and adjustable calf sizes, you know that these boots are going to last you years as opposed to months.

Best for: shooting and hunting.

Aigle – For a Sleek Fit

Aigle is a French brand that offers both sophistication and durability at an excellent price.

The Parcours 2 are priced at around £60 and fit both men and women. This welly is stylish, sleek, and durable, everything you could want to look your best on the next shoot.

The Good

Aigle boots were created for the working person, and the Parcours 2 are no exception.

The perfect shooting wellies for men and ladies, these boots are durable, practical, and offer excellent comfort.

With a textile lining inside for warmth, these boots are sure to help keep your feet warm in wither whilst also keeping them dry in wet weather conditions.

The sole is made from hum rubber and has excellent grip and tread. The heel is also shock absorbent to improve stability and stop legs shaking on impact.

They have an adjustable gusset and the calf size can be altered with the buckle on the side. These are excellent and long-lasting boots with fantastic durability.

The Not So Good

The Parcours 2 do have a narrower fit compared to the original model, so they can be a little difficult to fit into.

Our View

These neoprene hunting wellies are sure to get you through even the worst weather when you are out on the hunt. Durable and reliable, these wellies provide you with the comfort you need to help you get through any situation.

The shock absorbent and non-slip sole provides you with extra stability, so it won’t be easy to knock you off your feet even in muddy conditions.

Best for: hunting.

Seeland – Affordable Ankle Boots for Ladies

Seeland is a reliable supplier of Wellington boots, and have produced many excellent hunting and shooting boots in the past.

The Estate boot is certainly no exception. Priced at around £123, these wellies are certainly a little more expensive than most but they provide excellent comfort. The reviews for these hunting and shooting wellies say it all.

The Good

The Seeland Estate welly is made from the highest quality rubber for durability and reliability. They are hand crafted and finished off with a leather trim for added support for your feet and back.

The boots are comfortable, and there is room for thick socks to be work in the winter to help keep your feet warm.

The sole is thick and shock absorbent, allowing for good grip and steady standing. The tread is also very good, so muddy conditions on the shoot won’t be a problem.

There is an option between nylon and neoprene linings, which both provide different levels of warmth for winter months and early spring days.

The Not So Good

There have been a couple of instances where the sole has come away from the boot not long after it was first used. However, this has not happened frequently.

Our View

Seeland is a good, reputable producer of men’s and ladies’ hunting and shooting wellies. While they are not the cheapest, they certainly have the quality to last you quite some time, and the options you get for linings mean that you can adjust them to last you all year round.

They have a warm and comfortable fit around the calves, and the looseness means that there is room for thick socks but you are unlikely to lose your boot. Excellent value for money.

Best for: hunting and shooting.

To Conclude

When it comes to finding a good welly for hunting, important factors like comfort and durability have to be taken into account.

Dubarry and Le Chameau are excellent examples of boots that are going to keep your feet dry and comfortable on long shoots and hunts.

Stylish and practical, these are wellies that were made to last and withstand all the elements. Made to fit well, these boots are definitely some of the best to go for if you don’t mind paying a little extra.

However, there is nothing wrong with going down the cheaper route, and sometimes the less expensive brands can be just as durable. Dunlop is a brilliant example of a boot that is low in price but will last you quite some time.

They have a very standard look, but they are incredibly practical and can be used for a variety of purposes aside from going out shooting. It's all down to personal preference.

Do you have any suggestions for the best wellies for hunting and shooting? Do you agree with the list or think some should have been added? We’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below!