Best Sleeping Mat for Camping: Ultimate Review Guide

Ensure a good night sleep when camping. Read our UK reviews of the best sleeping mats and double self inflating matresses. We find out the most comfortable and lightweight.

It is essential that you are comfortable while you are sleeping. A good sleeping mat will help you to stay dry, warm, and comfy during those long nights spent camping alone or with friends. Of course, you have to make sure you get the right sleeping mat as well to go under your sleeping bag.

One that works for you, and provides you with the levels of comfort that you need. That is why we have gathered the best self-inflating mattresses, as well as the relevant sleeping mat reviews for you to look at. So take a peek and see if one of these is right for you.

How to Choose a Sleeping Mat

Selecting a sleeping is not always easy. After all, there are a few different types to choose from, and even more brands. Plus, trying to choose between sizes and types can really make it tricky. In this section, we take a look at a few of the things that will help you to choose the right table for you (and your group).

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend on your sleeping mat. Determining what your budget is can really help to narrow down your options, especially when it comes to the more difficult decisions with regards to size and type.

Next, you need to ask yourself if you want an airbed or a padded mat. Some will be self-inflating or require pumps, and others will simply be stuffed with foam padding. Both are very comfortable options, and most of it is down to personal preference.

It’s all about what you like best and what sleeping bag you will be using on top – just remember that you need to be more careful with inflating mats than padded ones.

Following this, ask yourself what kind of additional features you want. It’s a good idea to go with a sleeping mat that has some form of insulation. Even in the summer, it can get chilly at night, so it is best to be safe and invest in something that can keep you warm when the temperature drops. Waterproof qualities can also be very handy – especially when camping in the UK.

If you are planning on doing a lot of hiking, the weight of the sleeping mat should be one of your first questions. Travel light to prevent your back and shoulders from aching, and also to save room in your pack.

If you are travelling with family or friends and have a car nearby, however, you can consider some of the heavier and more luxurious options.

Always take the time to read through the reviews before you make your purchase. If you aren’t sure which is best, the reviews from other customers can tell you a lot about the general level of satisfaction others have felt.

This can aid in your decision making and help you with a potentially tricky decision. It’s also important to remember that while the most expensive items are often more reliable, this is not always the case.

Things to Look for

There are one or two things you might want to look out for when you go to purchase a sleeping mat. The first of these is the overall thickness of the mat. A lot of this can be down to personal preference, as some people prefer thin bedding and others like it thicker.

However, it can also be advantageous if you are sleeping on damp ground. Thicker mats keep you higher up, which means you are less likely to come in contact with the damp. So always check the dimensions out before you buy.

There is also the option of double and single mats. Double mats are there for two people to sleep on together (or one if you really like to spread out), so if you are going as a couple, you should look into these options – two of which are below.

Single mats can be a little narrow, so it is vital that you check the dimensions out before you buy to avoid disappointment. Again, it is down to personal preference, but remember the point about narrow single mats.

All that’s left is to choose the perfect mat for you. Take a look at our sleeping mat reviews for some of our favourite models.

Sleeping Mat Review Guide - Comparison Table 

Best Sleeping Mat for Camping - Summary Reviews

Vango Adventure Self-Inflating Camping Mat

 Best Double Self Inflating Mattress 

Of course, not every camper wants a single mat for sleeping. Whether you are with a loved one, or just want some extra room to stretch, the double sleeping mat can be pretty useful. Take a look and see if this is the right one for you.

The Good

This sleeping mat is incredibly well-insulated, providing you with warmth as well as comfort. The open cell foam design traps heat, allowing your body to absorb it while you sleep.

Plus, the padding itself is incredibly comfortable, offering you a restful night. It has a non-slip polyester top and base, so there will be no sliding around in the night.

Plus, it is self-inflating, which is always handy, and the valve is incredibly easy to operate. You will have a fully inflated mat in seconds. On top of this, it also comes with a repair kit in case of emergency.

The Not So Good

It is difficult to pack away into the provided stuff sack, and can also be a bit weighty to carry around.

Features - 
  • Brand : Vango
  • Material : 75 denier non - slip polyester top and base
  • Size : Single (5cm)
  • Weight : 1.7 Kg
  • Colours: Blue
Our View

Despite the added weight, this double sleeping mat is exceptionally comfortable – providing you with an amazing night’s sleep throughout your camping trip.

Reasonably priced, it is an accessible product that can offer you great support and relaxation in the evenings. It’s certainly one to consider, and not one to let get away.

Lichfield SIM Self-Inflating Camping Mat

 Best Camping Mattress 

Lichfield is a good brand to go for, and this camping mattress is certainly a good one.

If you think this might be the mat for you, take a look at the reviews and see for yourself.

The Good

This mat comes with open cell foam padding, keeping you warm and well-insulated throughout the night. So if it is a little nippy outside, you will be grateful for one of these.

The padding is incredibly comfortable as well, offering your back and joints a little extra support while you sleep.

The base and top are made from non-slip polyester, so there will be no sliding during the night, nor will there be any smooth cold spots.

It is self-inflating, with setting up only taking a few seconds. Plus, it comes with a little repair kit for any emergency situation that may occur.

The Not So Good

It is a little narrow in terms of width, which can be uncomfortable.

Features - 
  • Brand : Lichfield
  • Material : 75D non slip polyester/PVC top and base
  • Size : Single (3cm)
  • Weight : 950g
  • Colours: Blue
Our View

This mat is incredibly affordable, making it available to those on a budget. It’s comfortable, padded, and well-insulated – so you know you are getting the full package with this mat.

While it is a little narrow in places, this is still a fantastic buy. Just make sure you check the dimensions before you buy to ensure that it will be suitable for you. Stay warm and comfortable with this mat.


Q: What are the dimensions of the mat when rolled up?

A: Depends how tight you roll it. But 15cm diameter and the width is bout 53cm 

Beeway Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat with Pillow 

 Top Self-Inslating Sleeping Mat 

This is definitely one of the sleeping mats we have to offer, and they come in a range of great colours and designs. Take a look at the reviews and see if it fits your requirements.

The Good

This mat inflates and deflates incredibly quickly at the turn of a knob. The only thing that requires manual inflation is the integrated pillow, but that doesn’t take much as it is only small.

Cold-resistant and waterproof, they can really hold their own in harsh weather conditions as well.

Plus, they are resistant to punctures and abrasions, making them very durable. It is possible to buckle multiple mats together to make a larger one, which is great if two people are sharing a mat. 

They are also very breathable, so you don’t need to worry about getting hot in the night. They are incredibly lightweight, making carrying them around much easier, and they have compressions straps to make it even simpler.

The Not So Good

It does have a slightly cheap look and feel.

Features - 
  • Brand : Beeway
  • Material : polyester and TPU on one side and nylon fabric and TPU coating on the other side
  • Size : Single (5cm)
  • Weight : 599 g
  • Colours: Blue + Green
Our View

Reasonably priced, this mat is one of the best you are likely to find on the market. Comfortable and easy to set up, it’s a very easy place to sleep that is no hassle to inflate or pack up.

Plus, the fact that it is lightweight means that they are no bother to carry around either. With a range of great additional features, you won’t want to miss this model.

Milestone Camping Single-side EVA Camping Mattress

 Best EVA Camping Mat

Milestone are a pretty reliable brand, and one that prides themselves on their excellent outdoor camping gear. Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the top camping mat for you on your next camping trip.

The Good

This camping mat is a great option for those who want some protection against damp grass and the elements.

The aluminium backing helps to keep heat in, as well as prevent the damp from the ground soaking through overnight. It also provides you with excellent insulation while you sleep, keeping you nice and warm.

This camping mat is a great option for those who want some protection against damp grass and the elements.

The aluminium backing helps to keep heat in, as well as prevent the damp from the ground soaking through overnight. It also provides you with excellent insulation while you sleep, keeping you nice and warm.

The Not So Good

It is quite thin and can be a little narrow.

Features - 
  • Brand : Milestone
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Size : Single
  • Weight : 99.8 g
  • Colours: Blue + Silver
Our View

While there have been comments about it being thin and narrow, this camping mat is incredibly cheap and certainly does the job – so if you are on a tight budget look no further.

It has a range of great features, including protection from the elements and insulation, making it quite a desirable model. Combined with the fantastic price, it’s at least worth taking a look at this model.

Hikenture Ultralight Sleeping Mat

 Best Lightweight Mat 

A lightweight  mat is a great idea if you have a lot to carry or plan to do some serious hiking on your camping trip. Take a look at this lightweight model and see if it matches your personal needs for your next trip out.

The Good

This mat is incredibly lightweight, to the point where it folds up and fits into a tiny little stuff sack.

That way, you can take it with you absolutely anywhere, and it won’t take up much space (or weight very much). When it comes to inflating it, all it takes is between 8 and 12 breaths. So, there is hardly any effort involved.

It has a comfortable pillow incorporated into it, and this has been designed to cradle the back of your head gently, creating a comfy sleeping space.

It has a unique nylon design that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and happy after a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

The Not So Good

There have been no complaints about this model so far.

Features - 
  • Brand : Hikenture
  • Material : Nylon
  • Size : Single 
  • Weight : 540 g
  • Colours: Orange
Our View

Reasonably priced and brimming with exciting new technology, this sleeping mattress is lightweight beyond belief, making it an even more exciting prospect than before.

It doesn’t take much to get it inflated, and once this has been done, it unlocks one of the most comfortable sleeping experiences you will have had while camping. A great model at an even better price.

Geertop Camp Pad 

 Most Comfortable Mat

Of course, comfort is also key when you are out camping. This could be one of the best and most comfortable mat you find, so take a look at the reviews and decide for yourself.

The Good

This comfortable mat is well-padded, creating a soft and comfy place for you to rest your head at night.

It also has added warmth thanks to the aluminium back cover, which works to trap heat and release it upwards while you are sleeping, keeping you warm through the night. It is also waterproof, so there will be no sleeping in the wet for you.

The high quality foam and design make it incredibly durable as well, which is great news for those who handle their equipment a little roughly.

The compact design also works to save space in your pack, keeping things spacious and easy to carry when you are out hiking.

The Not So Good

There have been no complaints about this model of camping table so far.

Features - 
  • Brand : Geertop
  • Material : IXPE aluminum film, high quality foam
  • Size : Single (0.7cm)
  • Weight : 12oz
  • Colours: Blue / Orange
Our View

Reasonably priced, this is a great model of mat if you are looking for warmth and comfort. Made to be durable and reliable, this mat will stay strong through all of your hikes, and protect you from the damp at night.

Working to keep you warm, but also to make your load a lighter one, it is one of the top sleeping mats you are likely to find.

Other Sleeping Mat Models

Here are some other some other mat models in case the ones above did not suit your needs.

Milestone Camping Single Flocked Airbed

This think and comfortable airbed is the perfect camping companion for those who like a little extra comfort in their lives. It has a waterproof flocked top, preventing you from having to sleep on a wet bed at any point.

The attached valve allows for easy inflation and deflation, making things faster and simpler for you.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you can always use it as a guest bed when people come over as well. It’s a great option at a budget price.

Beautissu® Folding Mattress Campix

This great foldable travel bed comes in a wide range of colours, and always packs away nicely to form a compact and lightweight package that can be transported with ease.

The padding used in this mat is high quality, providing a restful sleep as well as excellent support for your back and joints.

Plus, the cover can simply be wiped clean if anything is spilt on it, preventing you from needing to wash it while you are out camping. At a slightly higher price, it is worth considering.

Ultrasport Self-Inflating Insulated Mat

This comfortable mat for camping self-inflates, meaning that you don’t need to put a great deal of effort into setting it up.

It comes in three thicknesses, so you can choose one that matches your individual needs. It is quick to unfold, and comes with detailed instructions that will ensure you get everything right on the first try.

Plus, it comes with a nifty bag so that you can carry it securely. Reasonably priced, it’s a safe bet.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have looked at some of the best self-inflating mattresses on the market, helping you to choose one that is right for you. So, whether you are on a budget or looking to splash out, we have something here for you.

From air beds to thick, plus, mats, we have a little bit of everything here. So, when you plan your next camping trip, make sure a camping mat is on the list, because you will certainly need one if you want to get a restful night’s sleep.

What did you think of our sleeping selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.