Ultimate Fashion Guide to This Season’s Best Pink Wellies

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If there’s one thing we always need in Britain, it’s a good pair of wellington boots. Through dog walks, farm work, and festivals, the welly boot keeps our feet dry and (hopefully) warm.

In a country where rain is often the main weather forecast, it’s important that we always have a good and reliable pair of wellies to hand.Our wellies can be funky as well though, they don’t always need to be the same olive green or black in colour.

What to Look For

When looking for a reliable pair of boots, you will want something that is sturdy, hard wearing, and unlikely to tear quickly. A Wellington boot that fits well and warms icy toes is often a bonus. Preferably, you’ll be able to wear them all year round and won’t need a pair of winter and summer wellies.

Fun colours such as pink can make you feel good as well, even during the worst and rainiest weather. In this article we look at the best pink wellies you can buy, so that you can feel practical and stylish every day and through all weather.

From the expensive and stylish, to the cheap and practical, you’ll find a welly here for every occasion, and every single one is in a dazzling shade of pink.

Best Pink Wellies - Comparison Table 

Joules – Short and Nifty in Pink

Joules are a brand known for their equestrian gear and accessories. However, their line of welly boots has proved to be more than a little popular over the years.

They offer great style and comfort, and the Kelly Welly is no exception. Priced at around £35, this dazzlingly pink ankle boot is one you won’t want to miss. Take a look at the reviews for these pink women’s wellies.

The Good

These pink ankle wellies for women have a smooth design and are easy to slip on and take off, especially with the help of the pull-tab on the back of the boot.

They are waterproof and easy to clean thanks to the smooth rubber exterior. A textile lining is there to help provide extra comfort and warmth.

It is just one solid rubber boot and not made from pieces stuck together like most other brands. This really adds to its durability. Joules have a lot of faith in their product as the wellies also have a 12 month guarantee so if they split they will refund or replace immediately.

The Not So Good

These wellies can rub against the ankles a little and cause some discomfort. However, this is an uncommon occurrence.

Our View

The Joules Kelly Welly is a great boot for wearing on dog walks or general use. These pink ankle wellies for ladies are comfortable and stylish, with a good fit that allows those with wide calves to wear them. If you are looking for a sleek pink welly that can be worn generally, walking the dogs, or even doing some light work at the yard, then these are the wellies for you.

Best for: farm work, general use, wide calves.

Town and Country – Tall and Limited Edition

Town and Country is a popular brand that is known for its low prices while remaining quintessentially British. The Limited Edition pink spotty wellies are adorable to look at and vibrant too.

Comfortable and stylish, they suit a range of needs and are sure to serve you well. Priced at around £7.99, these cheap pink wellies are one of the lowest priced around.

The Good

These wellies are so pink that even the polka dots are a pale shade of the colour. These limited edition, waterproof rubber wellies have a good fir with a textile lining for added warmth and comfort. The soft lining sits nicely with your feet to prevent rubbing and irritation.

The soles are made from gum rubber and have a good grip and tread to help stop you from falling over in unfavourable conditions. There is a strap on the side of the boot so that you can adjust them to fit your legs, making these good for ladies with wide calves. They are perfect for all uses, especially festivals.

The Not So Good

The sizing can be a little off, so it is advised that you order a size up from what you are to avoid a tight fit. The wellies can also be a little snug around the toes for those with wider feet.

Our View

The Town and Country Limited Edition pink spotty wellies are a great pair to have around. They are ideal for dog walking and general use, and have a great, comfortable fit.

They are warm and toasty so that your toes don’t end up frozen, and they tend to be quite durable. For such a cheap pair of wellies they really have everything going for them.

Best for: wide calves, general use, dog walking, festivals.

Hunters – Tall and Comfortable in Pink

Probably the most well-known brand of Wellington boot, the Hunter brand has practically become a household name in Britain. They come in a wide range of styles and colours, some of them being completely outlandish and unique to the brand.

The Original Hunter is probably one of the most widely used. They come in so many colours, and one of those is a truly bright shade of pink. Priced at around £45 they offer the same great Hunter quality but without the hefty price tag.

Comfortable and stylish, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go in these funky pink wellies for ladies.

The Good

The Original Hunter has a stylish, comfortable fit that really moulds the boot to your leg. It’s lightweight and waterproof, allowing for long walks and adventures with your dog or reliability during festival season. A buckle on the calf allows for them to be adjusted accordingly for your comfort while wearing them.

They are warmer than most boots due to their microfiber lining, and this also adds to the general comfort of the boot. The soles have decent grip in slippery conditions, and the tread is good, meaning you won’t be slipping over in every patch of mud you accidentally step in.

The Not So Good

The Original Hunter can, however, be quite a tight fit – especially around the feet and ankles. This can make it difficult to put them on and take them off. There have been occasions where the boot has torn after a few months and leaks have occurred. Read our guide to Hunter sizing here.

Our View

In general, Hunter Originals are a practical boot for general walking and festival going, and they are generally seen as a reliable brand despite questions about their quality. They are ideal for festivals, walking the dog, and general light use, making them the ideal welly for most people. Their fuchsia colour really stands out and the quality does too.

Best for: festivals, dog walking, general use.


Q: Are they matt or glossy?

A: You need to select the colour, we do have both, matt and glossy.

Dunlop – For the Festivals

Dunlop are known for producing cheap wellies that are still excellent quality and have great durability. Priced at around £10.99, the Dunlop sport welly in pink has a funky and stylish look that is sure to gain some positive attention.

This cheap pink welly offers you all the comfort and practicality you could need. Take a look at the reviews for this pink welly for ladies.

The Good

They are incredibly affordable, so you don’t need to spend a great deal of money on them. They tend to have a wider top which makes room for those who have wider calves, something that many of the more expensive brands often forget about.

The soles of these hot pink boots have excellent grip and tread due to the thick gum rubber soles. They are comfortable, which is ideal for walking the dogs and are perfect wellies for festivals.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boot has split or torn after a few months of use, but this is not very common. You have to wear thick socks in the winter as they are not insulated so your toes will get warm.

Our View

These wellington boots are comfortable and practical when it comes to keeping your feet dry on a dog walk. They will stop you from falling over in the mud after a day of constant showers and their low price means that replacing them is not massively expensive if they end up getting damaged. They are one of the cheapest Wellington boots out there and best value for money in terms of price.

Best For: cheapest price, festivals, dog walking, general use.

Joules – Stable Work in Pink

Joules are a brand known for their equestrian gear and boots. Of course, every rider needs a pair of wellies for stable work and general field walking, and so Joules have created a range of glorious wellies.

With prices at around £25, these wellies have a sleek and comfortable fit that offers the best possible protection against the rain and bad weather. Ideal for dog walking, festivals, and general use, these stylish pink wellies are all you’ll need to keep you going.

The Good

The Joules pink patterned welly boots are made from rubber and are completely waterproof. They have a comfortable fit and a textile lining to help keep your feet warm during the cold winter months.

There is a buckle on the side to help adjust the calf size for maximum comfort, and they have an overall stylish look. These wellies are ideal for festivals, stable work, and general use.

It is just one solid rubber boot and not made from pieces stuck together like most other brands. This really adds to its durability. The sole is thick and the tread is excellent, so walking through the mud is not a problem. Joules have a lot of faith in their product as the wellies also have a 12-month guarantee, so if they split they will refund or replace immediately.

The Not So Good

They can be a little tight around the feet and ankles, which can make them difficult to get on.

Our View

The Joules Wellington boot for men is probably the best value for money boot that you will find. With hardly any reports of splits and leaks these boots are durable, long lasting, and ideal for a range of activities.

Whether you’re working, walking, or festival going, these funky pink wellies are probably the best ones to go for. They are incredibly reasonable in terms of pricing, and the 12-month welly guarantee instils hope and confidence into the brand and the product.

Best for: stable work, festivals, dog walking, general use.


Q: What is the height of the boot please?

A: 43cms or 17ins 

Tilly London – Pretty in Pink

Everyone needs a pair of wellies that make them look and feel good even on the rainiest days and in the worst weather.

Tilly London have a pair of sweet, modest wellies that come in a pale shade of pink, and they are sure to brighten up your day. Priced at around £10, these wellies are comfortable and have a great fit. Take a look at the reviews for these funky pink wellies.

The Good

These rubber boots are waterproof and have a thick sole that provides excellent grip and tread, so slipping over in muddy conditions becomes a thing of the past. They are close fitting and perfect for those with narrow fit, providing an excellent mould to the leg. 

There is an adjustable strap on the side for those with slightly wider calves so that your legs can remain comfortable in the boot. They are ideal for walking the dog and attending festivals.

The Not So Good

It has been noted that these wellies do have a very strong smell of plastic that takes a few months to go away, but the smell will fade.

Our View

These wellies will leave you feeling pretty in pink and come in a classy, pale shade. You are sure to stand out in the field while walking the dogs or attending festivals, and their comfortable fit will leave you feeling great even after a long day of walking around.

These stylish wellies have a great fit to the leg and are sure to provide you with an excellent, long-lasting boot at a great price.

Best for: general use, dog walking, and festivals.

Work Kit Girl – For the Working Woman

Every working girl needs a pair of boots to keep her safe during a long working day. However, not every working girl wants to wear the beige and brown boots that everyone else wears and that’s why Work it Girl created this sassy pink safety boot that is sure to keep your feet protected. They’re priced at around £38.50, which is incredibly reasonable.

The Good

These safety boots for ladies come in a sassy hot pink and have a steel toe cap to protect your feet from heavy objects and falling debris.​

They are waterproof and have a synthetic lining to keep feet warm during cold and windy weather.

They have a very generous calf width, so those with wide calves don’t need to worry about it not going around them comfortably. They are also oil and chemical resistant, making them ideal for the workplace.

The Not So Good

The sizing can come up a little small due to the steel toe cap, so when ordering it is recommended that you order a size up.

Our View

These safety boots from Work It Girl offer an excellent form of protection for the working lady who is looking for something sassy and with a little more style. With a steel toe cap for extra protection, these boots are sure to offer you the best possible safety when it comes to working in construction so your feet don’t fall victim to falling debris. These hot pink wellies are perfect for work and will serve you well.

Best for: work, festivals, general use

Crocs – For the Little Adventurers

Crocs are a brand that everyone is familiar with. They are fun and comfortable shoes to wear, and now they have a range of wellies for the little ones.

Priced at around £12.99, they offer a fun feel for kids and come at an affordable price. Take a look at the reviews for these fun pink wellies for kids.

The Good

They are made from moulded croslite material, so that your children can have a welly that fits them comfortably. They are lightweight and cushioned for comfort, and have a reflective heel to keep them safe when walking on the roadside with you.

They are waterproof, making them perfect for puddle jumping, and come in a great shade of pink that they are sure to love. The handles on the boot mean that they are easy to slide off and on, giving them a sense of independence that they are sure to want to impress their parents with.

The Not So Good

They are mostly suited to children with slim legs, so if they have wide calves they are likely to be uncomfortable. They can also cause feet to sweat in hot weather.

Our View

These wellies are great for kids who want to have a sense of independence and get themselves ready to go out for a walk. They come in a great shade of pink that they are sure to love, and are incredibly comfortable to wear.

These cheap pink wellies for kids are sure to have them jumping in puddles in no time, while still keeping their feet warm and dry. They might not be the best for wearing during the summer, but they are great for use in wet weather.

Best for: puddle jumping, general use.

Blue Banana – Short and Sexy in Pink

Blue Banana are known for providing alternative and punk clothing to people for years in their high street and online stores.

Purveyors of unique fashion, it was only a matter of time before they launched their own range of wellies. Priced at around £17.99, these short pink wellies are a great fashion icon and still perfect for taking the dogs on a walk.

The Good

These rubber wellies are ankle height and completely waterproof. A textile lining gives them added warmth and helps to provide you with a comfortable fit for long walks or festivals.

There is a decorative buckle on the side and a pink bow on the front for aesthetic pleasure. The sole is thick with a good grip and tread to help you try and stay steady.

The Not So Good

The sizing for these wellies is a little off, so it is advised that you order one size up from what you actually are to avoid any mistakes. There have also been a few occasions where the boot has ripped or torn after a few months of use.

Our View

These alternative wellies are great if you want to stand out from the crowd and look good while doing so. Ideal for walking the dogs and attending festivals, these wellies will keep your feet comfortable even during the longest periods of standing up and walking around. With a stylish feel and fit, these reasonably priced wellies are some of the best out there.

Best for: festivals, dog walking, and general use.

Trespass – Cheap and Comfortable

The Candis Wellington boot from Trespass offer a fabulous design in pink as well as being comfortable and giving an excellent fit. Priced at around £12, these cheap pink wellies are a great buy and sure to leave you feeling comfortable and stylish.

The Good

The Candis wellies are waterproof and made from rubber while offering a smooth and comfortable fit, with a textile lining that adds not only to this but the overall warmth of the boot.

They have an adjustable buckle on the side for your comfort and to ensure wide calves stay snug without irritation and rubbing.

The sole is thick and sturdy, with an excellent grip and tread. You’ll be standing steady in the mud in these fantastically pattered pink wellies.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boots have split and torn after a few months is use, causing leaks to occur.

Our View

The Candis wellies from Trespass are a great and comfortable boot to wear when walking the dogs, attending festivals, or even doing general work on the farm or at the yard. With a waterproof build and a stylish exterior, you’ll be looking and feeling great when you’re wearing these absolutely fantastic wellies.

Best for: farm work, festivals, and general use.

To Conclude

When it comes to wellies you want something that offers style and practicality. If you’re looking to be pretty in pink, then at least one of these great wellies are going to be right for you. If you want something stylish and from a trusted brand, then Hunter or Dunlop are definitely ones to try.

Durable and practical, these wellies have everything you need at different ends of the price scale. Joules wellies are also excellent in terms of reliability and come in a range of dazzling pink styles and designs. Work it Girl even has a range of safety boots for women to keep feet safe during work days.

When it comes to something for the kids to wear, then pink Crocs wellies are absolutely the right choice. With handles that let them get themselves ready and at an affordable price, these wellies are great for young explorers.

Town and Country produce wonderfully pattered and durable wellies in pink for women and are definitely ones to go for if you are looking for something cheap, durable, and practical. Whatever you are looking for, there is a pink welly here that is just perfect for you and your needs

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!​