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Quick Summary

A lawn mower is an essential part of any homeowner’s tool shed. Whether you are an intrepid gardener, or simply want to keep your garden looking neat and tidy, a lawn mower helps to keep the grass down, and the weeds even lower.

Yet for some, the cord on a lawn mower can be a hassle, especially for people with long lawns that stretch away from their house – or even those amusing/frustrating occasions where you accidentally run over the cord with the mower and sever it. As such, the best choice for many gardeners is a cordless lawn mower. 

With this type of lawn mower, you never have to worry about snapping or tripping over a cord. Of course, with so many different types of cordless lawn mower out there, you don’t always know where to start. 

That’s where we come in and help you out. In order to help you find the best cordless lawn mower, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant cordless lawn mower reviews in one place, so you can find the best one for your lawn.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best cordless lawn mower

Best Electric Cordless Lawn Mower 

1. Greenworks Cordless

Sometimes, lawn mowers are not very accommodating to people, whether they are a pain to store away, or a fuss to use.

However, if you are someone who is looking for an efficient cordless lawn mower without the stress, check out the reviews below and see if this is right for you.

The Good
This Greenworks lawn mower is one of the most versatile models out on the market. The handle can be adjusted to different heights, which is perfect for homes that like to share responsibility for the garden.

This handle can also be folded down, making this lawn mower incredibly easy to pack away once you’ve used it. Not only this, but the steel blade is incredibly powerful against even the toughest of grass.

With protection against engine shocks, even despite its light-weight design, and a hefty grass bag that has a large capacity and is really easy to remove and empty. This lawn mower gives you all the benefits of a cordless lawn mower with even more to enjoy.

The Not So Good
Some customers feel that this lawn mower does not cut grass as short as they would like. However, this allows the grass to keep a vibrant appearance, and is able to cut a decent sized lawn without needing to recharge.

Our View
This cordless lawn mower is great for people who want an adaptable piece of kit to add to their garden shed, as well as one that comes at a good and reasonable price. With its lightweight and easy to pack design, there is no hassle involved in assembling and storing this lawn mower.

It is able to last for an incredibly long time, despite the reasonable price tag, and has become a household favourite among many customers. This is the go-to product for those looking for a cordless lawn mower that is flexible, dependable, and affordable.

Best Cordless Lawnmower for Urban Gardens 

 2. Bosch Rotak 

Bosch is a household name for a reason, with their powerful lawn mowers and effective customer service.

If you’re looking for a cordless lawn mower that is equally as powerful as a regular lawn mower, check out our reviews to see if this is what you have been looking for.

The Good
This cordless lawn mower is perfect for urban or unruly gardens, as it is incredibly powerful on even the toughest weeds and brambles.

The grass comb and hardened steel blades not only ensure that each blade of grass is cropped low, but the design of this lawn mower allows tight corners and hard edges to be reached. A good range of cutting heights also means you get precise results.

This will give your garden a sharp, clean look. The 31L grass bag means that you will not be emptying the grass bag as regularly, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, the adjustable handle and smooth-running wheels make this an easier product to handle than a conventional lawn mower. No cords, no stress, no fuss. The running time is excellent as well.

The Not So Good
Some customers find that this lawn mower can be a struggle to push uphill, as with most lawn mowers. However, this does not stop it from being functional, and can be amended with a little bit of extra elbow grease.

Our View
Although this product may look a little bulky in its picture, the actual lawn mower is sleek and easy to operate. For customers who have a tough time getting through the thick grass, or who have too many weeds that need cutting, this cordless lawn mower is a powerful solution.

Better still, because of its cordless style, you’ll be getting an extra powerful lawn mower with less fuss. This will make sure that your lawn cutting experience is not a stressful one at all.

Best Cordless Lawnmower for the money 

 3. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300 Li

There’s nothing better than an effective cordless lawn mower for a good price. We all love to get our hands on a stellar deal, and it’s a good idea to have a look at the reviews below to see if this is the cordless lawn mower that suits your budget.

The Good
This cordless lawn mower is affordable and long-lasting. Utilising a Li-on battery and an energy efficient design, this lawn mower is able to cut the size of one full tennis court on a single charge.

The 30cm blade makes light work of any lawn, and is able to be folded away for easy storage in the home, shed, or garage.

It comes with a good selection of cutting heights, and a grass catcher that is able to hold more than you might think – so you don’t have to keep stopping to empty it while you mow the lawn.

It is a very lightweight model, making this a great choice for people who are tired of the aches and pains of mowing the lawn. All of this is sold at an exceptionally good price.

The Not So Good
Some customers think that the battery in this mower can be a little jumpy. However, there are other customers who have not experienced this, and who have used this cordless lawn mower for a long time without fail.

Our View
This lawn mower is exceptionally good considering the cost-effective price. This is perfect for small gardens, or gardens with particularly tricky corners to cut.

Due to its easy manoeuvrability, it is able to reach into those pesky corners for an even cut on your lawn. While there are some who found the battery jumpy, this seems to be down to a faulty batch as opposed to a real issue.

If you are someone who is looking for a reliable investment with a budget in mind, this might just be the cordless lawn mower for you.

Further Models of Cordless Lawn Mower

Here are some other types of cordless lawn mower for you to look through, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

 4. Black+Decker Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower

Black + Decker is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good cordless lawn mower.

Its sturdy frame ensures that any sudden jolts or bumps cannot cause any damage, while the strong handle gives you full control of the mower.

With a rotary blade that cuts down to the shortest level, this is a lawnmower that is built to last. Strong and reliable, this is one of the most durable cordless lawn mowers available on the market.

 5. Gtech 1-05-005 Cordless Lawn Mower

Gtech is renowned for its environmentally friendly and budget-friendly products, and this model comes at a fantastic price and with a great deal of power considering its construction.

This cordless lawn mower is no different. With a focus on high-performance cutting, with minimal stress for you.

With an ability to glide across the lawn whilst cutting down the toughest plants, this lawn mower is a great investment for your garden.

Buyers Guide

How To Buy The Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Are you looking to buy a new lawn mower? Are you unsure which type of lawn mower to purchase? This handy guide will help you pick the best cordless lawn mower for you.

Lawn mowers are arguably the most important tool in any gardener’s tool shed. They keep lawns healthy and green while maintaining a clean cut. Before picking out a new lawn mower, ask yourself the following:

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  • How large is your garden? Is it small or on the larger side?
  • Do you need any extra features? Are there any added features that you would like?
  • What is your budget? How much can you afford to invest in a lawn mower?

This expert guide will help you pick the best cordless lawn mower for you.

What types of cordless lawn mower are available?


Push behind mowers have an engine and take a little more effort to manoeuvre. Because of this, push behind mowers are better for small, flat gardens. These mowers have a simplistic design that does not break as often as more complex models.


Petrol lawn mowers are powerful and give a precise cut. However, they are also loud and often emit unpleasant fumes, so bear this in mind. Their petrol tank also means that petrol lawn mowers are heavier and harder to manoeuvre.

Electric or battery

Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly than gas ones, they are not built to cut deeply; cutting the lawn more often is recommended.

Self-Propelled Mower

Better for hilled and sloping gardens, self-propelled mowers have an engine that will help you push it on uneven terrain. Some models have adjustable speeds for you to control your speed over uneven ground.


In recent years, a new kind of electric lawnmower has been created; the robot lawnmower. Simply input the dimensions of your garden and watch it go.


Electric hover mowers are popular as they are easy to store and deliver a decent cut. Larger petrol mowers are ideal for small golf courses and larger gardens. As a hover mower does not have wheels, it is excellent for going around pond and river edges.

Ride on

Having a particularly large garden can mean troublesome mowing. However, ride on lawnmowers make trimming large spaces easy and convenient.

What extra features are available?

Modern cordless lawn mowers do not just come as standard; some models come with extra features built into them. Some extra features include:

  • Front wheel drive – ideal for flat gardens with many obstacles
  • Rear wheel drive – best for gardens with many uphill and sidehill plots
  • Multi-functional
  • Deck levers
  • Ground speed controllers
  • Transmissions
  • Various rear engine sizes
  • Various rear wheel sizes
  • Ball bearing wheels
  • No oil changes
  • Vertical storage design
  • Wash-out fittings
  • Wide-cut mowers
  • Electric walk mowers
  • Blade-brake clutch
  • Front caster wheels
  • Power-assisted reverse

How much do I need to spend on a cordless lawn mower?

In Britain, the size of your lawn plays a big factor in deciding which lawn mower to buy; this also has a bearing on price as well.

The price of a cordless lawn mower depends on the brand, design, and features of each model. Bearing this in mind, cordless lawn mowers often cost between £45 and £600 pounds or more.

Standard and simple models are usually cheapest but ride on models can cost thousands. If you are unsure which model is best for you, inquire with a professional. Compare models online to help you get the most for your money and look in-store to get a feel for them in person.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best cordless lawn mower for you, and that these cordless lawn mower reviews have helped you to figure out which one is going to be right for you.

Whether you are looking for a model that can last a long time without needing to recharge, one that is incredibly powerful, or one that does all of these things and then some, we hope there is something here that is perfect for you. Regardless of your needs, budget, or thoughts, we think everyone should have the lawn mower that suits their home.

What did you think of our cordless lawn mower guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.