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The thing that little ones love the most about the rainy weather are the puddles! From big ones to small ones, you’ll often find them splashing around and making mischief and in the end, they’ll end up with wet or muddy feet. So with wellies for kids, they’ll be ready to tackle any puddle or muddy field that they come across in their outdoor adventures.

In this ultimate (yes it's very long)  guide, we highlight the best kids wellies, including models for babies, toddlers and fast growing children. Sit back, grab a cuppa and hope you enjoy. ​

What to Look For

When looking for a reliable pair of boots, you will want something that is sturdy, hardwearing, and unlikely to tear quickly. A Wellington boot that fits well and warms icy toes is often a bonus.

Preferably, you’ll be able to wear them all year round and won’t need a pair of winter and summer wellies. Of course, there are different types for wellies for men and women and this article will focus on the 10 best men’s wellies, and our thoughts on them.

When looking for the best wellies, the main thing is making sure they are waterproof. There is nothing more important than keeping little feet as dry as possible. You’ll want them relatively sturdy, but also easy for them to put on so that they can have the excitement of getting ready for going out themselves.

So whether you are looking something for your child, baby, or toddler, this article will be looking at the best kid’s wellies you can buy.

With fun designs and reasonable prices, these wellies are sure to put a smile on you and your child’s face.

Best Kids Wellies - Comparison Table 

Hunters – For the Little Adventurer

The Hunter is the most popular brand of Wellington boot in the United Kingdom. Worn by hundreds, it is known as a reliable and sturdy make of welly.

They come in a range of unique colours and styles for both kids and adults. Priced at around £40, the Junior Hunter Original offers kid’s wellies that are comfy and let them match their parents.

The Good

These waterproof Hunter wellies for kids are shaped to provide an enhanced fit for children’s feet and legs. The graded leg heights are specially made for growing children to provide further support.

There is a reflective strip on the back for safety when walking, and the range of colours available makes the welly fun for children. They can choose anything from classic green to bright pinks and yellows.

They have a microfiber lining to keep little feet warm, and the sole is thick to allow for extra grip and tread. The Junior Hunter Originals are the perfect wellies for girls and boys who need something practical and fun or want to match their parents.

The Not So Good

These wellies can be a little tight around the calf area as they are quite a slim fit, and so this can be a little uncomfortable. They are not recommended for extensive use as this could cause them to wear and tear, causing leaks. However, this all depends on personal use.

Our View

The Junior Hunter Originals are a great and practical Wellington boot for kids, and they offer style and comfort. Made with growing children in mind, the extra support in the leg is excellent and the sole provides a non-slip boot.

Perfect for keeping little feet warm and dry, these wellies are ideal for adventuring and splashing in puddles. They are also excellent for following mum and dad around on the farm!

Best for: general use, farm work, adventuring.


Q: Are they knee high or short boots?

A: Kneehigh.

Q: I’m sometimes a 4 sometimes a five . Not sure what size I should order ?

A: It is recommended to always go a size up as most people also wear thick socks with their wellies.

Bogs – For the Infant Explorer

Made for the smallest members of the family, the Bogs Infant Classic Choo Choo boots are the perfect thing for keeping your baby’s feet warm and dry.

As a brand, Bogs pride themselves in paying special attention to their kid’s and baby boots to ensure that their feet will be as safe as possible from the elements, because there is nothing worse than having damp and uncomfortable feet.

Priced at around £30, the Choo Choo boots are not only adorable, but reasonably priced and practical.

The Good

With a fun design featuring race cars, these wellies offer fun and practicality. They are waterproof and machine washable, with a cosy plush lining.

Neotech insulation helps to keep little feet warm in the cold, and the soft lining provides a great deal of comfort. Little handles on the sides of the boots make them incredibly easy to slide on and off little feet. A great first welly boot.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where it has been noted that these may be more splash-proof than waterproof, as water has got into the boots before. However, it should be noted that these boots are not intended for a lot of rain walking.

Our View

The Bogs Choo Choo Welly is perfect for exploring puddles for the first time. Made for infants, it’s not expected that they will be playing in them for long, but they will certainly keep their feet dry while they do.

With a range of cute designs available and a soft fleece lining, your little ones are sure to love these fantastic wellies – and the puddles they explore while wearing them!

Best for: puddle-jumping and general use.


Q: Would these be appropriate for nursery? Can they be wiped and how quickly does it dry?

A: In my opinion these are appropriate for nursery. They can be rinsed off and they don't really get soaked, so they dry fast. 100% waterproof, puddle tested

Dunlop – For the Practical Child

If you’re looking for cheap kid’s wellies, then Dunlop is the brand for you. Built on a reputation of durability without the price tag, these are boots that you can buy knowing they are likely to last you quite a while.

A classic brand worn by many, Dunlop is well-known, and their green and tan kid’s boots are excellent. Priced around £10, these wellies are thick, reliable, and long-lasting.

The Good

These wellies are waterproof and made from thick rubber. The sole of the boot is equally thick and has excellent tread, which means a good grip and no slipping and sliding.

While they are strong and thick, they are also very lightweight, so your child won’t be dragging their wellies on their feet. 

They are easy to slide on and off and generally very durable – so they will last a while. Ideal for garden work and general use, these wellies are perfect for splashing, helping with the gardening, and playing outdoors. At a low price, they won’t cost you the earth to buy either.

The Not So Good

These Dunlop wellies for kids are a little wide on the foot, however, which can cause a little looseness. This can make them a little bulky and have the foot move around a lot, but a thick pair of socks can help this a little.

Our View

These cheap kid’s wellies are durable and practical, allowing your child to help out with the gardening as well as play freely outside.

Made to last, these waterproof wellies are sure to keep the little one’s feet warm and dry during wet and muddy conditions so they can enjoy being outside without your worrying.

With excellent grip, and from a reliable brand, Dunlop is the way to go if you are looking for quality at a low price.

Best For: cheapest price and general use.

Kozi Kidz – For the Outdoor Child

Available across most of the world, Kozi Kidz is a brand that is always growing.

With a range of designs and colours that kids just love, these wellies are fantastically designed while still retaining excellent quality and durability. 

With prices around £22.99, the Kozi Kidz fleeced lined wellies for boys and girls offer fun and simple designs while protecting their feet from the wet and cold.

If there’s one thing this company wants for children it’s dry feet, and it seems to be working – just look at the reviews for these kid’s wellies.

The Good

The fleece lining in these fun kid’s wellies goes all the way down to the toe to keep their feet extra toasty during the cold winter months. Designed in Scandinavia, these boots were made for the outdoor child and are incredibly durable as a result.

With thick and soles that have extra grip for slippery conditions, your child will be more than prepared for cold winter months and mud-filled spring weather.

With a drawstring to fasten the boots, your child can make sure that these are as comfortable as possible during their outdoor adventures, and the reflective heel is there to add to their safety when walking.

The Not So Good

The lining on these fleece lined boots from Kozi Kidz is quite thin, however, which may leave little feet feeling a bit chilly.

However, a pair of socks is sure to warm up any cold toes. The calf and feet areas of the boot are also quite wide, so it is definitely worth trying these on before you buy to make sure they are the right fit for your child.

Our View

Kozi Kidz offers a range of fun, durable, and comfortable wellies for kids. With fun designs and soles that really grip, they are sure to spend a lot less time slipping in the mud.

These waterproof wellies are sure to keep your kid’s feet dry and warm while they are out playing, and the fact they were designed to ensure that children stayed warm while playing outside in the cold puts a lot of confidence in the brand. With so many people wearing and loving these wellies, it’s clear they’re doing their job.

Best for: general use and outdoor play.

Joules – For the Little Equestrian

Joules made a name for themselves through their fantastic and high-quality equestrian gear. From jackets to riding boots, they have everything any rider needs.

Now they have wellies for the little equestrians so that they can still be part of the fun when they’re too little to take part fully. Priced at around £21.95, these pink wellies with ponies on them are perfect for girls who want to be up close with the horses.

The Good

The Joules wellies for toddlers are made from rubber and have a cosy lining. They offer comfort and warmth while keeping your toddler’s feet from getting wet and cold. Handcrafted from one piece of rubber, Joules wellies offer durability, unlike many other brands.

The elastic calf on the boot offers a better fit, and they slip on and off easily so there’s no hassle. The sole is thick and sturdy for extra grip in slippery conditions, making them great for puddle splashing and wet weather exploring.

So I loved the design for my litte girl, although I found they were a little shorter than I expected them to be. They fit true to size and a very sturdy boots for kids to run around and jump in muddy puddles.

The Not So Good

The only possible downside to these wellies is that is has been noted that they are a little shorter than expected.

Our View

Joules offer a top quality Wellington boot for kids that is durable and comfortable while offering a fun design. They allow your infants to explore puddles and come on muddy adventures with you, as well as let them feel like part of the equestrian team when they are too small to do so officially.

With such excellent quality, Joules wellies for toddlers are sure to last you as well as keep little feet dry.

Best for: general use and puddle-jumping.

Bogs – For the Older Explorer

The Northampton welly for kids is a boot made for the older explorer. In a range of colours, these wellies are perfect for boys and girls who want something fun and practical to wear.

Adventurer-approved by the children at Bogs, these wellies offer durability and comfort while also giving your child a sense of independence.

Easy handles on the side of the boot make it easy for your child to slide them on and off themselves, making them feel good. The reviews for what can be considered one of the best kid’s wellies says it all.

The Good

These earth-friendly wellies have biotechnology built into them to help fight off unwanted foot odours so that you don’t have to have smelly wellies in the house. They are waterproof and lightweight, while offering an insulated lining for added warmth.

I think these wellies are practical and durable, while the handles on the sides let your child get themselves ready for an afternoon out, giving them a sense of pride. These reliable boots are sure to last your child quite some time, even after jumping in every puddle.

The Not So Good

However, these Bogs wellies do have quite a narrow calf, which can be uncomfortable for some children. As a result, it is suggested you try them on before you buy them to make sure they will be a good fit. There have been cases of the colour fading after a few weeks as well, but not drastically so.

Our View

The Northampton boot from Bogs is comfortable, durable, and fun for your child while giving them a sense of independence. They are lightweight and good at keeping kid’s feet warm and dry in wet weather.

With their odour eliminating elements, you never have to worry about stinky boots again, which is often a great relief. In terms of comfort and reliability, these wellies are one of the best buys for kids.

Best for: General use, wet weather exploration.

Startrite – Fun and Practical

With over 220 years of experience, Startrite has been developing shoes for children with great success.

They always have the child in mind, and there is nothing they want more than to provide them with shoes and wellies that are not only fun to wear but offer great comfort and support – especially as they are always growing.

Priced at around £13.99, the Walkies boots have a great dog and bone pattern that is sure to delight girls and boys alike.

The Good

These cheap kid’s wellies are made from rubber with gum soles to help stop them falling over in the rain and mud.

They are waterproof with a soft fabric lining for comfort and to help keep their toes warm when it’s cold outside. 

They are especially perfect for children with narrow feet, and the fun design on the wellies are sure to bring a smile to their faces. There are handles on the side to make it easy for your little one to slide the boots on themselves, giving them a great sense of independence.

The Not So Good

The lining is not particularly thick in these Startrite Walkies boots and so this can lead to chilly toes. The boots can also be a little tight on the calf.

Our View

The Startrite Walkies wellies for kids are incredibly comfortable and allow them to get themselves ready for a day out, something they are sure to be proud of.

Waterproof, lightweight, and durable, these wellies are perfect for jumping in puddles and helping out with the gardening. With a fun design, they’ll never want to take them off.

Best for: general use, and puddle-jumping.

Le Chameau – For the Practical and Stylish Adventurer

A brand that is growing in recognition, this high-end Wellington boot for men offers a spacious fit and a comfortable experience.

Made with a neoprene lining, these wellies are able to provide you with warmth on cold days without making your feet sweat in the summer.

Priced at around £64.95, these kids’ wellies offer everything that the adult versions of Le Chameau do.

From the comfortable fit to the quality of the boot, these wellies are sure to last your child some time. From shallow puddles to deep ones, these wellies will keep their feet dry in all of them.

The Good

Made from natural rubber, these thick boots are made to last and are incredibly durable. They are made from one piece of rubber as opposed to several parts to create a more solid and sturdy boot.

The cotton lining adds warmth and comfort to keep little feet warm and dry during outings. These handcrafted boots have a buckle on the side to adjust the tightness and fasten the boot to maximise your child’s comfort.

Long-lasting and well made, these wellies are sure to last quite some time. With a two year guarantee on all La Chameau wellies, you can see that they have a deep confidence in their product and its quality.

The Not So Good

They are a little more expensive than most children’s wellies, and so not in everyone’s price range. They can also be a bit of a tight fit around the calves.

Our View

While these boots are expensive, they are also practical and long lasting. With a two year guarantee and 10 calf sizes, you are sure to have a good experience with what are probably one of the best men’s wellies. It’s worth saving up for a pair of boots like these that will last you years instead of months.

These boots are a little pricier than most, but with a fantastic guarantee and the knowledge that these boots were made to last it is worth getting these top quality wellies for kids as they are definitely one of the best buys when it comes to Wellington boots.

Durable, comfortable, and warm, these wellies have everything your child needs to combat cold weather and go on outdoor expeditions.

Best for: general use, gardening, helping on the farm, exploring

Cotswold – For the Princesses

Cotswold is a brand that likes to create durable and long-lasting products that have a little bit of flair to them. Many of their wellies come in great designs, and these are no exception.

These Button Heart wellies for girls are sweet and fun, which is sure to make them love wearing them. Made to be durable and withstand all the hardship that kids put their clothes and shoes through, the Cotswold welly was made to last. The reviews for this children’s welly certainly agree.

The Good

These comfortable wellies feature a fun heart design that is sure to please your little princess. Bright and fun, these rubber wellies are also waterproof and incredibly durable.

With a lining and fit made for the comfort of your child, they are sure never to want to take these wellies off again.

While the buckle is decorative, these offer an excellent fit and so adjustment is not required. They are high on the leg for extra protection from water, especially when puddle-jumping, and so feet are kept warm and dry.

The Not So Good

However, the Cotswold Button Heart boot for children does not have a particularly thick sole. It does not have great grip and so can be a little slippery in muddy and wet conditions.

Our View

These fun and durable wellies are great for days out and playing in the rain. Whether you’re gardening or out for a walk, these wellies have your child prepared to face all kinds of bad weather.

A sturdy and reliable boot at an incredibly low price are sure to have both you and your child smiling. For the fun they are bound to have in these super comfy wellies, it is well worth getting a pair.

Best for: general use and wet weather exploration.

Startrite – Sweet and Practical at a Low Price

With over 220 years of experience, Startrite has been developing shoes for children with great success. They always have the child in mind, and there is nothing they want more than to provide them with shoes and wellies that are not only fun to wear but offer great comfort and support – especially as they are always growing.

Priced at around £15.99, the Girls Blossom boots have a sweet floral pattern that is sure to delight little girls.

The Good

These slip-on wellies for girls have great little handles so that they can slide them on and off easily and independently. This can give them great joy as they can get ready for the day themselves and really impress you. 

They are warm and comfortable with a fabric lining that offers added softness and comfort to the welly. These Startrite rubber boots are waterproof and have a gum sole that is good at gripping and helping to prevent nasty falls in the mud during slippery and wet weather conditions. With a lovely and fun design as well as the comfort of the boot, they are going to want to play in these for hours!

The Not So Good

The lining of the boot can be a little thin which can cause cold toes and feet as a result. There have also been a few occurrences where the lining has come away from the inside of the boot after a few months.

Our View

Startrite is a brand that care about the children and their comfort. These waterproof wellies for girls feature a sweet design and a practical welly.

They are durable and comfortable, making them perfect for outdoor adventures and exploration as well as keeping their feet dry during bad weather. These cheap kid’s wellies are a good all-rounder that are sure to bring your child a lot of fun and joy.

Best for: general use.

To Conclude

Kid’s wellies can be hard to choose. You want something fun so that they are interested, but also practical so that they don’t get wet feet and cold toes.

There are so many brands that want to supply children with great wellies, and while some are more expensive like Le Chameau, they are also long-lasting and incredibly durable.

However, they don’t have the same fun patterns that brands like Bogs have on their wellies, making them stand out a little less.

Of course, it also depends on your child as well and what they like. They might be into plainer designs, in which case boots like Hunter and Kozi Kidz are more than perfect. If they like the fun designs, then Cotswold and Joules provide some really fun and sweet ones on their kid's wellies.

There’s such a large range to choose from, and wellies for children are often so well made that you have less reason to worry about them falling apart.

Which wellies do your children like best? Are there any you think we should have added? Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!