Best Solar Garden Lights Review & Light Up Your Garden

Light Up Your Garden with the Best Solar Garden Lights Review

Quick Summary

Our gardens are a place where we can gather with friends, neighbours, and family. As such, we want them to look as beautiful as we can, for ourselves and for others. What better way to do this than with solar garden lights, giving your garden a beautiful shine whilst also helping the environment.

Whether you are hosting a social gathering or just want to spend some time alone outside, a solar light can provide you with the correct lighting and ambience you need for the perfect experience. Plus, they cost nothing to run and are even able to operate in the cloudy British weather.

However, with so many varieties of garden solar panel lights on the market, it can be hard to know where to look, and that’s where we come in and lend a hand. In order to help you find the best solar garden lights, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant solar powered lights reviews in one place, so you are able to discover the one that shines best.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best solar garden lights

Best Solar Garden Lights - Summary Reviews

1. Topelek Litom Solar Fence Lights

Best LED Solar Garden Lights 

Give your back garden an extra bit of light, to help impress your guests and spruce up your garden. If you are someone who is looking for a no-nonsense solar powered light, check out the reviews and see if this is right for you.

The Good

Topelek’s range of LED Solar Fence Lights is simple, sleek, and environmentally sustainable. These LED lights are extremely energy efficient, soaking up as much sun as possible in the daytime so they can dazzle you at night. It’s an efficient and simple system that saves energy and also takes very little time for you to get set up.

The light automatically turns on in darkness, and switches itself off in the daylight, intelligently conserving and using power when it is needed. It provides a wonderfully ambient light as well, which is perfect for every occasion. Best of all, these LED lights are incredibly easy to fix onto fences, solar panels, or walls, giving you brand new lights with no hassle at all.

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that due to their small size, they do not brighten up the garden very much on cloudy days. However, in the darker months, they are a pretty addition to any garden.

Features - 
  • Brand : Tepelek
  • Type : Batteries / Solar - 1 x AA Required
  • Quanity : 4PCS
  • Light type : 6 LED Lamp beads
  • Color of Light: White
Our View

These solar powered lights are perfect for customers who are looking for a sustainable light source with no fuss. The simple, sleek design blends into almost any garden aesthetic, and the amount of solar efficiency these lights offer is incredible considering the price. They might not be the best on cloudy days, but they still make for a superb eco-friendly option. These are great for garden parties, or quiet evenings in, giving your garden that extra bit of light to help it shine.


Q: Is this Tepelek model triggered by motion sensors?

A: No, they are not motion sensor lights, they are light sensor lights and they will turn on in evening automatically.

2. Maxchange Solar Garden Light

Super Bright Solar Garden Lights  

Some solar lights offer the best and the brightest for your garden, using solar power to dazzle your ordinary lawn. If you’re someone who is looking for the brightest solar powered light, check out these reviews and see if this is what you are looking for. 

The Good

This solar garden light is designed to mimic rustic flame torches, both in their brilliant shine and their dazzling flickers. With a gorgeous, multiple LED design, the torch uses solar light to create realistic looking flames.

It’s the perfect companion for lazy summer nights spent outside with friends or family, and it can really bring something extra to your social gatherings.

After only a day of charging, these solar panel lights will be fully charged and able to brighten your garden to the brightest level. These non-electrical lights are completely water and weather resistant, giving you a dazzling light that will last for a very long time. Plus, they are very eco-friendly, and don’t produce as much light pollution as you might think.

The Not So Good

Some customers find that placing these lights in the shade can affect performance. However, when given access to direct sunlight, they can last the whole night without fail.

Features - 
  • Brand : Maxchange
  • Type : 2200mAh chargeable battery (Pre-installed)
  • Quanity : 96PCS
  • Light type : LED Lamp beads
  • Color of Light: Warm white
Our View

This product is the perfect choice for people who love to host garden parties, or who want to add that special something to their lawn. Of course, the shade can affect the overall performance at night, but this is to be expected when it comes to solar lighting.

The fire-light feel of these lights gives your garden an extra comfortable layer, and the solar efficiency makes them worth the price. They are incredibly bright and thoroughly comforting all throughout the year. 

3. Garden Mile LED Solar Light Crstal Bubble Stick Solar

Best Solar Garden Lights for The Money 

We all like to save a little money, even when we are buying things like solar panels. After all, we all deserve something great at an affordable price. Have a look at the reviews below to see if this is going to be the right solar light for your garden this summer.

The Good

These solar panel lights are perfect for winding pathways or borders. Offering a soft, white light all throughout the night, these give your garden a fairy-tale feeling anytime they turn on.

They are easy to get set up, and they also charge quickly during the day so that they are ready to go as soon as the sun sets – making them a superb choice for any situation.

Not only will they be able to help you see your path in the dark, but they also offer a unique decoration with their bubble design.

Strong, durable, and able to withstand bad weather, this is a solar panel light that is well worth its affordable price, and one that really brings your garden to life when you are gathering with friends and family. 

The Not So Good

Some customers find that the thin wiring that connects each light is a little bit finicky. However, once put into place, they are hardly noticeable in the grass. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Garden Mile
  • Type : Solar powered (batteries Inc) 
  • Quanity : 8PCS
  • Light type : 8LED Lamp beads
  • Color of Light: White
Our View

This solar panel light is sold at a very affordable price, and provides both an aesthetic and structural improvement to your garden. They can be a little fiddly when you first go to use them, but you will soon get used to the design and the way they work.

The bubble design is a gorgeous addition to any garden, and the longevity of the lights is a wonder considering the low cost. A wonderful addition to any garden in need of a touch of light.

Further Styles of Solar Garden Lights

Here are some other types of solar lights, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

4. Leyoda Solar Powered Wall Light

This solar panel light is super easy to install, and lights up the garden better than any electrical appliance. With a security light design, triggering when anything or anyone passes by, this is a highly secure light for people looking for an extra layer of comfort at night.

There are no wires required for this product, and no hassle with batteries. All you need to do is fix it in your garden, let it soak in the sun, and you can enjoy the rewards.

5. GardenBloss Solar Lights

This garden light can last up to eight hours every night, which is perfect for people who want to enjoy the dusk in their own back garden.

Designed to withstand rain and snow, these stylish looking lights will brighten up your pathways or flowerbeds without a fuss. These lights are incredibly long lasting, easy to install, and able to save on your energy bill for a very affordable price.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Best Solar Garden Lights

Want to light your garden in a beautiful and environmentally sustainable way? Do you want to use decorative outdoor lighting but do not have an outlet nearby? This expert guide will help you decide if solar lights are right for you.

Looking for alternative ways to light up your garden? Confused about what solar light are and which to buy? This handy guide will help you decide what solar garden lights are right for your needs. Before buying any lights, consider the following questions:

  • Which areas need to be lit? What areas are commonly used in the evening?
  • How much light is in your garden? What areas are bright, shaded, and dark during a sunny day?
  • What kind of lighting do you want? Do you want to create an ambient space or draw attention to a specific feature or area?

This guide will give you everything you need to decide what solar lights are best for your garden.

How do solar garden lights work?

While it may seem like magic, there is some science to the way solar lights work. The sheets of photovoltaic cells inside of the lights absorb sunlight during the day and store the power in the battery. Then in the evening the lights turn on using the power stored earlier that day.

Ideally, solar garden lights should be placed in areas with bright and direct sunlight for over eight hours a day. However, solar garden lights can be placed in shadier areas if they are hooked to a remote photovoltaic solar panels that will absorb the light for them.

What types of solar lights are available?

Solar Path Lights

These bright white lights are commonly used to light walkways and paths in gardens for easy manoeuvring in the dark. They are brighter than ambient bulbs but are not as bright as spotlights.

Ambient And Decorative Solar Lights

Used for decorative purposes, ambient and decorative solar lights are used in seating areas or trees to create a more ambient space for the evenings. The lights often come as decorative blown glass, fairy lights, or lamps. They are not as bright as other solar lights and are often a warmer colour.

Solar Powered Spotlights

When given enough sunlight, solar powered spotlights can shine as bright as a 40-watt bulb. These lights are usually placed in areas that need a lot of light. This may be by the back door or the entrance to the garage. There are also small and medium ones available that can draw attention to plants or a feature in your garden.

Whats Included

Solar Path LIGHTS












£16 - £90

£10 - £50

£20 - 120

What to remember when buying solar lights

Unnecessarily high prices

It is commonly believed that solar garden lights only work in the summer. This misconception leads to people only purchasing solar lights in the spring and for prices to hike up in May and June. Be aware of companies that hike up the prices of cheap or average lights to make some extra money. Solar garden lights can cost anywhere from £10-£200 depending on what you are looking for. Double check brands and compare reviews to make sure that you get the best product for your money. If you are unsure, buying from a reputable brand and looking at a middle ground of £50 is a good place to start.

Watch out for hues

When looking for ambient or decorative solar garden lights, make sure to check what hue your chosen light is before you buy it. Most solar lights have a bright white hue and ambient lights should be labelled as having an amber or soft white hue.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this solar garden lights review has helped you to find the best choice for you. This guide has compiled the best solar garden lights on the market, offering beauty and practicality, which is perfect for a wide variety of customers. Whether you’re looking for something simple, or something ornate, we hope you have discovered it here.

We have worked hard to gather an excellent selection of solar garden lights so that those who are more environmentally conscious can choose a kinder and gentler way to brighten their garden in the evenings this summer. We have paid close attention to things like the budget, light type, and the overall design of the solar lights, ensuring that you have a varied selection to choose from.

What did you think of our best solar garden lights guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.