Hot Hands – The Ultimate Handwarmer Buyer’s Guide

What are The Best Hand Warmers? : Ultimate Buyers Guide

With the cold winter months finally coming in, icy hands are likely to start becoming the norm for all of us. Regardless of what you are doing, cold hands can be pretty inconvenient as well as really uncomfortable. One of the best solutions (alongside a good pair of gloves) is a handwarmer.

Easy to use, they get your hands wonderfully toasty in a matter of seconds, so you can go about your day without numb fingers. Of course, you want the best handwarmers on the market, and that is why we have put this guide together to help you find just that. Take a look and see if one of these appeals to you.

Types of Handwarmer

There are a number of different types of handwarmer, and everyone has different preferences when it comes to picking the right one. Here are the main types of handwarmer you are likely to find.

The first is the reusable handwarmer. These are great for those who want something that will last throughout the winter, and maybe even for a few years after. They can be a little more expensive than a disposable one, but they do last longer.

Usually, when the heat has been exhausted you simply need to drop it in a pot of boiling water for ten minutes. However, it will differ from brand to brand, so make sure you read the instructions carefully.

Charcoal is another option, and one that not everyone has heard of. While charcoal handwarmers may seem a little odd, they can keep your hands warm for anywhere between one and 18 hours – depending on the brand you buy and the size of the handwarmer. They come in both reusable and disposable formats, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Electric handwarmers are relatively popular, and these tend to be powered by batteries or a rechargeable USB stick. They can last for a few hours, and will keep your hands nice and warm while they are on. The charge time varies from brand to brand, but they typically only take a short period of time to fully charge so that you can use them again.

Finally, you have the classic gel hand warmer. It’s probably the most well-known type and can come in both disposable and reusable forms. These tend to come with a metal disc in the centre of the handwarmer, and to activate it you just need to bend it until the disc makes a popping sound.

This activates the gel and heats the warmer up to keep your hands toasty. Like the reusable type, you can often put these into boiling water in order to use it again. 

How Handwarmers Can be Used

There are a number of different ways that you can use handwarmers, and some of them are pretty inventive. Here are some of the ways in which you can use your handwarmers.

Hiking in the autumn and winter months can leave you feeling pretty chilly, and cold hands lead to numb fingers. Warming them up is sure to make your trip more enjoyable, especially if you have one that lasts a few hours.

If you get caught in the rain or just want warm feet before you head off, you can also use a handwarmer to heat up your socks before you head off, or to dry them after a rainstorm.

They can also be used for camping trips, both to warm up your hands and your sleeping bag. If you stick a couple of handwarmers in your sleeping bag before you go to bed, you will end up with a cosy and toasty place to spend the night.

Similarly, when you go skiing it’s a great piece of it to have to keep your hands warm while you are out in the snow, but also the perfect way to warm up the bed before you go to sleep.

Golf is a game that can be played at any time of year, but that doesn’t mean you don’t end up chilly when you are playing in the winter. A good handwarmer is an ideal way to give yourself a little bit of a heat boost so that you can keep playing in your best form. The same goes for fishing, which can leave you feeling very cold as it’s quite a stationary activity.

If you find yourself with muscle aches or backaches, particularly when skiing or hiking, a handwarmer can also be the perfect solution. By placing them in the painful area, you can help to relax the muscles and relieve the tension, taking away most (or all) of the pain you are experiencing.

Now that we have taken you through all of the key information with regards to handwarmers, you can take a look at the reviews below to see if there is one here that is perfect for you. 

Zippo Handwarmer

Zippo is a leading lighter brand, and their handwarmer is just as good in terms of quality and reliability. If you are looking for a good quality fuel powered handwarmer, this could be perfect for you. Take a look at the reviews below and see for yourself.

The Good
This handwarmer has a really sleek design that looks good and replicates a classic Zippo lighter case. It’s really easy to fill up and comes with a cup so that you can fill it with lighter fluid without making a mess.

Plus, it is really lightweight and easy to carry around with you – making it ideal for outdoor activities and cold winter days.

It can burn for between six and 12 hours, depending on how much fluid you put in it, and all without producing much of an odour (if any at all). It has no flame either, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself or it becoming a fire hazard. Additionally, it is reusable and comes with a fleece bag to keep it safe.

The Not So Good
Some customers have found it a little tricky to fill up and get started when they first go to use it.

Our View
This handwarmer comes at a very reasonable price and from a brand that has an excellent reputation. While some have had a little trouble with filling it up and getting it started, it becomes much easier once you get used to it.

With an excellent burn time, it makes the perfect way to keep your hands (and socks) warm while you are out and about, or simply at home and feeling cold.



Q: Does the hand warmer come already filled with lighter fluid, or do I need to buy my own?

A: Sorry to say but you will have to buy your own. Most supermarkets sell it in the kiosk. 

HotHands Handwarmer

If you prefer disposable handwarmers, then this pack from HotHands might just be what you were looking for. Take a look below and see if this could be the ideal handwarmer for you this coming winter.

The Good
These disposable handwarmers come in a pack of five pairs (10 handwarmers), so you can keep your hands warm for longer.

Each pair of gel warmers stays toasty for up to ten hours, providing you with all the heat you need for whatever activity you are taking part in.

They come ready to use, and will fit perfectly in your hand, gloves, or even the pocket of your coat. The fact that they come in pairs also means that there is one for each hand, so you can stay warm in even the chilliest British weather. 

The Not So Good
They can take a little while to heat up, and some have found that they cool down faster than anticipated.

Our View
These cheap handwarmers come in a great multipack so that you can keep your hands warmer for longer. The fact that they come in pairs also means that you can ensure both hands are equally warm at all times.

While there have been a couple of issues with the heating and cooling times, these are generally excellent handwarmers that come at an even better price.

Peacock Handwarmer

From the famous Japanese brand, this handwarmer could be the perfect solution for your numb and cold hands this winter. Have a peek below and see if this is going to suit your needs once the cold weather hits.

The Good
This handwarmer has a stylish design that is sure to suit your style. With the appearance of a classic lighter, the smooth design is just the tip of the iceberg. It has a portable size that makes it ideal for transporting around with you, whether it’s in your car or the pocket of your coat.

It runs on lighter fluid, and all you need is a match to ignite it. Despite this, it is a flameless handwarmer, and it will keep your hands nice and toasty for up to 12 hours, depending on how much fluid you fill it up with. 

The Not So Good
The instructions are in Japanese, which some have found frustrating.

Our View
This affordable model of handwarmer is great for those that want something cool and stylish to keep their fingers warm on cold days. While the instructions are in Japanese, it is not hard to understand how to get it working, so it should not present too much of an issue. At a good price, this is a handwarmer that you will want to add to your collection.

Further Handwarmer Models

Here are some additional handwarmers for you to take a look at, just in case the ones above didn’t quite suit your needs.

Whitby Handwarmer

Whitby Handwarmer

This handwarmer uses petrol lighter fuel to keep your hands warm for between six and 12 hours, depending on how much you fill it up.

It has a lifetime of up to 90 burns before you need to fill it back up, and it uses a flameless catalytic warmer.

With a protective fleece bag and a filling cup, your hands will never be cold again, making it ideal for trips out fishing, hiking, camping, and even mountaineering.

Apache – Comfortable and Reliable

HotRox Electronic Handwarmer

This electric handwarmer only takes 15 seconds to heat up, and you can choose between a medium or high heat setting, depending on how cold your hands are.

The included battery can be recharged up to 500 times before it starts to lose its charge retention, which is incredible.

It can last for up to six hours, providing you with enough heat to rid yourself of numb fingers. Plus, the charge time is only two hours, and it comes with a USB lead so that you can charge it wherever you are.

To Conclude

Hopefully, one of these models has presented itself as one of the best handwarmers when you were browsing through. With winter just around the corner, now is the time to get stocked up with everything you need to stay at a comfortable temperature during the cold weather.

Of course, selecting the top model from the ones listed here is not an easy task, but we highly recommend anything created by Zippo. Regardless of our view, however, we are sure that you will find something perfect for you here.

What did you think of our handwarmer guide? Are there any models or brands that you would have liked to see listed here? We love hearing from you, so let us know in the comments below.