Best Gardening Wellies: Discover the Top 10 for Men and Women

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Gardening season is upon us, and the one thing everyone needs in order to properly take care of their garden is a good pair of wellies. Protecting you from nettles and puddles, welly boots are the ideal guardian for your feet and are sure to keep them safe from garden nasties – including the odd glass and nails.

What to Look For

When you are searching for wellies to use in the garden, there are little things that help separate the wheat from the chaff. For starters, you want a pair of boots that are sturdy and unlikely to tear easily. After all, the garden is slippery and there are plenty of things to get snagged on. 

As gardening is something you have to do throughout the year, keeping warm in the winter can be a nice bonus. However your ideal boot is one that can be worn in summer and winter so that you don't have to switch over seasonally (unless you like to have seasonal boots). The clog style welly can be a nice choice because they slide on and off like a pair of shoes, but with the Wellington feel.

The best buy gardening wellies are here and waiting for you. There's something for everyone in the selection below, so what are you waiting for? Go find your dream boots.

Best Gardening Wellies - Comparison Table 

 A Good All-Round Welly

1. Hunter Men's Tall Black

We all love a good Hunter welly. They are one of the most popular brands, and it's not hard to see why once you get them on your feet. 

They come in all sort of colours as well, adding a little personality. Some of these shades are quite outlandish and fun, with others being totally unique to the brand. 

If we're talking about the most popular and widely used Hunter welly, it has to be the Original. It's a tall and strong boot, with a warm lining and a guarantee to keep feet happy. 

Handcrafted with love, why not see if these are going to be right for your long days gardening? 

The Good

Lightweight and waterproof, you'll be walking on air when you slip these on your feet. The comfortable and moulded fit means you will hardly notice they are on. The rubber material makes for maximum protection from nettles and hidden nasties in your garden while you get it ready for the spring and summer growths.

The soft microfiber lining in the boot leaves the inside feeling a lot warmer than most. Not to mention the added comfort that comes with it. The soles of the boots have a good grip, and slippery garden patios won't be able to knock you over anytime soon. 

The Not So Good

They can be a little tight around the feet and ankles, so those who have wider feet might want to keep this in mind. 

Our View

They are a little pricey, but when you think about the fact they have been designed to last longer, it makes sense to spend a little extra. They are a reliable brand, and the boots themselves are exceptionally comfortable. 

These wellies are great gardening companions, and they are sure to keep your feet nice and dry in even the wettest weather. 

Best for: gardening, general use.


Q: Can men wear these?

A: As the item is listed as Unisex, men should be able to wear them.

 For the Chic Gardener

2. Barbour Womens Black

Barbour is a fantastic brand, and while they may be known for their wax jackets, it's about time their wellies got equal attention. 

These gardening welly boots for women are excellent quality, and perfect for pruning roses or planting new life. The Setter boots are one of the best lines Barbour offer, and for a good price. 

Warm and comfortable to wear, the Setter welly is a stylish and attractive in its appearance while retaining its practicality.

Have a look at the reviews for these gardening wellies. They are also a mid-calf gardening welly, making them great for those with wider calves.

The Good

These rubber wellies are waterproof and made to combat bad conditions, perfect for the hard-core gardener. Made from vulcanised rubber, they are touch and durable to protect your feet from sharp garden debris.

The textile lining adds a softness and warmth to the overall comfort of the boot. These gardening wellies for women have and easy slip on design and are made to be breathable for hot weather.

The thick sole provides a strong grip and tread, and this will help to prevent you from slipping over in the wet. Spring and winter gardening will no longer be a challenge. 

The Not So Good

There has been the odd complaint about leaks and lack of waterproofing, but these are fairly uncommon and usually resolved quite quickly. 

Our View

The Setter welly from Barbour makes a comfortable gardening welly that can be worn beyond its purposes outside weeding.

A sturdy and generally reliable boot, they offer style and comfort that go perfectly with the brand and what they stand for. At an affordable price, these wellies are sure to help you on your way to making your garden truly beautiful.

Best for: wide calves, gardening, general use.

 Gardening Made Fun

3. Joules Welly Print

Joules are a brand known for their equestrian gear and boots. Of course, every rider needs a pair of wellies for stable work and general field walking.

Their welly boot range is incredibly diverse, and the pattered wellies for women are sure to make great gardening boots with prices starting at around £30.

The Good

The Joules welly for men is exceedingly comfortable, making it ideal for long walks.

The neoprene lining provides insulation to keep your feet warm in the winter, but having just a lining allows for your feet to breathe in the summer months – making them comfortable gardening wellies.

It is just one solid rubber boot and not made from pieces stuck together like most other brands. This really adds to its durability.

The sole is thick and the tread is excellent, so walking through the mud in your garden is not a problem. Joules have a lot of faith in their product as the wellies also have a 12 month guarantee so if they split they will refund or replace immediately.

The Not So Good

Probably the only downside to this Wellington boot is the fact that they can be quite hard to get on and off. They are a little tight around the feet and ankles which can make it a bit of a struggle.

Our View

The Joules pattered Wellington boot for women is probably the best value for money boots that you will find. With hardly any reports of splits and leaks these boots are durable, long lasting, and ideal for a range of activities.

Perfect for the garden, they are sure to keep you safe as you wade through nettles to make way for your flowers.

Best for: gardening and general use.


Q: How high are the boots up your leg ?

A: They measure 42cms from top of wellie(rim) to the bottom of the heel. They would come a little higher than cheap brands

 Well Insulated for Added Warmth

4. MuckBoots Daily Garden Shoe

Muck Boots are a brand that is growing in popularity. Who can blame them? Thy have a superb range of boots and clogs that can be used in a number of different scenarios. 

This gardening shoe from Muck Boots is a little different in all the best ways. Reasonably priced, it's worth taking a look at. 

The Good

The first thing you'll notice about these is that they look more like shoes than anything. They are cheap gardening wellies with a twist, but they don't compromise on quality. They have a ribbed outsole that stops you from spreading mud when you walk, and the waterproof rubber is exceptionally easy to clean. 

The top of the shoe is made from stretchfit material, meaning that it gently seals the space between the boot and your foot to prevent plant debris and other junk from slipping in. Lightweight and comfortable, they are easy to move around in. They are also nice and durable to keep your gardening game strong for years to come. 

The Not So Good

Some customers found that the sizing came up a little small, making them a tight fit. It is recommended to go one bigger when you pick these clogs up. 

Our View

This garden shoe, or clog, from Muck Boot is a great little gardening welly that will ensure comfort and support throughout the day. You'll be able to go for hours without stopping with these on your feet. 

Weeding the plant boxes will ever quite be the same when you invest in a pair of Mucks, and these little clogs are the unlikely saviour for many gardeners of all generations. 

Best for: gardening.

 Cheap and Reliable

5. Dunlop Unisex Adults

If you’re looking for a cheap welly for men, then the Dunlop Dane might just be the boot for you. As a brand, Dunlop has always maintained that you can have the lasting quality without the massive price tag.

They are made from a flexible rubber, and the Dane offers the basic necessities of the Wellington boot – comfortable and waterproof. Priced at around £15, it might be worth taking a look at these boots.

The Good

The price is exceptionally low, so they won't end up breaking the bank. 

They tend to have a wider top which makes room for those who have wider calves, something that many of the more expensive brands often forget about.

The soles of these boots have excellent grip and tread due to the thick rubber soles. They are also lovely and cushy, making them well suited to long hours of work in the garden. The overall durability of the boot is rarely matched by anything else within this price bracket, making them a strong choice. 

The Not So Good

These boots are not insulated, and so you need to wear a thick pair of socks in colder weather. If you don't, you could end up with some seriously cold toes.

Our View

These wellington boots are super comfortable, and they will make sure you keep your feet dry when you are gardening.

In fact, it could be said that these are the best gardening wellies for men; especially as they will stop you from slipping over in the mud. The addition of their low price also means that you can use and abuse them as much as you want without worrying too much about the cost of replacement; not that they'll be needing it anytime soon. 

Best For: cheapest price and gardening.

 For the Little Gardeners

6. Briers Kids Wellies

Part of the wonder of the wonder and magic of being a child is the garden. It becomes anything you want it to be; a vast desert or an unforgiving jungle. 

The imagination needs to be nurtured, and while the kids are helping you with the gardening. These are really affordable, with a sweet pattern that every child is sure to love. 

Sure to fuel their excitement, these are some of the best gardening wellies around for little explorers everywhere. 

The Good

These rubber wellies are waterproof and have a soft textile lining for added warmth and comfort for little feet. They are perfect for miniature gardening, and the Gruffalo theme is sure to put a smile on the face of your adventurer.

The sole is good and has a strong grip, with a wide calf that ensures comfort during play, and for tucked trousers, and thick socks. They come with a dash of independence as well, allowing your kids to feel a little more grown up as they put on their own boots.

The Not So Good

They can be a little wide on the ankles and there have been a few occasions where the design has started to rub off after a few months. However, this is uncommon.

Our View

It's good to get outside no matter you age, but for kids it can be a brilliant way to really fuel their imagination and teach them more about nature. The best way to get them really excited about getting out there and playing in the dirt is with a pair of wellies that help them to express themselves. These ones are perfect, and come with a fun design. 

These gardening wellies for kids fit really well, are comfortable, and help them to create the best outdoor memories with you. Read our guide to the best kids wellies here.

Best for: gardening, puddle jumping.

 Practical, Affordable

7. Karrimor Black Boots

Karrimor is known for their excellent range of well-priced hiking boots and equipment.

With their new range of wellies the quality levels are expected to continue and produce and excellent cheap gardening welly. Priced at around £19.99, they are reasonably priced made from sturdy material.

The Good

These men’s wellies fit seamlessly into any budget because they are so cheap. On top of that, they remain surprisingly comfortable as well as easy to slide on and off. 

As with all wellies, they are made from rubber as well as completely waterproof. There is also a textile lining for added warmth during cold weather – making them ideal for wet spring days and hot summer mornings alike. 

The Not So Good

The sole is not as thick as it could be. The grip and tread are not as good as other brands of boot.

Our View

In all, the Karrimor men’s gardening wellies are great for plodding around the garden and general wear, but they do have a thin and lacking sole. However, they are affordable and so are within everyone’s price range.

They are both practical and comfortable as a boot, and despite some small negatives they are also well-built. They remain the perfect companion for all seasons and weather, so you can get out there and nurture your plants. 

Best for: Festivals

 Sleek and Elegant

8. Le Chameau Women's Low Boot

These booth are both spacious and comfortable, without leaving a loose feeling around your feet. Le Chameau is a brand that is both well-known and loved, which is easy to understand once you slip these boots on your feet.

They have a textile lining on the inside for comfort and warmth, regulating your temperature throughout the year, and the low cut means you feel a little less stuck in them.

There is even a second lining inside for amazing padding, and this one is made from soft leather. They are also very well priced for the brand without compromising on the quality. 

The Good

Comfort is key with these boots, and on top of that you are assured a long-lasting and durable design. They are easy to get on and off, and perfect for working in the garden. These gardening wellies are ideal for those with wide calves due to their low height.

The shank reinforcement provides good arch support, and the air grip soles are shock absorbent to protect your feet and legs during harder garden work. They also come with a two-year guarantee, as well as lifetime repairs. Based on this alone, you know they have absolute faith in the quality of their boot. 

I just found this are just so practical and comfortable-just pop them on to go out in garden-even to go out re casual dressing on a rainy day as they also look good!

The Not So Good

The low height can leave legs more vulnerable to nettles and other stinging plants.

Our View

Gardening in these boots makes everything feel easier, and you are sure to enjoy a comfortable day of work. In fact, I would certainly rank them among the best women’s wellies due to all the great features they have. You just might want to watch out for those stinging nettles. 

The low height offers better flexibility when you are moving around, and they offer you a lot of freedom for what can easily be considered a bargain price. 

Best for: Festivals, gardening, and general use

 The Garden Clog

9. Aigle Women's Clog Clogs & Mules

Another clog, these are perfect for those who don't want to mess around with a full-on welly boot. Plus, they come from a reputable French brand that is known for being stylish and comfortable. 

We all deserve a little style when we are out tending the plants, and these shoes give you the perfect splash of it. Think of them as wellies that have been cut down. They are absolutely fantastic. 

The Good

These shoes are waterproof, as well as exceptionally lightweight for easy movement. They are also comfortable, sliding on and off when needed so that you don't have to worry about getting mud everywhere. 

They are also pretty resilient, ideal for the regular gardener. 

The sole is nice and sturdy, with a firm grip and tread that will keep you steady even on your slippery patio. The soft material that forms the shoe shouldn't fool you, however, as they still remain exceptionally strong and durable even against the dreaded thorn. 

It is important to order a size up as most comments have suggested, they really do come up small, I tried on the next size up from my every day shoes and still found them snug. This is the type of shoe you would normally wear thick socks so its important to have a bit of room.

The Not So Good

Some customers have noted that they can feel a little snug, and so it might be worth ordering a size up just to be safe. 

Our View

This is the kind of gardening work boot that can really change the way you move around your garden. They are relatively warm and also very comfortable, ensuring that you are able to complete your task without sore feet. 

They were made for gardening, and it doesn't matter what kind of jobs you are completing out there, these little clogs will help you get the work done.

Best for: gardening.

 Cheap and Comfortable

10. Trespass Mens Recon

These Wellington boots for men from Trespass come at a great price that won't leave you broke. Despite being cheap, they still provide you with great comfort as well as being completely waterproof. 

They are ideal for gardening and general use, with a moulded grip sole that won't let you go wrong. They're probably one of the best wellies on the cheaper price scale.

The Good

These boots are comfortable, while also providing you with more than enough room for a few pairs of thick socks to be worn; part of what makes them ideal for chilly days. 

The soles have been crafted from thick moulded rubber, which means they provide an exceptionally strong grip and tread. This is part of what makes them great for gardening; reliability when you are stuck in poor weather conditions.

The Not So Good

They aren't always the most long-lasting boots around, and they lack the high-quality found in some of the more expensive boots. However, their low price makes them cheap to replace. 

Our View

These snazzy boots from Trespass come at a great price, an certainly make a great choice for men who are looking to buy a good pair of gardening wellies. You can even use them for walking and work, as well as a cheap yet reliable festival welly. With thick rubber for added protection and comfort, these boots are set to keep your feet dry while you work.

While there have been a few cases of damage or splitting, they are still a strong and comfortable pair of boots to invest in. Plus, if anything does happen to them, at least they don't cost much to replace. 

Best for: Farm work, festivals, and general use.

To Conclude

Gardening wellies truly do come in a number of forms. You have delicate clogs and full-on boots, as well as everything in the middle. There is so much to choose from, and each style can be found here. Gardening has never been more enjoyable than when you are wearing a comfy pair of boots. 

There are a lot of great boots here, and it can be difficult to choose your next pair. If you are searching for high-quality and aren't too phased by the price, Le Chameau and Barbour and two highly recommended brands. Joules is also a good choice in terms of quality, but what separates them is that their wellies are more fun in terms of colour and design. 

There are plenty of cheap boots out there as well, and brands like Dunlop promise you that they will last an age while also sticking to your budget. They are durable and comfortable, with Trespass coming up a close second. Kids wellies tend to be pretty cheap as well, something else we are sure you have seen in this guide. Whatever you need, you are likely to find it here. After all, we all deserve comfortable footwear when tending to our gardens. 

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!