Best Manual Hand Push Mower [ Review UK ]

Quick Summary

It’s important to keep your lawn maintained and in good condition. After all, you can’t enjoy your garden if the grass is nearly as tall as you are. To keep on top of things, you need a mower, but it doesn’t have to be fuelled by electricity or petrol.

The hand manual lawn mowers may seem like a thing of the past, but it can actually be much more effective and efficient – not to mention way better for the environment.

best hand push mower review

In this day and age, we have to think about our impact on the planet, and push lawn mowers are not exhausting to use.

In order to help you find a manual lawn mower, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant push mower reviews in one place, so you can one that works for you and your lawn.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the hand push mower

1. Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Lawn Mowers

Best Manual Push Mower 

Bosch is a big brand, and whether you need power tools or home appliances, they are sure to provide you with something excellent. Have a look at the reviews below to see if this is the perfect mower for you.

The Good

This manual lawn mowers come in a classic Bosch green, so it will match any other equipment you own that was made by them.

It is lightweight, weighing only seven kilos, making it easy to move around the garden so that you can reach every inch of your lawn without much effort. Plus, there is no noise, perfect for those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The cylinder of blades ensures a smooth and accurate cut that is not dissimilar to that of scissors. The rear roller even allows you to create stripes on your lawn if you are feeling a little creative and adventurous.

The finished cut is always at a healthy height, and it even keeps stability right up to the edges of your lawn. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have found that the grass catcher can move around a bit, which can be a little inconvenient.

Features - 
  • Brand : Bosch
  • Weight : 10 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 38cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 25 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This mower is ideal for those who want something that is reliable and works well. It is a little on the pricey side, but well worth the expense for a fantastically smooth and accurate cut. While the grass catcher can be a little loose, the mower itself does a fantastic job and even allows for the creation of stripes in your lawn. A great product that comes with a superb list of features from a trusted brand.


Q: How do you alter the height of cut?

A: Adjusting spring loaded adjusters on each side allows the rotary blade to lower towards the lower knife edge. The actual chassis of the mower can be moved to bring it closer to the ground to alter the height of cut though. This is done by allowing the front rollers to swing up and down relative to the chassis. 

2. Webb WEH12R Rear Roller Hand Mower

Best Hand Push Cylinder LawnMower 

Webb is a good and reliable brand, especially when it comes to gardening gear and equipment. If you are looking for a cylinder manual lawn mowers, then this could be the one for you. Have a read below and see if it works for you.

The Good

This hand push lawnmower has a sleek and modern design that won’t take up too much space in your shed. The handles are comfortable and easy to hold, providing you with a good grip so that you can push it across your lawn with very little effort. It has a robust and sturdy build, making it a durable gear.

The mower itself is 5-bladed, and they are made of hardened steel cylinders that promise a smooth and even cut.

The included rear roller gives you the opportunity to leave stripes on your lawn – which is great if you want to get a little creative. Additionally, the grass catcher on the back is quite large, ideal for big mowing jobs. 

The Not So Good

Some customers have found that the lawn mower can be a little heavy when it comes to handling and moving.

Features - 
  • Brand : Webb
  • Weight : 11.1 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 13mm - 23.5mm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 18 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This cylinder push lawnmower makes a great option for those who want something that has been priced reasonably and is going to do a good job. While it can be a little heavy to use, it is still a fantastic model that will provide you with some serious results.

With a load of great features on your lawn mower, like the rear roller, you will have a lawn that looks just the way you want it in no time, and with no noise.

3. Wolf-Garten 30cm Cylinder WPCM Hand Mower

Best Hand Push Cylinder LawnMower 

With another great brand on the list, you will be spoiled for choice with this manual lawn mower from Wolf-Garten. If you are looking for a reliable and good quality piece of gardening gear, have a read below and see if this one captures your attention.

The Good

This lawn mower comes in a brilliant shade of orange, and is the perfect size for storing in your shed when it is not in use.

Plus, it will leave you with plenty of space to move stuff around and store other bits of kit that you need for your garden. The handle is comfortable to hold, making the task of cutting grass a little easier for you.

The 5-bladed cylinder is made from carbon steel, leaving you with an improved cut in terms of quality and finish – as well as a longer life for the blades.

Plus, there is a rear roller for those who are feeling a little creative. With a large grass collection bag and the promise of a lightweight model, it’s a manual lawn mower that has a lot to offer. 

The Not So Good

The instructions for assembly were a little tricky, and the grass container can be slightly loose when you are mowing the lawn.

Features - 
  • Brand : Wolf-Garten
  • Weight : 9.4 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 10 - 40mm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 15 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This manual lawn mower comes at a reasonable price, and one that can fit into most budgets. If you are looking for a lawn mower that is kind to the environment, as well as silent and reliable, you might have found that right here. While the grass collector can be a little loose, and the instructions not as simple as they could be, it still makes for a superb model that you are sure to be impressed by.

Further Models of Hand Push Lawn Mower

Here are some further models of hand push lawnmower, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements

4. AL-KO Soft Touch Hand Lawn mower

This manual lawn mower has a really lightweight build, but it’s still incredibly robust, so you know it can deal with being roughed around a little. It is superb quality, with a 5-blade mowing cylinder for a precise and accurate cut.

Despite all of this, it is easy to handle and is very gentle on the lawn. Best of all, it produces zero emissions and also comes with a warranty that lasts two years. At a very low and reasonable price, it will fit in nicely with most budgets.

5. Fiskars 113880 Momentum Reel Mower

This mower comes with a cool design and a lightweight build, making it really easy to handle when you mow your lawn. Plus, it can be stored away in your shed with ease, leaving you with plenty of space for other items.

The handle is padded and ergonomic for a comfortable grip, as well as well as adjustable, so you can ensure that it works with your height.

It is quiet and clean, as well as efficient when it comes to cutting grass. Additionally, it won’t put up too much of a fight in very long grass.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Top Push Mower

Hand push lawn mowers are perfect for people with large or small gardens. What type of push lawn mower is best for your garden? This expert guide will help you decide.

Lawn mowers are essential for any homeowner with a garden. Whether it is dining al fresco or having a snowball fight, keeping your garden healthy all year around for your family is important. A manual lawn mower is more environmentally conscious tool to trim lawns that is far from old fashioned. Some things to consider when choosing a new manual lawn mower include:

  • What is the size of your garden? Is your garden small, medium, or on the larger side?
  • How level is your garden? Is it flat or are there small hills or steep slopes to consider?
  • How strong are you? Would you be happy pushing a non-motorised manual lawn mower or would you prefer a little motorised assistance?

This guide will help you decide what type of manual lawn mower is best for your needs.

What Types Of Hand Push Mowers Are There?

Push Behind Mowers

Also known as a walk behind mower, push behind mowers have an engine and take a little more effort to manoeuvre. Because of this, push behind mowers are better for small, flat gardens. These mowers have a simplistic design that does not break as often as more complex models.

Reel Mower

Low fuss yards could benefit from a reel mower. Reel mowers have no engine, making them more environmentally friendly, quiet and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Reel mowers cut closer than motorised versions of push behind mowers. These mowers do not work well with expensive gardens or rolling terrain.

Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are better suited to smaller gardens as they have an electric cord. Much like vacuum cleaners, there is only so much space that can be covered thanks to the plugged-in cord. Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly than gas ones, they are not built to cut deeply; cutting the lawn more often is recommended. There are cordless and cord models available to choose from.

Self-Propelled Mower

Better for hilled and sloping gardens, self-propelled lawn mowers have an engine that will help you push it up and down hills. Some models have adjustable speeds for you to control your speed over uneven ground. Self-propelled lawn mowers are better for large and hilled gardens rather than small and flat ones.

Whats Included

Push Behind Mowers

Reel Mower

Electric Mowers

Self-Propelled Mower


small and flat gardens

Low fuss yards

Smaller gardens

Hilled and sloping gardens


No petrol funds, no wires

Enviromently freindly, inexpensive

more environmentally friendly than gas ones

Easy to use as has an engine


Harder to use

dont work well with rolling terrain

Restricted as needs to be plugged in

Needs petrol so will cost more



2-3 kg

2-4 kg 

2-4 kg


£150 - £250

£50 - 


£200 - £400

£500 - £900

What extra features are available?

Hand pushed lawn mowers are not just able to cut grass. Modern models have extra features to make your life and gardening routine easier. Some features include:

  • Front wheel drive – ideal for flat gardens with many obstacles
  • Rear wheel drive – best for gardens with many uphill and sidehill plots
  • Multi-functional
  • Deck levers
  • Ground speed controllers
  • Transmissions
  • Various rear engine sizes
  • Various rear wheel sizes
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • No oil changes
  • Vertical storage design
  • Wash-out fittings
  • Wide cut lawn mowers
  • Electric walk lawn mowers
  • Blade-brake clutch
  • Front caster wheels
  • Power-assisted reverse

How much do I need to spend on a push lawn mower?

How much a model is does not necessarily correlate with its quality, but it can be a good indicator. The complexity of the push lawn mower, its brand, and whether it has extra features or not all have an impact on the model’s price.

The lowest price for any model is roughly £50, but the prices are usually higher. As reel mowers are the simplest and require the least maintenance, they have a price point of roughly £100 to £200 maximum. The next most expensive is usually push behind mowers due to their engine and simple design. A push behind mower are often £150 to £250 pounds.

Hiking up the price are electric mowers, which can cost anywhere between £200 and £400. Finally, self-propelled mowers often cost anywhere between £500 and £900 because of their high-tech motor system and complex design.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best hand mower to help you get your lawn looking perfect. With so many different ones to choose from, it is hard to select one to be featured as the best of the bunch.

However, we highly recommend the Bosch hand push lawn mower due to its reliability and excellent cutting power. Of course, if you are not entirely impressed, there are plenty of other models to look at that come at a variety of price, so you are sure you are to find one that works brilliantly for you.

What did you think of our hand push lawn mower guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.