Best Neoprene Wellies to Keep Your Feet Warm and Toasty

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If there’s one thing we always need in Britain, it’s a good pair of wellington boots.

Through dog walks, farm work, and festivals, the welly boot keeps our feet dry and (hopefully) warm.

In a country where rain is often the main weather forecast, it’s important that we always have a good and reliable pair of wellies to hand.

What to Look For

When looking for a reliable pair of boots, you will want something that is sturdy, hardwearing, and unlikely to tear quickly.

A Wellington boot that fits well and warms icy toes is often a bonus. Preferably, you’ll be able to wear them all year round and won’t need a pair of winter and summer wellies.

Neoprene wellies are excellent at keeping your feet incredibly warm and very dry in wet and nasty conditions. Here we look through the best neoprene wellies you can buy.

From the expensive and stylish, to the cheap and practical, you’ll find a welly here for every occasion.

Best Neoprene Wellies - Comparison Table 

 Aigle Parcours 2 ISO - Warm for Work

Stylish and French, Aigle is a brand that create durable boots at reasonable prices.

The Parcours 2 are priced at around £110, and provide comfort and flexibility to any walker. Take a look at the reviews for these wellies for walking the dog.

The Good

Waterproof, comfortable, flexible. Three things that the Parcours 2 incorporate into their fantastic design.

The rubber boot has a textile lining that gives a smooth, comfortable fit with an adjustable buckle at the back to ensure your legs fit nicely.

Designed for fatigue-free walking, they are sure to keep your feet going for miles without any pain or discomfort.

Insulated and strong, these Aigle walking wellies also have a gum rubber sole that had brilliant grip and tread for those muddy and slippery days.

These wellies are a masterclass in innovative design. I think they are beautifully made, unbelievably comfortable and extremely durable! The Neoprene lining is immensely useful, and as far as the Wellington boot goes, they are a rather handsome looking pair too.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boot has split or torn after a few months of use. However, this is uncommon. The ankle has also been noted to be a little tight at times.

Our View

The Parcours 2 are a good, comfortable, and practical welly that is ideal for walking the dog and even for general use. With a smooth fit and excellent insulation, these boots offer everything your feet need and even have an adjustable buckle at the back to create the perfect fit.

A generally durable welly, the Parcours 2 from Aigle are worth every penny.

Read Our Full Detailed Review of the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO here

Best for: festivals, farm work, dog walking, general use.


Q: Are the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Correct to size or do I need to go a size up or down?

A:There are very good with the sizing, of course you don't need overly thick socks with these neoprene lined boots, but if you still like the thicker sock, we would suggest to go up 1/2 size, otherwise stick with whatever you usually buy.

Jack Pyke – A Wide Calf Fit

Jack Pyke provides the people of Britain with excellent quality outdoors wear so that you can go on adventures without worrying about leaks and damage to your hiking and camping items.

 Their line of wellies is equally useful, helping you to get through even the muddiest and most slippery areas.

Priced at around £60, these neoprene wellies are sure to keep you warm and toasty.

The Good

The gusset is full length and waterproof, allowing for those with wide calves to slip into the boot easily and comfortably.

The 3mm neoprene lining adds additional comfort as well as a great deal of warmth so that your feet don’t suffer on cold or rainy days.

These waterproof wellies come with an excellent sole that is thick and has superb grip and tread, making them ideal for treacherous situations. They also have a heel kick and generally superior grip, so hiking never has to be an issue.

The Not So Good

There have been several occasions where the boot has torn or split after a few weeks or months of use, allowing water to get in.

 The seam has also worn away relatively quickly for several people, causing the boot to separate.

Our View

The Jack Pyke wellies are great when it comes to finding a warm and waterproof Wellington boot to take hiking with you.

The neoprene lining really gives an added sense of comfort and ensures that icy toes will always remain warm during the winter months.

Ideal for hiking and activities such as fishing, these wellies, while not the most durable, will certainly provide you with comfortable trip if used lightly.

Best for: Men with wide calves, walking, general use.

Hunters – Trusted and Sturdy in Neoprene

Hunters are the most worn wellies in Britain and are considered to be a highly trusted brand.

Their two main models are stylish and comfortable, and provide thousands with a good pair of wellies for a range of activities.

Priced at around £95, the Hunter Balmoral range provides you with a sturdy and reliable boot.

 Ideal for walking, these rubber wellies are sure to keep your feet comfortable and offer them the support they need. Take a look at the reviews for these neoprene wellies for men and women.

The Good

The Balmoral model was made for durability and so this is the perfect Hunter walking welly.

The rubber is thicker than the Originals and it is vulcanised for added strength. The neoprene lining provides comfort and warmth for your feet, keeping them toasty during cold weather.

The sole is made from gum rubber, giving them excellent grip and an equal tread so that slipping over becomes less of a worry for you during excursions.

 They leave enough room for a pair of thick socks if needed, and have a stylish look to match its durable nature.

The Not So Good

The Balmoral boots can, however, be a tight fit around the ankle and toes. There have also been occasions where the boot is not as waterproof as people thought and have found their feet quite wet after walks.

Our View

The Hunter Balmorals are a good boot from a trusted brand that are sure to last you a few years walking the dog and trekking through muddy fields.

A comfortable and stylish fit, this durable rubber boot is sturdy and strong thanks to the thick vulcanised rubber it’s made from.

With good grip and a warm lining, these neoprene Hunter wellies keep you walking through summer and winter without complaint.

Best for dog walking, farm work, and general use.


Q: What are the calf measurements?

A: Thanks for your inquiry.
The calf dimensions are as follows
UK 539-43cm
UK 639-43cm
UK 740-44cm
UK 840-44cm
UK 941-45cm
UK 1042-46cm
UK 1143-47cm
UK 1243-47cm
UK 1344-48cm

Muck Boots – Well Insulated for Added Warmth

Muck boots are a brand that is popular with many people across the country.

Known for their sturdy and reliable boots, they really do ensure that are top quality.

The Muckmaster from Muck Boot is a neoprene welly that is priced at around £70.

With a simple design, this comfortable welly is sure to keep your feet happy so that you can enjoy long days out without sore feet.

The Good

The Muckmasters are a comfortable neoprene welly with a mesh lining for comfort and to allow your feet to breathe.

This means they will stay toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. Easy to slip on and off, these waterproof wellies are ideal for walking and farm work.

The sole is made from gum rubber and has a springy feel to it, making your step lighter.

 It’s thick and has outstanding grip, to the point where hiking in them is not an issue. You really won’t need to worry about muddy weather in these. Well designed with a contoured insole, you won’t want to stop walking in these.

These wellies are something not to miss out on. Out of the box they seemed very well made, although I thought they look bulky and heavy at the time, they do not feel heavy when worn and the bulk is insulation and a solidly constructed sole and heal.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the lining split inside the boot, but this has not happened often. The sizing can be a little off as well so it is recommended to order a size up.

Our View

The Muckmaster is a great and well insulated boot that provides you with warmth and comfort while out walking.

A sturdy boot, it is hard-wearing and sure to last you some time. Ideal for walking the dogs, this neoprene welly is comfy, accessible, and has the best grip possible so that you feel secure in even the worst conditions.

Best for: dog walking, farm work.

Caldene – Sophistication in Neoprene

Tall and sleek, Caldene provide ladies with some of the loveliest neoprene wellies on the market.

If you are looking for a tall, sexy welly, then look no further than these. Priced at around £30, the Westfield boots are very reasonably priced and offer a great deal of style and comfort for your feet.

Take a look at the reviews for these ladies neoprene wellies.

The Good

These rubber wellies have a neoprene lining that has been added to keep your feet warm, but also to provide them with added comfort so that you can withstand long days of standing and walking.

They have a textured and embossed matt finish for a stylish appearance overall, and the gusset is adjustable for those with slightly wide calves.

Steel shanks have been included to support the legs and back and also to increase the durability of the boot.

The soles are thick and made from gum rubber for extra tread and an excellent grip to support you during treacherous conditions.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occurrences where the boot has split after a few months of use, and the toe has come apart easily in this time. It can also be a slightly tight fit around the feet and ankles.

Our View

The Caldene Westfield welly is a good one to go for if you are looking for something practical and generally durable when used frequently.

These waterproof wellies are sure to keep you going through long walks or a day standing up during a festival.

The reinforced shank and gum rubber sole mean that you have all the support you could need, both for your back and your general stability.

Best For: festivals, walking, general use.

Michigan – Affordable in Neoprene

The Michigan waterproof welly is priced at around £27.95, making them one of the more affordable wellies.

They are comfortable, practical, and durable, making them ideal for a number of occasions and uses. They have a good fit and a stylish look.

Take a look at the reviews for these neoprene wellies for men.

The Good

They are inexpensive and have excellent grip on the soles as they are made from thick rubber and moulded for an even better grip in slippery conditions.

They are easy to slip off and on again, so that the foot is generally comfortable and a shoe horn is not required.

The welly is made from neoprene and the lining from the same material, which means that they are incredibly warm during the winter months but will still allow your feet to breathe during the summer to prevent them from overheating and sweating.

They also fit well for those who have wide feet, leaving enough space for it to be comfortable.

The Not So Good

There have been several occasions where the boot has split or torn after a few months of wearing them.

The neoprene lining can also wear quickly if worn extensively. For those who do not have wide feet, the boot can be a little too spacious and cause the foot to move around too much.

Our View

The Michigan waterproof welly is an excellent buy for men looking for good and sturdy wellies that can be worn for a number of uses.

With thick rubber for added protection and comfort, these boots are set to keep your feet dry in rainy weather or whilst walking in bodies of water.

If you are looking for cheap neoprene wellies, then these are the ones to go for.

Best for: cheapest price, wide feet, dog walking, general use.

Bison – Sturdy and Strong in Neoprene

Bison wellies are soft, durable, and incredibly strong – just like the animal they are named after.

These neoprene wellies are sure to offer you the reliability and comfort that you need from a pair of wellies while keeping your feet nice and warm.

Priced at around £30, these boots are sure to give you a good run. Look at the reviews for these neoprene wellies.

The Good

These wellies are made from 5mm neoprene making them comfortable and superbly warm to wear.

They provide flexibility while walking and even running, allowing your feet to move comfortably as the boot is moulded to the foot and leg.

The sole is thick and strong, with an excellent grip and equal tread to help you stay steady when you’re out in bad weather conditions.

The top of the boots folds its way around the calf softly so that you can remain comfortable and still have a watertight welly.

The Not So Good

It has been noted that the boot can be quite a tight fit around the ankle and feet, making them more difficult to slide off and in again.

There have also been a few occasions where the boot has split, but this is uncommon.

Our View

These wellies are comfortable and provide you with a reliable boot that has a comfortable fit. The Bison wellies have a soft feel to them while still retaining their waterproof capabilities.

Their high calf fit gives a snug yet smooth sense of security and helps to protect the legs from water that comes from above.

 A good, sturdy, and reliable boot, the Bison is certainly one to consider when looking for a cheap neoprene welly.

Best for: cheapest price, general use, dog walking, stable work

Bogs – For the Little Neoprene Walkers

Bogs are a brand that pride themselves on creating fantastically designed wellies for children. They come in a range of colours and sizes for children of all ages to enjoy.

The North Hampton kid’s neoprene wellies are solid and durable while providing a warm and comfortable fit to keep little toes toasty during cold and harsh weather.

Priced at around £34, it is a small price to pay for a pair of kids wellies that are going to last them a while in all conditions.

The Good

These neoprene wellies for kids have been comfort tested up to -15 degrees centigrade, meaning they are sure to keep your child’s feet toasty and warm during freezing temperatures.

They are soft and comfortable with a smooth fit, and they are designed to help your child overcome any outdoor challenge that they may face.

The sole is thick and durable, with the gum rubber sole there to ensure the excellent grip and tread prevent your child from slipping over in the mud and ice.

They have handles on the side so that your child and slide them on and off with ease, making them incredibly accessible.

The Not So Good

There have been a few reports that the boot can be a little snug around the calf and feet, causing a slightly tighter fit than expected.

Our View

Bogs are some of the best wellies on the market for kids, and the North Hampton models are just as good.

 These comfortable neoprene wellies ensure that your child has warm and comfortable feet, even in below freezing conditions, so you don’t have to worry about them on long winter walks.

The handles on the side help to give them a sense of independence, and can really help to boost their self-esteem. With an excellent sole and a durable nature, these are the wellies that every adventuring child needs.

Best for: children, puddle jumping, walking, general use.

Le Chameau – Comfort and Style in Neoprene with a Wide Calf Fit

A brand that is growing in recognition, this high-end Wellington boot for men offers a spacious fit and a comfortable experience.

 Made with a neoprene lining, these wellies are able to provide you with warmth on cold days without making your feet sweat in the summer.

Priced at around £250, these boots are on the high end of the price spectrum but they are definitely worth it.

These wellies are made to last you a long time. Just take a look at the review of these neoprene wellies for men (with sizes for women).

The Good

They are incredibly comfortable as well as long lasting and durable. A reliable pair of boots, these are good for walking long distances, and easy to put on and take off.

With 10 calf sizes, these offer wellies for men with wide calves so you don’t have to give up good quality for comfort.

These waterproof wellies have a neoprene lining, and inside is another lining made from leather for added comfort.

They have shank reinforcement for better arch support and have air grip soles for shock absorption. With a two year guarantee on all wellies and lifetime repairs assistance, they clearly have a great deal of confidence in their product.

The Not So Good

They are on the higher end of the price spectrum, and so not in everyone’s price range.

Our View

While these boots are expensive, they are also practical and long lasting. With a two year guarantee and 10 calf sizes, you are sure to have a good experience with what are probably one of the best men’s wellies.

 It’s worth saving up for a pair of boots like these that will last you years instead of months.

The neoprene lining is sure to keep you feeling toasty and warm in the winter, while allowing enough air to let them breathe and stay cool in the summer months.

Best for: festivals, walking, and general use

Nature Bound – Comfortable in Neoprene For Kids

Nature Bound pride themselves in providing kids everywhere with fun and reliable wellies for all of their outdoor adventures.

These neoprene wellies are sure to leave smiles on faces, not only because of their neat design, but also thanks to the comfortable fit and warm interior that they provide them with.

Priced at around £14.99, the Nature Bound wellies for kids are some of the cheapest neoprene wellies you will find.

The Good

These wellies are ideal for cold weather as they contain a 7mm neoprene sock and are 100% waterproof. The thick sock that is attached to the boot provides a great deal of warmth but also keeps your feet comfortable and dry.

The rubber outsole is incredibly tough and moulded to ensure excellent grip and tread for the most adventurous of children.

These comfortable neoprene wellies also have handles on the side, making them easy for children to slide on and off as they are very accessible.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the welly has torn or split, but this is uncommon. There have also been a few reports of the boot being slightly tight around the calf and feet on children with wide calves.

Our View

Nature Bound wellies for kids provide them with a warm, comfortable, and durable boot that is sure to last them some time.

Designed to keep their feet warm in all kinds of weather, these wellies are sure to leave them feeling toasty even on the coldest winter days.

With handles on the sides for easy access and a range of fun designs, these cheap neoprene wellies for kids are sure to have them grinning with delight.

Best for: puddle jumpers, children, walking, festivals, and general use.

To Conclude

Finding the best pair of neoprene wellies can be tough, especially with so many on the market. If you are looking for a pair of wellies that are reliable and durable, then Le Chameau or Aigle are the brands you should be considering.

They are on the higher end of the price scale, but their quality and long-lasting nature make these comfortable neoprene wellies the number one choice for many people.

 Even brands like Hunter with their Balmoral range have a great deal of popularity, despite the price tag.

Brands like Bison and Muck Boot are often on the lower end of the price scale, but they have just as much durability as their more expensive counterparts – sometimes even more.

If you are looking for a good, reliable pair of neoprene wellies, then going for the cheaper options can sometimes be the best way.

Bogs make great wellies for kids, and their neoprene line is no exception. If you have little explorers, then they are going to want these wellies. Regardless of your price range, there is definitely a welly here for you.

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!

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