How to Make an Electric Scooter that Actually Works!

How to make an Electric Scooter that Actually Works!

Electric Scooters are one of the most popular items, and something that is on both children's and adults wish-lists! Whether it's to make the school run more exciting, or the morning commute faster paced, these gadgets are storming the streets.

However, they come with a fairly hefty price tag, which may feel a bit out of reach. But if you think buying a brand new one is a bit out of your price range, have you ever thought about making your own? I can hear the resounding groans and the echoes of “but will it actually work?"

The answer will not disappoint you because a bunch of amateur and professional engineers have given it a shot with fantastic results, and I have compiled some of the best tutorials to get the inspiration flowing!

Why not take some time to browse and see if any of these get your creative juices going? 

VIDEO 1: How to create an Electric Scooter at Home, by The Creative Channel

This video really is from scratch; it involves everything from making the scooter. It's fairly fast-paced but good to watch. They show you in great detail the things that need to be done to get the results, and they even show you how to create a scooter from scratch.

Even if you don’t want to physically make the scooter, the video still shows you the in’s and outs of the wiring and the motors.

The only disadvantage to it is there is no real text or narration to explain what he is doing, but if you learn better by watching someone do it then the video would be great for you!

VIDEO 2: How to make an electric scooter at home using a 775 motor, by The Creative Channel

Another video from the creative channel, this time with some handy subtitles to help you interpret what is going on and show you all the parts they use to make the scooter. This video is lovely and easy to follow, and it’s also really interesting.

The creator shows you all the parts he uses, many of which are second hand or found, so you know that you don't have to break the bank to create this gadget.

The video does move quite fast, but with the subtitles, you can always pause it to take notes if you need to. This was definitely one of my favourite videos to watch.

VIDEO 3: How to create a simple Electric Scooter, by Creative Science

At first, I thought this video would be impossible to follow, mostly because the builder is speaking another language, and as talented as I hope I am, I don't think I can master it in under twenty minutes.

However, what they show you can be visually followed, and the results are amazing. They really do mean simple when they create this scooter, and it really does work too. So even with the language barrier, it is a comprehensive and easy video to follow.

VIDEO 4: How to create a simple, high speed, electric scooter at home, by RC Adventure

Another brilliant video, and another one that comes with handy subtitles so that you don’t miss a step, even when the camera starts swirling and being creative.

The tutorial is really easy to follow, and if you are looking to create something with a little bit more power, then this is going to be the place for you to go.

I really liked how they took you through every little detail, rather than just skimming over things like some other videos are guilty of doing. Apart from the slight over editing and camera effects, a really great tutorial to watch and get you inspired!

VIDEO 5: How to create an Electric Scooter Easy, by Kim Henrikson

I love this video. This young boy takes you through every step you to make a fun and functioning electric scooter. Its really great to watch a younger person build something like this, and it can almost give you hope that, if he can do it you definitely can. 

He also doesn’t use any complicated electrics, and whilst it is really simple, you can still create something that you can have fun on. 

Where to Begin…

Whilst some of these tutorials look a little bit scary and seem to require a master’s degree in engineering, if you really think about it, what they have achieved really isn’t that far away.

All you need to do first is select the tutorial that you want to follow, finding the right one for you may take searching beyond the five videos I have shown you, and you may even have better luck finding written instructions on some engineering websites.

But the first thing you really need to do is go out and find yourself a scooter because for many of you creating a scooter as well is going to be too much. Finding yourself a decent base will definitely give you the inspiration to start tinkering and building something.

Once you have found your base, then you just need to decide on which method you are going to use and where you are going to source your parts.

Sourcing your parts may seem a little daunting, and if you don't have a local electrical shop, then it may seem terrifying. However, you should never worry, because thanks to the Internet there are hundreds of online shops that will stock the parts you need.

The final thing you are going to need to decide on is your budget. Your budget will determine many things, but it will mostly determine which method you are going to follow to create your electric scooter.

If your budget isn't large, then don't worry, as you can see in some of the videos many people used what they already had or parts from old machines. There are also many places where you can buy second-hand electrics, motors and more.

So, don't let finance worry you, and remember, these things don't have to be built in a day, and they don't have to be built until your ready, so spend some time sourcing the right parts at a price you can afford.

To make an electric scooter, you are going to need a lot of time, patience and a bit of grit determination. If these videos do nothing, then they will inspire you to at least give it a go, because it is possible to create a functioning Electric Scooter at home.