Best Festival Wellies – Coolest Standout Wellingtons

Festivals are a fun and exciting time of year. From wild and loud, to subtle and artistic, there are a wide range of festivals and everyone is sure to find one suited to them. 

With the summer around the corner, preparation for the festival season has started, and one of the most important things to remember is a pair of good Wellington boots.


What to Look For

When looking for a good pair of wellies to battle the English weather in at festivals, you are going to want something waterproof. You should look for something comfortable so that you can stand for hours without your feet getting too sore.

They should be relatively warm, or at least leave room for thick socks so that you can try to avoid numb toes.

They should be durable, reliable, and above all they need to look good so that you can stand out at the festival. After all, half the point of festivals is to dress in a fantastic and outlandish way. This article will look at the best buy festival wellies on the market so you can try and make a choice about what you want to ear.

From the sleek and expensive to the cheap and cheerful, there is a boot to suit everyone here.

Best Festival Wellies - Comparison Table 





Hunter Original Tall

From £85

Muck Boots Arctic Adventure

From £76

Muck Boot Logo
Mens Barbour Bede Winter

From £65

Barbour Logo
Joules U_wellyprint, Women's Rain Boots

From £23

Joules Logo
Dubarry Tipperary

Dubarry – Smart Appearance, Maximum Protection

From £300

dubarry logo
ladybug wellies from Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse – Cheap and Sweet

From £5

Le Chameau Chasseur

From £165

Le Chameau Logo
Aigle Womens Rubber Pack Welly

From £70

Aigle Logo
Joules printed welly girls

From £20

Joules Logo

Hunters – Tall and Sleek for the Festival Man

A popular and trusted brand, Hunter paves the way for stylish and practical wellies. Worn by many people across the country, they are a brand whose popularity never seems to dwindle which shows just how loved they are.

The Hunter Original is the most popular model, and with prices at around £85 it offers a middle-ground price range. Stylish and comfortable, with a good fit, these boots are sure to please any who wear them and make great festival wellies for men.

The Good

The boot is lightweight and waterproof, and allows the foot a good degree of flexibility for a smooth fit and comfortable walk. Ideal for festival season, these boots are good and sturdy, it’s just a shame they don’t come in more colours for men.

Thanks to the microfiber lining, these boots tend to stay nice and warm during the harsh winter months and it adds to their general comfortability. The sole is thick and sturdy, giving good grip and an excellent tread. You’re less likely to sip over in festival mud with these.

The Not So Good

They can, however, be quite a tight fit around the calves and ankles, which can make them a little more difficult to get on and off. There have also been a few occasions where the boot has split and leaked after a few months of use, and so these are not recommended for extensive wear.

Our View

The Original Hunter has a smooth, sleek design and an overall good look. Ideal for festivals, this boot gives a comfortable fit and good flexibility while walking to ensure that your movement is not hindered by the boot. Warm and waterproof, the Original has everything you need to fight the festival weather and enjoy yourself fully. These men’s festivals wellies definitely give value for money.

Best for festivals, general use.

Muck Boots – Warm and Comforting

A popular and sturdy brand, Muck Boots are the wellies worn most by farmers and those doing general labour. Sturdy and built to last, these boots are also ideal for festivals, and the wonderfully blue Arctic Adventure boots for women are no exception. Priced at around £75, this comfy and stylish boots will serve you well for many festivals to come.

The Good

These ladies festival wellies are made from rubber and completely waterproof. They have a fleecy inside to keep your toes from going numb in icy conditions as well as creating a more comfortable environment for your feet. 

However, they also have a mesh inside to promote airflow so that in the summer your feet don’t end up sweating and getting too hot. As well as the superb insulation (which keeps feet warm up to -40 centigrade), they also have fantastic soles with a good grip and brilliant tread. They allow you to walk through snow, ice, mud, and raid without the fear that you will end up slipping over. They are the ideal festival wellies for all countries and every season.

The Not So Good

There is a seam on the inside which can rub against the ankle and cause irritation if no socks are worn and the sizes tend to be inaccurate, so make sure you are careful when ordering.

Our View

The Arctic Adventure boot from Muck Boots is perfect for all kinds of weather, so no matter where you go for festival season you are definitely protected. They are incredibly comfortable with a super soft lining that add to this and creates warmth. These durable and sturdy boots are well worth the price and sure to last you for quite some time. The ideal festival boot for ladies, it’s worth looking into this model.

Best for: festivals, all weather

Barbour – Festival Going in Style

The Barbour brand is one that is well-known across the United Kingdom. Originating in Scotland, they are most famous for their wax jackets for people and dogs, and the quality behind them. With jackets that can last you well over 2o years, there has been a lot of praise for their line of Wellies.

The Bede Wellington for men is priced at around £64.95 and does come in women’s sizes as well. A stylish, tall boot, you are sure to stand out at any festival with these sleek wellies.

The Good

These festival wellies for men are smooth and comfortable with a casual feel. They are waterproof and have a thick, non-slip sole on the side so you can adjust it to fit the size of your calf. The thick sole has good grip and tread to keep you balanced.

The kick spur system that Barbour have introduced to this boot means that they are easy to slide on and get off again without your feet getting stuck in tight sections of the boot. They have a soft lining as well that adds warmth and comfortability – ideal for the festival goer.

The Not So Good

There have been a few occasions where the boot has torn or leaked after a few months of use. However, if planning on light festival use only they should last just fine. They are also not as colourful and stand-out as other brands.

Our View

The Bede Wellington boot from Barbour is a good and sturdy one to go with if you are planning on attending any festivals this season. While they may not be as colourful as other brands, they do have a certain stylish feel to them and are perfect for those who want something practical that does not stand out too much. A comfortable and well put together boot, the Bede boot from Barbour is an excellent example of a good men’s festival welly.

Best for: men with wide calves, festivals.


Q: Are these men's sizes or child sizes?

A: Mens

Joules – For the Stylish festival Goer

Joules are well-known for their equestrian gear and clothing, but they always have a fabulous and funky range of wellies that ae just perfect for standing out at a festival. Priced at around £40, this range of wellies (all with different designs) are sure to make you look and feel amazing.

Priced at around £40, they are in the middle of the price range and have excellent quality, so you won’t be losing out when you buys a pair of these. Just look at the reviews for these festival wellies.

The Good

Joules wellies are incredibly comfortable, making them ideal for festivals where you end up standing for the vast majority of the day. There is a textile lining for added warmth and comfort so your toes are less likely to freeze in the cold.

For those with wide calves, these festival wellies also haven adjustable strap on the side.

With a 12 month guarantee, you can really feel that Joules have faith in their product, and if anything goes wrong with them you know you can get them replaced quickly. The sole is gum rubber and very thick, for a good grip and tread. You’ll be less likely to slip over in festival mud with these!

I think these wellies have fabulous individual designs as well as being tall in the leg with enough room for trousers to be tucked in comfortably. There is no need to go up a size for thick socks though they are quite a generous fit on the foot which is useful to bear in mind when ordering.

The Not So Good

They can be quite tight around the feet and ankles which can make them a bit of a struggle to get on and take off.

Our View

If you are looking to stand out at a festival and want a pair of boots that will last you past the event, the Joules really are the way to go. With a wide range of styles and designs, these wellies are sure to make you look and feel good while you are out enjoying yourself.

With a comfortable fit and great durability and grip, these boots make the ideal ladies festival wellies and one of the top quality ones at that.

Best for: festivals, general use.

Dubarry – Smart Appearance, Maximum Protection

Dubarry is an Irish brand that has risen massively in popularity over the past few years. A style that is often copied in appearance but never replicated in quality, the Dubarry brand is one that really gives you value for money and a long-lasting boot.

The Dubarry Tipperary offers a stylish look and incredible comfort for men. Priced at around £299, it is on the much higher end of the price scale but they are also sure to last you an incredibly long time.

It’s worth saving up for a pair of boots like these. Ideal for festivals, the reviews for these boots say it all.

The Good

Durable and long-lasting, the Tipperary is likely to last you for many years to come. This leather festival welly use DryFast-DrySoft leather to create a waterproof exterior that will keep your feet warm and dry. The sole is made from a PU rubber compound, which results in excellent grip and an equal tread.

The bootleg contains a finger pull to make taking them off and putting them on easier than ever before. An adjustable buckle is also fitted with Lycra to ensure a comfortable fit around the leg.

These practical boots have a smart appearance, making them practical for many locations, and especially ideal for festivals.

The Not So Good

The leather does require regular maintenance to prevent a cracked and worn appearance, which can be time consuming for some. However, Dubarry offer an excellent range of creams and care kits that will help you to look after the leather at very affordable prices (around £10).

Our View

These leather festival wellies for men are comfortable, attractive, and incredibly durable. While they are more expensive than most you can be sure that these wellies will last you an incredibly long time as they are unlikely to split or leak.

A practical boot that can be worn to more than one occasion, the Dubarry brand offers excellent service and a superb item that really is top quality and one of the best festival wellies you can buy.

Best for: festivals, general use

Mountain Warehouse – Cheap and Sweet

These sweet little ladybug wellies from Mountain Warehouse are adorable in every sense of the work and make the perfect kids festival wellies.

With prices at around £5, you can buy them something that will make them feel special and stand out during the big event. With such a great price it’s hard to say no to these cheap kids wellies.

The Good

These rubber boots are waterproof to protect kids from harsh weather, and they also have handles on the side to make them easy to get on and take off.

This also helps give the child a sense of independence as they can get ready for the day themselves and show that off to their parents.

The soles have a comfortable and cushioned base for extra support for little feet and backs, especially in the arch. This means that their feet won’t hurt as much when out all day, if at all. Comfortable and with accurate sizing, these nifty wellies are all the rage with the little ones.

The Not So Good

The only thing that has been noted is that the antennae on the ladybug boots can fall off in a seemingly short space of time.

Our View

For kid who want to get in on the festival spirit, these boots are absolutely perfect. With fun designs and a really comfortable fit, these boots are everything a child wants to really enjoy their time out.

Giving them a sense of independence is great for their confidence as well, so they can go out and enjoy the puddles and mud knowing that they were able to do something independently. For cheap kid’s festival wellies that are going to give them a lot of joy, these are the ones to buy.

Best for: festivals, puddle jumping

Le Chameau – Comfort in Neoprene

Le Chameau is known for its higher prices and the amazing quality that comes with it.

A brand that is rising in popularity and quality that rivals Dubarry, Le Chameau is a brand that has everyone talking, and even more people wearing their fantastic boots.

Priced at around £200, Le Chameau Vierzonord are neoprene wellies that are sure to keep your feet warm and dry. Ideal for festivals, these ladies wellies are the definition of good quality, and the reviews really tell you why.

The Good

These comfortable festival wellies have shank reinforcement for better arch support as well as air grip soles. These allow for shock absorption so that your legs don’t end up vibrating from heavy impacts. They also come with a two year guarantee and lifetime repair support, showing their confidence in the product. They also adjust to fit wider calves.

The Vierzonord are long-lasting and durable. Sure to last you many years, they are excellent for waking and festival going and sure to keep your feet comfy even after spending the whole day standing in them.

I straight away like their sleek design makes them attractive to look at, which is an added bonus as most wellies are the standard black boring to look at kind.

The Not So Good

The only possible downside with these boots is the price as they are on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Our View

They may be expensive, but you won’t be replacing them for an incredibly long time (if ever). One of the best ladies festival wellies you can buy, they accommodate wide and slim calves perfectly and provide excellent comfort.

A brand that prides itself on its superb quality products, Le Chameau is the way to go if you are looking for quality wellies or even wide calf festival wellies.

Best for: festivals, general use

Aigle – Tall and Sexy

Aigle is a popular French brand that deliver high quality and chic looking boots for a reasonable price. A popular brand, these boots tend to last a while and have an incredibly comfortable fit.

The Aigle rubber pack wellies for women are ideal for festivals and sure to give a long-lasting and comfortable fit. With prices from £67, the reviews for these festival wellies say it all.

The Good

These waterproof boots are perfect for festivals for one main reason – they are foldable, roll up very small, and come with their own bag to carry them around in.

These portable wellies are innovate and clever without taking away from the durability or the comfort of the boot.

The cotton fabric lining really adds to the warmth and comfort of the boot and they have an easy slide on, slide off process to removal and getting them on your feet. The gum sole is thick with good tread and grip, making slipping over a lot less likely. These stylish posh wellies for women were made for festivals.

The Not So Good

The foot can be a little wide, meaning that feet might move around a lot which can make them difficult to wear. It might be an idea to wear a couple of thick socks with these wellies.

Our View

These revolutionary wellies from Aigle are absolutely fantastic. They are easy to store and carry around with you as well as simple to clean. They are waterproof to protect you from the weather, and while your feet may move around a little more than they should the boot is still incredibly comfortable.

If you are looking for ladies festival wellies and don’t want outlandish styles and colours, then these are the ones to go for.

Best for: festivals, general use.

Joules – For the Mini Festival Goer

As we know, Joules are a brand known for their work with equestrians and clothing for them. However, their range of wellies (for children and adults) are quite fantastic.

The Joules printed wellies are the perfect kid’s festival wellies, especially for the older ones who want to appear a little more ‘mature’ in front of their family. With prices at around £20, these affordable wellies offer comfort and durability.

The Good

These waterproof rubber wellies have a wool lining on the inside of the boot to keep your feet toasty and warm during cold weather.

They are incredibly comfortable with a smooth, snug fit when put on. The slide on and off relatively easily and tend to have enough room to tuck trousers in.

The gum rubber sole gives good grip and tread for preventing unwanted falls into the mud or large puddles, and they won’t get their feet wet when they go puddle jumping either. These kid’s wellies are affordable and comfortable something they really need for such long days.

The Not So Good

The only potential downside is that the pattern can start to rub off after a few months of extensive use.

Our View

The Joules printed welly for children is great, especially for kids who want to try and match their parents or seem more adult. Easy to get on and off, a child is unlikely to need help with these which reinforces a sense of independence and confidence in their young minds.

Comfortable and warm, your child will be ready to battle any weather with these fantastic wellies. There is nothing better than a family wearing a set of durable and reliable Joules wellies, and with a 12 month guarantee on all their boots it really shows faith in the product.

Best for: festivals, general use.

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To Conclude

When it comes to choosing the best festival wellies to buy it can be difficult to decide what you want. If you are looking for something expensive and smart, then wellies like Le Chameau and Dubarry are definitely going to do the job for you as they offer style and comfort, as well as unrivaled durability, but at a higher price.

Wellies like Hunter and Barbour come from incredibly old and trusted brands that have a large fan base across the country – making their reputation one that is hard to beat.

If you are looking for something more fun and colourful (both for you and the kids) then it is worth taking a look at brands like Joules or Mountain Warehouse who supply the most exciting and fantastically designed welly bots on the market.

They don’t cost much more than a standard pair of Dunlops and are well worth the extra cost, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Buying festival wellies can be a tricky choice, but whether you want something loud and outlandish or even a boot that is a little more subtle, you are bound to find on that is perfect for you. Just remember to look for durability, comfort, and a good fit.

Have any thoughts on the boots we have talked about today? Or do you have suggestions of you own that you’d like to add? Leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you!