Bluefin Classic Hoverboard Product Review

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Bluefin Classic Hoverboard Product Review

You may have heard of Hoverboards, which made their debut in the public eye through the hit film Back to the Future II. While we don’t have the levitating skateboards we’ve been dreaming of for the past 30 or so years, we do have an awesome version with wheels that will let you zoom around in style.

Bluefin is one of the most popular brands on Hoverboard on the market, and as a result, they have become known as trusted and reliable. With so many fake boards on the market that are unsafe to use, it is essential that you select a company you can trust when you pick yours up.

I love Hoverboards, and am happy to try out as many as I can get my hands on, so after hearing great reviews about the Bluefin Classic, I decided it was high time I got one of my own. I can tell you now that this is one of my favourite boards, and I can easily see myself upgrading it in the future to one of the all-terrain models that you can get. 

Honestly, it exceeded my expectations and was packed with so many cool features and additions that I was not quite sure what to do with myself. Before I spoil the whole thing for you, take a moment to relax and read more about why the Bluefin Classic Segway Hoverboard is right for you.

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Product Name:

​Bluefin Classic Segway

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Around £249


If you are looking for a Hoverboard that is sleek, stylish, and reliable, this is the place to be. Gliding around on this will make you the envy of all your friends and colleagues, especially if you rock up to work on one. Packed full of extra features that make your ride cooler and way safer, you won’t regret picking this model up.

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Primary Features:

  • Safe and tested by an accredited UK test centre
  • Genuine battery from leading company Samsung
  • Great accessories and components 
  • Good weight support
  • Can be used by ages 8 and up 
  • Indoor and outdoor use 
  • Lifetime support 
  • 12-month warranty

Presenting the Bluefin Classic Segway

The Bluefin Classic Segway is the ideal Hoverboard for those who want something that is easy to use and get set up, making for an accessible way to enter the world of self-propelled transportation. It’s sturdy and reliable, with great weight support and extra features that many other boards on the market simply don’t possess.

Even expert riders can benefit from this model. However, if you are in need of a Hoverboard that can travel across all terrains without an issue, the Bluefin Classic Segway may not be the right one for you.

The Bluefin Slick All-Terrain has thicker wheels and can travel across absolutely any surface without issue. The wheels are also larger, providing a smoother ride across rough surfaces. Otherwise, the Classic is sure to be a great fit.

Features and Benefits 

Power and Design 

The Bluefin Classic Segway has a really sleek design, and is available in a range of colours so that you can pick the one that suits you best. It comes in black, blue, white, and red, each of which is widely available.

The entire appearance is smooth, with the wheels placed nicely either side and in a way that they merge with the rest of the board so that they are not sticking out. The tyres themselves are solid and measure 6.5 inches, ensuring an even ride across flat surfaces that won’t cause any bumps or issues.

As a result, the tyres also make this model suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. If you want something with much larger wheels, you will find that they are inflatable instead. The motor is 350 watts, which provides an excellent amount of power – allowing it to travel at fantastic speeds (which is something we will look at in the next section).

This is also part of the reason why it is able to go on for so long, which is another feature we will explore in one of the following sections. Alongside this, you also have the gyro-sensors that have been built into it, which are able to detect velocity and rotational angle for the smoothest possible ride experience.

Bluefin Classic Segway

The Bluetooth speakers that are built into the Bluefin Classic Segway mean that you can listen to your favourite tunes while you glide from place to place, blasting out top hits as you go. It’s perfect for riding on private land, or even listening to on your way to work. 

It adds a bit of fun, and the sound quality is so good that it may just blow your mind. From a safety point of view, I should note that this board is fully UL and CE safety approved and tested, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to wondering if they are safe to ride. 

Plus, this model sports excellent LED lights on the front, which makes riding in the evening a lot safer, and also ensures that you have maximum visibility. The key fob unit is great, and as this board is suitable for anyone that is aged eight and over, it can also make the kids feel like they truly own their very own vehicle. 

It ensures the board is locked, so it can’t be stolen easily, improving security and meaning that you don’t need to worry too much about leaving it unattended at work. Of course, it’s not recommended to do so, but the keys certainly help.


Q: Do the bluefin classic hooverboards have built in Bluetooth speakers?

A: Yes - all Bluefin Hoverboards come with Built-in Speakers and Carry Bag as standard.

Speed and Balance

The speed is excellent, with the board going between 10 and 15kmh (or 6-10mph), and this is an impressive amount when compared to many of the other boards on the market. The amount of weight on the board can be altered by the amount of weight on the board, but this tends to have a minimal effect.

The board itself can withstand weights of 20-100kg, and there are some models with larger wheels and builds that can take weights of up to 120kg if this is required.

Again, when this is compared to other Hoverboards on the market, the Bluefin Classic Segway comes out on top in terms of weight capacity, with very few matching its capabilities while retaining the same speeds and standards.

It is a self-balanced board, which means you do not need to worry too much about keeping yourself steady while you ride. You just have to concentrate on standing straight and keeping good posture for the best possible control. It is also very easy to get on and step off again, which is part of what makes it great for kids and adults alike to use.

Bluefin Classic Segway

Battery Life and Charge Time

The battery life for the Bluefin Classic Segway is incredibly impressive, as you can keep going for between four and six hours at a time – which is perfect for those who like to use their Hoverboards across long distances or need it for commutes.

Many boards do not offer this amount of ride time, and that is part of why I found this model to be so impressive. The charging period is equally great, as it only needs two hours before it has become fully charged and is ready to go again.

The cable provided is a good length, and it plugs into the mains for convenience. Everything wraps up nicely when the charging period is over, leaving it neat and tidy for next time.

Weight and Transportation 

The Hoverboard itself weighs 10kg, which is quite heavy and certainly too much for a young child to carry on their own. However, for the quality parts and components that make this machine to reliable and last so long, a bit of extra weight is to be expected.

To make things easier, it comes with a really nice and padded carry bag so that you can transport it effectively, with a set of handles that helps distribute the weight in a more even manner.

To Conclude

Hopefully, our Bluefin Classic Segway Hoverboard review has helped you to decide if it is the right one for you, or your family. With great speeds and weight limits, as well as safety and security features (like the LED lights), it has a lot to offer you that other brands and models simply cannot.

It goes at fantastic speeds, and can be used both indoors and outdoors without issue. Easy to use and start moving around on, it is the ideal model for all ages, but also those of varying experiences – so beginners and experts alike can benefit.

Of course, no model is perfect, and the Bluefin Classic Segway is included in that. It is incredibly heavy, and this can be off-putting for some. Although, on the other hand, it does come with a great case to transport it in and make the process an easier one.

The only other niggle I found was that if you use it outside (flat surfaces only with this model, remember), it does need a silicone casing, which can be bought separately, if you want to avoid scuffs and scratches. Taking everything into account, both good and bad, I am more than happy to award this model a 5/5.

What did you think of our Bluefin Classic Segway review? Do you agree with our thoughts, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.