5 Best Petrol Lawn Mowers & UK Review Guide


Most of us take great pride in our lawns. After all, some of the happiest memories are made in the grass of your garden. Whether it’s playing with a first pet, summers with your kids, or warm, romantic evenings under the stars, the lawn tells a bigger story than most of us imagine.

You owe it to your grass to keep it in good condition, so investing in a quality lawn mower is often the perfect solution. Electric mowers tend to be some of the best around, and also have a gentler impact on the environment as they don’t use harmful fuels like petrol to power them.

Powerful and reliable, they make a great choice for any gardener, and they are the ideal option for keeping your lawns fresh, healthy, and perfectly cut.

Lawn mowers are not always the simplest thing to choose, and we know that it can get a little overwhelming. In order to help you find the best electric lawn mower, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant electric lawn mower reviews in one place so that you can find the perfect one for you.   

Best Petrol Lawn Mowers - Summary Reviews

1. McCulloch M40-110 Classic

Best Petrol Mower for Large Gardens 

This is an excellent brand to go for if you are in need of a petrol lawn mower that can cope with your large garden.

McCulloch provides reliable and durable machines that are sure to leave your garden looking and feeling amazing. Don’t take it from us though, read through the reviews below and see for yourself.

The Good

This petrol rotary lawn mower has 110cc of power, making it a strong and able machine for getting through long grass and large areas of lawn.

The heavy-duty steel body also means that it can withstand a lot, making it a durable piece of machinery.

Additionally, it comes fully assembled and ready to use, the foldable handle means that it is easier to store in the shed when it is not in use.

The cutting width is an excellent 40cm, providing you with enough cutting width for an even lawn.

It also has five cutting height that are very easy to adjust, and these range between 20 and 75mm for added versatility when mowing the lawn.

The grass collection box also has a capacity of 50L, which means that you should have more than enough space to get your entire garden done.

The Not So Good

The handle folding mechanism can be a little stiff and labour intensive at first.

Features - 
  • Brand : McCulloch
  • Weight : 23.8 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 40cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 50 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This petrol lawn mower comes at a good and reasonable price that most will be able to comfortably afford, and it offers some of the best power levels out there for a mower of its kind.

While the handle folding can be a little difficult at first, it should ease up over time, and this doesn’t take away from its superb cutting ability and diverse heights.

Overall, it makes for one of the best mowers on the market, and it’s ideal for any size garden – so your large one will be just fine.   

2. Webb WERR17P ‘Supreme’ 

Best Petrol Mower with Roller 

Webb is a brilliant brand to go for, and one that produces trustworthy machines to keep your lawn looking great. Many people like to admire a lawn with even stripes, and if this is something you love, then a lawn mower with a rear roller is what you need. You can find out more below.

The Good

This petrol lawn mower features an impressive 500e engine, courtesy of Briggs and Stratton, so you know you are getting a machine that is powerful enough to cope with your lawn.

Additionally, it comes with six cutting heights that can be perfectly adjusted with a single lever.

These heights vary between 23 and 77mm, giving you a clean and versatile cutting range for your lawn.

There are three cutting width options overall – collect, discharge, and mulch – so that you can use the one that is best suited to both your gardening style and the size of your lawn.

The split rear roller also means that you can have a gorgeous looking striped effect when you have finished cutting the grass, leaving your lawn looking absolutely amazing.

The Not So Good

There have been no negative reviews for this petrol lawn mower so far.

Features - 
  • Brand : Webb
  • Weight : 29.5 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 38cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 55 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

The price for this petrol lawn mower may be a little higher than most, but it does have a lot to offer, which makes it well worth the extra expense.

With no negative reviews so far, it really does make for the best model out there when it comes to producing those lovely stripes.

Comfortable to handle and easy to use, this lawn mower has a powerful engine and a versatile range of tools to make for the perfect mowing experience.

3. Mountfield SP414

Best Petrol Mower for Small Gardens  

Small gardens need just as much love as the large ones, and so it is important to invest in a lawn mower that can cope with everything.

This model from Mountfield can do just that, and it comes from a name that you can trust. Take some time to read below and see what you think of this model.

The Good

This self-propelled petrol lawn mower has a powerful 100cc, 4-stroke, engine that should be more than enough to cut your lawn efficiently and with great results.

It is the ideal size for lawns that are either small or medium, and the machine as a whole is comfortable to use and easy to handle.

It’s also economical to run, and can be stored away nicely in the shed when not in use.

The grass box collector has a 40L capacity, which should provide you with more than enough space for all of your cuttings without needing to stop and empty them out.

In total, there are three height adjusters, and using these you can choose from five pre-cut settings that vary between 25mm and 70mm so that you can find the height that works best for you, with great cutting width too.

The Not So Good

Some felt as though it was a little difficult to set up and assemble, and that it took longer than anticipated.

Features - 
  • Brand : Mountfeild
  • Weight : 20 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 38cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 55 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This petrol mower comes at a reasonable price, and makes the perfect mower for small gardens, as well as a powerful choice.

While the assembly and instructions could be a little easier, once you have everything going you will get the hang of it in no time at all.

With a great selection of cutting width and cutting height, and economical running, easy to use grass box it provides an even and affordable way to keep your grass cut and your lawn looking its very best.   

4. Einhell GC-PM

Best Lightweight Petrol Mower 

Einhell is a classic mower brand, and for those who want something lightweight yet durable, this could be the perfect solution.

Robust and ready to go, this lawnmower has everything you need and more – so take some time to read the reviews below and see what you think.

The Good

This self-propelled petrol lawnmower has an excellent engine at 139cc and four-strokes.

This means that is it powerful enough to plough through your lawn, and all without weighing you down. The lightweight build means that it is very comfortable to handle, and that the overall operation is much easier than most models.

It even has a disengage able rear wheel drive for smooth progress overall.

The height adjustments can be operated with one lever, and there are an incredible 9 of them in total, making for a really flexible cutting experience.

These heights range from 30mm to 80mm, and you always have full control. The grass collection box has a 50L capacity, and there is a level indicator that will let you know how full it is getting.

Plus, the handle folds down to save storage space.

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that the wheels could have been better quality, and they would have preferred a rubber alternative.  

Features - 
  • Brand : Einhell 
  • Weight : 18.5 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 40cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 50 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This petrol lawn mower comes at a good price, and one that many customers would find quite reasonable.

While there were a few people who felt that the wheels could have been better quality, it doesn’t take away from the overall results produced by this fantastic machine.

Plus, it is nice and light when compared with other petrol lawn mowers, which is great for those who want a hassle-free way to cut the grass. With so many great features, it really does make for one of the best, with its easy to empy grass box you wont look back.

5. Hyundai 6 inch/40 cm

Best Budget Petrol LawnMower 

The words budget and Hyundai might not seem like they should ever go together, but they really do with this lawnmower.

If you need something that is affordable and yet reliable, this is the perfect one for you. Just read below, and you will see what makes it such a great and budget-friendly choice.

The Good

This petrol lawn mower features a great 99cc engine that will be able to power through the grass in your small to medium sized garden.

It also has a 40cm cutting width and three adjustable cutting heights to keep your lawn looking the way you want it to.

These heights range between 25mm and 75mm, so that you can achieve the desired look with very little effort.

The deck is strong and robust, meaning that it will last longer and is also protected against things like rust and corrosion.

The 40L grass collection provides more than enough space to keep all the grass from your lawn safely away and without you having to stop half way through to empty the grass box.

The handles are soft to grip to reduce fatigue, and the handle folds down for easy storage.

The Not So Good

A couple of customers found that getting it started was a little tricky as it required a specific amount of oil to be poured in.

Our View

This petrol lawnmower doesn’t just come from an excellent brand, it also comes at a budget price, making it a cheap and practical choice.

While there have been a few issues with starting it up for the first time, once you get the oil levels right, you will be speeding away and mowing the lawn in no time at all.

With a series of excellent features, like the versatile cutting width and heights, easy to use grass box, it’s the best way to give your lawn the treatment it deserves at a low and affordable price.                                                                                                                     

Further Models of Petrol LawnMower

Here are some further models of petrol lawnmower, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

6. Mountfield HP41 39cm Petrol Rotary Lawnmower

This is another superb model of petrol lawnmower from Mountfield, and it has a great cutting width of 39cm, which should provide you with more than enough room for the perfect trim.  

It offers five different positions when it comes to the cutting height, and these vary between 25-70mm. The engine has 100cc of power, and it is hand-propelled for ease of use and seamless handling.

The grass collector has a 40L capacity as well, which should provide you with more than enough space to cut your entire lawn. It’s a great little model to go for, and it can be stored away nicely in the shed when you don’t need to use it.

7. Murray EQ400 18" Push Rotary Petrol Mower 

This excellent petrol lawnmower comes at a good price, and is definitely a model to consider whether you have a small or large lawn that’s in need of cutting.

The cutting width is 46cm, and the deck is made from durable steel for increased protection against damage and corrosion. The cutting height, on the other hand, is easy to adjust and there are six positions to choose from that vary between 28mm and 92mm so that you can get your lawn looking absolutely perfect.

While the grass catcher has a 60L capacity that can hold everything from your garden, it also has a rear discharge option if you prefer. With a 125cc engine, it makes for a powerful and reliable option.


Buyers Guide 

How To Buy The Best Petrol Lawnmower

Are you looking to replace your old lawnmower? Are you unsure what type of lawnmower to buy? This guide will help you decide if petrol lawnmowers are right for you.

Lawnmowers are one of the most important tools in a gardener’s arsenal. They are a key component in ensuring that your garden is as healthy and beautiful as it can be. Before buying a petrol lawnmower, consider the following questions:

  • How large is your garden? Is it small or on the larger side?
  • What is your budget? Are you just going to use the lawnmower every now and again or do
  • What is your budget? Are you just going to use the lawnmower every now and again or do you want to invest in a more expensive model?
  • Do you need any extra features? Do you know what extra features you would want?
    This expert guide will help you realise whether a petrol lawnmower is right for you.

What are the benefits of petrol lawn mowers?


Petrol lawnmowers are more powerful than their electrical counterparts. This extra power makes them perfect for trimming larger lawns and gardens.


As they are not connected to any mains by cords, you can use petrol lawnmowers anywhere. Nomatter how large the area, you can use the petrol lawnmower for as long as you need.


Because they are not connected to mains, petrol lawnmowers are often cheaper initially than electric lawnmowers.

What are some drawbacks of petrol lawn mowers?


Petrol lawnmowers are heavy because of the extra fuel inside of them. If you are concerned about the weight, purchasing a self-propelling lawnmower may be best for you.

Hard to start

Starting lawnmowers can be a difficult process. They often have strings that need to be pulled aggressively to get them going. If you are worried that this may be an issue, pick up a lawnmower with a button or lever starting mechanism.


As petrol lawnmowers run on fuel, it is essential to keep an extra canister on hand in case you run out of fuel mid-trim. Remembering to have a spare can be both expensive and inconvenient.

Noise and smell

Petrol lawnmowers are powerful, but in exchange they are also noisy. The burning petrol also means that they have a strong smell when in use.


Just like with cars, petrol lawnmowers need to be serviced. Typically, servicing a petrol lawnmower should occur every year, but people often forget.

What extra features are available?

Petrol lawnmowers can come with some other added features to make trimming the lawn even easier. Some of these extra features are:

  • Self-propulsion
  • Lightweight
  • Compact or easy storage
  • Handle height adjustment
  • Mulching capabilities
  • Side deposit
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Button starting mechanism
  • Lawn edges
  • Cutting width adjustment

How much should I expect to spend on a petrol lawnmower?

The price of a petrol lawnmower can depend on the complexity, brand, and if there are any other features included. Bearing this in mind, the price range for them varies between £350 and £500 each. If you are unsure where to start, consulting a professional and comparing models online is an excellent place to begin.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best petrol lawn mower for you, and the petrol lawnmower reviews have helped to determine which of these is going to be right for your garden, as well as which model is going to provide the best cut and finish.

The petrol lawn mowers featured here come at a great range of prices, so you are sure to find one that suits your budget and won’t leave you without any cash until payday. Each of the models also come from top and trusted brands, allowing you to not only select someone you trust, but also ensuring that you know you are getting something sturdy and reliable to mow the lawn. Whether you go for a McCulloch powerhouse or a durable Hyundai, you are sure to be left impressed.

What did you think of our petrol lawnmower guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.

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