Best Kids Wellies – Babies, Toddlers, and Children’s Wellies

The thing that little ones love the most about the rainy weather is the puddles!

From big ones to small ones, you’ll often find them splashing around and making mischief and in the end, they’ll end up with wet or muddy feet.

So with wellies for kids, they’ll be ready to tackle any puddle or muddy field that they come across in their outdoor adventures.

In this ultimate (yes it’s very long) guide, we highlight the best kids wellies, including models for babies, toddlers and fast-growing children.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and hope you enjoy it.

Best Kids Wellies (UK Models)

1. Hunters Junior Young Hunter Original Wellies

Our Pick For The Little Adventurer

The Junior Hunter Originals are a great and practical Wellington boot for kids, and they offer style and comfort. Made with growing children in mind, the extra support in the leg is excellent and the sole provides a non-slip boot.

Perfect for keeping little feet warm and dry, these wellies are ideal for adventuring and splashing in puddles. They are also excellent for following mum and dad around on the farm!

Best for: general use, farm work, adventuring.

2. Bogs 718661 Infant Classic Choo Choo Dark Green

Our Pick For the Infant Explorer – Suitable for Approx 12 – 18 months

The Bogs Choo Choo Welly is perfect for exploring puddles for the first time. Made for infants, it’s not expected that they will be playing in them for long, but they will certainly keep their feet dry while they do.

With a range of cute designs available and a soft fleece lining, your little ones are sure to love these fantastic wellies – and the puddles they explore while wearing them!

Best for: puddle-jumping and general use.

3. Dunlop Unisex K580011

Our Pick For the Practical Child

These cheap kid’s wellies are durable and practical, allowing your child to help out with the gardening as well as play freely outside.

Made to last, these waterproof wellies are sure to keep the little one’s feet warm and dry during wet and muddy conditions so they can enjoy being outside without your worrying.

With excellent grip, and from a reliable brand, Dunlop is the way to go if you are looking for quality at a low price.

Best For: cheapest price and general use.


4. Hatley Girl’s Printed Wellington Boots

Our Pick For Sweet and Practical at a Low Price

Hatley is a brand that cares about children and their comfort. These waterproof wellies for girls feature a sweet design and a practical welly.

They are durable and comfortable, making them perfect for outdoor adventures and exploration as well as keeping their feet dry during bad weather. These cheap kid’s wellies are a good all-rounder that is sure to bring your child a lot of fun and joy.

Best for general use.

infant dinosour wellies

5. DRECAGE Dinosaur Rain Boots with Pull On

Our Pick for Lightweight and New Walkers

Made for fun, the creative designs on these boots are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face. From dinosaurs to ducks, there are plenty of creatures and colours to choose from.

The drawstring top ensures their feet stay nice and dry in all weather, and they slip on easily for comfort and convenience.

Made from EVA to keep them flexible in all weather, the thick sole also protects the feel while ensuring they remain easy to walk in. 

Best For: Puddle splashing, walking

AMOJI Unisex Kids Rain Boots Shoes Easy-on

6. AMOJI Unisex Kids Rain Boots Shoes Easy-on

Our Pick for Kids Wide Feet

Kids have wide feet too, and these wellies are designed to keep them comfortable while also offering a fun range of colours to keep them happy during those rainy days.

Soft and lightweight, they slip on easily so that you can get started on that winter walk or tending to the garden.

The comfortable interior ensures the foot remains in place and offers good ankle support. Waterproof and with a non-slip sole, adventure is the only way forward for your child. 

Best For: Walking, gardening, wide feet

Aigle Boy's Unisex Kids Giboulée Snow Boots Child

7. Aigle Boy’s Unisex Kids Giboulée Snow Boots Child

Our pick for Winter Warmth

When the cold winter months hit, your kids need to have their feet protected. From top brand, Aigle, these snow boots are lined with soft faux fur that will ensure their toes remain lovely and warm no matter how long you’re out walking.

The drawstring top also ensures you can trap extra heat while on the trail, and the waterproof exterior protects them if the sky opens up unexpectedly.

A sturdy sole protects their feet from sharp debris while also offering extra stability and a good anti-slip tread. 

Best For: Winter, walking, hiking

Crocs Unisex Kid's Handle It Rain Boot

8. Crocs Unisex Kid’s Handle It Rain Boot

Our Pick For Easy on Wellies – Handy Handles

Kids love to do it themselves, and the handles on these wellies from Crocs means that they can do just that. Easy to slide on and off, it gives them the feeling of independence they want and needs in order to thrive.

Waterproof, they are ideal for those rainy days when your kid just wants to splash in the puddles and maybe help out with a spot of gardening.

The sole is also thick enough to offer stability and protection without taking away from the flexibility. With a range of vibrant colours to choose from, every child is sure to feel brighter when wearing these wellies. 

Best For: Puddle splashing, gardening

What to Look For

When looking for a reliable pair of boots, you will want something that is sturdy, hardwearing, and unlikely to tear quickly. A Wellington boot that fits well and warms icy toes is often a bonus.

Preferably, you’ll be able to wear them all year round and won’t need a pair of winter and summer wellies. Of course, there are different types of wellies for men and women and this article will focus on the 10 best men’s wellies and our thoughts on them.

When looking for the best wellies, the main thing is making sure they are waterproof. There is nothing more important than keeping little feet as dry as possible.

You’ll want them relatively sturdy, but also easy for them to put on so that they can have the excitement of getting ready for going out themselves.

So whether you are looking for something for your child, baby, or toddler, this article will be looking at the best kid’s wellies you can buy.

With fun designs and reasonable prices, these wellies are sure to put a smile on you and your child’s face.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should you size up kids’ wellies? 

Nope, you should buy kids’ wellies in the correct size and not the size up. Some people advise buying the size up to save money because their feet grow quickly, but even with thick socks having wellies that are too big can cause your child discomfort. Always buy the correct size. 

Are wellies bad for toddlers’ feet?

Wellies don’t offer any support, so they are not a great option for toddlers’ feet. If they are only wearing them outside to play for a short period of time, there is no harm in it, but for regular walking and running around they need footwear that offers their feet, legs, and back support. 

How do you keep kids feet from getting wet in wellies?

Wellies with drawstring tops or fitted calves are the best way to keep water out when kids are playing in the water, same with wearing long waterproof socks that reach over the top of the boot.

However, kids love to splash and play in puddles so you might find it close to impossible to keep those toes dry. 

To Conclude

There are so many brands that want to supply children with great wellies, and while some are more expensive like Le Chameau, they are also long-lasting and incredibly durable.

However, they don’t have the same fun patterns that brands like Bogs have on their wellies, making them stand out a little less.

Of course, it also depends on your child as well and what they like. They might be into plainer designs, in which case boots like Hunter and Kozi Kidz are more than perfect. If they like the fun designs, then Cotswold and Joules provide some really fun and sweet ones on their kid’s wellies.

There’s such a large range of wellington boots to choose from, and wellies for children are often so well made that you have less reason to worry about them falling apart.

Which wellies do your children like best? Are there any you think we should have added? Leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!