Best One Man Tent for Camping : UK Review Guide

Camping? What is the Best One Man Tent : UK Review Guide 2017

Camping is an activity that truly allows us to feel free, and it is one that can feel particularly rewarding when it is done alone. Sometimes, there is nothing better than the great outdoors and your own company.

However, when you go camping you also need a tent, and if it’s just you, then you don’t necessarily need anything big and fancy. A one man tent can provide you with everything you need, as well as being incredibly light.

That is why we have gathered the best one man tents, along with the relevant one man tent reviews so that you can make the best choice for your next trip.

How to Choose a One Man Tent

Selecting the right one man tent is not always easy. There are a wide variety of tents on the market, all of which have particular features that might make your trip more comfortable.

It can be hard to choose, and that’s why we are here to help. In this section, we look at a couple of the things that can help you choose the best one man tent.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend on your one man tent. The great thing is that because they only fit one person, most of them are actually very cheap. However, there are options for much more expensive models as well if you feel like splashing out on something a little fancier.

Next, you need to determine which type of tent you want. You may be wondering if there is a difference, and the answer is yes. For one man tents, you will tend to find three main types. The frame tent is the most typical, with a triangular shape and a support pole along the top. Easy to pitch, they can be a little heavy.

The second is the pop-up tent. These are the easiest to pitch and are ideal for those who have never put a tent up before. Everything has already been assembled, so all you need to do is unleash the frame. They are not suitable for windy conditions due to their flexibility, however, so bear this in mind.

The third is the dome tent. They are great for windy conditions, and the smaller they are, the sturdier they become. This makes them perfect for those who are looking for a one man tent. You can also get a backpacking tent. These are more complex to construct, but are also very lightweight and easy to pack into your rucksack when you are hiking and camping.

Finally, you need to choose between double skinned and single skinned tent walls. The former tends to be more waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions, as well as better insulated. The latter is often more lightweight, leaves the inside feeling more spacious, and is also lower in terms of price.

Always take the time to read through the reviews before you make your purchase. If you aren’t sure which is best, the reviews from other customers can tell you a lot about the general level of satisfaction others have felt.

This can aid in your decision making and help you with a potentially tricky decision. It’s also important to remember that while the most expensive items are often more reliable, this is not always the case.

Things to Look for

There are one or two things you might want to look out for when you go to purchase a one-man tent. One of these is whether or not the tent is waterproof.

A high rating, such as 1,000mm, means that the tent has a high level of resistance to water, so you will be safe during torrential rain. Make sure you check the rating for the flysheet and groundsheet also, as these can differ.

With a one-man tent, the groundsheet is typically sewn into the walls. This is something you should try and make sure of as it prevents insects and other creatures from rudely awakening you in the night or getting into your supplies. Similarly, a flysheet offers a little extra protection and adds a second layer to the roof and walls of your tent.

Double zips are also something you should take into consideration. They allow you to open the door from top to bottom for a little added ventilation, but it also means that if one set gets stuck, you can use the other to get in and out.

Some tents also come with mesh ventilation to prevent condensation and humidity from building up inside your tent. Make sure to keep an eye out for this feature.

The Advantages of a One Man Tent

Here are some of the advantages of using a one-man tent when you go hiking or camping:

  • Tend to be incredibly lightweight
  • Setting up takes a matter of minutes
  • Makes your hiking pack lighter
  • Comfortable to sleep in (often no need for a sleeping bag)
  • Practical size so you can set up anywhere
  • Tend to have a low price point

All that’s left is to choose the perfect tent for you. Take a look at our one-man tent reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best One Man Tent - Summary Reviews

Snugpak Ionosphere 1 Persons Tent

Best One Man Tent Lightweight for Backpacking 

Best Lightweight for Backpacking – Snugpak

When you are on an adventure, the last thing you want is something that is cumbersome and heavy to carry around with you.

Snugpak has developed an excellent and lightweight tent for you to take with you on your travels, and if you take some time to read below, you might find it’s perfect for you. 

The Good

This lightweight tent is perfect for one person to sleep comfortably at night, and it comes in a deep shade of green for a more rustic and camouflage feel.

It has an excellent and waterproof groundsheet to keep the damp out, as well as all those pesky insects that try to invade at night.

The outer tent is also waterproof, and you will find that the seams are sealed for additional protection. The tent itself keeps a low profile, and is long enough for anyone to sleep in as well as store their gear when it is needed. There is a single point of entry, which comes with a small porch to keep you and your possessions sheltered.

It is small and compact as well, making it a lightweight model of tent to carry with you, as well as one that is quite simple to pack away after you have used it.

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that the pegs that came with the tent were a little weak and flimsy compared to the ones that come with other models. 

Key Features

  • Season: 3-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: N/A
  • Headroom: 89cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
Our View

This tent is available at a good and reasonable price, and in addition to being wonderfully lightweight, it makes the ideal addition to any backpackers check list.

While there have been a few concerns with regards to the quality of the pegs, if you do find yourself worried about whether they are strong enough, alternative pegs are available at a low price.

Overall, however, this tent provides superb protection from the elements and also offers ample space for one person and their gear, meaning that you can have a relaxed and comfortable camping experience.

 Active Era® Large Pop Up Tent

Cheap One-Man Tent

Active Era® Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent

Everyone should be able to enjoy camping, but not everyone can afford an expensive tent.

If you are in search of an option that is gentle on your budget, then leading brand Vango might have just what you have been looking for. Take a moment to read the reviews below and see what you think.

The Good

This tent comes in a brilliant shade of blue that is sure to brighten up your camping trip, and it is incredibly quick and easy to pitch – so you can get settled and stow your gear away as soon as possible.

The material is also breathable, meaning that you won’t wake up to condensation or sweat profusely during the night. There is also a removable flysheet for those slightly chillier nights. The groundsheet is sewn into the tent itself, and it is excellent for keeping both water and unwanted creatures from entering your tent at any time.

The whole thing is waterproof to keep you protected from the elements when the weather turns sour. There is more than enough room for you to sleep comfortably and store your gear, so you can spend the night in warmth and comfort. 

The Not So Good

The poles are a little fragile, and it can take a while to pitch it when compared to other models of tent.

Key Features

  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Polyester/PE
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 48x14cm
  • Headroom:N/A
  • Weight: 1.8kg
Our View

This affordable tent comes at a budget price that anyone can afford for their next camping trip, and it makes the perfect addition to any gear pack.

While there have been some comments about the overall fragility of the poles and the ease of setting it up, as long as you are careful when pitching, you should get used to the process in no time – making future pitching much simpler.

It has enough room for you and your pack to sleep nicely and without feeling claustrophobic, and will also ensure that you are kept nice and dry. It is ideal for spring and summer camping trips.

Vango Soul 100 Beginners 1 Man Camping Tent

Best Value Under £50 - Ideal as a Backpacking Tent

Best Value Under £50 – Vango

Another one from top brand Vango, this tent is one of the best around if you are in search of a tent that costs less than £50 – keeping your camping trip to an affordable budget.

We all know most people head out backpacking on a gap year or atleast finish their job to go travelling so its important to find all the kit on a budget. 

Reliable and sturdy, this tent has everything you need and more – just read on below and see why for yourself.

This nifty little tent comes in a lovely shade of blue that works with every spring or summer camping trip, and it certainly makes the ideal backpacking tents for both of these seasons.
The Good
It has also been designed with new campers in mind, with a simple construction that makes it quite easy to figure out and pitch to save time and frustration. The fibreglass poles are also lighter and make pitching much easier.

There is a separate sleeping compartment that has a special coating to prevent the amount of light that is allowed into the tent so that you can sleep soundly.

Plus, you can keep all of your gear stowed away safely while you rest. The tent itself is waterproof, with the addition of taped seams, so nothing will be able to creep into your tent. It’s also nice and breathable to prevent condensation. 

The Not So Good

There have been no negative reviews for this model of tunnel tent so far.

Key Features

  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 50x20cm
  • Headroom: 90cm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
Our View

This tent is nice and cheap, so you should be able to pick it up without breaking the bank – allowing you to make the most of your camping experience in a tent that is both secure and comfortable.

With no negative reviews from customers just yet, it is certainly one of the best models around, as well as one that can offer full protection against the elements and keep you nice and dry in even the wettest and windiest conditions. 

Lightweight and well-constructed, it is the perfect tent for those who have never gone camping before, and also makes for a truly spacious choice. A great backpacking tent at an even better price.

Terra Nova Light 1 Person Tent

Best  Ultra Lightweight One Man for Cyclists

Best Value Ultra Lightweight One Man – Terra Nova

Terra Nova is an excellent company to choose if you are in search of a tent that is lightweight as well as good value for money.

This tent has all of that combined into one neat little package, and you are sure to be pleased with what it has to offer. Just check out the reviews for all you need to know. 

The Good

This tunnel tent is exceedingly lightweight and compact, making it the perfect choice for those who are backpacking and need something small to take with them like backpacking tents. Despite this, it still makes for a good size tent, and one that will be able to slot both you and your gear inside.

Additionally, it is quick to pitch and only takes a few minutes, so you can get settled and unpack your bag sooner than most.

There is a porch for you to place your muddy boots and clothes so that they are separate from your clean items, and the entire tent is waterproof so that you are protected from the elements throughout the year.

The groundsheet also works to keep moisture out, as well as insects and small creatures, while the tent material is breathable enough to prevent sweating and condensation. 

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that it is better suited to being a 2-season tent as opposed to a 3-season model.

Key Features
  • Season: 3-Season

  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 42x12cm
  • Headroom: 80cm
  • Weight: 0.9kg
Our View

This tunnel tent comes at a good price considering how reliable and sturdy it is, and it can fit one person and their gear very comfortably, which is perfect for cyclists. Plus, the included porch makes for a lovely and very practical additional feature.

While there are some who feel that it should be advertised as a 2-season tent instead of a 3-season model, these views are few and far between, and it can also depend on the conditions you are camping in.

Lightweight, practical, and very easy to pitch, this tent is sure to save you some time, but also work well enough to protect you from the elements.  

Outdoorer mapuera tent Trek Santiago

Great for Festivals 

Great for Festivals – Outdoorer

There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a festival, but one of the most important things you need to pack is a good quality tent to see you through the week (or weekend).

This model from Outdoorer has everything you need, so just take a peek at the reviews and see what you think. 

The Good

This sleek festival tent comes in a bold shade of green that is not only great for the wild weekends, but also a nice colour to take with you on regular camping trips, especially ideal for those out there who are motorcyclists as this easy to travel around with you.

It is really quick and easy to pitch, which is ideal for those who would rather spend their time chilling as opposed to erecting a tent. Plus, it can fit one person and their gear very comfortably, so you have plenty of room to relax.

There are two air vents built into it, ensuring good airflow and also preventing things like condensation from fogging up the inside of your shelter. There is a mesh window for light, but this can be covered up when you go to sleep.

The interior pockets are ideal for placing valuables and other possessions, while the ground sheet (like the rest of the tent) prevents damp from entering.

The Not So Good

Some customers have found that the sleeping area is a little narrower than they expected it to be.

Key Features

  • Season: 3-Season
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 37x12cm
  • Headroom: 80cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
Our View

This tent comes at a very good and affordable price, so any festival goer is sure to be able to afford it for their long weekend away. Plus, it is great throughout the seasons, so you don’t need to worry about the weather getting the better of it.

While there have been some issues with the size of the sleeping area, this seems to only have affected those who are very tall and stocky, so you should be fine if you are of average height and build.

Other than that, it has passed every test with flying colours and is sure to make a delightful addition to your festival packing list. Plus, it’s super light.    

Yellowstone Waterproof Fast Pitch Unisex Outdoor Pop-Up Tent

Quick Pitch Pop-Up Model 

Quick Pitch Pop-Up Model – Yellowstone

A tent that is quick to pitch is often a lifesaver, especially if you have arrived late to your site or you want to spend some extra time relaxing.

Yellowstone is a trusted and reliable brand who are able to bring you exactly what you need. Take some time to read below and see if this is the tent for you.

The Good

This dome tent literally pops up, making it one of the fastest tents to pitch on the market. After a matter of seconds, you will be ready to go and can get started relaxing while everyone else is fiddling with their tents.

Plus, there is an excellent amount of headroom, so you won’t feel like you need to belly crawl across your tent just to get comfortable, and there are four great colours to choose from. There is more than enough room for one person and their gear, so you should have no problem settling in.

The tent itself is waterproof (which is important when camping in the UK), and the seams are taped for some added protection. The groundsheet prevents damp and insects from creeping in, while also remaining lovely and breathable. Afterwards, it all packs up very neatly for transportation.

The Not So Good

The main issue is that this tent is advertised as fitting two people, but it can really only fit one.  

Key Features

  • Season: 2-Season
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 1-Man
  • Groundsheet: Yes
  • Pack Size: 70x70cm
  • Headroom: 95cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
Our View

This pop-up tent comes at a cheap and cheerful price, keeping it in the price range of absolutely anyone who wants to go camping and not waste time pitching.

While it is advertised as a 2-man tent, it can only fit one person and their pack comfortably, so do bear this in mind when you go to buy it.

However, it is true that it only takes a moment to set up, and you will be ready to relax and enjoy your trip in no time at all. Plus, it is wonderfully waterproof to protect you from the elements, and you can rest assured that you will have more than enough space to move around.    

To Conclude

In this guide, we have taken a look at some of the best one-man tents on the market, all of which are sure to suit your camping requirements. Whether you are looking for a model that is suitable for complete beginners, or one that has a little more complexity, you are sure to find it in this carefully selected range.

We even have tents to suit a wide range of budgets here, so you won’t have a problem finding one that fits your price range. Due to the variations in the tents, it is hard to pick which is the best one-man tent, as they all have excellent features. Hopefully, one of these will be the right choice for you.

What did you think of our one-man selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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