Top 5 Best Electric Lawn Mower Review Guide

Most of us take great pride in our lawns. After all, some of the happiest memories are made in the grass of your garden. 

Whether it’s playing with a first pet, summers with your kids, or warm, romantic evenings under the stars, the lawn tells a bigger story than most of us imagine.

Top 5 Choice of Best Electric Lawn Mower Review Guide

You owe it to your grass to keep it in good condition, so investing in a quality lawn mower is often the perfect solution. Electric mowers tend to be some of the best around, and also have a gentler impact on the environment as they don’t use harmful fuels like petrol to power them.

Powerful and reliable, they make a great choice for any gardener, and they are the ideal option for keeping your lawns fresh, healthy, and perfectly cut.

Lawn mowers are not always the simplest thing to choose, and we know that it can get a little overwhelming. In order to help you find the best electric lawn mower, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant electric lawn mower reviews in one place so that you can find the perfect one for you.   

1. Bosch Rotak 37 Ergoflex

Best Electric Mower for Large Gardens 

Bosch is a big name with a lot to give, and they are masters of the DIY and gardening equipment market.

So, if you have a large garden and are in desperate need of a powerful lawn mower, this could be just what you were looking for. Have a read below and see if this is the one for you. 

The Good

This rotary electric lawn mower is great for large lawn, as it can comfortably reach every corner of a 300sqm plot, and without any hassle. 

Additionally, the grass combs and rear roller mean that you can get right into the corners of your lawn for a fresh and even cut that will leave you feeling impressed.

You can even use it to leave a striped effect if you’re feeling creative.

The cut height can be adjusted easily with a single lever, allowing for quick and seamless alterations to match the conditions you are mowing in.

It’s really easy to set up, as all you need to do is press one button for everything to get started, and the overall handling is incredibly simple for full flexibility.

The ergonomic handles support this while also providing comfort and better posture.

The Not So Good

The grass collection box is a little small, and some customers found that grass started sticking inside. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Bosch
  • Weight : 6.8 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 32cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 31 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This electric lawn mower not only comes from a top brand, but it is also available at a very reasonable price, which makes it a great choice for most people.

While the grass collection box can be a little small and there is an issue with grass sticking inside it, it still makes for a very solid and reliable machine that will work hard to keep your lawns in absolute prime condition.

Overall, it is one of the best, and it makes the perfect companion for gardeners with large lawns. 

2. Bosch Rotak 32R Electric 

Top Electric Lawn Mowers for Stripes  

Back to Bosch, this brand continues to prove its reliability, and for those in search of some dancy stripes on their lawn, this could be the ideal lawn mowers for the situation.

Before you decide, take the time to read the reviews below and see what you think. 

The Good

This electric lawn mower is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around the garden so that you can position it perfectly to cut your grass.

The double folding handles make it easy to store away, and this is supported by the stackable grass collection box – helping to save space in your garden shed. Additionally, its lightweight build makes it really easy to handle.

The handle itself is comfortable to hold, with an ergonomic design that improves your posture and reduces the risk of strain on your arms and back. The rotary blades offer a fine and precise cut, and you can use it to reach right up to the edge of your garden and the flowerbeds.

Coupled with the powerful 1200w motor, you can also leave impressive stripes on your lawn for a perfect finish.

The Not So Good

The cable for this model is a little short, and some found that the instructions were a little difficult to follow at times.

Features - 
  • Brand : Bosch
  • Weight : 6.8 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 32cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 31 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This lawn mower comes at a budget price, which is great for those who are on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a massive amount.

While some have found the cable for this electric mower to be a little short, and others found the instructions difficult at times, it still makes for a very reliable piece of machinery that will ensure your grass is left looking fantastic.

With precise cutting and a powerful motor, it’s an impressive machine that comes at an incredibly tempting price. 

3. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers 

Flymo is another impressive name, and one that most gardeners have in their sheds.

Cordless lawn mowers can make a great choice for a number of people, and if you feel that this is something you could benefit from, you will want to take the time to read the reviews for this model.

The Good

This cordless lawn mower has an excellent running time of 25 minutes, which tends to be more than enough to 250m2 of grass in one go.

Additionally, the charge time is relatively short as it only takes two hours to get back to full capacity. The lithium-ion battery also means that you can take it off charge early without damaging the chemical memory.

There are also five different cutting heights for you to choose from, so you always have the perfect length grass. 

The grass box is also an excellent addition, with a 30L capacity that allows you to keep going without stopping to empty it.

After all that, it folds down neatly and compactly so that it can be stored away effectively, and it is also incredibly lightweight for ease of use.

The Not So Good

Many customers feel that it is only suitable for smaller gardens due to the battery life – especially when tackling long grass. 

Features - 
  • Brand : Flymo
  • Weight : 9.9 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 30cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 25 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This cordless lawn mower comes at a great price, and it has quite an impressive running time and charge period.

While it is better suited to smaller gardens, and the battery is consumed faster by long grass, it still makes for an effective and versatile machine for keeping your lawn in perfect condition. 

Not to mention that it is also compact and lightweight, which is ideal for those who are gardeners for a living and need to carry it around a lot. 

4. Flymo Visimo Electric

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Circling back to Flymo, this brand is equally great for their corded models of lawn mowers, and you will find that they are pretty sturdy and reliable pieces of equipment.

If you think this could be the perfect electric mower for you, keep reading this section for customer reviews and thoughts. 

The Good

This corded lawn mower comes in a classic Flymo orange, and is also quite lightweight as well as compact enough to store comfortably in your shed. It has a 32cm cutting width as well, which makes it ideal for cutting grass in small and medium gardens.

The rear roller also means that you can leave a gorgeous striped effect in your garden, leaving you with a great looking lawn.

The grass box has a 29L capacity, and instead of simply collecting the grass, it also compacts it into a nice little bundle so that you have more space to keep mowing your lawn.

There is even a clear window so that you can see when the box is full, and it is simple to empty as you just need to lift the box away from the mower.

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that there is a little too much between each of the cutting lengths and would have liked smaller differences.

Features - 
  • Brand : Flymo
  • Weight : 8.3 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 32cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 29 L
  • Guarentee : 2 years
Our View

This cheap electric mower is perfect for those who are on a budget, as well as those who want something powerful and lightweight without spending a small fortune.

While some feel that the cutting differences could have been smaller to give more versatility when mowing the lawn, the ones provided are still pretty good and will leave your grass looking short and well-kept in no time at all.

Affordable, reliable, and easy to use, it really does make for the ideal budget lawn mowers. 

5. Hyundai HYM51SPE 

Best Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers 

Hyundai is one of the biggest names out there, and if you have tried out one of their cars before you know that their lawn mowers are going to be more than a little impressive.

For a self-propelled lawn mower that really blows your socks off, you are going to want to keep reading and find out more. 

The Good

This electric mower features an electric start for convenience, and is self-propelled – so fitted with a three-speed gearbox to keep things going smoothly and at a speed that you are comfortable with.

The cutting height adjuster has seven different stages as well, allowing for greater versatility and a more professional finish. It also has four different functions as well.

These functions are cutting and collecting, cutting and dropping, cutting and mulching, and cutting with side-discharge, making it a truly flexible and functional piece of equipment.

The grass catcher can collect an impressive 70L of cuttings, and the hard lid keeps everything together nicely. The handles on the mower itself are soft, and the whole thing is comfortable to use and handle.

The Not So Good

It is quite a heavy machine, and the price is higher than most electric lawn mowers.

Features - 
  • Brand : Hyundai
  • Weight : 33 Kg
  • Width of Cut : 38cm
  • Grass Box Capacity : 70 L
  • Guarentee : 3 years
Our View

This self-propelled electric lawn mowers come from one of the biggest and the best brands around, making it the ideal model for professional gardeners as well as those with large gardens.

While the price is a little high and it is heavier than most, it’s worth the money and the extra strength you need to get it out of the shed. With an excellent selection of cutting heights as well as a professional finish and feel, this powerful machine has everything you need to get your garden looking absolutely amazing again.

Further Models of Electric Lawn Mowers 

Here are some further models of electric lawn mowers, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

6. Webb WEER33 ER33 Lawnmower

This super mower comes with a 10m power cord, which makes it perfect for reaching most power outlets when you are doing the lawn.

The collection bag is also very large a5 35L, meaning that it can hold masses of cuttings so that you don’t have to keep stopping to empty it.

The cutting width is a solid 33cm, and the single lever height of the cut is 25-65mm, which is excellent for a standard mow.

The 1300w motor provides power and strength to cut through every blade of grass effectively, and the machine itself is easy to use. 

Buyers Guide

How To Buy The Best Electric mower

Are you looking to replace your old lawnmower? Are you unsure whether to buy an electric or petrol lawnmower? This expert guide will help you decide if an electric lawnmower is best for you.

Lawnmowers are arguably the most important piece of kit in any gardener’s arsenal. They keep your lawn looking tidy and help maintain its overall health. Before buying a new electric lawn mower, ask yourself these questions:

  • How large is your garden? Is it large or on the smaller side?
  • Do you want stripes? Or a particular look?
  • Do you need any extra features? Do you know which ones you would want?

This guide will help you pick the right electric lawn mower for your needs.

What are the benefits of using an electric lawnmower?


Electric lawnmowers are initially more expensive that their petrol counterparts. However, they do not require regular checks or extra fuel, saving you money further down the road.

Noise and smell

Because they run on electricity, electric lawnmowers are quieter than petrol ones. Because they do not burn petrol, they also do not smell.


As electric lawnmowers do not have any fuel inside them, they are often lighter than petrol ones. Even ride on electric lawnmowers are lighter and easier to manoeuvre than their petrol counterparts.

Easy to start

Electric lawnmowers often turn on at the simple click of a button or lever, thanks to their power source. This makes them much easier to use than petrol ones that require you to pull a string.

No servicing

Electric lawnmowers do not need regular servicing but do require maintenance and care.

What are some drawbacks of electric lawnmowers?


Thanks to their fuel source and build, electric lawnmowers are often not as powerful as petrol ones. While less power means less noise for your neighbours, it can be a drawback for some gardeners.


Being electric often means having to connect using cords, something that automatically limits what you can do. Corded electric lawnmowers cannot be used as freely and are a safety risk if not handled correctly.

What types of electric lawnmowers are available?


If you have a small garden, a corded lawn mower may be for you. The length of the cord restricts how far you can use the lawn mower, so if it falls short you may need to buy an extension cable.


Cordless electric lawnmowers allow you to use your lawn mower anywhere you want. These are best suited to medium sized gardens.


Hover lawnmowers use air to keep them at the desired cutting height. They are lightweight and compact, making for easy and breezy lawnmowing.


In recent years, a new kind of electric lawn mower has been created; the robot lawn mower. Simply input the dimensions of your garden and watch it go.

Ride on

Having a particularly large garden can mean troublesome mowing. However, ride on lawnmowers make trimming large spaces easy and convenient.

What extra features are available for electric lawnmower?

If you have decided what type of electric lawnmower suits your needs but want one with a little something extra, look no further. Some extra features that can be included with certain models are:

  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Handle adjustment
  • Lawn Edges
  • Mulching
  • Rear grass collection
  • Side discharge
  • Cutting width adjustment
  • Self-propulsion
  • Rear roller

How much can I expect to pay for an electric lawn mower?

The price of electric lawn mowers depends on the style, brand, and extra features included in each model. Prices for electric lawn mowers tend to vary between £45 and £2,500. Standard and simple lawn mowers are often the cheapest whereas ride on electric lawn mowers are usually in the hundreds or thousands.

If you are unsure which model is best for you, ask a professional or compare models online. Seeing certain models in person can help you get a feel for them whereas comparing online allows you to see others’ reviews and get the best model for the cheapest price.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best electric mower for you, and the electric mower reviews have helped you to figure out which type is going to work best for your lawn, and also the way in which you want to cut it.

We have ensured that the brands we have chosen are well-known and reputable, so you know that you are getting quality and reliability in one neat little package.

Plus, there are a number of different electric mowers here, meaning that you can choose from corded, cordless, and self-propelling models to find the one that tickles your fancy.

 Additionally, we have made sure to keep your budget in mind, so you will be able to find one that slides in perfectly with your price limit. Whether you pick Bosch or a Flymo, your lawns will look amazing this summer.

What did you think of our electric lawn mower guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.