Best Wedding Wellies – Top Bridal Wellington Boot Guide

For many, their wedding day is the best day of their lives. It’s a time for celebration and everyone coming together to support and praise the newly married couple.

Some people want a wedding that stands out from the ordinary and is different from the traditional celebrations.

A wedding that takes place in a field or a rustic location is the perfect place to wear a pair of stylish wedding wellies. Whether for the reception or the ceremony itself.


What to Look For

Your big day is all about you, and you need to make sure that you have a welly boot that is going to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Something that rubs or is a little tights is not necessarily going to be ideal for a long ceremony or reception (or both!) so a spacious Wellington boot might be the best way to go.

They should be relatively durable and reliable as it’s sure to be a long day, and if you want to use them after the wedding then this is even more important. In this article we look at the best buy wedding wellies so that you don’t have to.

From the sleek and stylish in white and cream, to something practical and rustic, we have every kind of welly for your wedding theme.

Best Wedding Wellies - Comparison Table 

 Evercreatures Ladies Bridal Wedding Wellies

For the Elegant Bride

Evercreatures Ladies Bridal Wedding Wellies

Made for the outdoor bride, Evercreatures pride themselves on their gorgeous wedding wellies.

The classic ladies’ bridal welly is priced at around £46.99 and has a comfortable, elegant fit.

Finely decorated, this cream welly will have all eyes on you and it’s perfect for both ceremonies and receptions.

The Good

These sweet and waterproof wellies are ideal for wet and muddy conditions on your wedding day. With a comfortable fit and a soft textile lining, these wedding wellies are elegant and stylish – the silk bow on the side really gives them the extra touch they need.

The adjustable gusset allows for a wide calf fit, with the silk bow attached to it, giving it a gorgeous appearance. These sweet boots are absolutely perfect.

The Not So Good

The only possible disadvantage is that these wellies have had reports of splits and tears after a few months of post-wedding use. The sole is also not as firm as it could be.

Our View

The Evercreatures wedding wellies are absolutely beautiful to look at and give the wearer an elegant appearance.

Whether being worn for the ceremony, the reception, or both, these boots fit in perfectly with your bridal attire. With a sweet silk bow on the side and a comfortable fit, you are sure to look and feel great wearing these reasonable priced wedding wellies.

Best For: wedding, reception.


Q: Are these heavy and clumpy, or quite elegant to wear with a wedding dress?

A: Lovely wellies. Feel really soft and pliable, quite different from other wellies. Comfy. So pretty too.

 Bridal Ladies Wellington Boots Bow Ankle

The Heeled Welly

Ladies Wellington Boots Bow Ankle

The short heeled welly from Bridal is tall and sexy for a glamorous look. Looking more like a shoe than a welly, this cleverly disguised footwear is sure to look great with your bridal attire.

Priced at around £10.99, this cheap wedding welly is perfect for those on a budget or if you are looking for a welly you are only going to wear once.

The Good

This heeled wedding welly is made from rubber and has a classy black bow on the front for an elegant look. The cream coloured boot is the perfect match for bridal attire and can be worn to both the ceremony and the reception.

Durable and made from tough leather, these decorated wedding wellies are comfortable to wear and east to slip off and on again.

Perfect for avoiding puddles in the cities and towns, you will be prepared for the raid to come with these nifty boots.

The Not So Good

As these are ankle wellies they do not protect your legs from splashback in wet and muddy conditions.

There have been occasions where the insole has fallen out after short periods of use, and they can rub against the ankle a little.

Our View

These bridal ankle wellies are great if you are looking for a short and sleek design at a low price. With a little bow on the front and a cream colour that is easy to coordinate, these cheap bridal wellies will have you looking great without spending a fortune.

A sleek and sexy welly, these boots are sure to have you feeling good throughout your wedding.

Best for: wedding, reception, city use.

 Hunters Balmoral Lady Neoprene

A Trusted Brand with Durability

Hunter Balmoral Lady Neoprene

Hunter is a popular and trusted brand across the country and have an excellent reputation for good boots with a stylish look.

Worn by thousands (at least), the boot is set to rise in popularity overseas as well.

If you are looking for a welly that can be worn both during and after a wedding reception, then the Hunter Balmoral might just be the one for you.

Priced at around £95, these boots may be a little more expensive but they are thicker and more durable than the Original model.

With a good fit and comfortable feel these Hunter wedding wellies are sure to be a great choice.

The Good

The Hunter Balmoral have a stylish and comfortable fit with an orthopaedic sole for extra support for your feet and back.

Made from vulcanised rubber, these boots are durable and firm for good and lasting support throughout your big day.

A neoprene sponge lining creates added warmth and comfort, which is especially good for cold and rainy conditions.

The sole is thick and firm with a good tread. If you are having your wedding in a field, then this is especially important to keep your standing and avoid any accidents in your dress.

The entire sole is shock absorbent and it has a contoured insole with reinforced step.

The Not So Good

They are not particularly flexible boots, being made from quite hard rubber, which can make walking in them a little clunky. It is important to wear these boots in as well to prevent blisters.

Our View

The Balmoral Hunter wedding wellies are a great buy if you are looking for something sleek and stylish to wear during your rustic reception, or even during the ceremony. With a sleek and comfortable fit, they are sure to have you looking great and your feet feeling even better.

They are perfect for use both during and after a wedding, so if you want something that can be worn more than once then these are the boots for you. A trusted brand with a good reputation, Hunter are a sure way to go. 

Best for: weddings, receptions, general use after.

 Barbour Womens Jarrow Winter

The Cold Weather Mid-Calf Boot

Womens Barbour Jarrow Winter

A popular and quintessentially British brand, Barbour have been providing us with top quality wax jackets for decades.

Their line of wellies is the perfect companion to their clothing rang, but also make excellent wedding shoes.

The Jarrow welly has a tall and slender designed and is priced at a reasonable £64.99.

Perfect for receptions and ceremonies, these comfortable boots might just be perfect for wedding use and even go on to be used after. Have a look at these wedding wellies reviews.

The Good

Made from vulcanised rubber, these sturdy and reliable boots from Barbour are good and hardwearing, making them perfect for continual use after your wedding.

For those with slightly wider calves, these heeled wedding wellies have an adjustable strap at the back for your comfort and to prevent rubbing against your calves.

The gum rubber sole is thick and has excellent tread, perfect for muddy conditions and slippery weather.

The textile lining provides your feet with comfort and warmth so that they don’t get too chilly in wintry conditions. Comfortable and with a good fit these boots have style and comfort in one.

The Not So Good

The only potential disadvantage is that despite being made for cold weather they are not the warmest boots out there. It is advised that you wear a pair of socks with these if you are having a winter wedding.

Our View

A practical and well-known brand, Barbour have provided an excellent boot in the form of the Jarrow model.

With incredible comfort and an excellent rustic appeal, these would look great at a hunting wellies themed wedding (especially if you had everyone in matching Barbour wax jackets!).

Ideal for slippery conditions, their only downfall is a lack of warmth in the cold, but a pair of socks can quickly fix this issue. This model has featured in several of our welly buyers guides

Best for: weddings, receptions, general use.


Q: What is the height of these boots, as sometimes i find wellies go just a little past my knees which makes them uncomfortable? 

A: This model is 16inch from the back of the heel right to the top of the edge of the boot, i hope this helps.  

Joules Women's Wellibob Ankle Boots

Short and Sleek for a Dazzling Effect

Joules T Wellibob

Joules are a popular British brand, especially among equestrian riders.

With fantastic and colourful designs, their range of wellies have become increasingly popular with riders and walkers alike. The Wellibob from Joules is a funky ankle welly that offers a great look for all occasions.

Priced at around £24.99, these cheap wedding wellies make a great addition to any reception outfit or even the wedding itself.

With a comfortable fit and fun look, they are sure to have heads turning for all the right reasons. Take a look at the reviews.

The Good

The Wellibob’s are a comfortable ankle welly with a soft textile lining for your comfort and warmth. These decorated bridal wellies come in a range of colours and patterns for a fun look on your big day.

Perfect for an outdoor reception, or even an equestrian themed wedding, you’ll be fine to stay on your feet all day with these comfy boots.

The sole is made from gum rubber and has excellent grip with an equally good tread. Non-slip, they allow you to go through the mud without worrying about ending up dressed in brown instead of white.

These heeled wedding wellies are easy to slip on and off without the need for socks.

I found these wellies easy to put on and take off and surprisingly comfortable. The sole insert of the shoe is removable, so this gives you the choice of taking it out if you don't need it. The boot is suitable for wide feet which is handy.

The Not So Good

They do have a tendency to pull your socks down while walking, which can be mildly irritating.

It is also advised that a size down is ordered as they are often bigger than the size you order. As they are ankle wellies they do not protect your legs from mud either.

Features - 
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 1 cm 
Our View

The Wellibob is a great and stylish brand that is sure to leave any feet looking great. These cheap wedding wellies are perfect for those who are looking for a funky boot on a budget that will last them the day and even beyond.

Comfortable and warm with easy accessibility, they make the perfect boots for an outdoor wedding or reception and they look great too. With a 12-month guarantee, you know Joules have faith in this welly.

Best for: wedding, reception, general use.

 JWP Ladies New Skull Roses Welly

For the Alternative Bride

Ladies New Skull Roses Welly

These alternative wellies are sure to have every gothic bride running for the ‘buy now’ button with their stylish and dark design.

These cheap wedding wellies are priced at around £15, meaning you won’t be spending a fortune for a good looking and comfortable pair of boots.

The Good

These stunning bridal wellies have an adjustable strap at the top and a soft lining for your comfort. They are a traditional height and are in cream with a gothic skull and roses pattern.

With a firm sole, the grip and tread is excellent – making them a good and sturdy boot. They have a good fit, allowing for flexibility while you walk, meaning that your feet won’t suffer at the end of the day.

Not only did I initially love the design, but I also think they are excellent quality wellington boots that look very smart. They are made from a very substantial material with a solid sole and heal - plenty of grips, and they fit and feel more like a proper shoe.

The Not So Good

While these boots have an adjustable calf strap, they are not suitable for those with wider calves and can be quite tight around the area, even when adjusted.

Features - 
  • Material : Synthetic
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: 38cm - 43cm
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2.5 cm 
Our View

If you’re looking to have a quirky, alternative wedding, then these are the wellies for you. These cheap bridal wellies are sturdy with a good fit and a stunning design.

With firm grip and a comfortable feel, these boots are perfect for any wedding or reception and are sure to keep feet dry if the rain decides to show up.

A good buy at a very low price. In fact that low in price why not get your guests involved in a welly wanging contest once the drinks are flowing.

Best for: wedding, reception, general use.

 Evercreatures Ladies Shortie Bridal Wedding Wellies

Short and Sweet

Evercreatures Ladies Shortie Bridal Wedding Wellies

Creating sweet and elegant bridal wellies, you’ll never get caught in the rain on your wedding day with a pair of Evercreatures wedding wellies.

Priced at around £45, they are reasonable and have a good, comfortable fit. These short boots are the newest addition to the line and are sure to put a smile on your face.

The Good

These sweet and waterproof wellies are ideal for wet and muddy conditions on your wedding day. While we always pray the raid stays away, it doesn’t always and these boots are sure to have you feeling prepared.

 With a comfortable fit and a soft textile lining, these wedding wellies are elegant, stylish and exceedingly attractive. You’ll be sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

The Not So Good

The short boot means that your legs are not necessarily protected from mud splashes. They are also not ideal for extensive use after the wedding, but are durable enough to withstand light wear.

Features - 
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: up to 49cm
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2 cm 
Our View

Evercreatures are one of the few welly manufacturers who produce wellies intended for brides.

Their calm and soothing colours match any colour scheme and are sure to have you smiling throughout the ceremony and reception. Comfortable, these wellies won’t have your back and feet hurting after a long night of celebrating and fun.

Best for: wedding, reception, light use.

 Aigle Women's Miss Juliette Bottillon

Short, Comfortable, Attractive

Aigle Unisex Miss Juliette Bottillon

Aigle are a French brand known for their sleek and comfortable boots.

Suitable for work or casual wear, their range is extensive and their prices more than reasonable. These top quality wellies are just right for the wedding of the year.

The Miss Juliette ankle boot is priced at around £50, and has a smooth, comfortable fit.

 Ideal for a smart, hunting themed wedding, these boots are sure to have you looking and feeling fantastic. Take a look at the reviews for these wedding wellies.

The Good

With fantastic arch support, these boots are sure to keep your feet and back feeling supported throughout the day.

These sleek ankle boots can be worn for ceremonies or receptions, they are incredibly versatile and have a cushioned insole for your comfort throughout the day.

The gum rubber sole has excellent grip and tread to prevent slipping in bad conditions, and they have an easy slip on feature for quick removal and putting on. Made from rubber, these waterproof bridal wellies are ideal for all conditions.

The Not So Good

The only potential downside is that they do not protect the legs from mud splashes as they only go up to the ankle.

Features - 
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: n/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2.5 cm 
Our View

The Miss Juliette is a comfortable and stylish boot that is ideal for wearing at the wedding ceremony or the reception. With a comfortable fit and padded insole, your back and feet won’t be aching after celebrating in these. A good quality boot, they are useful both during and after a wedding and are sure to last you for several years to come.

Best for: wedding, reception, general use.

 I Do Wedding Welly

Affordable and Comfortable

I DO Wedding Welly

The bridal wellies from I Do come in a beautiful cream colour with ribbons on the side for added aesthetic appeal.

Comfortable and perfect for your bog day, these boots are ideal – especially in a country where rain is always around the corner.

Priced at around £38, these cheap wedding wellies are idea for something that matches your bridal outfit.

The Good

These boots are generally comfortable and have a soft cotton lining for added warmth in cold conditions.

The decorative silk on this short welly adds to the overall appearance – it truly looks like a bridal welly.

The adjustable gusset allows for a wide calf fit and ensures that your legs remain comfortable during the long wedding day.

The Not So Good

There have been occasions where this boot has split or torn a few weeks after general use, however if your plan is only to use them for a wedding then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Our View

Many boots that are suggested for weddings are plain in their colouring and don’t always look as elegant as they could.

The I Do boot really adds a sense of wonder and style to any wedding garb, especially with the cream colouring and the delicate silk ribbons. A dreamy yet simple boot, it’s sure to make your outfit and match anything you’re wearing.

Best for: wedding, reception.

Previously Featured Models - 

 Le Chameau Country Lady Boots

Style and Comfort for the Wide Calf

Le Chameau Country Lady Boots

Le Chameau is a brand that is known for its sophisticated look and comfortable feel. A brand that is only growing in popularity, they are known for their excellent quality at higher prices.

The Country boot from Le Chameau is priced at around £80, which is incredibly reasonable for this brand.

With a new tailored fit, this boots encapsulates style and sophistication into a pair of sleek and attractive wedding wellies are probably the best value for money.

The Good

Comfortable, long-lasting, and durable, these wellies are perfect for your wedding reception and use beyond.

An attractive tartan lining adds comfort and warmth to the boot, and the new tailored style gives a slim fit for maximum comfort.

The gum rubber sole is non-slip with a good tread. This heeled wedding welly has a shaped heel for a smooth fit around the calf and an elegant look overall.

The perfect boot for any wedding, you are sure to look fantastic at your reception and have a reliable pair of boots that will last you years to come.

The Not So Good

They can be a little tight around the feet and are not suitable for those with wide calves due to their slim and tailored fit.

Features - 
  • Material : Rubber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Calf Mesurements: N/a
  • Closure: Slip on
  • Heel Height: 2 cm 
Our View

These boots are the definition of elegance and grace and are sure to have you feeling comfortable and amazing at your reception.

Your feet are less likely to hurt after standing up and dancing all night, so you won’t have to worry about unwanted blisters.

A long-lasting and durable make, Le Chameau boots are popular for a reason and you won’t be regretting this purchase, especially with all the use you can get from it afterwards.

Best for: reception and general use

To Conclude

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of wellington boots you have to consider what your theme is and whether or not you will be wearing them at the ceremony, the reception, or both.

Many of the brands and models listed are great for both parts of the wedding, you just need to make sure they fit with your plans.

Wellies like Hunter and Le Chameau give an elegant and styled look, their only downfall is that they come in classic green colours.

The Evercreatures bridal line is particularly excellent for giving the perfect wedding feel and matching any bridal attire.

While they may not necessarily last for the longest time after wedding use, they are certainly worth it for the angelic feel they give. Brands like JWP are great for alternative weddings as well, with styled and funky looks to their boots.

 Or if you are looking for a lightly subtler style then Joules Wellibobs have a great range available. It’s all down to your taste and the way your wedding has been planned out.

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!