5 Top Decking Cleaners Reviews & Keep Your Decking Clean

Decking, a garden creation that can make any space look instantly beautiful. But, as with any surface, nobody wants to sit on a dirty deck. 

A Decking Cleaner, like any cleaner, is designed to make your job easier. So, they aim to help with the housing and scrubbing that has previously taken up all of our time. But what exactly do they do?

Keep Your Decking Clean with Our Top 5 Decking Cleaners Reviews

Whilst most cleaners only perform the tasks we previously mentioned, the majority of Decking cleaners also contain a wood restorer - treating the wood, and helping it to last longer.

In this guide, we have collected the best decking cleaner alongside the relevant decking cleaner reviews to help you find the best one for your deck. So, take some time, kick back, and see if the perfect one for you is listed here

Best Decking Cleaners - Summary Reviews

1. 5 Litre Patio Decking Fence Drive Cleaner 

Dirtbusters Spray Today Gone Tomorrow

A concentrated Decking Cleaner that removes mould, mildew and algae as well as stopping greenery from taking over your decking. Plus, it comes from a leading brand that is known for its excellent garden supplies.

The Good

This decking cleaner is easy to use, as well as being pet and child safe once it has dried. Additionally, it does not need to be jet washed when used, creating less hassle for you. It comes as a concentrate, which means a large bottle will last you several washes.

One of the other great features is that there is no bleach or acids contained in the mix, meaning it won’t destroy your painted deck and is not harmful to any wildlife as well as being able to remove dirt.  The application process is easy, and you won’t be left with horrible chemical smells either. 

The Not So Good

It can take two to three days to work, which means it won’t provide an instant clean.

Specifications -

Brand: Dirt Busters 

Type: Spray and Leave Treatement

Results Time: 2-3 hours

Litre size available: 30L

Coverage: 30 Litres Of Solution Covering A Huge 240m² Area

Our View

This eco-friendly Decking cleaner is perfect for people who want to keep their decking moss and mildew free as well as being friendly to the environment. The only disadvantage to it is that it takes a few days to really work, so if you want a clean deck quickly then maybe this isn’t the product for you.

However, it is really effective once it starts working, and is also safe for your pets and kids to be around once dry. A great product that is available at a good price.

2. Pro-Kleen Decking Cleaner Moss Killer 

Simply Spray & Walk Away Concentrate

This spray and walk away decking cleaner kills moss and algae without hours of scrubbing, simply spray the cleaner and leave for a green and clean deck. This product can be used with a garden sprayer, or simply a watering can and then walk away.

The Good

This decking cleaner does not use any bleach or acids, making it safe for children and pets once it has dried on your deck. Additionally, it is very versatile, as it can also be used for UPVC windows, boats, caravans and motorhomes, as well as decking and driveways.

It works quite quickly, producing superb results in a few days – so you don’t have to wait forever. Plus, the finished result will last for several months, so you don’t need to worry about constant touch-ups. Plus, it is able to withstand the weather quite effectively which makes it ideal for UK homes.

The Not So Good

Requires some equipment to use, so some additional purchases may have to be made. Takes a couple of days to take full effect, so not perfect for a quick clean.

Specifications -

Brand: Pro - Kleen

Type: Spray and Leave Treatement

Results Time: 2-3 hours

Litre size available: 5L Concentrate (makes 25L)

Coverage: 30 Litres Of Solution Covering A Huge 240m² Area

Our View

This cleaner is great for people who want a low maintenance way to clean there decking. It is also great for your windows and driveways. The fact that you don't need to do much makes it perfect for busy people, as it's not going to take hours out of your day, leaving room for other garden tasks.

3. CUPRNOL 5083456 Decking Cleaner

Cuprinol 2.5L Decking Cleaner

Cuprinol is one of the leading manufacturers of decking products, and this cleaner it another example of their outstanding products. Have a read below to see if this is the decking cleaner that is going to work best for you.

The Good

This excellent decking cleaner works hard to remove dirt and grease from your deck. Additionally, it also protects against weeds and algae, giving it great cleaning power as well as ensuring it provides a long-lasting effect. This means that it should be able to withstand the harsh British weather and rain.

It’s incredibly easy to use, as all you need to do is add water and scrub with a brush. Once you have done that, your decking should be perfectly clean and ready for you to enjoy. On top of all this, it also sterilises surfaces and gives them a new lease on life – leaving you with pristine results. 

The Not So Good

Provides an instant clean, which means it is probably not pet or child safe whilst it is being used, particularly if you use it undiluted. Some manual labour is required.

Specifications -

Brand: Cuprinol

Type: Spray and Leave Treatement

Results Time: 2-3 hours

Litre size available: 30L

Coverage: 30 Litres Of Solution Covering A Huge 240m² Area

Our View

This decking cleaner will give your decking or patio an instant shine as well as protecting it from moss and algae. This cleaner is perfect for heavy cleaning, particularly if you are looking to renew your Decking with a fresh coat of paint or stain.

This cleaner is not so Eco-Friendly, meaning that pets and children will need to be kept away whilst it is being used, particularly if you don't dilute it. However, it does leave great results as well as a safe finish.

Further Models of Decking Cleaner

Here are some other decking cleaners for you to consider, in case the ones listed above did not suit your needs.

4. Ultima-Plus XP Moss, Mould & Algae Killer

This concentrated decking cleaner that is perfect for cleaning all hard surfaces in your garden, keeping them mould and algae free for better aesthetics as well as ensuring your health isn’t affected.

This cleaner also works prevents regrowth, meaning that you don't have to keep reusing it in order to stop mould and mildew from making repeat appearances.

Available at a reasonable price, it makes a great option for those who have a deck in need of some serious love.

5. Ronseal DC Decking Cleaner

This decking cleaner is perfect for getting rid of your unwanted stains, moss, and algae – so you can relax in a garden with a deck that is beautifully clean and looking as good as new.

Additionally, it ensures that gentle encouragement is given to the wood of your decking to open its pores, making staining after cleaning even easier.

It’s available at a good price, so it shouldn’t break the bank when you go to pick some of this up. It’s well worth it to keep your deck looking wonderful throughout the year.

Buying Guide

How To Buy The Best Decking Cleaners

To scrub or not to scrub? What is the difference between all the various cleaning products? This expert guide will help you pick the best decking cleaner for you.

Summer is coming, which means that it is time to prepare your deck for parties, barbeques and al fresco dining. Is your deck in need of some TLC? Is there mould or algae coating the surface of your pride and joy?

Finding the best decking cleaners depends largely on the issues that need to be tackled. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What issues are you dealing with? Is the deck just dirty and dusty or are there patches of mould and algae to consider?
  • When was the deck last cleaned? Have you cleaned it within the last six months, ideally in dry and warm conditions?
  • Do you need materials other than decking cleaner? Do you need to pick up a pressure washer or metal wire brush to help?

This guide will help you decide what best decking cleaner is best for your needs.

Before you begin

Before you get stuck into cleaning your deck, make sure that you have done the following:

  • Clear your deck of furniture and clutter
  • Sweep away any debris or leaves
  • Protect the surrounding plants or grass with a dust sheet

What type of decking cleaner do I need?

Bleach (and water)

Not the most environmentally friendly choice, bleach can do a good job of dealing with standing water, mould, and mildew. Always read the directions, use gloves and a mask, and properly ventilate the area. It is not recommended to use bleach with other products as the risk of creating ammonia is high.

Oxygen Bleach Cleaner

Oxygen or ‘oxygentated’ bleach decking cleaners contain the chemical sodium percarbonate, which is a more environmentally friendly chemical. This option has grown in popularity due to its gentler nature.


When washing your deck, you want to ensure that you do not damage the grass and foliage nearby with chemicals by accident. If cleaning your decking regularly is a habit, check that the cleaner is biodegradable to avoid any harmful chemical spills.

Granular or Liquid

If space or weight is a concern, there are powder or liquid forms of cleaners that need to be added to water before use. Check labels and instructions for ratio amounts.

Spray and Forget It

Looking for a minimum-effort high-quality way to clean your deck? While they go by different names in different areas, spray and forget it products allow a simple yet effective solution to your decking issues.

Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP)

A powder-based cleaner that packs a punch, TSP is the ultimate mould and mildew solution. TSP is harmful to the environment and needs extra precautions to be taken. If your deck has not been cleaned for a long time and algae is clearly visible, this can be used on occasion. However, maintaining the deck regularly with detergent and sweeping is better for preventing using something so strong.

Other Materials That May Be Needed

On top of a cleaner, there may be other materials needed to help the cleaner along. Some options include:

Pressure or Power Washer

If you would rather not shell out money for a pressure washer and cannot borrow one from a friend, they can be rented from local hardware stores. Read the instructions and spray from the centre outwards, making sure to spray both ends and hit all the areas. Spray the deck cleaner on the deck prior to apply any kind of cleaner or brightener.

Metal Wire Brush

Mould too deep or stubborn? Use a metal wire brush and give the patch a scrub. Do this before using a cleaner or treatment to allow the cleaner to get into the wood.

Goggles and Gloves

If you are using a strong cleaner, particularly one as tough as TSP, make sure the area is ventilated and that you are wearing a mask and gloves for protection.

Preservatives, Staining Products Or Oils

While maintaining your deck with regular cleaning is an excellent way to keep your deck looking great, but there are ways to increase its longevity. Adding after-care products such as preservatives, seals, staining products or oils can keep your deck looking fresh for many seasons to come.

To Conclude

Finding the best decking cleaner for you and your garden is important, particularly with all the different things they can do. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to figure out which one is going to work best for you, and the decking cleaner reviews have been able to give you more information on the subject. 

While finding the right one should now a task made easier, if you want to know our pick, we would recommend the Simple Spray concentrate. It is true that it doesn’t have the quickest cleaning time, but it does have the easiest cleaning ability as well as being able to protect your decking.

Plus, it’s important to have something that can take just about anything fickle British weather can throw at it. What did you think of our Decking Cleaner selection? Are there any that you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave us a message in the comments below.