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Best Cordless Strimmer 2018 - Buying Guide Review (UK)

Quick Summary

Strimming the grass is often an important and necessary task in gardens of any size. Whether you need to get through an overgrown flower bed or you have long grass in places the lawnmower just can’t reach, there are endless uses for a strimmer in your garden.

It’s a good piece of kit to have around, and one that you are sure to use regularly both in and out of the gardening season. However, with so many different types of strimmer on the market, it can be hard to know where to look, and that’s where we come in and lend a hand.

In order to help you find the best cordless strimmer, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant cordless strimmers reviews in one place – helping you to find the best one for your lawn.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best cordless strimmer

 1. Bosch Advanced Cordless Grass Cut

Best Strimmer for Allotment 

We all love a classic Bosch; they are good at what they do, and they produce some of the best tools
in the world. There is a reason they remain such strong market leaders even after decades of being
in business. So, if you are looking for a quality strimmer, you might not need to look any further.

The Good

 Slim, sleek, and modern, this grass trimmer takes the competition by storm just looking at it. There is a
dual-line cutting system for efficiency and a beautiful cut quality that will leave you admiring your garden for the entire summer. The semi-automatic line feed also means that you can work without interruption, which makes for better work and clean results. 

So, you can spend less time working, more time relaxing. The lightweight build and accompanying handle make it easy to use and handle so that your arms and shoulders don’t get sore.

The handle is also adjustable to make trimming a more comfortable experience. The intelligent controls help the lithium-ion battery to last longer, and you will find that the charging period is quite reasonable. It’s powerful, efficient, and really easy to use.

The Not So Good

It can start to get a little heavy if you are using it for long periods of time.

Our View

This grass trimmer comes at a pretty reasonable price, and while you will likely see a cheaper version there, don’t go for it unless you have a compatible lithium-ion battery. While it can get a little heavy if you are using it for a long time, you shouldn’t need it extensively anyway unless you have a massive garden. Otherwise, it is a perfectly efficient machine that is easy to handle, powerful, and has a lot to offer.

 2. GTECH ST20

Best Strimmer for Edges

Typically, GTECH is known for its vacuum cleaners, but there is actually a lot more to the company. They also make other handy tools, like this cordless strimmer. If you are after something that will leave your garden looking impeccable, this is the match for you.

The Good

The best thing about this strimmer is that it weighs less than 2kg, which makes it exceptionally
lightweight. It’s not just easy to handle, there is way less stress and strain on your body when you are using it as well, so you can relax a little while strimming your lawn. The adjustable handle also
balances the weight perfectly for a job that is both comfortable and efficient.

It only takes four hours to charge up, and its run time is for a good 30 minutes; more than enough time to strim the garden well. You can even twist the head to transform it into a precision lawn edger for a eat finish that looks professional. The single plastic blade is easy to fit onto the machine, and there are 20 of them included with the strimmer. The motor is also powerful so that every cut is cleanly finished for your admiration.

The Not So Good

Some customers found that the blades wore out relatively quickly.

Our View

This cordless strimmer is very affordable, and it comes with a lot of blades so that you can keep going without fear of running out and not being able to cut your grass. They do wear out quite quickly, but replacing them is easy and affordable to do. It cuts well, and can be turned into a precision trimmer to keep your edges neat and tidy at all times. Not to mention the great battery life that should last pretty much every garden without issue. A brilliant choice overall.

 3. Makita DUR181Z

Best Strimmer with Blades 

Best Cordless Strimmer with Blades – Makita

Another classic brand, Makita is a big brand that is worth considering. Providing power and reliability, their gardening tools are not ones to shun until you have tried them. If you are in need of a strimmer with blades, then look no further than this excellent model.

The Good

This strimmer comes in the usual Makita, making it perfect for those who already have a collection, or those who are just starting one.

After all, it’s nice to have your tools match. The loop handle is comfortable to hold, but it can also be adjusted according to the height of the user, making it that much easier to handle. Plus, it is a lightweight model that doesn’t take much to lift.

It has a powerful motor and is compatible with a number of lithium-ion batteries, meaning that you can take it on or off charge whenever you like without damaging the life of the battery as it has no chemical memory. With an excellent run time so you can cut your whole lawn at once.

Plus, it comes with an excellent blade cover to keep you protected when you are strimming the grass. 

The Not So Good

Like many Makita products, it does not come with the lithium-ion batteries included in the price.

Our View

This strimmer comes at a reasonable price, even without the batteries. If you are looking to purchase several different Makita tools, it is good to know that the lithium-ion batteries can actually be transferred between most of them – which can end up saving you a good chunk of cash. Once you have it all working, this strimmer is one of the best around, and it certainly works its hardest to provide you with excellent results with an amazing run time.

 4. Black Decker 18V Cordless Grass

Best Lightweight Cordless Strimmers

Best Lightweight Cordless Strimmer – Black and Decker

Black Decker is another excellent brand, and one that is highly trusted in the gardening and electronics community. If you are in search of something that is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, then this could be the perfect one for you. Have a read below and see for yourself.

The Good

This strimmer has a lithium-ion battery, which means that it has no chemical memory. So, you can take it off charge, use it, and put it back on without damaging the overall lifespan of the battery itself.

It has a short charging period and decent lithium-ion battery life, as well as a powerful 18v motor that will get through your lawn with ease – so you don’t have to worry about it taking ages.

The cutting width diameter is an excellent 28cm, and it allows you to switch between trimming and edging with little to no effort at all. The guide wheel allows for very precise edging, leaving you with the perfect lawn, and the handle is incredibly comfortable to hold.

The lightweight design makes it easy to handle and carry around without fatigue, and its compact build means it is very easy to store away when not in use. 

The Not So Good

Some customers found that it can struggle a little with longer and wet grass, which they found disappointing.

Our View

This affordable black decker strimmer comes from a brand with an excellent reputation, and it’s a model that definitely delivers in terms of power and reliability. While it can struggle a little with wet grass, it is always best to cut dry anyway to prevent damage to your lawn. If you are looking for a lightweight strimmer that is easy to handle, there is no doubt that this is the most perfect model for you to consider using.


Q: It says battery is included but no mention of a battery charger. Anyone confirm that it comes with both a battery and appropriate charger?

A: Yes it does come with charger. Absolutely brilliant strimmer. 

Further Models of Cordless Strimmers

Here are some further models of cordless strimmers, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

 5. Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Grass Trimmer

Ryobi is a great brand to choose, and they make an excellent choice because they have so much to give. This cordless strimmer has an 18v lithium-ion battery and promises to deliver high-performance when you need it most. It has a 25-30cm cutting width diameter, as well as an auto-feed spool mechanism – two features that you will be very pleased to have.

The cutting head itself can be adjusted to four different positions, and the telescopic shaft gives you a little extra reach when you need it most, being able to change the cutting width is an important feature. At a very low and reasonable price, it’s budget friendly as well as part of a much larger Ryobi gardening range.

 6. Flymo Contour XT Cordless Grass Trimmer

Flymo is also a good and trustworthy brand to go with, and this cordless model of strimmer is sure to leave you feeling pleased with your choices – not to mention your bank account feeling pretty happy about the price.

The 18v battery provides you with all of the power you need to strim your long grass efficiently, and the 25cm cutting width allows you to cover a decent amount of ground in good time.

The head can also be rotated for edging, allowing you to get every corner of your garden without issue. With a good cord diameter and an excellent run time, it’s a model you won’t soon forget.

Buying Guide 

How to Buy the Best Cordless Grass Strimmer

Keeping verges and edges neatly with a mower can be impossible, but where do you even begin when it comes to buying a cordless strimmer? What type of grass are you cutting? What size blades does your strimmer need to have? This guide will help you buy the best Strimmer for your garden.

Cordless strimmers are the smaller and more lightweight cousin of the petrol strimmer. These strimmers are more commonly found in gardens and allotments and aren't used for heavy-duty work, but they can still be effective when it comes to keeping your garden tidy and well maintained. The main things you need to think about are:

  • How large is the job? You may only need a small-motored strimmer if you only need to keep a small garden tidy, but for other jobs, you may need a more powerful model.
  • Is a cordless strimmer going to be powerful enough? These strimmers provide all the convenience of a petrol strimmer, but they don't always have the power behind them.
  • How often are you going to use it? Whilst you can buy an electric strimmer as just that, do you need to use the strimmer regularly or would it be better to invest in a garden multi-tool?

Once you have answered these questions, then you need to think about the jobs that you want your strimmer for, and whether this is a worthwhile investment.

What are you using your Strimmer for?

Cordless strimmers can be used for all the same jobs as a petrol strimmer would be used for but on a smaller and more localised scale. They have less powerful motors so aren't appropriate for heavy duty jobs, but to keep gardens tidy

Mowing, Edging, and Tapering:

If you have small, separated areas of grass, using a cordless strimmer instead of a mower can greatly reduce the amount of time and how much you need to move your mower. Strimmers are also perfect for oddly shaped gardens. They can be used to edge paths and flowerbeds and taper long grass to make it neater and easier to care for.

lithium-ionWeeding and Scything:

If you have a large area of untamed grasses and plants, removing them would be impossible with a lawn mower, but with a petrol strimmer, you will be able to get rid of it in no time. Whilst scything is a common use for a strimmer; it’s important to think about the power of your machine. More lightweight machines may not be able to safely or easily cut through thicker materials.

Safety Aspects to Consider:

As with any piece of high-powered machinery, there are safety aspects that you need to consider.

  • Make sure that you have the proper safety equipment for the tool you are using. Strimmers can kick up debris, which could result in injury. Make sure that your eyes protected.
  • Understand that this could potentially be a dangerous piece of machinery. The blades are incredibly sharp and could cause life-changing injuries or maybe even death. Make sure you are aware of the blades and know how to work the equipment properly.
  • Make sure any animals that you own are safely away and make sure that no children have access to the strimmer.
  • Make sure you know how to stop the strimmer quickly in case of an emergency.
  • When working, make sure people know that you are using the machine and make themselves aware, the machine does make a lot of noise and you may not hear someone approaching.
  • Make sure you are fit and able to use this piece of machinery. If you take any long-term medication, it is worth checking with your doctor or pharmacist that the medication will not affect your ability to work the machine.


Unlike corded strimmer's, cordless strimmer's depend on battery power to keep them working. The standard, at home garden strimmer battery, is normally 36V and upwards. Strimmer's with this type of battery is marketed towards low-level garden work.

Strimmer's with larger batteries (76v and upwards) can look and feel more like petrol strimmer's, and also have more power behind them.  Before purchasing any cordless strimmer, you need to make sure you know how big the battery is because it can affect the way the machine works.

The other thing to think about is how long the battery lasts. Always check how long the battery will last, particularly if you have larger plans than a quick lawn trim. Some lithium-ion batteries only last for 15-20 minutes of continuous use, whereas others can last for almost 30 minutes of continuous use. The charging times of these batteries also vary, some taking as little as 30 minutes to charge where others can take up to four hours.

Always check how long your equipment needs to charge before purchasing. Lithium-ion batteries and Chargers can be easily replaced as wel, and within its lifetime you may need to purchase a new battery. When your battery stops holding its charge, you may need to consider purchasing a new one.

How much are you going to need to spend?

Cordless strimmers are a lot more affordable than their petrol cousins. Cordless strimmers vary quite widely in price, depending on what you need it for. Lower power, smaller strimmer's can be bought for as little as £30. These strimmers are designed for small jobs; they are the most lightweight but also the least powerful.

The large motored strimmer's come in anywhere between £60-£150. As the price goes up so does the power and battery life, so make sure you do your research before you invest too much money on a piece of equipment that doesn't hold its battery power well.

The other option available for keen gardeners is the multi-tool. Multi-tools normally have a strimmer head, as well as a hedge cutter and a small chainsaw. These are slightly more expensive, retailing from £120. Whilst the price is higher, you are getting more tool for your money, and it may save storage space, particularly if you don’t need to use a strimmer as much as you need to use a hedge cutter.

Price Guide

Whats Included

Up t0 £50

£50 - £100

£100 -£150

£150 +



10-18 V

18-30 V

 30-36 V


200-300 W

300-400 W

400-600 W

600-800 W


15-20 MINS






2-3 kg

2-4 kg 

2-4 kg


23 cm

26 cm

28 cm

30 cm


To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best cordless strimmer for you, and that the cordless strimmer reviews have helped you to figure out which one is going to be right for you. With such a great variety of brands, we are sure that one of the ones listed here is sure to pique your interest and help get you ready for the next gardening season.

Plus, they come in a brilliant range of prices that will leave you receiving some of the best bargains around. We have so much to choose from, and we can assure you that the models listed here are the best of the best.

What did you think of our cordless strimmer guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.