Best Wellies for Walking the Dog – We Review the Top 10 Boots


If there is one thing we love in Britain, it’s our dogs. Through rain and shine we take them out so that they can enjoy their time outside and meet other dogs. It’s important that during rainy and muddy weather our feet are protected and kept dry at all times.

Our dogs rely on us to take them out, so the least we can do is make sure our feet are dry so we don’t catch a cold.

What to Look For

When looking for a pair of dog walking boots, you will want to find something that is sturdy, reliable, hardwearing, and comfortable to wear. They should fit well and keep your feet warm, or leave extra room for a pair of thick socks.

Keeping icy toes warm during the winter is always an added bonus, something that is often found with the slightly more expensive wellies. This article will focus on the best wellies for walking the dog for men and women.

From the expensive and stylish, to the cheap and practical, you’ll find a welly here that suits your need and price range.

Top Rated Welles for Dog Walking - Comparison Table

Aigle – Ideal for Summer

A French brand of Wellington boot, they are one that you will not want to miss out on.

They have some of the best and most stylish boots on the market – not to mention some of the most durable. Take a look below and see if these are the perfect boots for you.

The Good

These boots are great for the summer, as the polyester lining won’t cause your feet to overheat. Additionally, it is antibacterial and quick drying, which keeps you safe while you are out and about.

The soles are triple density and shock absorbing, which ensures you remain stable in even the most difficult terrain.

The gusset is adjustable, so you have full control over your own comfort, and it is also waterproof like the rest of the boot – so a little rainfall isn’t going to have a negative effect on your day.

They slip on and off your feet easily as well, which is perfect if you don’t want too much hassle when it comes to getting ready to go out. 

The Not So Good

They can be a little on the small side when it comes to the fit, and so it is advised to order a size up when you go to buy them.

Our View

These Aigle wellies come at a very reasonable price, and they make a great option for those who want a pair of boots that will last a long time. With a lovely and comfortable lining that won’t leave you sweating the summer months, these are exactly what you should be looking for when it comes to wellies that can be worn throughout the year.

Read our detailed review of the Aigle Parcours 2 Unisex Welly here.



Q: Are these wellies heavy to wear? 

A: Absolutely not, these are a great option for longer walks ss they are made from a lightweight material with a comfortable lining suitable for summer and winter. 

Aigle Parcours 2 ISO – Good Quality and Neoprene Lined

Another model from Aigle, these wellies are very similar to the previous model, but they are definitely better suited to the colder months of the year.

A good quality and reliable make of welly boot, take a look and see if these are going to be the perfect match for you.

The Good

These wellies are sure to keep you warm this coming winter, thanks to the 4.5mm neoprene lining on the inside of the boot. This helps to maintain the temperature and keep you comfortable.

Additionally, they have a thick sole that features triple-density anti-fatigue and shock absorption technology to keep you steady on all terrain.

Handmade in France, these wellies are constructed using natural rubber, and can be adjusted using the waterproof gusset on the boot – helping you to achieve the perfect fit. Plus, they are really easy to slide on and off your feet, removing all of the hassles that usually comes with wellies.

The Not So Good

The lining can have a habit of tugging at your socks and pulling them down while you are walking. Some have also found the ankles to be a little narrow.

Our View

These boots from Aigle come at a good price, especially considering that they are likely to last for a very long time. While there have been a couple of minor issues, the majority of customers feel that these are not only an excellent pair of boots, but also superb value for money. A definite must if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Read our detailed review of the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Unisex Welly here.



Q: Are the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO True to size ?

A: There are pretty good with the sizing, of course you don't need overly thick socks with these neoprene lined models, but if you still like a thicker sock, go up 1/2 size, otherwise stick with whatever you usually buy.

Dublin – Affordable Alternatives

If you are looking for a boot that has the same style as Dubarry’s but is a lot less in terms of price, then the Dublin boot might be right for you. Have a look at the reviews here and see if these are a perfect fit.

The Good

These country boots are made from redskin leather, which makes them quite sturdy and durable. They also feature a waterproof and breathable membrane to keep your feet dry, but also to prevent them from overheating in warmer weather.

The sole has an enhanced cushion layer as well as a padded heel, which will keep your feet comfortable when they have to be worn for a prolonged period of time.

The heel and arch support also helps to prevent your feet and back from becoming sore. Plus, they have excellent grip and tread.

The Not So Good

These boots can be very heavy, leaving some feeling a little tired after wearing them on walks compared to wellies. They can also come up quite big in terms of sizing.

Our View

These boots are reasonably priced when compared to models like Dubarry, and while they do not have quite the same level of quality and comfort, they come a close second and make for a good alternative.

With a waterproof and breathable membrane as well, you can wear these boots throughout the year with no issues.

Hunters – Sturdy and Reliable

Hunters are the most worn wellies in Britain and are considered to be a highly trusted brand.

Their two main models are stylish and comfortable, and provide thousands with a good pair of wellies for a range of activities.

Priced at around £95, the Hunter Balmoral range provides you with a sturdy and reliable boot. Ideal for walking, these rubber wellies are sure to keep your feet comfortable and offer them the support they need.

Look at the reviews for these wellies for walking the dog.

The Good

The Balmoral model was made for durability and so this is the perfect Hunter walking welly. The rubber is thicker than the Originals and it is vulcanised for added strength. The textile lining provides comfort and warmth for your feet, keeping them toasty during cold weather.

The sole is made from gum rubber, giving them excellent grip and an equal tread so that slipping over becomes less of a worry for you during excursions. They leave enough room for a pair of thick socks if needed, and have a stylish look to match its durable nature.

The Not So Good

The Balmoral boots can, however, be a tight fit around the ankle and toes. There have also been occasions where the boot is not as waterproof as people thought and have found their feet quite wet after walks.

Our View

The Hunter Balmorals are a good boot from a trusted brand that are sure to last you a few years walking the dog and trekking through muddy fields. A comfortable and stylish fit, this durable rubber boot is sturdy and strong thanks to the thick vulcanised rubber it’s made from.

With good grip and a warm lining, they’ll keep you walking through summer and winter without complaint.

Best for dog walking, farm work.

Muck Boots – Keeping Warm in Neoprene

Muck boots are a brand that is popular with many people across the country. Known for their sturdy and reliable boots, they really do ensure that are top quality.

 With a range of boots for every occasion, it’s easy to find one perfect for dog walking.

The Muckmaster from Muck Boot is a neoprene welly that is priced at around £70. With a simple design, this comfortable welly is sure to keep your feet happy so that you can continue on long walks with your canine companion.

Take a look at the reviews for these wellies for walking the dog.

The Good

The Muckmasters are a comfortable neoprene welly with a mesh lining for comfort and to allow your feet to breathe. This means they will stay toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Easy to slip on and off, these waterproof wellies are ideal for dog walking.

The sole is made from gum rubber and has a springy feel to it, making your step lighter. It’s thick and has outstanding grip, to the point where hiking in them is not an issue. You really won’t need to worry about muddy weather in these. Well designed with a contoured insole, you won’t want to stop walking in these.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the lining split inside the boot, but this has not happened often. The sizing can be a little off as well so it is recommended to order a size up.

Our View

The Muckmaster is a great and well insulated boot that provides you with warmth and comfort while out walking. A sturdy boot, it is hard-wearing and sure to last you some time.

Ideal for walking the dogs, this neoprene welly is comfy, accessible, and has the best grip possible so that you feel secure in even the worst conditions.

Best for: dog walking, farm work



Q: Do they have steel toe caps?

A: No but they are a solid build throughout, harder mouldings than a standard boot but comfortable at the same time. 

Q: Are these boots suitable for all weathers?

A: They are comfortable to wear all year. Although mostly worn in the winter wet months, due to them being neoprene they are more than suitable to be worn in the summer months as it contains a mesh lining for comfort and this will allow your feet to breathe. 

Barbour – A Wide Calf Fit for the Walking Man

The wax jackets that Barbour produce are understandably famous in Britain and even overseas.

They are excellent quality, which is exactly what Barbour pride themselves on as a brand. Alongside these wax jackets they also have a range of wellies that match them perfectly.

The Bede wellies for men from Barbour are priced at around £64.95 and have a stylish, adjustable fit – perfect for those with wide calves.

A sturdy and reliable boot, these are ideal for dog walking and even use beyond.

The Good

These wide fit wellies have an adjustable strap on the side so that you can ensure the boot fits around your leg the way you want it to, making it perfect for those with wide calves. The cotton lining keeps them warm and comfortable on your feet, and the nifty kick spur system makes them easy to slide off and on.

The sole is thick with excellent grip and tread, making them ideal for long walks in muddy conditions. These waterproof wellies are reliable and sure to keep feet happy.

The Not So Good

There have been some occasions where the boot has split and leaked after a few months of use, so they may not be as durable as suggested.

Our View

The Bede welly from Barbour is a good one to invest in. With a strong and stable fit, these wellies are practical and comfortable – everything you need for a good walk.

The kick spur system makes them really accessible, and their brilliant grip means that you can walk knowing that you won’t be slipping over and getting covered in mud. A good, practical welly that is ideal for walking.

Best for: wide calves, walking, general use.

Dunlop – For the Festival Goer

Dunlop are known for their cheap wellies with excellent durability.

A popular boot, they are favoured as one where you don’t have to spend a fortune for something that will last you a while.

The Picemastor from Dunlop is a sturdy boot and ideal for walking the dog. These cheap wellies are comfortable, durable, and have a smooth design.

Priced at around £10, they are a bargain considering their quality. Take a look at the reviews for these walking wellies.

The Good

These cheap wellies have a sloping calf for a good fit and lots of room, so those with slightly wider calves don’t need to worry. They are waterproof with a thin lining, but generally comfortable to wear on long walks. The moulded outside provides a traction grip for good support in even icy conditions.

Ideal for even the harshest British winters, you won’t need to worry about what to wear when snow and ice comes your way.​

The Not So Good

While good for walking the dog, these wellies can be a little spacious in the ankle area which means that they lack good support for the ankle and calves. They have also been known to pinch a little at the toes.

Our View

These wellies from Dunlop are good and practical for walking the dog long distances and across fields. Cheap wellies, they are top quality considering the price and are sure to last you a while and keep your feet comfortable and warm.

With enough room for thick socks in the winter, these boots have excellent grip and tread for even the iciest conditions.

Best For: cheapest price, dog walking, general use.

Joules – Colourful and Practical for Men

Joules are best known for their equestrian gear and accessories. Every rider needs a good pair of boots for the yard, and that is what inspired their range of wellies.

 However, they are also great for walking the dog and make a stylish piece of footwear too.

The Kelly welly from Joules is a short, fun boot that is ideal for walking around with the dog. Great for those with wide calves, they are priced at around £22, making them both practical and cheap wellies.

The Good

This mid height matt welly is incredibly comfortable, making it ideal for long walks. The textile lining gives added warmth in the winter and the short height of these boots means that they are great for those with wide calves.

The thick sole provides excellent grip and tread, making walking through thick mud an easy task. They are made from one solid piece of rubber, which increases their durability and sturdy nature. With a 12-month guarantee, you can tell that Joules have a lot of faith in this comfortable welly for men.

The Not So Good

They can be a little difficult to get on and the sizing can be inaccurate. It is advised to order a size up from what you would normally wear. There have been occasions where the boot has split after a few months, but this rarely happens. Our Joules sizing guide can be seen here.

Our View

The Kelly welly for men is a great buy for walking the dog. A sturdy and reliable boot, it will provide you with comfort and warmth throughout your excursions. Ideal for those with wide calves, this boot caters to a wide audience of men and comes in fun colours and designs.

With a 12-month guarantee, you know that if anything happened you’d be covered by Joules and they will always replace damaged goods.

Best for: wide calves, dog walking, general use.

Dubarry – Waterproof and Leather

Dubarry is the essence of Ireland, and combines beautiful leather into a sleek and stylish boot that offers incredible comfort.

Made from breathable leather that uses DryFast-DrySoft leathers, the Dubarry Galway is waterproof and dry quickly after wet weather.

With prices at around £299, they are on the higher end of the market, but certainly worth it for the excellent quality that comes with them.

They are great value for money and sure to last you a long time.

The Good

The Dubarry Galway is a long-lasting and durable boot that comes in several different calf sizes for those with extra slim or wide calves. They have knee-high ties for extra adjustment and comfort, and the PU rubber compound sole gives excellent grip and tread.

They are easy to slide on and off thanks to the finger pull located in the bootleg, and they have a comfortable, moulded fit when worn. They have a stylish appearance that makes them suitable for wearing in a variety of locations and at a number of occasions. They maintain a smart look while still being incredibly practical.

The Not So Good

They are not in everyone’s price range, being at the higher end of the scale. They also require regular maintenance for the leather to prevent a cracked earth appearance and damage.

However, Dubarry supply a very affordable kit for this. They also have weak ankle support compared to other brands.

Our View

The Dubarry Galway boot is stylish, practical, and incredibly hard-wearing. One of the best value for money boots you can buy, you are sure to remain comfortable and dry when wearing these leather wellies on a dog walk.

With easy access and a variety of calf sizes, there are models for both men and women. While they may be a little more expensive they are certainly worth the money in the long run.

Best for: wide calf, dog walking, general use.

Dirt Boot – Flexible and Waterproof

These thermal boots make them ideal for any weather, so when you are walking your dog you are not going to have wet or cold feet.

Priced at around £19.99, these cheap wellies mean that you don’t need to spend the earth for a comfortable and practical welly. Take a look at the reviews for these

The Good

These nylon-lined boots are ideal for cold conditions and wet weather walking. Made to keep your feet warm and insulated, they are the best dog walking boots for the harsh winter months.

The wide heel is made for added stability and the sole has fantastic grip. With an equally good tread, you won’t be sliding around in these wellies and their affordable price makes them even more desirable.

The Not So Good

They can be a little heavy for long walks if you don’t get used to the weight, and there have been a few occasions where the boot has torn or ripped after a few months of use. They can also be a little loose on the foot as well.

Our View

The Dirt Boots are a good, cheap welly that is sure to keep you going through cold temperatures and harsh, muddy conditions.

Made for your comfort, they have a soft lining and are sure to keep you going through even the longest excursions with your dogs. A generally sturdy boot, it’s a good option if you are looking for cheap wellies.

Best for: cheapest price, dog walking, general use

Le Chameau – Sophistication and Practicality

Le Chameau is a brand that captures sophistication and practicality into a boot. Each of their wellies are made with the same thought in mind – looking good while ensuring the boot lasts a long time.

The Country boot from Le Chameau is priced at around £90. With a comfortable fit and a durable build, these may just be the best value for money wellies for dog walking out there.

The Good

With a new, tailored style, the boot has a slim fit on the leg and provides an incredible amount of comfort.

The tartan lining adds both aesthetic appeal and warmth to the welly, and their long-lasting nature is the icing on the cake.

Durable and strong, they have a gum rubber sole that is non-slip and provides fantastic tread so that you won’t end up in the mud on dog walks. A reliable pair of boots with a two year guarantee and a lifetime repair service, these may just be the perfect welly.

The Not So Good

They are on the higher end of the price spectrum, and so not in everyone’s price range. That really is their only disadvantage.

Our View

While these boots are expensive, they are also practical and long lasting. With a two year guarantee, you are sure to have a good experience with what are probably one of the best wellies out there.

It’s worth saving up for a pair of boots like these that will last you years instead of months while still providing warmth and comfort.

Check out our guide to this seasons best posh wellies here.​

Best for: dog walking, general use

Aigle – Short and Warm for Work

Stylish and French, Aigle is a brand that create durable boots at reasonable prices. Known for being hardwearing and fashionable to wear, Aigle are a brand that is ideal for dog walking among other activities.

The Parcours 2 are priced at around £110, and provide comfort and flexibility to any walker. Take a look at the reviews for these wellies for walking the dog.

The Good

Waterproof, comfortable, flexible. Three things that the Parcours 2 incorporate into their fantastic design.

The rubber boot has a textile lining that gives a smooth, comfortable fit with an adjustable buckle at the back to ensure your legs fit nicely.

Designed for fatigue-free walking, they are sure to keep your feet going for miles without any pain or discomfort. Insulated and strong, these Aigle walking wellies also have a gum rubber sole that had brilliant grip and tread for those muddy and slippery days.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boot has split or torn after a few months of constant use. However, this is uncommon. The ankle has also been noted to be a little tight at times.

Our View

The Parcours 2 are a good, comfortable, and practical welly that is ideal for walking the dog and even for general use. With a smooth fit and excellent insulation, these boots offer everything your feet need and even have an adjustable buckle at the back to create the perfect fit.

A generally durable welly, the Parcous 2 from Aigle are worth every penny.

Best for: dog walking, general use.

Teddy T – For the Junior Walker

Even the little ones need a pair of boots for dog walking when they join you on the weekends or evenings after school.

Priced at around £6.99, Teddy T offer cheap wellies in the form of these Polka Dot boots, suitable for every child and in a range of fun colours. Comfortable and well-priced, these junior wellies are great for the little walkers.

The Good

These PVC wellies are waterproof with a generally comfortable fit. Leaving enough room for a pair of socks in the winter, little feet are unlikely to get cold with these. 

Easy to slip on and off, they offer children a sense of independence by making these easy for them to get on and remove themselves, boosting confidence and making walk time even more fun.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boot split or tore after a few months of use, and some have found the calf areas to rub a little. However, trousers or thick socks should help the rubbing issue. It can also be a little wide around the ankle.

Our View

Children love to feel included and they love pattered wellies even more. Make dog walks even more fun for them by letting them wear a pair of funky wellies like these.

Generally comfortable and waterproof, they are sure to have children enjoying their time outside and exploring new puddles with their canine companions. A good boot for the little walker it’s a must-buy.

Best for: dog walking, general use.

To Conclude

Generally speaking, brands like Le Chameau, Dubarry, and even Dunlop tend to last longer than most. Providing comfortable fits and (in the case of the first two) an elegant style, these wellies give you more than just a good and durable walking experience.

Le Chameau and Dubarry may be a little higher in price than most, but they are certainly worth every penny spent on them – especially for an amazing fit and happy feet.

Cheaper brands like Dirt Boots can do the trick as well, but they aren’t necessarily going to last as long, so it might turn out more expensive in the long run. Boots like those from Teddy T allows the little ones to join in on walks, and at a low price they are more than worth it to get them outside and enjoying themselves.

There are so many boots to choose from, and one of these ten are sure to be perfect for you. You may also want to get a pair of wellies for your dog.

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!

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    Avoid Muck Boots, unindated with complaints. They take your money and won’t refund you and ignore your calls, voicemails, emails. Please see there Facebook page to see nothing but complaints.

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    Had two pairs of Muck boots up to now and both of them have split across the top. I only wore them for dog walking.

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