Hoverboard FAQ – All Your Questions About Hoverboards Answered

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Hoverboard FAQ – All Your Questions About Hoverboards Answered

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are portable transportation devices that have two wheels and run on electricity.

While the name formerly referred to the levitating skateboards featured in Back to the Future II, it now speaks of this wheeled device, and it has become one of the biggest technological crazes ever, and self-propelled technology has not been quite the same since. 

They work a lot like powered skateboards, and are made up of a platform for the rider, two wheels (one on each end), and a massive lithium-ion battery.

Who Invented the Hoverboard? 

This is a contested issue, as it really depends on the type of Hoverboard you are talking about. As we are referring to the wheeled form, Shane Chen is the inventor that deserves all the credit.

He created the first working Hoverboard with the company Hovertrax, receiving a full patent for it in 2014. While he has full rights to this specific form of Hoverboard, many copycats have surfaced, and he is battling against them in court even now. 

How Does a Hoverboard Work?

So, how do Hoverboards actually work? It’s a question that is not answered enough, but we give you a good understanding of how this technological wonder comes together quite nicely.

The very basics are that it is a board where the rider is able to remain upright while being propelled forwards.

The Hoverboard itself consists of a number of key parts, which are as follows:

  • Gyroscope: Adjusts the tilt of the hoverboard to maintain balance.
  • Microprocessors: These tiny processors regulate the power output to the wheels.
  • Battery: Stores the electrical power for your scooter. This is usually a high-watt lithium battery.
  • Motor: Provides the power to the wheels to keep the rider balanced and upright.

When put together, these components are able to work to provide the perfect amount of power, as well as manage the overall tilt to keep you standing straight while you are moving.

Additionally, it maintains a controlled speed. The user stands on the platform between the wheels, adjusting the speed and balance by using weight distribution.

Are Hoverboards Legal in the UK?

It is legal to own and ride a Hoverboard in the UK, but there are restrictions for doing so. Unfortunately, despite their popularity, it is illegal to ride Hoverboards on public roads and pavements, and you could end up with a fine if you get caught.

Of course, many people ride them anyway, but it is important to be aware of the risks.

Where to Buy a Hoverboard?

There are quite a few places where you can purchase a Hoverboard. A number of online retailers, like Amazon, carry reputable brands at good prices. Similarly, you can visit the official websites of companies like Segway to pick one up.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pick one up physically, there are some retailers located in the UK that you can go into.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost?

The price of a Hoverboard varies. There are some that you can pick up for around £100, some that are in excess of £800, and others that are in the middle.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Take to Charge? 

This tends to depend on the brand that you have purchased. While some can take a mere 60-90 minutes, most will take around three hours to be fully charged.

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Hoverboard? 

Once again, this is something that is different for each brand. Some of the cheaper models will only last 60 minutes, whereas the better quality ones can go for a good four hours or more.

How to Ride a Hoverboard?

So, how do you actually ride Hoverboard? Here is our quick guide so that you can get the basics:

1: Place your Hoverboard in front of you on an even surface.

2: Step onto the Hoverboard with one foot. Be careful, as the board will begin to move when it detects pressure.

3: Place the other foot on the board (dismount in the same fashion).

4: Position your feet as far apart as possible so that you have more control. Then, stand up straight and keep your eyes forward. Relax, and concentrate on standing normally.

5: To move forward and backwards, lean very slightly in the desired direction without moving your waist. The majority of movement should always be in your ankles.

6: To turn, push your toes forward. Example: to turn left, push down your right toes. To turn right, push down your left toes.

How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go?

Most Hoverboards go between six and ten miles per hour, although there are some models that can go all the way up to 12 miles per hour.

What is a Segway? 

This is the name of a specific product, and one of the most noticeable things about the classic Segway is that it is incredibly heavy (50kg and above), and also has a handle for stability.

Of course, there are now Segway Hoverboards as well, and these are much lighter and more portable in comparison. There are a number of different manufacturers for Hoverboards, including Segway, giving you a wide range of choices.