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When we go camping with family and friends, it can be a great experience. One for making new memories, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company. Whether you are out in the wild, or rocking hard at a festival, you need a place to relax and get out of the sun. This is where the pop up gazebo comes in.

It offers everyone somewhere to sit when they want to hang out or eat that is protected from the elements, including the sun.

It can really help make your campsite feel like home, and that is why we have gathered the best pop up gazebo on the market, as well as the associated pop up gazebo reviews, for you to look at. Take a peek and see if any of these take your fancy.

How to Choose a Pop Up Gazebo

It can be a tough choice, choosing your pop-up gazebo. However, it doesn’t need to be as hard as it seems. While there may seem like there are a lot of different types to choose from, they are actually all very similar to each other. In this section, we take a look at some of the things you need to be looking for when you go to choose your camping gazebo.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend on the pop-up gazebo. The prices can vary quite a lot, and while they are much cheaper than fixed gazebos, you should be prepared to put a little money aside for one of these.

Wind bars are quite important. These are bars that clip onto the inside of the steel frame, providing the gazebo with a lot more support and stability. The wind bars also allows them to withstand stronger winds without falling over, as pop up gazebos tend to be a lot less sturdy in strong winds than the fixed variety.

Side panels are pretty important if you want full protection from sudden rain or unexpected weather conditions. Not all pop up gazebos come with these panels, and many are sold separately, so make sure you read carefully and check to see that your pop-up gazebo comes with these. It is also a good idea to check if they are ‘quick attach’, which means that they can be fitted very quickly when the weather changes.

It should also be fully waterproof. All of the pop up gazebos here are at least water resistant, which is important when camping in the UK. However, if you are heading up north, or to locations that are known for being rainy, a gazebo with taped seams is probably the best option. Having a pop up gazebo that protects you from UV rays can also be beneficial in sunny weather.

Always take the time to read through the reviews before you make your purchase. If you aren’t sure which is best, the reviews from other customers can tell you a lot about the general level of satisfaction others have felt. This can aid in your decision making and help you with a potentially tricky decision. It’s also important to remember that while the most expensive items are often more reliable, this is not always the case.

Things to Look for

There are one or two things you might want to look out for when you go to purchase a pop up gazebo. One of these are the windows. Some gazebos will have windows on the side panels.

This means that the side panels will continue to protect you from the elements, but you will also be allowed to see your surroundings, allowing you to continue admiring the scenery. It gives the gazebo a nice aesthetic, and is something to keep in mind.

Doorways can also be a nice addition. If the gazebo does not come with one, you can simply remove a side panel. However, for gazebos that do you can simply tie the sides back to create an opening.

Usually, it will zip closed, so if you find yourself caught in bad weather, you can secure the gazebo quickly. They are convenient, and add a little something extra to the overall design.

The Advantages of a Pop Up Gazebo

Here are some of the advantages of using a pop up gazebo, especially when compared to the fixed variety:

  • Usually much cheaper than fixed gazebos
  • Quick and easy to set up (usually around 60 seconds)
  • Easy to take down and store
  • Take up very little space
  • Can be placed just about anywhere

All that’s left is to choose the perfect tent for you. Take a look at our pop up gazebo reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best Pop up Gazebo Review - Comparison Table 

Coleman Gazebo Event Shelter for Festivals

 Best Dome Gazebo 

Coleman is a top brand when it comes to outdoor supplies, and if you are looking for a dome pop up gazebo, you’ve hit gold.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right model for you to take on your next trip.

The Good

This dome gazebo could almost function as a tent. It has quick attach walls if the weather decides to take a turn for the worst, providing you with shelter.

In sunny weather, it makes a comfortable spot to keep out of the heat while still enjoying your surroundings. 

The removable walls really are a big bonus. It even has a UV rays guard for ultimate sun protection. The dome is made from polyester and has a PU aluminium coat canopy for the best protection with a steel frame.

It is incredibly large at 15x25, so you can fit all your friends and family underneath it when you have stopped at the campsite for dinner. It’s durable, reliable, and really easy to set up.

The Not So Good

It is incredibly heavy at 18kg, and it is not very secure in windy conditions.

Key Features
  • Brand : Coleman
  • Type: Dome
  • Material: Steel / Polyester
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Size : XL - 4.5 x 4.5 m
  • Weight: 18kg
Our View

This great pop up gazebo comes from an incredibly reliable and trusted brand, all at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for something that can keep you sheltered from bad weather, as well as protect you from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, then you have found the right model for you.

Sturdy and reliable, you couldn’t ask for it to be much better than this.


Q: Can you use this on concrete patio or does it have to be pegged down to stand. Photo shows it on decking?

A: Needs Corners held in position, and Guy ropes in wind or breeze, prone to lifting in winds. Advisable to peg or hold down by some means.

Airwave Pop Up Gazebo 2x2m Waterproof Outdoor Canopy 

 Best Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo 

Another great brand, Airwave keep their promise of great quality when it comes to the production of pop up gazebos for your camping trips.

Take a look at the reviews for this great water resistant model and see if it’s right for you.

The Good

This pop up gazebo really does pop up – it takes less than a minute to set up. It is also fully waterproof, with a 190g PU coated soft touch polyester fabric that has all of the seams taped up for additional protection.

It also compacts nicely, saving space if you need to carry it around.

It comes with four side walls, two of which have windows so that you can still see your surroundings.

The other two act as zipped doorways, so if the bad weather hits, you can secure everyone nicely and keep them all dry. It has a steel frame, keeping the structure sturdy in windy weather conditions.

I found this gazebo lightweight but sturdy. It is easy to put up with two people, but it would be possible to put up on your own would take you a lot longer. I would advise reading instructions before attempting to put up the first time to ensure clip bits are not stuck to the steel frame. Good quality material is well worth the little extra it costs as opposed to the standard versions.

The Not So Good

It is heavy, and the D rings do not cope well when under strain.

Key Features
  • Brand : AirWave
  • Type: Canopy
  • Material: Steel 
  • UV Protected: No
  • Size : 200 x 200 x 200 cm
  • Weight: 14kg
Our View

This reliable and sturdy steel frame gazebo may be a little on the heavy side, but it is ideal for use as a place for everyone to gather when you are out camping.

Whether you are out as a family or off to a festival, it’s important to have somewhere secure and protected to relax. With some great features and being made from a fully waterproof material, this is definitely the gazebo for you.

Outsunny Pop-up Tent Garden Gazebo Outdoor Awning Heavy Duty Marquee

 Best Camping Gazebo 

This nifty pop up gazebo measures 3mx3m and could be the perfect solution if you are looking for somewhere to relax on your camping trip.

At a great price, you really must check out the reviews to see if it is the right model for you.

The Good

This gazebo was made to make your camping trips that much easier, providing the perfect shelter from the sun or light rain.

Available in several colours, the roof has taped seams to make it fully waterproof, so your companions won’t end up with damp heads. It also includes a carry bag so that you can transport it easily.

It has a steel frame, and all of the connectors are steel as well – making it a sturdy and reliable structure. It is also possible to buy sides for this gazebo, and while these are sold separately, they can really help to keep the elements out.

The Not So Good

It is quite heavy.

Key Features
  • Brand : OutSunny
  • Type: Gazebo
  • Material: rust-resistant powder-coated steel 
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Size : 3L x 3W x 2.4H 
  • Weight: 10.5kg
Our View

This reasonably priced pop up gazebo is strong and sturdy, making it a reliable addition to any campsite – whether out in the wilderness or at a festival.

It is easy to set up, and the fully waterproof roof is a great bonus if the classic British weather starts to set in. While it may be a little heavy, it is certainly worth carrying the extra weight. An all-around great product.

Airwave Waterproof Green Pop Up Gazebo 

 Best Folding Gazebo 

Another model from the popular brand, Airwave, this pop up gazebo comes in a fantastic shade of green, although other colours are available. Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right model for you.

The Good

This pop up gazebo is incredibly easy to erect as it only takes 60 seconds, so you and your camping group will be ready to go in no time at all.

There is also a carry bag included, allowing you to carry it around with you comfortably. It is a spacious gazebo, offering plenty of room for everyone to sit and hang out.

It has a water resistant canopy, so you don’t need to feel too concerned if you get caught in a light drizzle. It also includes a peg and guy ropes kit, so you can make sure the gazebo is secure in slightly windier weather. It’s easy and simple, but also incredibly reliable.

This has to be one of the easiest gazebo's I have ever tried to put up, Literally takes two seconds to pop up and its just as quick to put down. It is fully water proof which is what most would need this for, and it lets enough light in to keep it bright and sunny underneath. 

The Not So Good

The fabric does not prevent the sun from shining through. It can also become damaged easily.

Key Features
  • Brand : Airwave
  • Type: Gazebo
  • Material: Steel / Polyester
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Size : 300 x 300 x 250 cm
  • Weight: 14.2 Kg
Our View

This pop up gazebo is reasonably priced and comes from a trusted brand. It is reliable and sturdy, despite the fact that it is a little more delicate than most of the models on the market.

It is water resistant, making it the ideal shelter during summer drizzles, and is also a spacious location for everyone to sit together to eat or chat. It really helps to make your campsite a home away from home.


Q: Can you but the sides for this Airwave Gazebo?

A: No but Airwave do sell similar gazebos with the sides attached.

Other Pop Up Gazebo Models

Here are some other some other pop up gazebo models in case the ones above did not suit your needs.

TecTake Gazebo

This 3mx3m gazebo is perfect for the festival goer. It’s the ideal place to hang out when it’s hot, as well as the best location to sit back and have a few beers with friends.

There are three removable sides with windows, keeping you protected from bad weather conditions as well as the sun. It’s really easy to assemble, so you will be able to put it together in a matter of minutes.

There are Velcro fastenings for a secure close, and the metal struts offer additional support for the structure. It also comes in three colours.

Tuff Concepts Garden Gazebo

This affordable gazebo comes in two colours, and is perfect for a range of occasions. The gazebo can be fully sealed, keeping everyone out of sudden weather changes.

Each side also has windows, so you can still see what is happening while you hang out. Ideal for festivals and group camping trips, it offers a comfortable space and can be erected on both hard and soft ground.

It is durable and relatively easy to set up, so you will be ready to go in no time at all.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have looked at some of the best pop up gazebo on the market, and some from incredibly reputable brands. So, whether you are on a budget or looking to splash out, we have the perfect camping gazebo here for you.

From domes to squares, sides or no sides, we have every variation of gazebo for you to browse through. When you plan your next camping trip, make sure a pop up gazebo is on the list, because you will definitely need one – whether you want protection from the rain or the sun.

What did you think of our best pop up gazebo selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.