How to Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster (Is it Really Possible?)

How to Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster (Is it Really Possible?)

Electric scooters; a fusion of childhood nostalgia and modern technology. Everyone wanted a classic scooter as a kid, eager to zip to school or to see friends. We all remember the pain that came when the edge of the platform smacked into our ankles.

When riding them, it always felt as though you were going really fast; if you thought you were fast back then, you will be blown away by what electric scooters can offer.

However, they can be pretty expensive and don’t always fit into everyone’s budget. Whether you have to be strict with your cash or you have hands that were made for inventing, here are some great guides on how to make an electric scooter of your own.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Invented by Gino Tsai as a faster way to get around his factory, electric scooters are two-wheeled boards with a handle at the front. Electric scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries that, in turn, provide the motors with energy. 

These sleek modern forms of transport average between 20 and 30km per hour – but what if you could go faster? Looking around the internet for modification advice will only get you so far.

Most articles suggest running maintenance checks, speed tests, or becoming as aerodynamic as possible.

But where is the challenge in that? I’ve collected some YouTube videos with handy tips on how to make an electric scooter go faster for those who want to pick up the pace.

#1 Dave Here

This video is great as Dave Here takes you through everything step by step, all while showing parts individually and giving safety warnings. He even gives two different options for dealing with the limiter and goes through each one in detail.

The first method he recommends is adding to the limiter on the circuit board. To do this, Dave Here suggests using a piece of metal such as a paperclip and soldering it on top of the board.

The second method is simply removing the limiter. This was a great video with a lot of detail, and the rest of his channel is also very useful for tinkering with other electric items.

#2 Raymond Warner

Besides having a beautiful set of wheels, Raymond Warner also provides a cheaper suggestion. Warner showcases the oil-based lubricant, or bearing grease products, that he puts onto his wheel bearings to increase his speed at a lower price.

The specific brand he uses is Auto Zone Bearing Grease, which can be found online. Raymond Warner’s channel is great for learning other scooter tips and tricks as well.

#3 Demonsparkx

While the video is from back in 2008, Demonsparkx has some unique tips on how to make an electric scooter go faster. From putting extra holes into the air filter to adjusting your screws, he has many ideas for increasing your speed.

Thoroughly cleaning out your gaskets is one of Demonsparkx’s suggestions, along with attaching a v-stack alongside the air filter within the box. Impressively, Demonsparkx is still going strong with tips on tinkering with your electrics.

#4 TK

TK comes at us with a classic suggestion of switching the internal batteries for lithium-ion batteries for top speed.

By cutting the circuit between the relay and the speed controller, he manages to increase the top speed of the electric scooter by 6 kilometres per hour - from 22 kilometres per hour to 28 kilometres per hour.

This method does come with a safety warning and is very intricate, making it unsafe for beginners. Additionally, it is not really sustainable for the longevity of your scooter as there is the potential for overheating.

However, if you’re a practised modification skater, then this video may be for you. On top of this, TK has other videos on the same topic on his channel, which you can see below.

#5 TK

Using a method that may be complicated to understand for people inexperienced with technical jargon, TK goes into great detail about how he modifies the speed controller on the scooter.

Tinkering with an old IBM XT hard-drive, he manages to bypass the transistor in the controller, stopping it from shutting down when more than the standard 24 volts is run through it.

In the next part, he replaces the motor on the scooter, making the most of the new limitless speed controller.

With clear-cut and informative language, some tongue in cheek banter, and a YouTube personality to boot, this is another video of TK’s I strongly recommend you check out.

#6 Samus The Ginger Gamer

In this video, Samus shows you how to change the existing scooter motor to a faster one, and how to adjust the throttle and controller for optimum speed. Samus also mentions that he performed a shunt modification on his scooter to control the motor current.

There are links in the description of the video so that you can order the parts he uses for yourself. Although Samus uses sped up footage to showcase his modification process, you can see what he is doing clearly.

This, along with his concise explanations of parts and technical terms,  may make this particular video useful for you in your quest for a faster electric scooter.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are a wide variety of ways to get more bang for your buck from your electric scooter. Hopefully, this collection of videos has provided many helpful ways of increasing your scooter speed - both for seasoned technical professionals and new electric scooter fans alike.

From shunt modifications and cleaning out your gaskets, to adding to the scooter’s limiter, we have compiled an excellent list to get you started.

Whether it’s changing the batteries, simply using bearing lubricant, or drilling holes in the filter for more air flow, you will surely find the best solution for your electric scooter.

What did you think of our tips for making an electric scooter? Did you try any of them out for yourself? How did your latest speed test go? Let us know down in the comments below as we love hearing from you.