Find Out Why You Need to Get a Lamzac Hangout in Your Life!

Best Inflatable Loungers/Laybags: Lamzac Hangout UK Reviews

Whether it’s camping with friends, chilling at a family barbeque or realize up to watch some fireworks, having somewhere to sit is a must. But what can you buy that is easy and super lightweight to carry, as well as being the most comfortable thing you will sit on?

This article will explore the best inflatable loungers on the market, alongside the top Lamzac hangout reviews, helping you to find one that is perfect for you.

What is a Lamzac?

A Lamzac is an inflatable piece of furniture that can be easily inflated with no extra tools or equipment. The best thing about a Lamzac is that they fold down to practically nothing, meaning no bulky camping chairs, no bulky foot pumps to squeeze into your carry bags.

A Lamzac is easily inflated by opening the side of the Lamzac and swinging it through the air, allowing it to collect and fill up, creating a comfy inflatable air lounger that is perfect for one or sharing with friends.

How to Choose a Lamzac

You want to choose the perfect Lamzac for what you want. Some people will want them when you are out with your friends on the beach, so if that’s your aim then you want to choose a product that is heat and sand resistant, as well as being waterproof, because the last thing you want to do is bring home a soggy piece of furniture as well as half of the beach.

Another brilliant use for them is when attending music festivals or events, as more than one-person can sit on them at any one time, and they are super lightweight. Again, you'll want to think about why you want to use it, and you'll want to think about what you are putting it down on.

Whilst grass may be great for some Lamzacs, if your climbing to the top of a mountain to enjoy the views with a few friends, you may want to pick something with a slightly more hardwearing design.

Some of the products will have things like pockets or sun shades on them, so it's important to think about who is going to be sitting on it. A design that is perfect for one person may not be so good for a group, so make sure you look at the design before you make a final decision, the last thing you want to do is unpack your product and realize it's not perfect.

Best Infatable Loungers Lamzac Hangout - Comparison Table 

Things to Look For

Most importantly, you need to look at what the laybag is made from. Some materials will be more durable and foldable than others. If you're splashing out on an item of furniture that you want to last, then you need to make sure it has the following qualities:

  1. Waterproof: Particularly if you want to take it to the Beach or to the swimming pool! The last thing you want to do is take home a soaking wet product.
  2. Durable: Poor quality fabric will make it easily breakable. It also means you won’t be able to use it on rougher terrain, so make sure you check what it’s made from.
  3. Easy to Pack: Many Lamzacs come with a carry bag that you can easily fold the product down into, but not all of them do. You also need to think about where you are taking it because if you want to take it on Holiday with you-you'll need to make sure you can pack it in with your other essentials.

How to Inflate

The Lamzacs inflating system means that there is no need to carry around bulky equipment. It is a simple process that anyone can do.

Step 1: Unpack your Lamzac from its backpack or carry case and unfold it, making sure that it is stretched out completely before you start the inflation process.

Step 2: Find the opening of the Lamzac and hold it open, making sure it is unblocked and wide enough to collect air.

Step 3: Wave your uninflated Lamzac through the air, for this you may have to run around a bit. Keep going until your Lamzac is at the desired level of inflation.

Step 4: Without letting it deflate, close the opening, roll it tightly and fasten it with the clip. This should keep the air inside, but if it doesn't then make sure you are rolling it tight enough and fastening it correctly.

Step 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy. Remember not to jump or leap onto your Lamzac though, the added pressure and sudden weight change may cause the end to burst, and then you'll need to start the process all over again.

Now all that’s left is for you to choose the perfect Lamzac for you. Take a look at our Lamzac hangout reviews below. 

Best Inflatable Loungers - Summary Reviews

Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 Petrol - Inflatable Loungers Seat

Editors Pick 

The original Lamzac that started it all. Made by Fatboy, who patented the idea, this is the original creation that started it all.

The Good

This lightweight design folds down easily into a small bag, perfect for adventures. The fabric is non-rip, making it ideal for any terrain.

This original design is something that can be used by an individual or shared with friends and family. It provides comfort and style as well as removing any need to carry bulky items around.

The Not So Good

Whilst the Fatboy is the brand that started it all, they can be a little pricey. Ranging anywhere from £70-£85 this brand may be out of reach for some. The price may seem a little steep, but the quality of the product should make it worthwhile.

Features - 
  • Brand : FatBoy
  • Material : Nylon
  • Weight Holds : 200kg
  • Size: 200 x 50 x 90 cm
Our View

This is the original product that started the craze, and it deserves some respect. This product comes in one size with an easy to carry bag. The fabric is perfect for beach trips, even when the sand is scorching hot as well as your back garden or even on concrete.

This product has it all, but the only thing that could really put people off is the price, but if you pay it, you’ll be paying it for a long lasting and good quality product.

Inflatable Lounger Sofa by Backture

Ideal for Picnics

This version of the Lamzac, created with fun and relaxation in mind. Perfect for beach outings with friends.

The Good

This design looks similar to the original designs, but they have added small designs to make this Lamzac more individual and unique. Pockets have been added, allowing items to be stored while you lounge.

This is perfect for keeping your sunscreen in whilst lounging at the beach, or keeping snacks in for lazy days in the Garden.

This Lamzac also comes in two different designs, allowing you to pick the perfect one for your needs.

The Not So Good

This lounger is affordable and customizable, making it perfect for families and friends. However, the material it is made from may be cause for concern.

Rather than a non-tear fabric, it boasts to be made from a plastic and fabric mix. This may still be perfect for days at the beach or festivals, but if you want to use it on more rough and rocky terrain then this Lamzac may not be for you.

Features - 
  • Brand : Backture
  • Material : 210D high density oxford
  • Weight Holds : 500lbs
  • Size: 200 x 50 x 90 cm
Our View

This version of the original Lamzac is a much more affordable option for those who want to enjoy comfort as well as adventures. The side pockets are a great addition, making it more personal and customizable.

Whilst it boasts pictures of people enjoying it in the swimming pool these claims haven’t been 100% proven, so make sure you do more research if this is what you intend to use it for.


Q: Can anyone tell me how long these stay inflated for, as I've just bought one and it seems to go down pretty quickly, even though I fully inflated it.

A: Mine stays up for an hour or two before it needs topping up. Try rolling over the seal one more time. 

Waitiee waterproof portable Inflatable Sofa

Ideal for the Garden 

This Lamzac is designed with comfort in mind. The design creates a comfy pillow for you to enjoy when relaxing with friends.

The Good

This interesting design allows for extra comfort with the addition of a neck pillow. This makes it a fantastic product for people looking to lounge on it for a long time.

This Lamzac has been built for comfort in mind, but there is also practicality behind the design. This product has a waterproof layer, making it ideal for beach and pool days.

The waterproof film means that the outside will be easily shaken out and cleaned, but you won’t have to worry about water or sand and grit getting to the inside of your product.

The Not So Good

Whilst this product looks lovely on paper there are a couple of flaws to it. The pillow means that whilst it provides comfort for one, it is not ideal for people to share. The pillow takes up space for people to sit, so if you are looking for a product to share then maybe this isn’t the one for you.

The pillow can also be tricky to inflate to a good comfort, making it a little bit trickier to get perfect, so you’ll need to bear in mind that it may be harder to inflate than others.

Features - 
  • Brand : Jingou
  • Material : Nylon
  • Weight Holds : 330 - 440 lbs
  • Size: 75 x 20 inches
Our View

This comfortable laybag looks great for relaxing by the pool, and the waterproof lining will stop the insides getting soaked with water. However, the design does say that it is prone to deflation over longer periods of time so if you want to use it for a long time then you may have to keep adding air to it to keep it comfy.

Alternative Best Inflatable Loungers/Laybags

Here are some other Lamzac models, in case the ones listed above did not suit your needs.

BeauTrip Inflatable Air Lounger

This lovely version of the Lamzac is designed for the adventurer at heart. It folds down comfortably, is easy to inflate and has an extra strong design, perfect for using it on rocky terrains.

Unlike some over versions, this Lamzac actually can float on water, so if you’re looking for something perfect for the pool then this is the one for you.

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Sun Shade Cover

This dark coloured inflatable air bed is perfect for lounging on the beach. The sun cover is designed to keep your face in the shade whilst you pursue the perfect full body tan.

However, unlike other designs there is no dip in the middle to keep you secure and comfortable whilst lying on it, so it may be difficult to get comfortable when you catch those rays.

Other brands to look for are Layzee, Kaisr and Lazango. These brands can all provide fully tested and affordable Lamzacs for you to consider.

To Conclude

Hopefully, you have managed to find the best inflatable lounger for you. Lamzacs are an easy and fun way to keep comfortable when out on adventures with family and friends.

These inflatable loungers make the perfect family product, or even just for you and your friends to enjoy and there are plenty of models out there that will suit your needs. So, don’t carry around heavy chairs or settle with a towel on the floor, when this super lightweight product is waiting to be enjoyed.

What did you think of our best Lamzac selection? Are there any that you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments below.