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Quick Summary

Chainsaws have a massive range of uses in your garden. Whether you need to cut back some trees or get rid of some thick plant life that just won’t go away, the chainsaw can benefit you and your garden.

Of course, there are so many different types of chainsaw, and a number of different brands, that is can be difficult to know which one is going to work best -both for you and your garden.

That’s why we are here to lend you a hand. In order to help you find the best chainsaw UK, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant chainsaw reviews UK in one place, so you can find one that is perfect for you.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best chainsaw

Best Electric Chainsaw 

 1. Ryobi RCS2340 

If you are looking for a chainsaw that has been superbly constructed and also runs on electricity as opposed to petrol, then Ryobi could be the brand that you need. Have a look at the reviews below and read through to see if this is going to be right for you.

The Good
This chainsaw comes in a brilliant combination of black and yellow, which is great for those who want something with a cool look.

It is run by electricity, and features a powerful 2300w motor so that you can cut through anything that gets in your way when you are cleaning up your garden. 

Plus, there is an anti-vibration system for your comfort while you work. The 14m/s chain speed offers an incredibly high level of cutting performance, even when you are going through solid objects like wood.

The bar and chain work fantastically together, providing you with a smooth experience. The handle also has an ergonomic design that makes it incredibly comfortable to hold and easy to control.

I think this is an excellent tool. While testing, I had too clear my overgrown garden, and this was worth its weight in gold. I did think there was something wrong at first couldn't get it to work, found that it needed quite a bit of force on the trigger after that the switch now feels fine.

Things that I found were, the cable is quite short but heavy-duty I would suggest you buy a decent heavy duty three-pin wander cable to get you 95% of the distance you need to go. Secondly, do get a bottle of chain oil as the 100ml bottle they supply won't last an afternoon of work.

The Not So Good
Some customers feel that this model could have been supplied with more oil, as it does run out quite quickly.

Our View
This chainsaw is reasonably priced and comes in a really cool combination of colours, which is perfect for those who want tools that look good as well function superbly.

It offers a fantastic level of power that can cut through just about anything – even solid wood that looks like it might be a struggle. While some feel that it could have come with more oil than it did, this chainsaw is still one of the best you can get.



Q: Does this have a safety shut off in case of kickback?

A: The chain is braked to a stop instantly if you release the trigger. In addition the hand guard acts as another instant cut out if pushed forward by rotating the left hand. 

Best Petrol Chainsaw 

 2. McCulloch CS 360T

McCulloch is a brand to be reckoned with, and there is a reason why they are one of the leading manufacturers of garden equipment and electronics.

If you want a petrol chainsaw that offers you power and reliability, then this could be just what you need in your life.

The Good
This chainsaw comes in a sleek black, so it won’t show up all the dirt it collects while it works through the mess in your garden.

The two-stroke petrol engine offers 36cc of power with a soft start, so it is powerful enough to get through tough materials, but not so much so that you are barely able to handle and control it.

The bar comes at an excellent length, so it is big enough to tackle pretty much every task that you have for it. The chain lubricates automatically as well, providing you with a smooth experience every time you use it. Additionally, there is a safety function that automatically stops the chain in case of emergency, keeping you safe while you work.

The Not So Good
A few customers have found that it can be a little tricky to get started when you first use it, but it gets easier over time.

Our View
This affordable model of chainsaw comes from a trusted and reliable brand, and at a price that you will not want to miss out on. While there have been some customers who have found it difficult to get started in the beginning, it does get easier over time and makes for a great piece of equipment.

With just enough power to get through those tough logs and other garden items, but without it being too heavy or difficult to handle, it has everything you could want in one package.

Best Budget Chainsaw 

 3. Black and Decker Corded

Shopping on a budget is not always easy, but when it comes to chainsaws, you are able to get a brilliant model from a trusted and reliable brand at a low price. From top name Black and Decker, this budget chainsaw could be the best one you will find.

The Good
This brilliant chainsaw is corded and features a powerful 1800w high torque motor that promises to demolish anything that you out in front of it.

Combined with the 12.5 m/s chain speed, you have the perfect couple for fast cutting. It also has a 35cm cutting capacity, allowing you to get through the larger items in your garden. It can even cut through both wet and dry timber.

The chain lubricates itself, allowing for a smoother cutting experience, but also ensuring reduced wear and better efficiency. The system for filling the oil is also really easy to access, making things more convenient for you.

Additionally, the handle is very comfortable to hold, and there is an anti-vibration system in place as well as a chainsaw brake system that cuts the power automatically in case of emergency.

I can tell you this machine is fabulous. It cuts much thicker wood than stated. It's robust and sturdy to use. The product is well buoyed and feels it too. If you want an excellent chainsaw, you can't go wrong with this beauty.

The Not So Good
It does not come with any oil, and some customers felt that the lead could have been longer.

Our View
This chainsaw from Black and Decker doesn’t just come from a trusted and reliable brand, it also comes at an unbelievably cheap price that you won’t want to miss out on.

While it is true that it does not come with any oil, and that the lead could be longer, these issues are easily resolved and won’t have much of an impact on the function of this model. With some serious power and efficiency, it will serve you well indeed.

Best Cordless Chainsaw 

 4. Makita DUC302Z

Makita is another great brand to look at, and one that is sure to provide you with brilliant results. If you want more freedom while you work, a cordless chainsaw can often be the best way to go, and with this model, you might just find yourself amazed by the results.

The Good
This model of chainsaw comes in a brilliant electric blue, which is great for those who want something a little different from the conventional power tool colours.

It gets its power from two 18v batteries, which then supply the 32v engine with all the power it needs to get through anything you need removed or broken up.

It has an electric chain break and kick back break, which work to keep you safe while you are operating this piece of machinery. The chain oils itself automatically as well, with the oil window letting you know what level you are at. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, making the chainsaw easier to handle, and it has a battery capacity light to keep you informed at all times.

The Not So Good
This chainsaw does not come with batteries, which isn’t great for customers who do not always have Makita products.

Our View
This affordable chainsaw comes at a very reasonable price and from a reliable brand that is sure to leave you feeling impressed. While it does not come with batteries, these are sold separately and can be purchased easily.

This model may be cordless, but it has a really impressive battery life and an incredible level of power that is sure to leave you feeling quite surprised. If you are searching for something nifty, lightweight, and powered by batteries, then you don’t need to look any further than this.

Best Small Chainsaw 

 5. Black and Decker 18V Cordless

Another model from the brilliant Black and Decker, this little chainsaw is perfect for all of the small jobs around your garden.

If size is something that matters when it comes to your next chainsaw purchase, read the reviews below and see if this is the one for you.

The Good
This is another battery-powered model of chainsaw, but it is one that will leave you feeling more than pleased with the results.

The motor is powerful, cutting through wet and dry timber alike, and ridding your garden of unwanted items. 

Despite the power, it’s actually very quiet to run and easy to maintain, which is great for those that don’t want something that takes too much effort to look after. It can give 220 cuts per battery charge, which is a massive amount, and is also very efficient and effective at its task.

The batteries do not have a chemical memory either, so you can top it up without reducing the lifespan of the charge. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold, and it has a range of safety switches and features in place to keep you safe while you work.

The Not So Good
The charge time can be a little long, so some customers recommend purchasing a second battery so that you always have one ready to go.

Our View
This little chainsaw may be smaller than most, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate its power. While it can take a while to charge up, a second battery can help to alleviate the waiting period and let you get started faster.

With a comfortable design so that you can handle it with ease, and a surprisingly good cutting time and length, once you have one of these in your shed, you might not look back at the larger models.

Further Models of Chainsaw

Here are some further models of chainsaw, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements

 6. McCulloch Li 40CS – Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw comes in a sleek black, so it won’t show up the dirt it accumulates while it’s working in your garden. It uses a fully interchangeable battery system (so you can switch the battery between different models), but this doesn’t mean that it won’t deliver a great deal of power – it’s actually quite the opposite.

This powerhouse can cut through practically anything, all while remaining comfortable and easy to handle, as well as incredibly efficient. At a very reasonable price, this chainsaw from a trusted brand is one to put on your watch list.

 7. eSkde CS58 58cc Petrol Chainsaw

This petrol chainsaw is able to deliver 58cc of power, making it incredibly efficient and effective at what it does.

No matter what you need to cut through, it is fully achievable with this superb model, and it comes with a 20-inch bar that is complete with two chains for the best possible results.

The fuel tank is also quite large, so you can fill it up and keep going for hours – ideal if your garden is looking for a little TLC this coming spring.

A full safety kit is included to keep you protected, which is a massive bargain when you take a look at the price. Plus, it is comfortable to hold, preventing fatigue in your hands.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best chainsaw UK, and the chainsaw reviews UK have given you a hand when it comes to making a decision. Whether you are looking for a chainsaw that is powered by electricity or petrol, there is a model here that will suit your needs.

Plus, they come at a range of prices and from a number of different brands, so you can select one from a company that you know and trust. From corded to cordless, there really is every chainsaw you can think of here, so one of these is sure to be just right for your garden.

What did you think of our chainsaw guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.