Navboard Fit4home Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Hoverboard Review

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Navboard Fit4home Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Hoverboard Review

Hoverboards are the latest and greatest craze in self-propelled transportation, and they are anything but a trend that will soon die out. Since their mainstream release a couple of years back, they have continued to grow and advance into truly formidable machines that really can get you from A to B efficiently. Plus, they are pretty darn stylish.

Fit4home is a good brand when it comes to fun, and handy tech for getting you up and active, and the Navboard is just one of their great contraptions. It’s good to know which brands are reliable, especially with recent surges in Chinese counterfeits that have proved to be unsafe and unreliable.

This particular board comes from a company that you can trust, and as an avid fan of Hoverboards and everything they stand for, you can be sure that I was eager to get on this one and test it out. 

When I was riding this, I was pretty pleased with the outcome, and I can’t say I was expecting too much when compared to some of the other boards I have tried out. There is a load of good qualities possessed by this board, as well as some that I feel could be improved.

Overall, it’s a great buy, and you can find out more by taking the time to keep scrolling down and reading my Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard review.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Navboard Fit4home

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Around £262


Many boards aren’t marketed to those under the age of 8, but this one is, and it is the ideal board for kids and adults alike. Made to be sturdy and with excellent balance, it makes for a model that Hoverboard enthusiasts of all experience levels are sure to love. Plus, it comes with excellent features and accessories that make it a serious must-have.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Features


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for ages 7 and up 
  • Sold wheels 
  • LED headlights for evening rides 
  • Battery level indicator 
  • Good battery life 
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Short charging period
  • Indoor and outdoor use 


  • It’s quite heavy 
  • Does not go as fast as other models 

Presenting the Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard 

The Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard is the perfect model for those who want to get started with a board, as well as those who need something that has superb balance and stability to get them up and running. While it is also great for expert riders to use, the fact that it can be used by younger kids means that the entire family can get involved.

If you need a Hoverboard that goes a little faster than most, this might not be the one for you. The speed offered by the Navboard Fit4home is relatively restricted, and will leave you going at a slower pace than you might enjoy.

The Bluefin range of Hoverboards is able to go at faster speeds and may be more appealing in these cases. However, if you don’t mind a steady pace, the Navboard is ideal.

Features and Benefits 

Power and Design 

The Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard has a solid build and design, leaving you with a snazzy and modern board that will really look stylish. Plus, the gloss finish gives it the kind of shine you don’t really see anywhere else.

It comes in a range of colours as well, including black, red, white, gold, and blue – so you will be spoiled for choice when you go to pick the perfect one for you. The wheels are 6.5 inches in diameter, providing a good and sturdy build that will keep you going smoothly.

They are also thick for durability, and the 250w motor is built into them to provide that much-needed power boost from the moment you step on. As a result, it manages to move at decent speeds, which is something we will look at a little later.

Fit4home Navboard Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Howerboard

When the battery starts to run low, you also benefit from an LED power indicator that will let you know it needs to be charged. You can also use it to check the power levels at any point, keeping you updated so that you have a good idea of how much time is remaining.

In addition to the battery meter, there is also a set of LED headlights on the front of the Hoverboard, ensuring that you have better visibility during evening or night time rides, and so that others can see you approaching clearly. Plus, the Navboard Fit4home has been tested and passed all CE and UL safety standards.

It uses smart software to create automatic balance readjustment, managing the power, and also correcting the speed when necessary. This helps to create a smoother and more stable experience for you.

It should also be noted that the casing is watertight, which means that droplets and moisture will not be able to get in and damage the internal components.

Most Hoverboards are marketed to ages 8 and above, but the Navboard Fit4home is suitable for those who are as young as 7 – something you rarely see with these devices. It makes it a more family-friendly option, and is also safe enough for the younger ones to learn to ride on; which is reassuring.


Q: Does it flash and beep to tell you the battery is low?

A: Yes it does flash and beep when the battery is low. It also vibrates when trying to use it when the battery is too low so it's very easy to determine when it needs to go on charge.

Speed and Balance

The Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard can reach top speeds of 10kph (or 6mph), which is pretty good if you want to move at a good and steady pace. While there are models out there that will move faster, this is perfect for those who want to get used to riding the board, but also for children who need something a little slower.

Like pretty much every Hoverboard, this one is self-balancing for excellent stability – which means you only need to focus on standing up straight and keeping good posture while you ride.

Additionally, it comes with top quality gyro-tech to calculate velocity and angles accurately, even allowing you to perform 360-degree turns whenever you want. There is even anti-fall technology installed to further improve your stability while you are gliding along.

The weight capacity is better than most, with a maximum weight of 120kg so that pretty much everyone can have the chance to test it out. The minimum weight is around 10-20kg so that it can actually sense you are on the board, so it is fine for kids to hop on and have a go too.

Fit4home Navboard Self Balancing Two Wheel Scooter Howerboard

Battery Life and Charge Time

The battery for the Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard can last for up to four hours, which makes it a pretty good option to go for if you want to zoom around for an extended period of time. It also utilizes smart power options to save energy and ensure that your battery is not run down completely when left idle.

This also helps to prolong the battery life overall, which is perfect for when you need an emergency energy boost. The charge time is only two hours if you want a full battery, but it can live with 60 minutes if you are in a bit of a rush.

Once it has finished, it will stop charging automatically to keep you safe and prevent a surge – which is beneficial both to you and the longevity of the battery. It’s an excellent additional feature that takes some of the pressure off you.

Weight and Transportation 

The whole board weighs in at 10lg, which is quite heavy; especially if your child wants to carry it around. However, with good quality Hoverboards, the additional weight should be expected because of the parts and components that make it as powerful as it is.

This model does come with a branded bag for transportation, so you can take it around with you in a much easier (and more stylish) manner. The handles also offer more even weight distribution, so taking it from place to place is an easier and more comfortable experience.  

To Conclude

We hope that our Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard review has given you a better idea of what this board can offer, and whether or not it is suited to your home and family. It is the perfect model for kids and adults alike, with a sturdy and stable construction that ensures people of all ages are able to remain upright and get the hang of things in no time.

It also has great safety features, as well as handy extras like the battery indicator and the LED headlights. There is so much good stuff to say about it, and did we mention that it can be used indoors and outdoors? Like all Hoverboards, there are a couple of things I would like to note – one of which is the fact that it is quite a heavy model.

While this is to be expected from a good quality Hoverboard, and it does come with a case to make things easier, it is an aspect that should be noted when you start to think about transporting it.

Additionally, the speed is quite a bit slower than other boards on the market, and while this is good for very early beginners, it does take a little of the thrill out. When I take all of this into account, I have to say that I would reward this fun and nifty board a respectable 4/5.

What did you think of our Navboard Fit4home Hoverboard review? Do you agree with our thoughts, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.