5 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Review & Jump in And Relax


Quick Summary

We all want that sparkle of luxury and comfort in our lives. To hang out with our friends and family, or to enjoy by ourselves after a stressful day, there is nothing better than having your own slice of heaven that you can create for yourself.

Nothing screams of fun times and relaxing breaks than a hot tub, and while they may seem as though they are reserved solely for the rich and famous, there are actually other options that are just as good. 

With best inflatable hot tubs, you’ll be able to create your own five-star feeling right in your own home, without the constant hassle and upkeep of an expensive hot tub.

With so many different types of hot tub vying for your attention, it can be hard to know where to look. In order to help you find the best inflatable hot tub, we have created this guide to compile all of the relevant inflatable hot tubs reviews in one place, allowing you to find the perfect match.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best inflatable hot tub

Beat Inflatable Hot Tub - Summary Review

1. MSPA Luxury Alpine 

Best Hot Tub for Winter  

Whoever said that hot tubs are just for the summertime? Dipping into a relaxing hot tubs in the middle of the colder months is one of life’s most satisfying things. 

If you are someone who is looking for a fantastic hot tubs that they can use in the winter, keep reading below for more info. 

The Good

MSPA Luxury Alpine inflatable hot tub is a premium luxury tub to fight back the chill. Able to fit six people into it without a problem, this hot tub has air jets that both warm and relax the muscles in your body.

The control panel that comes with this product enables you to control how the hot tubs inflatable spa, how hot it becomes, and how strong you would like the air jets to be.

The safety buckle allows the hot tubs to remain stable, and makes it unable to tip over by the weather or by people. Best of all, because of the specially designed PVC interior and exterior layer, the heat from the water sinks into the material of the tub, allowing you to keep in the heat and keep out the cold.

The Not So Good

Some customers have noticed that it can be a tight squeeze for more than six people, or for people who are quite tall. However, overall, many people have enjoyed this product, and have had no technical problems with it.

Our View

This inflatable hot tub is the perfect thing you need to fight back the winter weather. Not only because of its high-quality heating system, but because of its ability to soothe your muscles as well as keep you warm.

This is a perfect product for people who want something to fight back the shivers or the winter stiffness, or who simply want to have a great get together in the winter. Overall, it really is one of the best models out there.

2. Intex Octagonal Pure Spa

Best Hot Tub for Spa Days  

Sometimes, you’ve got to treat yourself to a little pampering. We all want to be whisked away to a spa and enjoy ourselves, so why not bring the spa to your home?

If you’re someone who wants to show themselves a little appreciation, check out this review to see if this is the inflatable tub for you.

The Good

This tub is the best home spa that you can get. The built-in hard water treatment filters out all of the irritants in the water, allowing those with even the most sensitive skin to enjoy their hot tubs experience.

There is a simple to use control panel, so that you can adjust the heating system to exactly how you like it without the fuss of complicated buttons or dials.

Best of all, this hot tub comes with its own chlorine dispenser, which allows you to enjoy your tub without worrying about any unwanted bacteria – something that really bothers most people when they are sharing the water with others, this water treatment system is essential to keep away hard water. This tub offers a fresh, clean, and relaxing experience.

The Not So Good

Some customers think that this tub would be better if it could fit more people rather than the maximum capacity of four. However, it’s mostly because the experience is so good that they want to share it with more people.

Our View

This tub is perfect for people who know how to relax in style, and it comes at a very good price. With a simple heating system, a comfortable frame, and a long-lasting lifespan, this is a product that will make a relaxing addition to your home.

We all want a place where we can unwind, and this inflatable tub is just the place for it. No matter your age, once you buy this tub, you won’t regret it.

3. Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa

Best Hot Tubs for The Money  

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting in the lap of luxury without having to worry about how much you have to spend. Have a look at the reviews below to see if this is the inflatable tub that suits your budget.

This inflatable tub has everything that makes for a fantastic party, whether alone or with friends, which is part of what makes it such a good choice for those who like to host regularly.
The Good

Able to sit a maximum of six people, this hot tub is easily assembled and disassembled, making it portable and extremely easy to store.

With its own inbuilt jet massage system, and a step by step heat controlling system, this is an inflatable tub that can provide relaxation almost anywhere it goes, so you are guaranteed a great experience every time you go to set it up. It is a reasonably priced, no-nonsense product, that does exactly what it says on the tin. You must learn to look after the water and a water treatment system is essential to keep the water safe.

Whether you want to take it to a party, or simply want to heat up the garden, this is a very cost-effective option for you.
The Not So Good

Some customers have found that the material for this tub can be susceptible to jostling, so it is best not used for young children without supervision. However, when cared for properly, this tub can last a surprisingly long time. 

Our View

These inflatable tubs are perfect for people who are frequently on the move, or for someone who wants to relax with a budget. The portable nature of this inflatable tub can ensure that it can be enjoyed all over, especially because it is so easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Further Models of Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Here are some other types of inflatable tub for you to take a look at, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

4. Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Hot Tub

This hot tub gives you all of the benefits of an expensive hot tub, without all of the hassle. Easy to assemble in a pinch, this hot tub can seat up to six people and is the perfect size for a garden or patio.

Able to heat up to 40C, this is a hot tub that can hit that perfect spot between relaxing and hot. The jet system is made to relax and entertain you, ensuring that this hot tub is a perfect selection for friends and family alike.

5. Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED lights

This hot tub heats up quickly, allowing you to jump straight in and get warm. The 87 inbuilt air jets will help your body relax, as well as generate a cloud of bubbles that you can sink yourself into.

Best of all, these inflatable tubs are built with LED lights and an adjustable, waterproof lining. That way, you’ll not only have a hot tub that makes a gathering more fun, but a hot tub that can light up and impress those around you. You must learn to look after the water and a water treatment system is essential to keep the water safe.

This is a perfect choice for people looking for a no-stress inflatable tub, or who enjoy a late night soak.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Are you on the market for a new hot tub? Do you want an alternative to the permanent solid fixtures? This guide will help you decide whether an inflatable tub is best for you.

Having a hot tub can seem like an unattainable goal for many people. Many often think of wooden or hard plastic models that are permanent and expensive garden features. However, there is a cheaper and more convenient alternative; inflatable tubs. Before buying a new hot tub, consider these questions:

  • How large is your garden? Can you fit a fully inflated hot tub in it?
  • Will you be using the hot tub at night? Do you need LED lights installed?
  • Where will you put it? What area makes the most sense?

This handy guide will help you decide which ne is best for your needs.

Before you buy

Before buying a new hot tub for your garden, there are some steps that need to be taken. These steps are:

  • Check the number of people your desired hot tub can take and if you have room for it when fully filled and inflated
  • If you want to place your hot tub in a raised place like a deck, check the floorboards are not rotten and can hold that amount of weight (a common hot tub weight is around a metric tonne)
  • Get the right cleaning chemicals. They do not always come with the tub, so read the label and consider buying a maintenance repair kit

Hydro-jets vs air jets

What type of jet is included has a huge effect on the price and experience of each hot tub. Hydro-jets are powerful and push the heated water around, making for an incredible experience. However, hydro jets are also expensive. A cheaper and just as luxurious alternative to hydro jets is air jets, which provide a jacuzzi style experience.

What types are available?


A standard hot tub with no added features is the most common and cheapest type of model available. Their features often cannot be controlled and just have one setting. Standard models can seat anywhere between 2 and 15 people at once.

Energy efficient

If you want to conserve energy and save money, an energy efficient inflatable tub may be perfect for you. Some run on solar power or green energy while others conserve energy.

Hydro jet

Hydro jet inflatable hot tubs push water in controlled streams to provide a relaxing spa style experience. The jets are efficient and powerful but also expensive.

Air jets

Air jet inflatable hot tubs push air instead of water in streams to provide a jacuzzi style experience. They are not quite as powerful as hydro jet ones, but they are often more affordable.

What extra features are available?

If you want to make your hot tub an even more enjoyable experience, you may want to consider buying a model with extra built-in features. Some of these features include:

  • LED lights
  • MP3 or Bluetooth player
  • Customizable amount of jets
  • Tray and drink storage
  • Controllable features

How much can I expect to pay for an inflatable tub?

Inflatable hot tubs are often cheaper than their wooden or hard plastic counterparts. That being said, inflatable hot tubs often cost between £30 and £1,000 each. In this case, the phrase you get what you paid for rings true. If you are unsure where to start, try asking a professional or start looking at £100 and £500 models. Looking in store allows you to see each model in person while buying online allows you to compare reviews and prices to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best inflatable hot tub for you, and that the inflatable tub reviews have helped you to figure out which one will bring the best out of your home.

Whether you are looking for a model that expands once in use and packs away tightly, or one you can transport it easily, there is something here that is perfect for you. There are even different sizes so that you can choose the one that is going to be able to best accommodate both you and you’re your guests.

Additionally, there are models at a variety of prices, so one of these inflatable hot tubs are sure to slot nicely into your budget. What did you think of our inflatable tub guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.